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🧵 In light of the national book banning trends, I’ve been researching student engagement with controversial literature. For some context, last spring, I faced an emotionally taxing curriculum challenge over a book I taught in my AP Literature course.
I decided to use my summer grad courses to research, write, and reflect upon my experience to help others. Here are a few interesting findings.
Reading controversial literature helps students engage in civic dialogue.
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THREAD Yesterday Miriam Cates MP alongside @RosieDuffield1 @JackieDP secured an #RSEDebate. Opening speech here “The internet presents children with a vast array of false & damaging information about sex” #SafeguardingDisaster
Many of the #SafeguardingFail s we have hi-lighted over the past few years were included, alongside concerns raised by groups @Transgendertrd @BayswaterSG @ParentsForED @FamEdTrust. If you are new to these shocking failures we have links to further info on the cases mentioned.
BISH & School of Sexuality were mentioned, they both feature in our parents guide to #RSE & #PSHE (school of sexuality was previously sexplain) #edutwitter…
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🧵'In April, a YouGov poll commissioned by Sex Matters, a human rights group of which I am a director, showed that many schools are now giving trans-identified children access to spaces reserved for the opposite sex.' @RebeccaMKBull

@TES @SexMattersOrg…
@RebeccaMKBull @tes @SexMattersOrg "Providing trans-identifying girls with breast binders, or failing to tell parents of this safeguarding concern, might constitute less favourable treatment"

There is a wide range of free resources if you are concerned about your child's school/college.
Teacher policy tool-kits, guides on The Equality Act and a variety of resources are also available from @Transgendertrd, @Teach_Evidence, @SexMattersOrg @MyBodyIsMeBooks
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I'm seeing a lot of memes related to gas prices being shared today. It makes sense. Not only are high gas prices a source of extreme frustration, but memes are an easy and satisfying way to capture and share what are often complex ideas and feelings. 🧵1/
Most people don't think twice about engaging with these informational amuse-bouches. They often seem harmless and dismissible - which may be one reason why these image based info-nuggets have become a popular tool for spreading disinformation & hate. 🧵2/…
"For years there's been growing concern that deepfakes (doctored pictures/videos) would become truth's greatest threat. Instead memes have proven 2B a more effective tool in spreading misinfo b/c they're easier to produce & harder to moderate using artificial intelligence." 🧵 3/
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In January, a Tennessee school district issued a report on 31 texts from its K-5 English language arts curriculum that had been challenged as being obscene, “critical race theory,” or inappropriate for elementary-age children.

Ultimately, only one title was removed.
Complaints targeted books in all five grades, and just over one-third of the criticisms came from parents who have elementary-age children in the district. The remaining complaints came from community members whose students are older or have no children in the district at all. A graphic showing 31 texts ...
One of the most common criticisms was that the material exposed students to difficult topics too young, or were otherwise age-inappropriate. #EdChat #k12 #EduTwitter #TeacherTwitter "To some extend, age-a...
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THREAD Once again we are deeply disappointed with @NEUnion's understanding of #safeguarding. The NEU is once again putting politics ahead of what is in the best interests of children. Their latest statement on conversion therapy demonstrates this acutely.…
The @NEUnion statement is full of generalisations & ignores all evidence & considered responses to the consultation that have been put forward by groups concerned about children's welfare. #conversiontherapy #edutwitter #womenEd #teachertwitter #UKEdChat #safeguarding #SLTChat
We would urge @MaryBoustedNEU to read our statement where we explain very clearly why including gender identity in this bill would harm children #safeguarding #edutwitter #WomenED #conversiontherapy…
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The US gvm't says the population is “united” behind its war drive. This is a lie!

Here’s how US workers & youth really feel about the US/NATO drive to World War 3 & Putin's invasion.

RT, tag friends & add your voice! Post your video/pic & use #SpeakOutAgainstWW3!

1/ Image
In the hours and days ahead the WSWS will be posting statements against war from workers & young people across the US. #antiwar sentiment is censored from the corporate media. Post yr statement to show the world that the US population does not want war! #SpeakOutAgainstWW3

Liz, a nurse from LA says: "All working class people from the US must unite w/ our Ukrainian and Russian brothers & sisters. We have to build a working class #antiwar movement because this drive to war w/ Russia is a very dangerous policy. They are taking us to the edge."

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This is a real comment on our FB page in a thread about MFL book ban attempts.

We're calling dibs on branding "nefarious librarians" - stay tuned for the t-shirt order link.

