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الحمد لله
Pleased to have published the first comprehensive biography and sociological study of the popular Pakistani preacher and Islamic scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil available in English

@TariqJamilOFCL @WaseemBadami @IamShaistaLodhi @yousaf1788
From his comfortable early life studying medicine @gcuniversitylhr to his religious journey with the #TablighiJamaat qualifying as an Islamic scholar, I trace his spectacular success as a compelling orator and eventual transformation into a national celebrity in 5 distinct stages
Drawing on Prof Jonathan Berkey's work, I locate Maulana Tariq Jamil's rhetorical style within the historical archetypes of the wu'az (popular preachers) & qussas (storytellers) which has caused some fallout with more rigorous scriptural ulama (religious scholars) over the years
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Browsing through transcripts of a number of Friday sermons from Saudi Arabia on #TablighiJamaat and I’m shocked at the factually incorrect claims. I expected better. This isn’t 1920s, there’s no excuse for misinformation.
It’d help outsiders know the centre of #TablighiJamaat activities in that region of the Gulf is Qatar… and we all know how neighbouring countries feel about that country. This is what explained to me the charge of synthesis with Brotherhood & it being a “gateway to terrorism”.
As a student I had the privilege of having dinners with my teacher in his room, during which a student would read a book aloud, making sure no time was wasted. One of the books we read was titled, al-Qawl al-Baligh Fi Radd Jama’at al-Tabligh, or thereabouts.
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۱ - وہ تمام مسلمان خواتین و حضرات بالخصوص پاکستانی جو امریکہ و یورپ میں رہ رہے ہیں اور #طالبان کی حمایت کررہے ہیں انہیں چاہئیے کہ #اسلامی #افغانستان چلے جائیں | کافر ملکوں میں مسلمان کا رہنا حرام ہے

سلسلہ احادیث صحیحہ جلد اوّل ص ۲۰۰ تا ۲۰۹ |

#Afghanistan #Talibans
۲ - وہ تمام مسلمان خواتین و حضرات بالخصوص پاکستانی جو امریکہ و یورپ میں رہ رہے ہیں اور #طالبان کی حمایت کررہے ہیں انہیں چاہئیے کہ #اسلامی #افغانستان چلے جائیں | کافر ملکوں میں مسلمان کا رہنا حرام ہے

سلسلہ احادیث صحیحہ جلد اوّل ص ۲۰۰ تا ۲۰۹ |

#Afghanistan #Talibans
۳ - وہ تمام مسلمان خواتین و حضرات بالخصوص پاکستانی جو امریکہ و یورپ میں رہ رہے ہیں اور #طالبان کی حمایت کررہے ہیں انہیں چاہئیے کہ #اسلامی #افغانستان چلے جائیں | کافر ملکوں میں مسلمان کا رہنا حرام ہے

سلسلہ احادیث صحیحہ جلد اوّل ص ۲۰۰ تا ۲۰۹ |

#Afghanistan #Talibans
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#TablighiJamaat தான் கொரோனோ பரவ முக்கிய காரணம் என கூறி அன்றைக்கு மத சாயம் பூசியவர்கள் அனைவரும் இன்னைக்கு உரிய பாதுகாப்பு இன்றி #KumbhMela நடந்து கொண்டு இருக்கு,சத்தமே இல்லை! மறதி தேசிய வியாதி ஒரு மதத்தை குறி வச்சி என்ன என்ன திருவாசகங்களை சொன்னார்கள் என கீழே பதிவு செய்கிறேன் :
#TablighiJamaat சென்று வந்தவர்கள் மனித வெடிகுண்டு போல?
-பாஜக முன்னாள் முதல்வர்
#TablighiJamaat போய்ட்டு வந்தவர்களை துப்பாக்கி வச்சி சுட்டா கூட தப்பு இல்லை
-பாஜக எம்.பி.
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@sganesh181 I had earlier posted that #KumbhMela should have been closed for common people & only few sadhus of each Akhada should have been allowed with #COVID protocol.

