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Lachit Borphukan, the great Ahom general who beat back the mighty Mughal army at the Battle of Saraighat and thwarted Aurangzeb's ambition of expanding the Mughal empire into Assam.
Thread on his death anniversary today.
While a lot is known about the Marathas, and the valor of Shivaji, not much is really known about the Ahoms, and their spirited resistance to the Mughals.
From 1615 when the Mughal Army attacked the Ahom Kingdom to the Battle of Itakhuli in 1682 that saw a decisive Ahom victory, which resulted in the Mughal retreat.
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With the celebrations for #veerkunwarsingh Vijayutsav going on in Bihar, my thread on one of the greatest heroes of the 1857 revolt, who gave the toughest fight to the British at the age of 80, and remained undefeated. Image
Vaise it's not #VeerKunwarSingh Jayanti as being claimed by some, that falls in November, while his death anniversary is on April 26. The Vijayutsav is more to celebrate his capture of Jagadishpur from the British.
Kunwar Singh belonged to the Ujjainiya Rajput clan, who are primarily found in Bihar- Eastern UP. They claim descent from Raja Bhoj, and in fact Bhojpur region gets it's name from this. Most of the Purbiya soldiers known for their martial skills were from this clan.
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Cette aprèm, from Lemba, objectif Fleuve Congo Hôtel, boom. Accident. Gloire à Dieu, motard vivant et son scanner clean. Notre voiture, elle, KO ! Bah, on en payera une autre. Alors qu’à Lufungula, tokendaki komifunda pona constat, nabeti mua tours na Camps. Mawable !
2. Bon, facon ba mastas motards batambolaka, eza tentation pona ba drivers. Sans casques, ba écouteurs na matoyi. Soki akufaki? Na rater AVC na souci. Anyway. Le temps bazo sala constats, natambusi makolo na camps #Lufungula. Mais non, to'a ba assassins ya Congo. Promiscuité +++
3. Camps Lufungula na CPRK, même morale: "Surpopulation et promiscuité". +sieurs ménages entassées comme des serdines na même bloc. Ba annexes "nkuki" koloba te! Une floraison de petits enfants, pieds nus, des jeunes garcons na esprit ya kuluna mais de femmes aux corps splendides
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Roshtein is a #Legend and even people who do not like his style that much admit it. Active since the beginning of 2016, this handsome Swede literally made history this year hitting in April a staggering €1M Jackpot on Book of Shadow designed by Nolimit City.… Other impressive hits of Ismael Swartz (Roshtein’s real name) are €500,000 on Fruit Party, €280,000 on Mystery Museum, €215,000 on Chaos Crew, and €210,000 on Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways.

He still holds a Twitch record for highest peak viewership… followers. Like the majority of other casino streamers, he is also active on YouTube. By the way, Roshtein made half the careers of his friends – VonDice and DeuceAce, introducing them to the gaming community and sharing his rich expertise in the field.
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1. Y a a de quartiers à Kin où les mbakasa bakoma ba Nzinga Nkuvu, ba mukarame na bango, ba Nkimpa vita. Policiers, mabukana. 3/2 nzete ya fufu ezanga nguba. Ba intellos, refuge na zone de comfort. Ba petit bateki plancus na spiritus pona mia. sans espoir ni reperes.
2. La misère silencieuse eza na Kin, même Emile Zola akokoka kosala remix ya "Assomoire" te. Bock. Ndule. Eglise. Chicha. Tiktok... Nionso wana ba métaphores. Figure de style kk. Cachotterie ya misère profonde eza kolia ba destinées. Sous ses airs m'enfoutistes, le Kinois gronde!
3. Lelo, 20hrs. Kigoma. Rdv na Chaleur, ami d'enfance. Masta ya EP VI Barumbu. La parcelle, mi dépôt, mi restaurant. 8 portes. Chaleur, 44 ans, habitait une porte. 2 ch+Salon. Ayambi ngai avec effusion. "La Mavingaise..."Une longue respiration, pleine de remords silencieux...
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Roshtein is a #legend and even people who do not like his style that much admit it. Active since the beginning of 2016, this handsome Swede literally made history this #year hitting in April a staggering €1M Jackpot on Book of Shadow designed by Nolimit City.… Other impressive hits of Ismael Swartz (Roshtein’s real name) are €500,000 on Fruit Party €280,000 on Mystery Museum, €215,000 on Chaos Crew, and €210,000 on Rosh Immortality Cube Megaways.… He still holds a Twitch record for highest peak viewership (84,977 viewers) and has almost 800,000 followers. Like the majority of other casino streamers, he is also active on YouTube. By the way, Roshtein made half the careers of his friends –
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Long overdue.

