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#Tigray had it all. We had Ahmad ibn Ibrahim & the Ottoman Turks/The Egyptians, Italians, Menelik, Fascist Italy, Haile Selassie, Mengistu. But this genocidal war on #Tigray is incomparable to any that hitherto occurred. Its design, scope, intent, & the execution of action plans
defines its sadistic uniqueness. It was cataclysmic & is ongoing. They decided & came to eliminate #Tigrayans as people. Despite the incalculable sacrifices paid in lives lost, ethnic cleansing, genocidal rape, starvation, millions of IDPs, materials destroyed, in the end as
it has always been, our enemies have come back with unrevealed vengeance, the impact we will eventually notice & intent to rule the land of #Tigray. As things stand, they're back in, watched by #TEGARU they had tried & still desire to eliminate. Those who have not left are still
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@IPiikki @turnusband "PEG-nanokantajat pääsevät kulkemaan elimistön biologisten esteiden läpi. Ne menevät rasvaliukoisina nanokantajina myös [1]veri-aivoesteen läpi ja jos ne läpäisevät veri-aivoesteen, ne läpäisevät myös istukan."
@IPiikki @turnusband #PEGylated lipids; #ALC135
ALC-135 is functional Cationic lipid of the vaxx.
-introduction of an aquenos #RNA solution.. at a specific pH leads to an #electrostatic interaction between #negatively charged RNA backbone and #positively charged Cationic lipid
@IPiikki @turnusband #SINOPEG #China Pat. #CN112220919A
Nano #coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking #GrapheneOxide as carrier
- The invention; field of nano materials and biomedicine, and relates to a vaccine, to devt of #2019nCoV #coronavirus nuclear recombinant nano vaccine
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For many months, international rights groups like @HRW and @Amnesty have been reporting on crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing in #Ethiopia’s #Tigray region.

Along with others, we’ve been trying to increase international attention on the atrocities there.
Estimates of civilian deaths from all causes – direct killing, starvation, lack of health care – since the start of hostilities in November 2020, are in the hundreds of thousands:…

Millions have been forced to flee their homes:…
While some media outlets internationally are recognizing the scale of the horrors in #Ethiopia and drawing attention to them, much of the world seems in the dark about it.…
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🛑Urgent: 🌍 should expose 🇪🇹's dirty hands in
Nazi-like concentration camps

During an armed confrontation, a combatant faces one of the following scenarios with a 25% of likelihood: killed, wounded, captured, or nothing. So there is nothing wrong ...

... with being captured. Thus, I've never felt anything special b/se 10,000s of ENDF troops got captured by the TDF. It can happen during a battle.

But, Ethiopia has been ethnically profiling 100,000s of #Tigrayan residents of different cities & towns across 🇪🇹.

Then, they get removed from their residences, business places, workplaces, etc. Many of them end up being thrown into Nazi-like concentration camps.

Life inside the concentration camps is hellish. They are deprived of medical help, proper food, & clean shelters.
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World attn. on #Tigray vs. #Ukraine

"While the world’s eyes are trained on the war in Ukraine and whether Vladimir Putin is unhinged enough to use nuclear weapons, another war rages mostly unseen some 3,000 miles away in Ethiopia." @chicagotribune (1/n)…
"Accurately estimating the dead while war continues is difficult, but the best estimates available suggest at least half a million people have died so far from direct violence, starvation and lack of access to health care. To put it in perspective, the United Nations " (2/n)
"estimates about 6,000 civilians have been killed in Ukraine so far, and estimates put military deaths in the tens of thousands. Even if these estimates are low, the best available numbers suggest that the scale of death in Ethiopia exceeds that in Ukraine many times over." (3/n)
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THREAD: This is Ethiopia!
I have been exposed to 10,000s, if not 100,000s, of horrendous images over the past 15 months. But, this image is the most perfect representation of what Ethiopia means to #Tigray!

Ethiopia has always laughed at, smiled, and enjoyed the agonies of the people of #Tigray following the heinous atrocities she would inflict on them generations over generations.

In the image, this innocent #Tigrayan boy has no strength even to hear the barbaric woman soldier giggling let alone to hear the gunshots.

