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#Publication | #Subglacial #hydrology modulates basal sliding response of the #AntarcticIceSheet to climate forcing


We use a state of the art coupled 4 subglacial water representations and ice dynamics model to investigate their impact on the future contribution to global mean #SeaLevel of the #AntarcticIceSheet Image
The basal sliding law is the most controlling factor.
👉Subglacial hydrology and till deformation modulate basal sliding response of the Antarctic ice sheet to climate forcing. Image
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#PolicyBrief | When will a 2-metre rise in #SeaLevel occur, and how might we #adapt?

Read this joint policy-brief published by @CoCliCoServices @SCORE_EUproject and @ProtectSlr

Key messages in this thread 🧵
A 2-metre rise in #SeaLevel is almost inevitable. The uncertainty is on the timing, somewhere between one century and the next two thousand years. Exceeding 2 meters of sea-level rise will fundamentally change #European #coastal zones.
Europe and National States can recognize that coastal #adaptation is an ongoing process that involves short-term actions, long-term planning and strategic thinking.
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1. Good morning! Early start on Saturdays thread as it’s the weekend 😄 I’m going just do a quick thread today about Lough Furnace, which is the aquatic link between the Burrishoole catchment and the North Atlantic Sunset behind Lough France and the Reek
2. This aquatic link runs from the Owenduff/Nephin and Bellacorick bog SACs, @WildNephin, down through Furnace and into Clew Bay SAC, very close to the shelf edge, so 🐟moving in and out of Furnace are essentially on a 🛣️between #Biodiversity hotspots @npwsBioData @MarineInst Map of SACs and Lough Furnace
3. The lake is actually a coastal lagoon, which is a rare, designated habitat (Code 1150). Some of you might be familiar with e.g. Loch Hyne and the salt lake near Clifden. Very detailed information from Brenda Healy on this habitat here from the 1990s:…
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"..executive with the utility company Florida Power & Light told me that his company had adopted nuclear power so that its leaders wouldn’t be embarrassed on the golf course by other C.E.O.s who had done so" @insideFPL #Florida #sealevel
.. world should expect one full or partial meltdown every six to seven years.. worldwide nuclear program is slightly overdue for its next big surprise.

A 2016 study concluded the “overall probability” of a meltdown in the next decade was almost 70%
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/22/2021…
The Corn of the Future Is Hundreds of Years Old and Makes Its Own Mucus…

#CornVarieties, #PlantBreeding, #bacteria, #NaturalFertilizer, #mucus
The Second Great Age of Political Correctness…

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1. The climate in 2100: The future is nearer than you think, and that is terrible news.

We are not good at imagining the future, which makes it harder to promote climate action.

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#ClimateCrisis #climatechange #future #environment #climate #IPCC Image

2. Many of us fear for a future where climate change and the loss of nature make this planet a tough place to survive.

Long-term climate change projections, like from the IPCC, usually predict the situation in the year 2100.…

3. In the IPCC's 'middle of the road' scenario, temperatures will rise to 2.7C by the end of the century.

It assumes that CO2 emissions hover around current levels before starting to fall mid-century.

Is that realistic?…
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One of my main contributions to the #IPCCReport was to coordinate the Frequently Asked Questions.
With @nigelhawtin @TomMaycock @connorsSL @MelichatGo and the authors, we've produced 34 1-page explainers + figure on important climate concepts.
👉… Image
In the coming weeks, I'll try to share the main findings from the FAQs.
1/ for the 1st time, #ClimateReport says that human influence on the climate is an established fact. To support this, we show the many consistent lines of evidence showing that the world is warming /FAQ2.2 Image
2/ from FAQ2.2, we know that the climate is changing. The observed warming since 1850 (black) can *only* be explained by human activities (grey: red + blue). Natural causes (green) have had a limited effect
PS: climate simulations are very close to observations /FAQ3.1 Image
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@ipcc_ch reports that b/w 1971 & 2010, oceans absorbed over 90% of the heat gained by the planet due to #globalwarming. This led to #sealevel rise and has also resulted in higher frequency & intensity of #cyclones worldwide. #ClimateChange #MumbaiMustPrepare @mumbaismagic
Indian Ocean has also warmed but what is worrying is the higher rate of #warming in comparison to other global ocean basins. Data shows that Indian Ocean’s rapid basin-wide warming of ~1degC over the last 60 yrs exceeds that of the global average of ~0.7 degC. #MumbaiMustPrepare
Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal have also seen consistent warming in past decades. The trend in rise in sea surface temperature for BoB has been 0.16C/decade & 0.18C/decade for AS. Arabian Sea indeed has been warming quite rapidly and impacts are for us to see. #MumbaiMustPrepare
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#SeaLevel Rise Due to #Antarctica's Ice Sheet Melting 30% More than Previously Estimated: Study…

(📸: Jeremy Harbeck/NASA)
Amid a #pandemic, the #ClimateCrisis may appear a distant threat. But burgeoning scientific studies have continued to point at a riskier future with cascading impacts.

Among all, research suggests that the melting of the icy continent of the globe, #Antarctica, alone can create widespread devastating impact in the form of rising sea levels around the globe.

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