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(UN AGENDA 21/2030 New World Order) How Sustainable Development Policies Will Force Citizens Off of the Rural Lands.
They Really Expect us to accept this shit.

Evidence that the goal of the United Nations is to eliminate private property around the world in order to use it for
the “common good”. The only thing different today, than 40 years ago, is the rate at which land is being taken from the American citizen and the number of ways this is made to happen.
Through many venues, including but not limited to local, state and federal regulations and programs, private property rights
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Part 9

Thread to Document “Coronavirus”

“Charles Lieber, 60, Arrested by federal agents...Could this be connected to new @DeptofDefense Microsoft contract, Gates Foundation funding & efforts to mandate vaccines, Coronavirus & Chinese Espionage?

“Virus-Sized Transistors”
“Coronavirus,China’s Secret Plan to Weaponize Viruses:

“In secret speech given to high-level Communist Party cadres nearly 2 decades ago, Chinese Defense Minister, Gen. Chi Haotian, explained a long-range plan for ensuring Chinese national renaissance”
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"The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past
the point at which these changes cannot be reversed."

👓 through the Propaganda BS lies!!!
#covıd19 #THEYLIVE #martiallaw #Agenda2030 #ID2020 #NWO #WAKEUP #DONOTOBEY #5G #Depopulation
“Propaganda must not serve the truth, especially as it might bring out something favorable for the opponent.” - Adolf Hitler

#OneWorldTotalitarianGovernment #QuestionEverything #Research
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Yep, that’s exactly what they’re doing right now with this lockdown so they can upgrade the 5G weapons systems and infrastructure whilst everyone overloads the current system.They’ve used predictive programming, bread and circuses, the right/left paradigm,Hegelian Dialectic,lying
actors and fear. Wake up. Ignorance is no longer an excuse any one of us should use. Information is at your finger tips. The time you spend entertaining yourself. Take an hour of that learning something you don’t know.
Ask the most important questions WHO WHAT WHERE WHY AND
No one gives you information for nothing. Most times especially with our government. If they tell you one thing look around they are hiding something else. We need to be more aware and informed as a people.
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Reposting Again:

Predictive Programming/Mockery In Plain Sight of course it’s nothing new.

NWO/ Cashless Society
converting the entire world economy to solely digital currency.

It’s about surveillance on an extraordinary scale. It’s already here.
The Rothschild Zionist controlled global banking lobby want a digital cashless system because this will give them even more control over us.They want to monitor and control every single transaction, while destroying real world currencies so they can issue money that doesn’t exist
Programming Advertisements Molds Your Perception for you. For it to be Normalize. See through the BS

#ID2020 #NotoVaccines #VaticanBankers #ZionistPeasants #AllRoadsLeadToRome #BabylonianSociety #ResistTHENWO #WakeUp #Depopulation
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@WarriorAnjill @LovesTheLight @IvankaTrump I see Joseph! The 👉🏻12th son👈🏻 of Jacob with the Colored Coat. Joseph was told into slavery by Jacobs (aka 👉🏻Israel👈🏻other sons (jealousy) that Joeseph was dead, but was sold into slavery by his brothers until he was
@WarriorAnjill @LovesTheLight @IvankaTrump *Sold (not told) into Slavery 🤨
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Underground Tunnels Between France And Britain In Usage From 1994 The Crown (Queen Elizabeth) funded the underground bases as well. Linked to Child trafficking as well Connect the Damn Dots It’s all Global #FEMACAMPS #DUMBS #SatanicChildritualabusers #Globalfascism #Babylon
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Donald Trump Approves of Vaccinated RFID Chip Implant and Will Become a Standard in the New World Order Era.

