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1/ Welcome to this @PalExFund Twitter takeover #HiddenHistories – the private lives of Levantine Neolithic masks. With generous support from the @PalExFund and @AIAResearch, this week I @mokersel started my research into a group of 18 Levantine Neolithic masks ~8800-6500BCE.
2/ I am an archaeologist who has worked in the region for years. I also have research interests in the buying and selling of antiquities and the public presentation of artifacts #museums #provenance #antiquitiestrade #followthepots @DePaulAnthro Photo by @achiii
3/ I use a combination of object biographies, itineraries, ethnographies (with IRB approval), and archival research to unmask the private lives and insecure provenience (archaeological findspot) and provenance (owner history) of these 18 masks. #HiddenHistories @PalExFund
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A look at Arthur Pfannstiel.
(Adolf Wuester Nazi art looting connection)

a thread...
Member of staff of ERR, Bordeaux and of GIS. Friend of von Behr, for whom he is said to have acted as an informer. In touch with Wuester. Believed under indictment for espionage. Now in Fresne Prison, Paris in custody of Seine Tribunal-ALIU Final Report
Pfannstiel had married a French woman, and the pair had a deep knowledge of the French art world. Pfannstiel reportedly furnished von Behr with the names of Jewish collectors and later in the war worked as an agent for the SD.-Goering’s Man in Paris
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1.After gifting some @VolatilityArt NFTs, I began selling VLY tokens last week, starting at 0.21 ETH. Why so low? This project is an artwork centered on value and volatility. The artist applies their own values as a measure of value. Price becomes a medium of artistic expression.
2. Bitcoin required a market to be built from zero. So did #cryptoart and #nfts. I began with gifts, then asked some collectors who already participated in building my NFT market to come join this project & do the same. This mirrors #BTC & cryptoart market building.🧡📈
3. I value my early collectors who also reached out with relational human interactions. I value art collectors who care to learn about an artist, their work, and collect because Art. I value #connection, not just transaction. So let's apply #values to an artwork about value.🤝
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/22/2021…
The Politics of a Second Gilded Age…

#inequality #politics
Congress' failure to extend the stimulus reveals a broken safety net, but a jobs guarantee could wipe out unemployment for good…

#GuaranteedEmployment #SafetyNet #EconomicStimulus #ModernMonetaryTheory
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The #TrumpCrimeFamily has much to teach us about Nazi looted art.
Lesson Number 1: Root out integrity in all institutions that can investigate, prosecute, judge and execute sentences on crimes and put into positions of power co-conspirators, criminals, cowards, and the compromised (blackmail).
👉Investigations should start at the top
Lesson Number 2: Family and business associates
Ivanka, Jared, Giuliani - every mob boss relies on family and cronies. The artworld is no different.
👉For Nazi looted art, duress sales, forced sales, look to family and close associates.
#lessons #trumpcrimefamily #artcrime
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Hetan's right. #Transparency alone is insufficient, and his combined proposals provide a far better framing for how to achieve #AlgorithmicAccountability.

A few thoughts:

On #piloting, or what in medicine would be called #ClinicalTrials, to check solely for #bias is missing...
...the point. #Bias is just one side-effect; trials must (in stages) test for any and all - so the general approach must attend first to #safety (including 'rights impacts'), then to #efficacy, then #effectiveness.

While I agree publishing models may be of limited use, it is...
...still important that they are - if only to establish the principle that they can be forensically analysed when something has gone wrong, not hidden behind '#CommercialConfidentiality', etc.

Publishing the #provenance of the training dataset, and assumptions, is vital however!
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Let's explore a bit further East and browse our exquisite #Persian language resources.
@SOASLibrary has 15,000+ published items in/about Persian on its shelves.
@SOAS_SpecColl hold a very fine selection of manuscripts, rare books, periodicals and archives in Persian.
#SOASLangs ImageImageImage
Want to know more about #Persian?
Halt here and get's captivated by the history of that beautiful language recounted by Narguess Farzad for @SOAS Languages for Lockdown series, in 3 episodes:
One of our shining stars of #Persian manuscripts is Ms10102: a sumptuous Mughal Court copy dated 978 AH (1570 CE) of the famous Anvār-i Suhaylī (Lights of the Canopus) by Ḥusayn Vāʻiẓ al-Kāshifī, also known as Fables of Bidpai.
#SOASLangs #Persian #Manuscripts #Mughal ImageImage
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Unless they want to deal in looted objects, collectors, dealers, and auction houses have to get serious about transparent #provenance. A few facts @Yael_Rice and I have gathered over the past week about the sale in which this stunning, "no-provenance" provenance Qur'an appears.
What's "no-provenance" provenance? I coined this neologism last week to refer to any ostensible 'provenance' that doesn't live up to accepted international standards. #noprovenanceprovenance
Wait, but what's provenance? It's the history of ownership & sale of an object, ideally from the time of its removal from country of origin to the present. Having a complete provenance helps assure dealers & collectors that an object was removed from its country of origin legally
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#MDSI2019 Day2 Session 2: "Standardization of file format I/O" by @jppiquem.

Straight into problems -- input files are a tougher cookie to crack than output 🍪
Actually, Day 2 Session 3 #hasphdcantcount
#Input: Many problems -- many possible solutions! How to find the right one? #goldilocks

#Output: probably easier to handle and we can learn from other fields, like climate research.
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1. Talking at #EmTechDigital today on 'Preparing for #Deepfakes: Trust and Truth' placing in broader framework of how we think about AI and social good. My cliffnotes here in this thread… (in great company with @red_abebe and @latonero)
2. Quick intro for those don't know @witnessorg; work on helping anyone, anywhere using video and tech for human rights. We're focused on making you more effective, ethical and safe if you do. And that means also keeping eye out for emerging tech threats
3. Big emerging tech threats we're concerned about now are: #AI at intersection with #disinformation, #media manipulation and rising #authoritarianism. We know this is where the rubber hits the road for activists and civic witnesses on the ground.
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A treasure trove for #nanotechnology experts. Our high-throughput study on novel #2dmaterials. #graphene-like #materials #compchem #dft
Paper: (1/3)
All the computed data including the full AiiDA #provenance is available on #MaterialsCloud: @AiiDA_team (2/3)
Or in a more traditional way in the supplementary information - I would call it the book of 2d materials, definitely worth to have a look at it!… #BookOf2D (3/3) Image
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