But I did more research after reading many posts & articles blaming kumbh for current crisis.…
@sganesh181 First of all most pictures being shared are fake. People are posting old Kumbh pictures to exaggerate their claims about crowds in #MahaKumbh2021

See this for example…
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CJI SA Bobde led bench hears a plea
questioning the role of the Centre, the Delhi government and the Delhi Police for risking the health of millions of citizens by allowing the huge congregation comprising foreign delegates at #NizamuddinMarkaz
#SupremeCourt Image
CJI: you must tell us what is happening? I don't know if farmers are protected from COVID. Same problem may arise in the #farmersprotest too.

SG Tushar Mehta: we will find the status
Adv Parihar: Maulana Saad is not traceable. No statement made about whereabouts of Maulana Saad

CJI: We are trying to ensure that COVID does not spread. Ensure guidelines issued is followed.

Supreme court grants time to file rejoinder.
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#SupremeCourt bench of Justices A M Khanwilkar, Dinesh Maheshwari and Sanjiv Khanna to hear pleas filed against blacklisting of foreign members of Tablighi Jamaat for attending the #NizamuddinMarkaz congregation in the national capital
Supreme Court had earlier asked the trial courts to expedite hearing in the pending cases against foreign #TablighiJamaat members for alleged visa violations.
Matter to be taken at the end of the board.

Senior Adv CU Singh seeks relief from the court as he will not be appearing today

SC: Yes, today you are not seeking any relief, so its obvious you will not appear (laughs)

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CJI SA Bobde led bench hears the case against communal reporting of the #TablighiJamaat incident

CJI:We are not happy with the reply of the Centre. You have not dealt with the applicability of the Cable Television Networks Act and the legal regime concerning this

CJI: First you did not file a proper affidavit and then you filed an affidavit which did not deal with the two important questions. This way it cannot be done Mr Mehta.

You have to tell us how you have acted under Cable TV Act in some prior incident

CJI: We want to know the mechanism employed by you and this affidavit has nothing on it. Why should we refer to NBSA etc when you have the authority to look into it. If it does not exist then you create an authority else we will hand it over to an outside agency
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(Foreign nationals in Tablighi Jamaat case)

Supreme Court to hear today plea by foriegn nationals challenging en-masse blacklisting orders by Ministry of Home Affairs for their alleged involvement in #TablighiJamaat activities.

The court had earlier asked the Union of India to ensure that people who have no charges against them should be allowed to leave for their home countries.

Senior Adv Menaka Guruswamy: the 8 petitioners who were discharged has their applications have been listed on November 10 before Additional Sessions Judge. This is becoming a protracted litigation

SC: Let the court decide
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Breaking: Plea in Supreme Court seeks to protect fundamental rights of people of District Mewat-Nuh as they are being "forcefully converted to Islam" and is in a pitiable condition compared to the "dominant Muslim group."
The petition prays for restoration of land, properties, cremation sites of Hindus and form an SIT to probe instances of gang rapes, murders and kidnapping committed by "Muslims" upon the "Hindu residents of the place."

Plea says that after the establishment of Tablighi Jammat the Neo Muslims became fundamentalist Muslims and slowly
they over powered the entire area and at present they are more than 95% in the area after eliminating Hindus from the area.

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Ministry of Home Affairs inform Justice AM Khanwilkar led SC bench that the 8 foreign #Tablighi nationals from Bihar who were discharged of all cases now face a revision petition filed against the trial court order. ASG KM Nataraj states that they can travel back on undertaking
Sr Adv Chander Uday Singh: This delay is causing anguish to the foreigners and that the process should be expedited so that they can travel back to their home countries
SC: We will pass orders when a representation seeking request for travel back is received and that it shall be decided preferably within 4 days, and not later than one week.

Asks ASG: Who is the nodal officer who will deal with such representations?

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Supreme Court to shortly hear plea by 34 individuals from 34 different countries who had approached the top court challenging the MHA order blacklisting over 2,500 foreign nationals for their alleged involvement in #TablighiJamaat activities.