#librariantwitter #librarians #EdTwitter #publiced #teachertwitter
we made a thing.
now you can order your own shirt:…
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THREAD It’s #LGBTHM22 & the complaints are coming in thick & fast about school materials. First up we have this from @TheProudTrust Spoiler: It’s homophobic, a breach of the 1996 Education Act & @educationgovuk guidance #edutwitter #WomenEd #UKEdChat #RSE…
. @theproudtrust are being funded by @thetudortrust @EsmeeFairbairn & @SchoolsOUTUK. What research did they do before deciding to fund this controversial group? Do they approve of the dice game being used with 13 year olds? #LGBTHM #edutwitter #PSHE #RSE…
It admits on page 3 that it is a political document. @KemiBadenoch has been unequivocal that the government are against Black Lives Matter (the political group, not the sentiment) in schools. (See speech here This is against the 1996 Education Act. #PSHE
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🧵It is now clear that we are going to have to get people to #MaskUp to get thru winter without US health care system collapse. #Omicron is way too contagious. #VaccinesWork & #GetBoosted, but they will not be enough on their own. So this thread is for people who hate masks:
2/X: If you hate masks because the ear loops make your ears sore, google "ear savers." That's the term I've seen used for various products that spare your ears w/ masks. Examples in pics, but if you can sew on a button, make some. What else are you gonna do in #quarantine?
3/X: You can get a beanie, headband, baseball cap, head scarf, whatever & attach button or hooks of any kind that you can get from any sewing store or online, & attach your mask loops to that. Ear pain solved! It's important to have a snug fit so try diff distances.
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I know personally 3 people receiving monoclonal antibodies this evening. All have had 3 doses of #COVID19 #vaccine or prior infection + 2 doses of vaccine. All are careful. They all have risk factors, but all are pretty symptomatic. Jan is gonna be…rough. #MaskUp. #Omicron
Tweet 2: A lot of people seem to be panicking based on this anecdote. Panic is NOT productive. Instead you need to calmly plan & act to reduce your risk. These are some effective things you can do right now:
👉Upgrade your masks. No more cloth alone. Best is N95/KN95/KF94...
Tweet 3: As an alternative to N95/KN95/KF94, if you can't tolerate those or don't have them, I rec a surgical mask (ASTM level 3, 3-ply is great) w/ cloth mask over it. Read this:…. The non-profit @projectn95 has vetted, affordable PPE including masks.
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THREAD Welcome to our new followers. Thank you for joining us on our mission to uphold #safeguarding & ensure all children grow up safe from maltreatment in the best possible circumstances so they may have a successful outcome in life. This is who we are:
If you have any questions, look here. We receive no public money, all work & research is completed by volunteers. The only money we have is donations from the public which we are grateful for, these are spent on the website, resources & attending events.…
You can read some personal stories on how we all came to be involved here. If you have a story you’d like us to share please email us on #edutwitter #womenEd #parenting #parents #UKgovchat #Teachers #teachertwitter
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Since we're back to #bookburning to supposedly defend children in schools in my home Commonwealth of #Virginia, I'd like to share the letter from Kurt Vonnegut that I use to teach about this very subject to my students.

"I am very real" 1/
Oct. 1973: Bruce Severy — a 26-year-old English teacher at Drake High School, ND — decided to use Kurt Vonnegut‘s novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, in his classroom. On Nov. 7th, head of the school board, Charles McCarthy, demanded that all copies be burned in the school’s furnace. 2/
The crime was for "obscene language" despite the book being a quintessential part of American literature. Many other books met the same fate.

On the 16th of November, Kurt Vonnegut sent McCarthy the following letter.
(He didn’t receive a reply.) 3/
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7 #SciComm Frequently Asked Questions answered in this thread 👇
1. What is SciComm? Why do I need to know about it?
Sci in #Scicomm stands for #science and Comm for #communication. #Scicomm is the easy-to-understand delivery of #scientific results to the layman. It equips people & lawmakers with #ScienceLiteracy to make conscious decisions.
2. What are the types of #SciComm?

"Outward-facing” & “inward-facing." Outward-facing SciComm educates people on underappreciated aspects of science. Inward-facing SciComm is used by scientists to communicate with each other. Explore these types:
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Thread 1/4

Do you have new or partial packages of any of these #art supplies for kids?

Paper: construction, watercolor, drawing, origami, scrap book, colored, printer, finger painting

Crayons, markers, colored pencils, pastels, drawing pencils

Chenille sticks, craft sticks

Glue sticks, school glue, watercolor tins, tempera paint, finger paints, paint brushes

Kids scissors - blunt, pointed, decorative edge

Googlie eyes, cotton balls, paper plates, brown lunch sacks, coffee filters

Stamps, stamp pads, craft/border punches

Paper cutters for teacher use

Pom poms, any size or colors

Sidewalk chalk, pastels

If so, please send to this rez school librarian who will distribute them to the teachers!

Chrystal Helton
Margaret Keating Elementary School
300 Minot Creek Road
Klamath, CA 95548
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Hi! Since there are now many new faces I am interacting with on this platform, I want to take a minute and introduce myself 😁
I am a 3rd year elementary music teacher (what a time to join the profession, am I right?). My B.A. is in Music Education and I've been a french horn player of approx 14 years (but it's currently pretty dusty, whoops!)
I want to teach in an early childhood classroom ASAP. I love teaching elementary music, but my passion for teaching is rooted in building meaningful relationships with my students, and gen ed is where I want to be ❤️.
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#mindfulmonday THREAD & we're all about gratitude! It starts with us as parents, carers, caregivers, grown ups. Show up for your little one's by helping them appreciate the small things in life. The things that make the 🌎 beautiful, sparkle, shine.
We know it's been a tough year. We've been #homeschooling, #parentinginapandemic and working. It's been rough, full stop. But remember the clapping, the rainbows, the neighbourly kindnesses. That's the human in us all shining through.
This week, try to focus on #gratitude. 🙏

Here's some ideas! 👇👇 What works for you?

