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From June 2020: How to avoid or minimize using the police in superhero stories?… #superheroes #police #TBT #ThrowbackThursday
For the TLDR crowd, the options:
- “High stakes” adventures focus
- Low stakes adventures or being Good Samaritans
- Kids (or rare adults) learning how to be superheroes
- police tied heroes switch jobs (such as private investigators)
- focus on the heroes’ private lives
- the heroes play judge jury and executioner
- the heroes are regulated by state, federal or global authorities
- the villains are too powerful or difficult to arrest
- in-universe policing reforms shown
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/15/2021…
Well-Structured German Study Shows No Deaths among Healthy German Kids Ages 5 to 11 ⋆ Brownstone Institute…

#MedicalStudy, #germany, #COVID19, #mortality, #children, #SchoolClosures
Fast superhighway through the Solar System discovered - Big Think…

#ArchesOfChaos, #SpaceTravel, #SolarSystem, ScientificDiscovery
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(1/15) Today is #DayOfTheGirl and I'm 17, so it'll be my last one, I'd like to do a thread of who I am. Also, since I've been getting a lot of followers recently. This thread will be about some of my life from little 10-year-old me taking a Harvard class to earlier this year.
(2/15) At 10 years old, I took a @Harvard class on @edXOnline. It was called Super Earths and Life and it was the 1st version that had a few issues. I actually had to correct the TA in the class multiple times lol.

I got a 96%. I was very proud of myself.
(3/15) The next big thing I did in #STEM was starting my @YouTube channel with Supernova Style Science News when I was 12. Since then, the channel changed to @7SageLabs and I added more shows: The STEAM Shop, 7 Sage Lab Notes, and SciFacts.

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A thread of my #comics #writing and analysis to pin. First: #Hickman’s #XMen work on #HouseofX, Tom Miller’s graphic design, and oppression, rage, and numbness in 21st century America. A work more painfully relevant today than when it debuted last year.…
A review of Judas by Jeff Loveness and Jakub Rebelka. Published by @boomstudios. A moving work of religious art. One of my favorite #comics of the last decade. #writing…
Here is a bit of a different piece. A theological reflection on #Superman and #superheroes. Wrote this for a class while I was working on my master’s in theology. Just my long way of saying, reading and #writing #comics can be a form of prayer.…
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I'm working on a piece about social justice movements and lessons from Avengers: Endgame/the MCU. This reflection isn't going to be part of this piece but one thing that still makes me sad whenever I think about the MCU is the erasure of South Asian & Middle Eastern #superheroes.
The Middle East does show up... in the form of Stark Industries' weapons of war and as a vehicle for Iron Man's origin story and character development. We see terrorists as well as innocent civilians in caves and war-torn rural villages in the desert.
In Agents of SHIELD, we see a visibly Arab man (wearing a Gulf headdress) & an Indian man (Sunil Bakshi) as Hydra leadership. Later, there is more South Asian #representation for heroes, but even then, this idea of duality or being torn between good & evil is still present.
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Just wanted to share a request. @Marvel @DCComics #Superheroes My 12 year old nephew is a huge fan. He just had emergency brain surgery on Thurs and I know he’d be ecstatic if a hero out there could send a get well. I just want to do something for him. #help
@heat1213 Here’s some of the amazing people who’s replies you can show him
It’s honestly unbelievable how far this has gone. All of you brought countless smiles to his face. He’s been reading the replies and just been filled with happiness. I can’t even express to everyone how grateful I am that all of you came together for him! Thank you so much!
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Indie RPG time! Back to work on @HeroisModernos where you role-play an editorial team, making a comic about superheroes, in a world were they are real and common. Very meta of us 😜

WIP of the flying stone snake god (temp name Serpentrea) This one gave a fight but getting there.
@HeroisModernos Research sketches exploring Serpentrea and its master Pitonisa
Criaturas controladas pelos vilões, no cenário que acompanha o #rpg @heroismodernos "Odeon City Comics"

Seres mitológicos com influências ibéricas/fenícias/celtas (talvez egípcias?) eram presença regular em filmes do gênero "Sword and Sandal Murders" nos 60s em Odeon City.
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It’s #Monday, I’m boozing it up at a 4 seat bar, the #barkeep is a long pourer, and I’m all fucking set if I get something stuck between my teeth.👇🙃 #RandomThoughts #drinking #OutAndAbout
Shooting the shit with a friend, she’s proud to be doing well with her plants - unusual for her.

The key was a #video explaining the benefits of pruning.

She needs REASONS. She got them.

Apparently, pruning in a particular manner stimulates growth hormones.
Of course, this led to me initiating a discussion about the #movie I just watched on Hulu, called “The German Doctor.”

The main character was Josef Mengele. #ThisHappened

People, this is why I’m known in my circles as “The Black Hole Of Conversation.” SMTH
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THREAD: how to help wildfire efforts. Because of my background, I’ve been asked for my recommendations of best orgs to help with #wildfire relief. #CaliforniaFires #CampFireSmoke #ButteCountyFire #CalFire #firefighters
2- my focus was NorCal because this is the vastly more disastrous area. And there are obvious choices like the Red Cross. That said, I was most impressed by two organizations that I believe are worthy of your support and will immediately put to use.
3- the first org is @NVCF they only use 1% to admin fees and are in Chico. They are on the ground helping and they also provide support for animals.
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