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NEW | @brian_cartr: The Turkish raid on an alleged ISIS safe house in NW Syria on Apr 28 likely killed an ISIS leader, but not the caliph. Targeting ISIS leadership is helpful, but it fails to address the group’s ability to embed itself within local populations. Read the update…… ImageImageImage
@brian_cartr The #alQaeda and #IslamicState networks in Africa will likely seek to use the #Sudan conflict to improve their position on the continent. Numerous inmates escaped from a prison in #Khartoum city beginning on April 22 amid clashes between Sudan’s two warring factions. Image
@kathryn__tyson: Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (#TTP) militants based in #Afghanistan continue to direct TTP activities in #Pakistan-i cities far outside of TTP’s recent attack zones. Image
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This is the start of daily thread number 430 of the illegal war in #Ukraine, with all the news in one place.

A very good Saturday morning to you; it's been a lively start to the day for #Russia's occupiers.

If you want to support independent journalism, see my bio to buy me a☕️
First though the usual link to the start of yesterday's thread. Take a scroll if you missed anything or need a catch-up:

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

#Crimea has been illegally occupied by #Russia since 2014. It was the very start of this war, far predating the full invasion 14 months ago.

But the Occupiers are getting worried. Overnight an oil depot was set on fire when a drone hit Kozachi Bay. No injuries reported: ImageImageImage
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American Jewish Congress encourages #Sudan leaders to take up #Israel mediation offer |

This is a #thread on the statement by @JackRosenNYC encouraging @aftaburhan and @RSFSudan to accept @elicoh1's peace plan, while welcoming efforts by the #US #Egypt #SaudiArabia #UAE. /1
“The situation in Africa’s 3rd largest country #Sudan is a matter of concern for the #US & regional heavyweights #Egypt #KSA #UAE who are trying to broker a ceasefire. #Israel has now offered to host the two warring generals in Israel to mediate permanent peace." @JackRosenNYC /2
"#Israel officials are in contact for several days now with #Sudan Army chief Gen Abdul Fattah al-Burhan & Rapid Support Forces (RSF) head Gen Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo — known as Hemedti. Contacts between 🇮🇱officials and the two 🇸🇩 generals have been direct and through messages." /3
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🚨🇮🇹 Decollati due C130 dell'Aeronautica militare dal #Gibuti alla volta di #Khartoum: a bordo personale delle forze speciali dell’Esercito Italiano e dei Carabinieri.

Può dirsi ufficialmente iniziata l'operazione di evacuazione degli italiani dal #Sudan.
🚨🇮🇹 A coordinare le attività di evacuazione degli italiani in #Sudan è il Comando Operativo di Vertice Interforze guidato dal generale #Figliuolo.

Direi che i nostri sono in ottime mani. Image
🚨🇮🇹 Costantemente aggiornato sullo svolgimento dell'evacuazione degli italiani in #Sudan il ministro della Difesa, Guido #Crosetto. La Difesa è a sua volta in costante contatto con la presidenza del Consiglio, la Farnesina e l’Autorità delegata.
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A 🧵 with some thoughts on #Sudan & how we got here:

Many rightly blame Bashir for creating Himedti & his militia as well as Burhan as Islamist SAF officer. No excuses for Bashir - but who created him? I first came to #Khartoum in 1997 & NOBODY took him seriously then. 1/10 Image
Of course, it was Turabi who ruled #Sudan back then rather than Bashir & had planned for it strategically for decades. So who paved the way for the Sheikh? Yes, Nimeiri elevated him since late '70s with Saudi support, but before it was: Sadiq al Mahdi & his UMMA. 2/10 Image
As I raged in my Twitter obituary for His Royal Holiness, never forget: it was Sadiq's UMMA who pushed for an Islamist constitution in the late 1960s. He ignored the Supreme Court ruling to reverse his ban of #Sudan's Communist Party & thus undermined the judiciary. 3/10 Image
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#Sudan Coup Update - 18th April
1. Taliban’s government calls on #Sudan to immediately stop violence🫡😂 and resolve the differences through dialogue and negotiations😌🫡🤒🥴😂😂😂😂
#SudanCrisis #Sudancoup #Taliban #Afghanistan
(Statement from Zabeehullah Mujahid,…… ImageImage
2. Egypt may respond to the conflict in Sudan by siding with the Sudanese army, - New York Times.
Egypt maintains close ties with the Sudanese army, and several dozen Egyptian soldiers have now been captured by the Sudan Rapid Response Group fighting the government forces," the…… ImageImage
3. Leader of Sudanese paramilitary group Rapid Support Forces (RSF) Daglo calls on the international community to intervene in Sudan fighting, claiming the country’s armed forces are waging war against civilians. RSF is attempting a coup in the country as rebels clash with the…… Image
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Attenzione a quanto sta accadendo in #Sudan. Scontri riportati nella capitale #Khartoum fra l'esercito sudanese ufficiale e le forze di supporto rapido (RSF) del generale Hemedti. Spari registrati anche nelle vicinanze dell'ambasciata italiana.
🚨🇸🇩 Operazioni sospese all'aeroporto internazionale di #Khartoum. L'esercito regolare sta bloccando le strade che conducono al palazzo presidenziale erigendo fortificazioni. Bloccato il transito sui ponti della capitale sudanese.