🏺Make a gratitude jar together
👀 Spend some time appreciating your surroundings together
💬 Talk about what makes your little ones happy. Tell them.
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Excellent article by Andrea Peters on how the inequality statistics are used to emphasize race and hide vast class differences. #TeacherTwitter #TeachCRT
"The United States is a sea of multi-racial destitution"…
"According to the analysis of SCF data by Matt Bruenig with the People’s Policy Project, the poorest 10 percent of the US population is about 54 percent white, 27 percent black, 12 percent Hispanic, and 3 percent some other group."
"The next most impoverished layer is 42 percent white, 32 percent black, 20 percent Hispanic, and 5 percent other. And the third one up from the bottom is 53 percent white, 20 percent black, 20 percent Hispanic and 7 percent other."
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“Supporting trans pupils in school” from @JustLikeUsUK for #SchoolDiversityWeek

They state ‘do not share this document with staff outside of your school’. We wonder why?

Is it because it undermines #safeguarding? Breaches guidance & law or says biological sex is a spectrum?
#SchoolDiversityWeek promotion of puberty blockers taking no account of #KeiraBell ruling. Repeated conflation of sex with gender.

#WomenEd #Teachertwitter #edutwitter
More misrepresentations of the law and undermining of #safeguarding from @justlikeus for #SchoolDiversity week. Advising hiding of child’s sex & mixed sex facilities, leaving schools open to legal action.

#edutwitter #WomenEd #Teachertwitter
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Yesterday during a PD they asked what’s causing you stress & I put in the chat “they keep making us go back to normal and normal wasn’t working”

Today in a meeting my principal asked me what I meant by that. She gave me the chance to say more. So I did.
Everyone might hate me soon bc I plan to spend the next 4 months talking about how we should stop doing bad stuff to kids.

Doing bad stuff to kids is universally recognized as NOT what our work is. Yet we do bad stuff to kids every day. Let me explain:
Bad stuff we need to stop doing to kids:
-Cram them in a chair for hours at a time
-Refuse to let them talk to each other
-Stress & test them because we need the “data”
-Shame them for noncompliance
-Withhold water/food
-Blame them for not meeting the standards
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I'm a college prof but I took some online courses **as a student** during the pandemic. Here's a thread about 𝗢𝗻𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗲 𝗘𝘅𝗮𝗺 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 because I don't think other profs know how much of a TOTAL RAGING DUMPSTER FIRE 🔥🗑️it is. #pandemiclife #teachertwitter 1/?
Context: I took courses for ADULTS from a few different places that used third-party proctoring tools like the kind deployed at colleges and universities. An example of this kind of service is ExamRoom.AI 2/?
These services are expensive, totally full of nonsense hype bullshit about "AI" that doesn't seem to be true, and are extremely unpleasant and dehumanizing. Here are examples: 3/?
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My newest piece is an end, FINALLY, to my year-long series on the rise and fall of the Bush/Obama Education Reform era.

I have been working on this ever since @toad_spotted wrote the wonderful Waking from Meritocracy, that included this passage:… Image
Now, if you know anything about the history of Ed reform, you are stunned by the brilliance of the Napoleon metaphor.

My series is for those who don't understand why the metaphor is so apt.
So here it is, The Rise and Fall of Bush/Obama Ed Reform

Volume 1: The Road to Glory
The rise of charters, NCLB, TFA, and the beginning of federal control. #SchoolChoice #teachertwitter #education…
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What does explicit vocabulary instruction look like in the English classroom?

Here are some examples taken from when I teach 'Of Mice and Men'.

Word selection always comes first. The words I have selected will not be encountered when pupils read the text, so word selection (Tier 2 and Tier 3) is about ensuring pupils have the tools - the words - to engage meaningfully and maturely with complex themes as they arise.

Pupils explore the etymology of words.

Quigley (2014) asserts that the benefits of discussing etymology can be "significant in terms of knowledge development". This 'origins and insights' approach that I use works well; it promotes a rich and deep evaluation of meaning.

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Day 2: preliminary hearing #AllisonBailey v Stonewall

We are expecting the hearing to recommence at 9.30 am.

We will do our best to live tweet proceedings, technology permitting!

@ALLIANCELGB are also live tweeting from the court.
Background to @BluskyeAllison’s case can be read here. You can also support the crowdfunder if you would like.


It is an important case to follow for any #schools & #teachers working with Stonewall. The CPS ‘hate crimes’ schools pack, produced in conjunction with #Stonewall has now been permanently withdrawn, but the judicial review of the relationship between CPS...
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