The RFID chip will not be hated People all around the world will be desperate to have one It will be trendy, cool, in must-have and be forced into civilians
On the RFID chip is your virtual wallet. (In the NWO there is One World Virtual Currency) On the RFID chip is your personal identification. The RFID chip has GPS built-in and will be used to track your location and activities. #Smartcities #DEADLYVACCINES #Sayno #MARKOFTHEBEAST
New Corona virus #Vaccine ready for the #NWO #Genocide #Depopulation #Agenda2030 😉 💉
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Some people posing as "Health knowledgeable" are lying about #Coronavirus so I will cover some FACTS:
1. There is no known progenitor of this rna virus version (could be one humans don't know)
2. Protein splicing found by multiple nations
3. AIDS insertion onto SARS
more in thred
4. Given a new name as it's a NEW variant, NON-EXISTING, called SARS2, which provides disease COVID19
5. Has Gain of function capacity added to it to make it survive airborne
6. The aids insertion is done to result in long incubation period as it suppresses immune system
7. Highly concentrated in a lab, you can not get concentrations isolated and concentrated like this in nature, a BILLION FOLD to one as found in nature. NOT NATURAL
8. NOTHING FOUND in seafood market by China.
9. 4 other escapes of SARS from the China P4 lab in the past already
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"Breaking: Chinese War Against The United States"

1/There is a horrific story here but the Mockingbird Media has clearly decided to ignore it
News around China decodes a Chinese silent but colossal war against America on 5 different platforms, if not more…
1-There are reports about a Chinese pedophile ring, tied to some names in America.
2- There are verified rumors about Coronavirus build in a laboratory in China.
3- Evidence of Chinese censorship & propaganda in American media including major news channels & newspapers.
4-Evidence of some American universities run by Chinse government.
5-Probable cooperation between the Chinese government & high-profile American elites & billionaires.
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#CoronaVirus arrests...
What is going on?
Full vid
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#StealthVirusBioweapon #TheSleeperHasAwakened
PART 1⃣ Don't stop here. Massive amounts of info for BW in this thread. U.S. Air Force "cryptic viral infection can enter & spread in human cells using vectors, stay dormant until triggered by EXTERNAL signal.…
#StealthVirusBioweapon #TheSleeperHasAwakened
PART 2⃣ This deserves repeating! U.S.A.F. "cryptic viral infection can enter & spread in human cells using vectors, stay dormant until triggered by EXTERNAL signal" "Futuristic" my ass! That's code for its being working for decades‼️
#StealthVirusBioweapon #TheSleeperHasAwakened
PART 3⃣ This should scare the living sh!t out of you!! Map of the Pentagon's BW labs overseas. This link is shocking! Meticulously detailing the BW program.…
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Another children's charity with extensive ties to the Epstein network is ARK (Absolute Return for Kids).

ARK hosted extravagant annual fundraisers from 02-12 featuring Ghislaine Maxwell, Bill Clinton, Jacob Rothschild, various royals & MANY others.

ARK was co-founded and chaired by hedgefund manager Arpad(Arki) Busson, who is in listed in Epstein's black book.

ARK runs charter schools in the US & UK, combats HIV in Africa, and runs private orphanages in Eastern Europe.

Great research doc on ARK:…
Some of the ppl who worked w/ ARK or attended their galas:
-Ghislaine Maxwell
-Jacob Rothschild
-Bill Clinton
-Barack Obama
-Bill Gates
-Prince William/Kate
-Mike Bloomberg
-Kevin Spacey
-Tony Blair
-Naomi Campbell
-Sarah Ferguson
-Richard Branson

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Norway is in charge of drafting UN's sustainable fisheries policy despite the fact that Norwegian fisheries produce some of the most toxic, chemical-laden food in the world.
#Agenda21 #Depopulation

Documentary on Norways's toxic fish farms👇
Norways Ambassador to the UN is Mona Juul, who met with #Epstein at a UN delegation in 2007.

Mona Juul is married to Terje Rod Larsen who runs a think-tank that Epstein funded!

Why was Epstein meeting with UN delegates?
These people are sick...
Epstein frequently met with Norwegian royalty, delegates and various government officials, before and after his 08 conviction.
All while Norway was funneling hundreds of millions to the Clinton Foundation.
There are no coincidences.…
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CORONAVIRUS: did I hear someone say "biological weapons" ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 yup , population control is underway .....

Engineering Deadly Viruses is Legal in the US

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) first appeared in 2012 and is thought to have originated in
in bats and spread directly to humans and/or camels. However, like Ebola, the precise ways the virus spreads are unknown.