The matter to be taken up along with item 20 as prayers sought are similar.
Senior Adv Dr. Menaka Guruswamy: there are 8 individuals who have discharged pursuant to August 6 orders of this court as fast track court was asked to dispose off the matters. But these 8 have not been able to leave the country as lookout notices has not been withdrawn
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A CJI SA Bobde led bench to shortly hear @JamiatUlama_in 's petition seeking action against media reports indulging in giving a communal angle to the COVID-19 pandemic in the light of Tablighi Jamaat Meeting in Nizamuddin.

CJI to Senior Adv Dushyant Dave: We have examined Cable TV Network Act. Section 20 of the act has the remedy.

to SG Mehta: Please take a look at Section 20
Dave: My rejoinder has all these provisions

CJI: This power is exercisable only in relation to Cable TV network and not in relation to TV signals like Doordarshan etc. Does the govt have any power to ban the signals? Their affidavit says they had issued advisories
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[Tablighi Jamaat] Compelling Markaz attendees to undergo trial would be grave injustice: Bombay HC quashes FIRs against Myanmarese citizens #tablighijamaat #Markaz #BombayHighCourt
These Markaz attendees hailing from Myanmar had visited the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi from March 2-6, and thereafter travelled to Nagpur, where they were arrested.

#tablighijamaat #Markaz #BombayHighCourt
The attendees had been in isolation and under medical supervision, and their tests had returned a negative result.

Court: There was no material to record that they "had indulged in any act which was likely to spread infection of COVID -19." #tablighijamaat #Markaz Image
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This is how #Commie/#Sickular/#Islamist/#Liberals eco-system works & is still going strong at national & international levels.
@BloomsburyIndia withdraws #DelhiRiotsTheUntoldStory which is said to bring out the truth & facts of #DelhiRiots2020
#BoycottBloomsburyIndia Image
But publishes the anti-India & anti-Hindu narrative book on #ShaheenBaghProtests
6 yrs of @narendramodi govt with full majority at Centre & couldn't even touch this eco-system, let alone destroying it & creating a positive & Pro-India eco-system. Image
#SleepingHindus wake up before it's too late. This is more than publishing of books.
Foreign #Terrorists of #TablighiJamaat r let go unscathed by the same eco-system.
#Hindu #SadhuLynching happening across the country & eco-system do not allow any judicial enquiry or Justice
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Bombay High Court quashes FIR against #TablighiJamaat foreigners. The Court said they were made 'scapegoats' and criticised media for their 'big propaganda'. Image
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Breaking: Bombay HC quashes FIRs against #TablighiJamaat Foreigners:

"A political Government tries to find the scapegoat when there is pandemic or calamity and the circumstances show that there is probability that these foreigners were chosen to make them scapegoats!" 🔥
"There was big propaganda in print media & electronic media against the foreigners who had come to Markaz Delhi & an attempt was made to create a picture that these foreigners were responsible for spreading COVID-19 virus in India"

–– Bombay High Court…
"It is now high time for the concerned to repent about this action taken against the foreigners and to take some positive steps to repair the damage done by such action"

Bombay High Court in its judgement quashing FIRs against #TablighiJamaat foreigners
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نبی کریم ((صلعم) نے فرمایا سب سے بڑا بہتان یہ ہے کہ اپنی آنکھ کو وہ کچھ دکھائےجو اس نے نہیں دیکھا – جھوٹا خواب بیان کرے – یا رسول اللہ ﷺ کی طرف سے کوئ ایسی بات بیان کی جو آپ نے ارشاد نہیں فرمائ (صحیح البخاری و مسند احمد)

#تبلیغی_جماعت #طارق_جمیل
نبی کریم (صلعم) نے فرمایا: ”سب سے بڑا جھوٹ یہ ہے کہ آدمی خواب میں اپنی آنکھوں کو وہ کچھ دکھلائے جو (درحقیقت) انہوں نے نہ دیکھا ہو۔ (سلسلہ احادیث صحیحہ از علامہ ناصر الدین البانی)

#تبلیغی_جماعت #طارق_جمیل #TariqJamil #MaulanaTariqJamil #TablighiJamat #TablighiJamaat
حضرت علی رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنہ سے روایت ہے کہ نبی کریم (صلعم) نے فرمایا جو شخص جھوٹا خواب بیان کرے تو قیامت کے دن اسے دو جو کے دانوں کو گرہ لگانے کا حکم دیا جائے گا (جامع ترمذی)

#تبلیغی_جماعت #طارق_جمیل #TariqJamil #MaulanaTariqJamil #TablighiJamat #TablighiJamaat
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Maulana Tariq Jameel has been conferred with Pride of Performance award by Government of Pakistan.