So, this is Ethiopia - a country of the most cruel & treasonous people on earth who would let their fathers, mothers, sisters, ...
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THREAD: 🛑the untold agony🛑

A heart-wrenching💔💔💔 testimony from a Mekelle based #Tigrayan journalist!

A journalist who was abducted & tortured by the Ethiopian troops [some soldiers were even vowing to murder him] in February 2021 shares his agony with the world.

Fitsum Berhane is a #Tigrayan journalist who was abducted from his home in Mekelle & tortured by the Ethiopian troops last year only because he served as a translator for the int'l media during their visit to the sites of the most horrendous massacres ever.

His today's post on Facebook is very painful.

Here is an English translation:

<< Have you ever encountered?

When your former teacher pleads with you for a help saying "I could not get anything to feed my children" ... and when you are not able to do anything, ...>>
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Attention: Fire at Um Rakuba refugee camp in Sudan!

Note: today's fire accident is for the 3rd/4th time in the past two months.


@FilippoGrandi @antonioguterres @BradSherman @SamanthaJPower @AsstSecStateAF ImageImage

Bear in mind that Abiy Ahmed, high ranking govt officials, and high military commanders of the Ethiopian Army have been continuously dehumanising the #TigrayanRefugeesInSudan.

So, the @UN needs to take these repetitive fire accidents very seriously.

#StopTigrayGenocide ImageImage

The #Tigrayan refugees have been through unspeakable levels of traumas following the tortures, persecutions, ethnic cleansing, weaponised rape, vandalising, ransacking, massacres, executions ... etc inflicted on them by the Amhara forces in #WesternTigray

@LaetitiaBader ImageImage
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Ethiopian fascism at its climax stage!

The demonisation & dehumanisation of ethnic #Tigrayans have been conducted publicly by Ethiopian journalists, politicians, public figures, activists, & genocide apologist & paid sympathisers of the Ethiopian regime.

Here I provide tangible evidence to support my claim.

Alemneh Wasa of zehabesha is a journalist by profession and has been at the core of the anti-#Tigrayan movement, especially, for the past 15 months.

Pan-Africanists should #KnowMore before saying #NoMore!

@HabenGirma Image

An English translation to his bio on his @Twitter account:

<<This holy country Ethiopia is in trouble today due to her traitor children. The treasonous are unapologetically doing their best to destroy her. Beloved Ethiopians, I will do all I can in the battlefield of ...>>
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The medical doctor was lucky to survive a 45-minute ordeal - a dozen of soldiers pointing their Kalashnikovs at him & urging themselves to brutally execute him with every passing minute.

Finally, some of the Ethiopian soldiers agreed to spare his life and let him go after they learned that he had served across multiple places in Ethiopia.

@LaetitiaBader @hrw @KenRoth @GerrySimpsonHRW @amnesty @AmnestyEARO
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Ethnic profiling at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia!

One of my friends in Addis Ababa:

<<Gerewa, yesterday they took a copy of the employment IDs of every #Tigrayan employee at the Head Office of the Commerical Bank of Ethiopia.>>

I was curious and asked: " Wait, did they take the copy of the IDs of only the #Tigrayan employees or of all employees regardless of their ethnic background?"
To which my friend replied, "It is only the #Tigrayans ..."

@RepMcCaul @SenatorMenendez @USAmbUN @AnnLinde

"They might start detaining #Tigrayan employees tomorrow; that is what I feel."


@LaetitiaBader @hrw @GerrySimpsonHRW @jbgallopin @amnesty @AmnestyEARO @ICRC @katie_polglase
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Why I #RejectTheJointInvestigation

The joint investigation into human rights abuses in #Tigray that @UNHumanRights & @EthioHRC conducted is fraught with serious limitations; does not satisfy the minimum standards, and as such should be rejected.
Here is why: 1 /24
1. The involvement of a national body to investigate a situation, which is marked by gross violations of human rights & humanitarian norms; and committed in a politically polarized society as current #Ethiopia is unprecedented, including in @UNHumanRights 's experience 2/24
2. There was no good reason to involve the @EthioHRC in this endeavor. In fact, it was the sheer insistence of the #Ethiopian regime that forced the @UNHumanRights to accept the arrangement as a last resort. No other explanation is provided on z matter. This is suspicious. 3/24
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#TheAgonies: #TigrayWarRapeVictims

THREAD: Western Tigray

Another day, another agony, a devastating story shared by a young #Tigrayan woman from a refugee camp in Sudan.