My father, self made, self educated (5th grade education), born 1926 Great Depression, orphaned

1946 started one of 1st mail order businesses.

Laughed @ “people buy products they don’t see and prepay? Trust some kid in the Bronx will mail items? Good luck!”

Paid in stamps and coins - this was before credit cards existed!

Nobody saw what he saw. He did it anyways.

Later, when I graduated college, he ASKED if I wanted to take over the biz. I respectfully declined. “Dad, I want to prove myself against the sharpest guys on Wall St”
He then GAVE the company to his loyal employees- many had been w him for 40 years.

He always balanced work and life perfectly and prioritized QUALITY of life > $. He made all his buying and marketing decisions in 3 months (Bronx), and lived 9 mo in Costa Rica.
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#LataMangeshkar #RarePic #Legend
1/ Beyond her world of playback singing, few know that Lata Mangeshkar's musical tastes were way more eclectic.

She enjoyed listening to Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Nat King Cole, the Beatles, Barbra Streisand and Harry Belafonte.
2/ She went to see Marlene Dietrich singing on stage, and loved Ingrid Bergman's theatre. She could also be found studio hopping at the sitar maestro Ravi Shankar's studio, where she bumped into his friend and Beatle, George Harrison.
3/ In 1979, she became the first Indian to perform with the Wren Orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. Here's how she later recalled the experience in her own words:

"Around 1974, I had gone to London for my first overseas concert, at the Royal Albert Hall....
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We will be live tweeting the first episode of #Reacher! @primevideo, @alanritchson, @malcolmjgoodwin, @willafitz, @leechildreacher- you ready??
🎵I hopped off the bus at Margrave
With a dream and my…well nothing, #REACHER travels light
Scaring off the bad guys, without even saying a WORD! #legend #REACHER
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What is happiness? Read this from @RafaelNadal interview I Read and you will know why this man is special ❤️ .Nadal said on potentially surpassing Federer’s Grand Slam haul: “The thing is that my future happiness doesn’t depend on surpassing Federer.
This is the end of the story. I won’t find complete happiness by winning 20 or even 25 Grand Slams. Does it excite me? Of course, it excites me because this is what I do and I want to be as good as possible.
but so many good things have happened to me throughout all these years that all I can do is be grateful for life and the people that have helped me.” - What a #Legend !
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I was always a big fan of @imVkohli the cricketer. Calmness on the crease and aggression on the field. But there was some point where I came across this very lengthy, candid interview of him with Graham Bensinger. It spanned nearly 1.5 hours. I watched the whole thing. (1/4) Image
He talked about his journey, what cricket meant to him, turning points in his life, struggles, failures, success, how he overcame various obstacles, power of self-belief, confidence, visualization- pretty much what any excelling sportsperson talks about in such interviews. (2/4) Image
But even among so many similarities, there was one difference. The difference in the way he put his ideas across. It was inspiring, inspiring in a special way. It just gave such a great insight into the mindset of a legend. It was beyond just cricket. (3/4) Image
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When I moved to NY in the late 90s I often took the subway bc I didn’t have money to ride around in cabs and town cars all the time. So the 6 Train doubled as my limousine and Grand Central Station doubled as my garage.
In May 1999 I was fortunate to be hired by Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette for their Wall Street training program. This was very convenient because the DLJ offices were just two blocks from my garage.
I was not due to report until mid August. So quit my current job & took off for Europe. Spent summer walking across Spain to Santiago de Compostela to secure my ticket into Heaven. Thought I might come in handy as my trip was scheduled to end in Ibiza…🤫😎
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#Sunday #Sept5th Try to keep up. Politics, extremism, conspiracy theories, criminal justice. Relevant news, studies & stories #thread.

Thanks for the picture @LeaLovesUSA
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Let's start #BlackHistoryMonth with the story of William Carney.

