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It's a while since I've had one of these, and not in response to anything specific - I've been very inactive on #WesternSahara lately. Must be a quiet day on a troll farm somewhere in #Morocco. Image
Anyway, I have a rule that whenever I'm trolled by agents of the #Moroccan state, I post photos of the Sahrawi controlled areas of #WesternSahara, to highlight the conflict & #Morocco's partition of this non-self-governing territory. Here's the view from Tin Gfuf, Southern Sector Image
A low granite outcrop, near Tin Gfuf, Southern Sector of the Polisario controlled Liberated Territories of #WesternSahara. Image
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Tomb of Shagird Khawaja Khan in ,Fatehgarh Sahib

#TombShagird #FatehgarhSahib #PunjabTourism #Punjab

near to Tomb of Ustad and
Tomb of Mir-I-Miran

The tomb of shagird is built as a memorial to Khawaja Khan
who was a well-known architect.
Tomb of Shagird is a Mughal period #monuments situated in village Talania of #Sirhind-Fategarh, #Punjab,In 1710, Banda Singh Bahadur and his Sikh army destroyed the city of Sirhind completely and Wazir Khan the governor, was killed in the Battle of Chappar Chiri.
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Possible #Russian Breakthrough North of #Bakhmut | Avdiivka Front Update | -2h,1 2/03/2023
#Russian Soldiers Pushed Into #Bakhmut City, Destroyed New #Nazi #Monuments | March 11, 2023… Image
Blind To #HumanitarianCrises, #Israel Strikes #Syria And #Lebanon | Mar 10
- On Mar 5 Israeli soldiers breached the #BlueLine, which was set by the #UnitedNations for the #withdrawal of the #Israeli forces from Lebanon in 2000.
Vid… Image
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On 23Dec.1947,Stalin signed a resolution by the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the resettlement of Azerbaijani kolkhoz members and other Azerbaijanis from the Armenian SSR to the lowlands of the Kur & Araz rivers.On 10Mar.1948,a further resolution on resettlement was signed.
Textual study of the #resolutions by the Council of Ministers of the #USSR shows that they had complete disregard for #human and civil #rights. #Azerbaijanis were removed, not from certain territories, as stated, but from the whole of #Armenia.
It becomes clear that the aim was to oust all #Azerbaijanis from #Armenia. According to the last, 11th, Article of the #resolution dated 23 December 1947, it was intended to settle foreign #Armenians in Armenia in place of the deported #Azerbaijanis.
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🚨🚨🚨I’m thrilled to release today a new mini docu-series about the power of symbols, memory, and story through an exploration of Monument Ave. in Richmond, VA.

New episodes drop every day, so be sure to check back for more.

Here’s the first one. Let me know what you think!
In part 2 of this mini docuseries we look at the Robert E. Lee monument and how such statues helped create a narrative of white supremacy in the Jim Crow era.
#History #CivilWar #Monuments
Monuments matter because they are symbols. Symbols matter because symbols tell stories. Stories matter because stories make us who we are.

Part 3 of this mini docuseries tackles why we must remove Confederate monuments.
#History #CivilWar #Justice
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 07/21/2021…
Vulnerable nations lead by example on Sustainable Development Goals research…

#SustainableDevelopmentGoals #ResearchPriorities #consequences
How Bell’s Theorem Proved ‘Spooky Action at a Distance’ Is Real…

#BellsTheorem #SpookyAction #proof #QuantumMechanics
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Thanks to @kimbiddulph it’s #Archaeology31 time again! - Starting with prompt number one: #new.

Which in this case is: New year, new journal. Empty pages waiting to be filled with thoughts, notes, sketches ... opportunities. Image
#Archaeology31 day 2, #future, offers a great chance to highlight a topic I found particularly interesting as of late:

How will an #ArchaeologyOfTheFuture look like - What do *we* leave behind for future colleagues?

(Weekend reading recommendations included. 😉) Image
Starting with the question what actually constitutes #CulturalHeritage, #sites, and #monuments of our age ...

(#Archaeology31, 2. #future)
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The Naubat Khana or Naqqar Khana, is the drum house that stands at the entrance between the outer and inner court at the #RedFort in Delhi.

📷2: Naubat Khana view from Diwan-i-Am


#HistoryEncyclopedia #monuments ImageImage
The ground plan is a rectangular structure consisting of 3 large stories. The construction material is red sandstone, the surface covered in white chunam plaster. The richly carved floral designs on its red sandstone walls appear to have been originally painted with gold.

2/2 ImageImageImage
The interior was colourfully painted. Several layers of these paintings can be found at the entrance chamber.


📷1+2+3: Floral Art Redsandstone panel.

#HistoryEncyclopedia #monuments ImageImageImageImage
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@NoLongerIgnored @JosephJFlynn1 @flynn_neill @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @GoJackFlynn @lofly727 @76LibertyWatch When Bolsheviks first started staging their “rebellions” in Russia, they were viewed as nothing more than petty criminals. It took no time for police to round them up and imprison/execute those involved. That was exactly what their socialist handlers wanted./1
@NoLongerIgnored @JosephJFlynn1 @flynn_neill @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @GoJackFlynn @lofly727 @76LibertyWatch Now not only did they have rebels, they had martyrs to help recruit their target demographic: higher income university students. These kids, away from parental supervision, w/ ample time & money, swallowed the idea of participating in a “rebellion.” Sound familiar?/2
@NoLongerIgnored @JosephJFlynn1 @flynn_neill @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @GoJackFlynn @lofly727 @76LibertyWatch I’m a grad student & I’m hearing the same things I heard before, only translated into English. “Income inequality,” “fair share,” we had to make posters w/ this terminology. The educated upper class financed & produced the propaganda. The poor were illiterate & busy working./3
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All #@ASIGoI protected monuments including #TajMahal, which was shut down on March 17, to be open from #June8. @timesofindia @shady2k8 @sthakurtweets @Benarasiyaa @pra0902
#UPDATE: However, #TajMahal’s #mosque and 34 other such mosques in Agra, which is amongst the list of #monuments announced for opening, will remain #shut. In fact all #religious place in #Agra will remain shut for public, as per district administration’s decision.
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The real heroes who deserve to be celebrated are the skilled crafts communities integral to #preservation #conservation of #heritage #sites #monuments and #museums across the world. These are photos from the #NalandaUniversity, a #UNESCO #WorldHeritageSite in #Bihar in 2013
Here, when we had gone on a research trip as the Bihar Museum #design team, we had found #craftsmen making bricks and sculptures to help in the restoration of the 1500 year old site. We thought this was extremely imp as the process was similar ImageImageImageImage
I had suggested that this process be filmed and displayed as part of ‘continuing traditions’ in the new Museum. Thankfully, this was accepted and a film has been made 😊
Thank you the real heroes, we salute you for your skill and hard work, not just today but everyday 🙏🏽
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1/ THREAD Some thoughts on the recent podcast from @CheatsMovement with @LevarStoney, specifically the mayor's comments related to #monuments and #warmemorials in #Richmond:
2/ Straight to late in the episode when Cheats mentions the recent meeting between the mayor and Mitch Landrieu @MayorLandrieu in #Richmond @VirginiaMuseum (on 3/19). "Did you learn anything talking to Mitch Landrieu about monuments?," Cheats asks (35:56 into the stream).
3/ Stoney's response at 36:35: "There are going to be some lonely, dark times when you do big things that change the fabric of any community..."
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