Per chi vuole capire in estrema sintesi i motivi e i protagonisti degli scontri in corso a #Khartoum: da tempo in #Sudan infiamma la rivalità fra i due generali che nel 2021 hanno deposto il dittatore Omar al-Bashir, attualmente detenuto in una prigione sudanese per…… Image
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#Sudan 🇸🇩: residents of #Khartoum woke up this morning to the sound of gunfire and plumes of smoke rising into the air as clashes appear to have erupted in the capital city.

These armed confrontations follow weeks of rising tensions between the SAF and RSF military factions.
#Sudan 🇸🇩: many Sudanese see loyalists of the former #Bashir regime as being behind the recent tensions, sowing chaos as a way to derail any transition process and attempt a possible return to power…
#Sudan 🇸🇩: more footage if gunfure and rising smoke in the #Khartoum area.
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#Sudan 🇸🇩: during a speech today #RSF warlord #Hemedti was trying to save his own skin by saying he regretted his role in the #SudanCoup.

He stated the coup of October 25th was a mistake which opened the door for the former regime (Bashir loyalists) to return to power. Image
#Sudan 🇸🇩: meanwhile #Khartoum based Resistance Committees are calling for anti-military protests on 21 February. Image
#Sudan 🇸🇩: anti-military protests in the streets of #Khartoum today.
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#Sudan 🇸🇩: a deal has been reached in order to end the #SudanCoup which has been going on for over a year now.

Both the #FFC and the military have agreed to a 24-month transition, under the leadership of a civilian PM, with elections at the end.

But there's a but 👇
#Sudan 🇸🇩: just as with the previous transition deal there is very little that holds either #Burhan or #Hemedti to honor their promises, meaning the country is and remains very vulnerable to another #SudanCoup at any moment.

There is also no mention of any reform of the military
#Sudan 🇸🇩: the Resistance committees, which were the backbone of the December Revolution have already voiced their opposition to the deal since it doesn't include any framework to bring justice to the 110+ protesters who were killed since the #SudanCoup.
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On Oct. 31, 2002 the Gov of #Eritrea informed the #UNSC then tplf led gov of #Ethiopia announced the creation of an axis with the #Sudan & #Yemen to perpetrate acts of subversion and aggression against Eritrea...1
The Gov of #Eritrea stated; #Ethiopia was resorting to all sorts of obstructive & provocative acts to frustrate the implementation of the Boundary Commission in violation of the #Algiers Peace Agreements & the relevant resolutions of the #UNSC...2
...#Yemen was likewise involved in the violation of the decisions of the Arbitration Commission on the Hanish islands & the delimitation of the maritime boundary. #Eritrea & Yemen publicly accepted the binding decision of Commission but Yemen was raising new claims....3
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#Sudan 🇸🇩: mass protests in the capital #Khartoum today as thousands of Sudanese rally to march against the coup regime.

#Sudan 🇸🇩: confrontations erupted between protesters and military forces in #Khartoum. Tear gas and water cannons were deployed in an attempt to dispers the protests.

#Sudan 🇸🇩: protests against the military today in the city of #WadMadani.
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Are you ready for tomorrow #Sudan 🇸🇩?

These kids are!

#Sudan 🇸🇩: the March of Millions has begun. In #Omdurman the masses are moving through the streets, making there way down to #Khartoum. #SudanCoup

#Sudan 🇸🇩: protesters are marching down 16 Street in southern #Khartoum, on their way to meet thousands more, heading for the city center. #SudanCoup