While some 3,500 Americans have earned the Medal of Honor, only 90 are black. Of those 90, William was the first.
[2 of 4]

Born a slave, William was part of Union charge on Fort Wagner during the Civil War in July, 1863, with the 54th Massachusetts Colored Infantry Regiment [depicted in the 1989 Denzel Washington film "Glory."].
[3 of 4]

During that siege, William saw the regimental color guard fall, hit by a Confederate bullet. William scrambled to catch the falling flag.

Wounded several times, William refused to let the regimental colors (the American flag) touch the ground or fall into enemy hands.
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My Da Tom (90) is coping with #Lockdown3 by consuming ribs & cabbage, marmalade & soda bread, fancy cakes & tay, drawing, painting, playing his fiddle, reading papers, watching snooker, scrolling through Facebook & Insta, playing with dogs & strong whiskey every night.
Here is his fridge.
The dude with the fag is called "Lucas Batteries"
He has been drawing him for his whole life.
On school copy books, hotel napkins, and the backs of envelopes.
And on one memorable occasion with a blue marker on a glass door.
"I always give him a #smoke!"
I bought him a canvas and lent him his late brothers painting set. Filled with colours and brushes, rulers and the nub of a little yellow pencil.
He did this with a sharpie and wax crayons I also brought
And stuck those elves on with Superglue
He tells me it's done an hour later.
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1. This THREAD has everything.

Jus cogens.

Hans Kelsen.

The Israel-Egypt conflict.

The right of self-defense and Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

Buckle. Up. 🧵
2. On August 1, 1951, the UN Security Council met to discuss "Restrictions imposed by Egypt on the passage of ships through the Suez Canal" bound for Israel.
3. Mahmoud Fawzi, Egypt's UN representative, claimed that a state of war still existed between Egypt and Israel, despite their 1949 General Armistice Agreement, and that Egypt retained its belligerent right to visit and search neutral vessels for war materials.
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#DoYouKnow -The place where
Lalitha Sahasranamam -1000 names of Devi originated.

It is in Lalithambigai temple -Thirumeeyachur,Near Mayiladuthurai,TN

There is a Legend #story & it is related to this beautiful #sculpture of Kshetrapuraneswarar & Ambal Lalithambigai #Thread 👇
#Legend #story
It is believed that this is birth place of Kashyapa Maharishi’s sons, Arunan& Garudan. Arunan(charioteer of Surya)was physically handicapped.He was a Shiva devotee.Arunan wanted to visit Kailash to have Shiva Darshan,but Surya Dev denied permission.
So Arunan disguised as a girl & was on his way to Kailash.On the way Surya Dev saw this girl & outraged her modesty.Shiva was very angry with Suryan for misbehaviour & cursed him to get darkened. Whole world plunged into darkness.Surya Dev pleaded to Bhagwan Shiv to forgive him.
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Magnificent &Unique Pancha loha Natarajar -taller than Chidambaram Natarajar

World's Largest Nataraja -measuring abt 7 ft is in
Uma Maheswarar #Temple , Thirunallam,Konerirajapuram,TN

An interesting #story related to this beautiful natarajar &Sivagami Devi. Do read #Thread 👇
#Legend #story - Raja Varaguna Pandyan wanted to create a life-size Natarajar,so asked sculptor (Sthapathi)to do so in panchaloha metal.Despite his continuous efforts,sthapathi was unable to make a murti taller than 3 feet.Raja gave him some more time to work on Nataraja murthi
Raja warned Sculptor that if he did not accomplish the task,his head would be chopped off.As the deadline approached,worried & frantic head sthapathi prayed to Bhagwan Shiva for help.Sthapathi kept the next batch of molten metal ready to pour into the mold.
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Happy wicketashtami to one of India's greatest sporting icons - @JhulanG10.

She is truly world class and here you can see her dismantle another GOAT Meg Lanning for a duck in the world cup semifinal..

Her interest in the game developed after a stint as a ball girl during the finals of the 1997 World Cup. She watched in awe as Cathryn Fitzpatrick ran in and bowled fast.

Jhulan decided to become a fast bowler after watching Fitzpatrick.
In an interesting turn of events, Jhulan became the most successful bowler in ODI's overtaking the record set by Cathryn Fitzpatrick.