As I write her testimony, my heart is beating faster and and faster ...
@LaetitiaBader @jbgallopin
Few days ago, I wrote a lengthy thread about Christine, a teenager who was gang-raped by the Amhara Special Forces inside the compound of St Gabriel Orthodox Church at Humera town, Western Tigray.

Today, I write the story of Paula, another #Tigrayan woman.

Paula is originally from the town of Shire Endasilasie. She has witnessed the shelling of her hometown by the joint invading forces of @AbiyAhmedAli in November. She was there as the artillery shells were flying over her house and landing on households in the town.

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THREAD: #WeaponizedRape
Yesterday, I promised to write a thread about a 19-yrs-old girl who I talked with on the phone. I couldn't get the courage to write about her b/se I was overwhelmingly devastated by her story. But, I have to tell her story to the world no matter what.
Christine is originally from #Maikadra town. She and her family had to flee their hometown when it was changed to a hell on November 11, 2020. They took refuge at Humera town. After some days, the Ethiopian Army & Amhara Forces entered Humera. @LaetitiaBader @RepMcCaul @hrw
The Amhara Forces were targeting every ethnic #Tigrayan and hence they abducted her dad. Life got tough for Christine, her mom, and her siblings in Humera town. But, she decided to take care of her family by selling coffee & tea across the main streets in Humera.
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I have no words 📢📢📢

THREAD: #AbductedTigrayanCivilians

A heart-wrenching testimony from a #Tigrayan resident of Addis Ababa city:

Translated into English as follows:
Let my name remain anonymous for the sake of my safety. I'm writing to you about ...
..the atrocity that has been committed on us. So, please disseminate this to all concerned bodies.
They abducted us 20 days ago together with my love as we were walking from Gurd Shola [in Addis Ababa] to our home [in Addis Ababa] at 8:30 pm during the night.
First, they asked both of us to show them our ID cards. Both my love & I gave them our ID cards. Then, they said, "you have an ID card of #Tigray and this is perfectly what we are hunting after." They told me to get into a police vehicle they had. I challenged them why? @hrw
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Day 283: #AbductedTigrayanCivilians

Shedding light on the hidden concentration camps inside Ethiopia where 10s of 1000s of #Tigrayans have been thrown to & tortured mercilessly.

@amnesty @AmnestyEARO @FissehaTekle @hrw @LaetitiaBader @SenateForeign @nimaelbagir


Tsegay Tsadik was born at Alamata town, Southern Tigray. He was living in Addis Ababa & was studying his master's degree at Ethiopian Civil Service University. Previously, he was the administrator of Akaki Kaliti sub-city, Addis Ababa.
@AnnLinde ImageImage

Last week, the Ethiopian Federal Police abducted him from Saris [in Addis Ababa] & took him to an unknown location. His loved ones had not known his whereabouts until they saw his face on national TV a couple of days ago.
@USAmbUN @SFRCdems @SenatorMenendez @SweinEthiopia
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THREAD: #FreeGenetBirhanuManjus

Genet Birhanu, a selfless #Tigrayan humanitarian activist & CEO of Tinsae Tigray Humanitarian Organisation, was detained half an hour ago. This is for the 2nd time Abiy Ahmed's agents are detaining Genet within few months. ImageImageImage

Half an hour ago, the police arrived at Genet's office. They found her helping #Tigrayan university students whom @AbiyAhmedAli abandoned without anyone giving them food & shelter.

@amnesty @AmnestyEARO @hrw @LaetitiaBader @KenRoth @mbachelet @mukeshkapila @wdavison10

Then, the police took her & the #Tigrayan university students who were there just receiving humanitarian aid from Genet.

@JosepBorrellF @JanezLenarcic @AnnLinde @eucopresident @EUinEthiopia @USEmbassyAddis @USAmbUN @SFRCdems
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#Tigrayan refugees massacred by @AbiyAhmedAli's agents!