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#BREAKING Sudan to reopen Khartoum airport at 1400 GMT: civil aviation Image
#UPDATES Sudan will reopen Khartoum airport to all inbound and outbound flights, the head of civil aviation says, following unrest due to a military coup Image
#UPDATE Furious Sudanese protests against a military coup entered a third day Wednesday, with the prime minister returned home under guard after intense international condemnation of the army's power grab while #Khartoum airport was set to reopen ImageImageImage
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#BREAKING: #Sudan’s Burhan to hold a press conference today on latest developments in the country: Al Arabiya TV
#BREAKING: #Sudan’s Burhan issues six new decisions, including dissolving trade union management committees
#BREAKING: Kremlin says it is concerned about situation in #Sudan, calls on all parties to exercise restraint
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[A LA UNE A 21H]
3 personnes ont été tuées et 80 blessées par des tirs de l'armée à #Khartoum lors de manifestations massives dénonçant un coup d'Etat et l'arrestation de la quasi-totalité des dirigeants civils, a indiqué un syndicat soudanais de médecins prodémocratie #AFP 1/5
[A LA UNE A 21H]
Le parquet de Mulhouse a ouvert une enquête pour harcèlement après le suicide début octobre de #Dinah, lycéenne de 14 ans victime de harcèlement scolaire selon ses proches, a appris l'#AFP auprès de la procureure de la République de la ville 2/5
[A LA UNE A 21H]
Le juge des référés du Conseil d'Etat, saisi en urgence par les défenseurs de la nature, a suspendu les nouveaux arrêtés gouvernementaux autorisant des chasses d'oiseaux dites traditionnelles #AFP 3/5
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Un général soudanais dissout les autorités de transition, décrète l'état d'urgence, et annonce la formation d'un "gouvernement de personnes compétentes" #AFP ImageImage
Le général Abdel Fattah al-Burhane, à la tête des autorités de transition au Soudan, a annoncé dissoudre le gouvernement et le Conseil de souveraineté et décrété l'état d'urgence dans l'ensemble du pays, l'un des plus pauvres au monde #AFP Image
Il a réitéré son attachement à "la transition vers un Etat civil" et promis de créer les nombreuses institutions étatiques, comme la Cour suprême, qui auraient dû voir le jour il y a plusieurs mois, selon le calendrier acté après le renversement d'Omar el-Béchir en 2019 #AFP Image
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#Sudan’s Prime Minister #AbdallaHamdok under house arrest, several cabinet officials and allies seized in apparent #powergrab
#BREAKING: #Khartoum airport shut amid reports of coup in #Sudan: Al-Arabiya
#BREAKING: Sudanese people will stand up to coup attempt, says spokesman for Sudanese Congress Party: Al-Arabiya
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The Sudanese army has arrested a number or Hamdouk's ministers, several roads are blocked and initial reports suggest that Hamdouk's house is also surrounded by the army.
Hamdouk is now under house arrest.
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Today's thread follows the historical linguistics to the present. As discussed, Nubia has a long & rich history of writing, starting w/ Meroitic script, before Old Nubian writing rose to dominance in the 6-15th C.
But what about today? How has Nubian writing been kept alive?
1/22 Teacher writing Nubian on w...
Well, the truth is, for the longest time, Nubian script had gone more or less extinct (as far as we know, anyway). Writing in Nubia, as is the case with many world cultures, was closely tied with religion, and religious change usually meant script change.
2/22 Nubian tomb with Old Nubian...Nubian children learning Ar...
The Meroitic writing system, based on Egyptian hieroglyphs and Demotic, corresponded to a period of history where Nubians and Egyptians shared a religion. Old Nubian, primarily based on Greek, corresponded to the Christian era of Nubia.
3/22 Meroitic funerary stele fro...Wall painting at Faras, Nub...
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I've started combining locations highlighted in my #connectivity research with in-situ listening via #radiogarden. Right now, the port of Constanta, Romania on the #BlackSea, while scanning a modernisation programme with "civilian-military dual-use of transport infrastructure" 1/ Image
This morning, the port of #Alexandroupoli, Greece on the #ThracianSea with strategically important position for regional #energyflows. Scanning #flowsecurity development & mooted sale of majority stake of port to US commercial interests... / #connectivity & #radiogarden 2/ Image
Nothing listed for the port of #Sabetta, Russia so Novy Urengoy closest station (375 miles away): Scanning the voyage of Christophe de Margerie, expanding navigation window in the eastern sector of Russian #Arctic, confirming year-round safe navigation... #psychoconnectivity 3/ Image
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Arab Muslim Supremacy vs.
#BAKHITA - The Saint of Sudan

A slave of the followers of Muhammadanism -- this black Sudanese woman would one day become a Saint in The Catholic Church.

"You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise"

- Maya Angelou, from her poem 'Still I Rise' #BlackLivesMatter
Bakhita, a Novel of the Saint of Sudan, a new release from
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1/4 At the 1967 #Arab League Summit in #Khartoum, there were 3 nos - no peace with #Israel, no recognition of Israel and no negotiations with Israel.
In a speech at the 13th Annual Saban Forum in December 2016, John Kerry added a 4th:⏩⏩⏩⏩
2/4 ⏩Kerry: "I've heard several prominent politicians in Israel sometimes saying 'well, the Arab world is a different place now, we just have to reach out to them and we can work some things out with the Arab worldand we'll deal with the Palestinians.' No, no, no and no."⏩⏩⏩
3/4 ⏩⏩What we know now is that Kerry got it wrong, not once, but several times.
Whether he (and his boss) had an alternative agenda or simply misread the evolving mood in the Middle East we'll never know.⏩⏩⏩⏩
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Andy Beal's (Beal Bank) N123AB 9/27/20 Paris-Nice
Len Blavatnik's (Access Ind) N761LE 9/26/20 London-Milan (~1h)-Nice 9/28/20 Nice-London

ICYMI: Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman used Beal's jet for some of their travels
Blavatnik "funneled millions into #GOP campaigns" ImageImageImage
Syrian Air's A320 YK-AKD 9/28/20 Damascus #Syria-Cairo
Third flight to Cairo in September

"Egypt sends forces to Syria for Assad regime. 150 soldiers deployed in Aleppo's western countryside, outskirts of Saraqib in southern Idlib countryside" July 2020… Image
Trump's private jet N725DT 9/28-9/29/20 Waterbury-Monmouth Executive Airport (~2h 15m)-D.C. (~25m)-Waterbury
N725DT seem to fly to D.C. every time there are crisis in the WH.
#TrumpTaxes ImageImage
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