Renowned Pakistani Journalist Mr Haroon ur Rasheed of #92News warned Maulana Tariq Jamil of #TablighiJamaat to be careful or he will expose him ( #TariqJamil #MaulanaTariqJamil )
مولانا طارق جمیل کے لئے حکومت پاکستان کا پرائڈ آف پرفارمنس کا اعلان !

جبکہ تحریک انصاف کے صحافی جناب ہارون الرشید صاحب نے #۹۲نیوز پر #تبلیغی_جماعت کے #مولانا_طارق_جمیل صاحب کو کہا کہ احتیاط کریں نہیں تو وہ انہیں ننگا کردیں گے

یہ #مولانا_طارق_جمیل صاحب کے لیئے ہے :-

علماۓ حق اور آل امیہ و آل مروان اور بنو عباس کے مطلق العنان حکمران

( بحوالہ : آئینہ پرویزیت از مولانا عبدالرحمان کیلانی) ۔ پڑھیئے

جاری ہے / ۲

#تبلیغی_جماعت #طارق_جمیل #TariqJamil #MaulanaTariqJamil #TablighiJamat ImageImage
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Conspiracy Against #India (1/a)
Can You Imagine how #COVID19India utilized to topple The #BJP Govt? This is the thread, through which I try to Highlight most crucial instances.
(I) the Data Shows Illegal Arms, Drugs, Cattle, Gold smuggling into #India Spiked from Sept 2019
Contd ImageImage
Conspiracy Against #India (1/b)
It is not a simple coincidence that Along with the beginning & intensity of #AntiCAA protests the smuggling activities across the border area increased.
Despite the Corona Virus warning & Lock-down the protesters try to intensify the stir
Contd.. Image
Conspiracy Against #India (1/c)
of Late @NIA_India taken steps in #KeralaGoldSmugglingCase & the Investigation rightly said there is a link with the Terrorist Activities!!!
When #SaheenBag type protest failed, there is a sudden increase of protests of Migrant Laborers
Contd... ImageImage
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#SupremeCourt commences hearing of a bunch of matters against cancellation of visas & blacklisting of around 3500 foreigners, reportedly the members of #TablighiJamaat who took part in the #NizamuddinMarkaz.
SG Tushar Mehta submits cancellation of visas is a purely sovereign function, no role of judicial review. He adds visas were cancelled by way of individual orders, sent through emails on a case by case basis.

Some 1500 emails were sent to these foreigners.

While #SupremeCourt observes the individual orders will have to be challenged, lawyers from the other side point out this will then involve multiple high courts & that in some cases, even the emails weren't served.

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#SupremeCourt starts hearing petitions by 34 foreigners against the MHA's order of blacklisting them for their involvement in #TablighiJamaat activities.

They dispute cancellation of visa & wants to go back home.
Senior adv Salman Khurshid, CU Singh and Manek Guruswamy appear for #TablighiJamaat members.

#SupremeCourt starts by asking where are the orders of blacklisting, cancellation of visas.
#SupremeCourt asks petitioners to serve copies of petitions on Centre, State governments.

Responses sought form Centre, states as court fixes Monday for hearing it next.
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An event was carried down in Dehi’s Nizamuddin area, which became a super spreader of a disease in whole country,
I filled an RTI to know if any foreigner coming to India can take part in any religious events!
And following was response,
Do you know?
The Foreigners who attended the event of Tablighi Jamaat which visa did they have?
MHA reported that they blacklisted 960 foreigners and cancelled their tourist visas after finding they were involved in Jamaat activities!
how did they do it?…
•According to the Foreigners Act Foreigners who enter India should declare their purpose of Visit!
Didn’t any authority question them when they moved from their purpose of Visit?
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