Jhulan Goswami is the only bowler with more than 200 ODI wickets to her name. #Legend
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Usually in Shiva #Temple ..Nandi will be seen facing the Shiva Lingam.

But at Sri Vilvanatheswarar Temple,Thiruvalam,Near Vellore,TN

Nandi is seen facing away from Shiva linga &looking towards nearby hill -Kanjangiri.There is legend #story which tells the significance of same
#Legend #story in #sculpture
when temple pujari used to bring water for Abishek,he was troubled by a asura named Kanjan. Pujari complained to Shiva Bhagwan about his troubles & on hearing his plea,Shiva instructed Nandhi to kill the demon.Nandhi tore the demon into 8 pieces.
These 8 parts fell in 8different places.Later, in all these places Shiva temples were constructed.
Asura Kanjan pleaded to Shiva for mukti,Shiva blessed by saying that wherever his blood had fallen, a Shiva linga would appear. Even today one can see Shiva lingams on nearby hill.
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1/n. Touring #Lebanon's #hiking and #nature scene in under 36 hours.

Here are the places on the radar for day 1 of the journey.…

#adventure #roadtrip
@Husseintkjk Image
2/ Day 1:#chouwen river.

The drive is amazing through the mountains. The 45 min #Hike through forest to get to the river is rewarding.

The whole area is the birthplace of the #legend of Adonis & Astarte.

@Jabal_Moussa thank you for taking care of this piece of heaven. ImageImage
3/ Day 1: @EhdenHorsh

The beautiful mountainous city of Ehden offered wonderful scenic views and elaborate trails through pine trees.

Super diverse ecosystem of fauna and flora.
#ehdenhorsh #hiking #lebanon ImageImage
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#sculpture #story - pillar carving
cow with two heads does milk abhishek on shivalinga -Vaidyanatheswara
#Temple,Talakadu, Karnataka

There are many stories regarding this one of the Local #Legend

Local chief had a cow which never yielded any milk after grazing in forest.

1/n Image
Chief sent two of his hunter assistants,Tala and Kada to check on the cow.They found cow feeding an anthill in the forest. The hunters struck a blow on the anthill with an axe.The shivalinga which was inside split into 5 lingams &shiva emerged with a bleeding cut on his body.
Hunters pleaded to Shiva to forgiveness.Shiva pardoned them asked to bring some herbs from nearby plants & healed himself. Since he healed himself,here he is known as Vaidyanatheswara. Other 4 Shiva temples nearby are - Pathaleswara, Maruleswara , Arkeswara and Mallikarjuna
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Tirumala #Brahmotsavam -
spectacular utsavam of vahanams is a 9 day annual festival which is celebrated with utmost pomp.
But this year it is happening in 'Ekantham' within temple premises without allowing any devotees(Sep19-Sept27)
This ustav called as Salakatla Brahmotsavam. ImageImage
#Brahmotsavam #Legend-Brahma is believed to have 1st conducted this festival at Tirupati. Brahma worshiped Sri Balaji on the banks of Pushkarini in Tirupati as a way to give thanks for protecting worlds. So this Utsav is known as Brahmotsavam(means Brahma’s Utsavam)
Ankurarpanam ImageImage
Day 1 -Morning -Dhwajarohanam- flag with a Garuda pic is hoisted in the dwajastambam as mark of start of festival in the temple.
Evening - Venkateswara in Pedda Shesha vahanam ImageImage
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Yalguresh Hanuman Temple,
Yalagur,Bijapur dist,Karnataka

Shri Yalguresh stands on order
of Sri Rama protecting for 7 villages.
History of this place dates back to Ramayana.It is believed that Ram with Sita &Lakshman lived here for few days during Vanvas period.
1/3 ImageImage
#Legend -Hanuman was found as a huge stone in Gondi Lake.Pujari was performing rituals on stone but it broke into pieces.In dream, he was told to lock pieces within temple for 7days.After 7days, pieces had miraculously turned into Hanuman’s idol,standing 7feet.

2/3 ImageImage
Situated on the banks of Krishna River - #Temple is surrounded by greenery &scenic beauty..near Alamatti Dam.

All 📸 - respective owners
Source text - based on details in
shriyalguresh website
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