1,980 cases with 699 deaths caused by MERS-CoV were reported in 15 countries across the world (as of June 2017).
3 to 4 out of every 10 patients reported with MERS have died.
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A State Of Panic Hits The Globe As Cases Of China’s New Mystery Virus Rise Exponentially

There is so much that we still don’t know about this disease, but what we do know is that there were 48 confirmed cases on January 17th and now there are 440……

“I do not want to spread the virus.”…
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Até 2020, seremos ‘silenciados’.

#Soros #Saud #Rothschild #Khazarians #Cabal #FakeJews #SynagogueOfSatan #CIA #Mossad #Islam #Vatican #EU #ClimateChangeHoax #Depopulation #Nazism #NWO #UN

Soros: Online Trump Supporters Will Be Entirely ‘Silenced’ By 2020
Memorando de 2017 descreve guerra diária na mídia
Plataformas vão banir jornalistas/cidadãos de direita
Financiada p/Soros, a Media Matters tem acesso a dados brutos do FB/Twitter/sites mídia social

Temos sentido essa estratégia desde que Trump assumiu...…
Do Memorando:
Nos próximos 4 anos, a Media Matters vai se concentrar em expor divulgadores de conteúdos de direita. As plataformas Google, Facebook/etc não serão neutras e não enriquecerão divulgadores de campanhas tóxicas que envenenam nosso discurso nacional sem consequências.
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Heres Kissinger's pioneering contribution. During 1971 War he sided with #Pakistan and planned to trisect #India with American 7th Fleet from East, Royal Navy from West & Chinese from North. Is it something to be glad about? Didnt our PMs advisors tell him about our history?
In 1974 US National Security Council under Kissinger completed classified 200-page study “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security & Overseas Interests” advocating #depopulation of #India…
Kissinger said “Control Oil and you control Nations; Control Food and you control People” . His strategy deliberately destroyed family farming in India leading to most grain reserves in world under control of 6 multinational agribusiness corporations.…
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Population Control Law - a British policy to reduce population of former colonies like India through various sterilization & other policies implemented through United Nations & popularised by Hollywood to effectively keep nations under Anglo-American orbit…
In 1974 US National Security Council under Henry Kissinger completed classified 200-page study “National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security & Overseas Interests” advocating #populationcontrollaw for nations like India.
NSSM200 claimed that population growth in so-called Lesser Developed Countries (LDCs) like India was a grave threat to US National Security & outlined covert plan to reduce population growth in nations like India through birth control & implicitly war & famine. #GGI #Kissinger
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POISON ALERT! #BottledWater

Elite Slow Death #Depopulation

If you drink Bottled Water, make sure it is not full of Toxic Fluoride.

A list of Fluoride free bottled water..…
Fluoride was used in the past to try to control population...

The past is back and the Elite have a plan...

#BottledWaterAlert #ToxicFluoride
I was curious about the bottled water the other half drinks...

Sure enough it is on the Toxic list!
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1) New day's #Q ==> #QAnon drop No. 2826...
#Anon's file - @SoldOutAnon #Tweet #NCIS clip.

The #DS TV/video efforts, being fails, have forced the scripts to include the #ConspiracyTheorist narrative. Get those bond, by the nose ring of clique mentality,
2) 2parrot this #Clown developed #TalkingPoint, using televised reinforcement techniques.
#YT w/#JordanKlepper

To "Them", the importance of numbing brain functions is a critical goal of a long run op. You an't control, escalate to ultimate power if you are
3) raising thinkers that will see & react to agendas like #Depopulation, #Eugenics, #Sterilization, #Abortion - #PostBirth, #Wars, #OrganTrade, # (you can see as the list progresses beyond the 1st 2, they are parts of those ops) & more. It's called a #NWO!
Engage #CriticalThought
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False👉Minnesota's rep as a citadel of progressivism "impressive roster of socially conscious politicians Humphrey McCarthy Mondale Freeman are #Freemasons #Luciferians who've destroyed Minnesota & misuse/abuse social services 2 fulfill #NWO #Depopulation👊…
Santanists in High Places Exposed in #Minnesota…
You can also hashtag the aforementioned impressive roster of politicians names & just about any current Minnesota politician either party 'cause evil knows no party w/my handle @DebMatheny n2 search & save urself time researching 'cause I have thoroughly…👈
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