#Tigrayan refugees, who returned on their own via boats or repatriated by Saudi Arabia sponsored flights to Ethiopia, are being abducted & #massacred by @AbiyAhmedAli's forces in the Afar regional state.
Ethiopian government's media broadcasted as if the government of Tigray recruited #ChildSoldiers and sent them to battlefields. ETV claimed that 👇bodies are of the #Tigrayan #ChildSoldiers in Afar region. But they're abducted & #massacred by the Ethiopian troops.
The Ethiopian Press Agency posted on its @Facebook the photos of some of the #Tigrayan youths whom @AbiyAhmedAli's regime claims them to be #ChildSoldiers. But, these youths returned from Saudi Arabia a week or two ago & the Ethiopian troops abducted & #massacred them in Afar.
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This 2019 article, written a year before the ethnofascist #TPLF launched war on #Ethiopia, exposes the rampant #rape &sexual violence that #women of #Tigray suffered from the rapist TPLF gang. The defeated criminal TPLF "men" are continuing their rape now!…
2) In this video clip from 2018 brodacast of #Tigray's DW-TV, a #Tigrayan woman recounts the horrible mysogynistic culture in Tigray under #TPLF, where #rape & sexual violence against Tigray's #women is a commonplace occurence, & 60% of Tigrayan womem are victims of rape.
3) #Tigrayan feminist @meazaG_, speaking to #TigrayMediaHouse in 2019, over a year before the war, explained the horrific level of #rape in #Tigray's society. She said men regularly kick & oppress women every night.Tigray ppl were victims of #TPLF. #TPLFcrimes
#Eritrea #Ethiopia
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Thread 1) Are we witnessing a #genocidal campaign by #Eritrea’n forces in the #war in #Tigray #Ethiopia? The atrocities committed and the apparent intent may seem to point in that direction. In this thread I will outline the argument supporting such possible claim. #genocide
2) First, it is important to distinguish between #Eritrean & #Ethiopian forces, although #ENDF is also allegedly responsible for mass atrocities. But in #genocide the intent of the atrocities is also important to consider, which appears more ambiguous in relation to ENDF.
3) It has been documented widespread & systematic #massacers of civilians by #EDF throughout Tigray, targeted as #Tegaru. Many witnesses also claim that Eritrean troops have admitted to orders to kill #Tigrayan men & boys, so they shall not later revenge the atrocities.
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Commentary on the Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions on 𝒓𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒆𝒇 𝒐𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏𝒔 (para. 4885) reads:

"The fact that consent is required does not mean that the decision is left to the discretion of the parties. If the survival of the population is ...1/10
threatened & a humanitarian organisation fulfilling the required conditions of impartiality & non-discrimination is able to remedy this situation, relief actions must take place. In fact, they are the only way of combating starvation when local resources have been exhausted. 2/10
The authorities responsible for safeguarding the population in the whole of the territory of the State 𝗰𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗳𝘂𝘀𝗲 such relief without good grounds. Such a refusal would be equivalent to a violation of the rule prohibiting the use of starvation as a method ... 3/10
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2020 was an inconvenient year for the whole world but a very difficult one for my people in #Tigray. As I start my first day of 2021, I would like to put the following things out here.

1. After @AbiyAhmedAli declared a full-scale #WarOnTigray backed by the #Amhara (1/11)
militia and #Eritrean soldiers on the 4th of November 2020 after midnight, Hewan Hulet Shi was the first dearest #Ethiopian friend of mine who checked on me and the safety of my family back home at 00:53 AM through WhatsApp. Much love and respect to you Hewi ❤ . (2/11)
YeGetaneh Agegn Alemu, Dereje Tadesse, Gemechu Merera Fana, and Eyob Mihreteab Yohannes are also my other dear Ethiopian friends who have been continuously checking on me and asking about the safety of my relatives. Thank you ALL. (3/11)
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Thread: What do we know so far about the #war on #Tigray in #Ethiopia, which has been running for nearly 2 months now? In this thread I will sum up some of the key developments.
First, the so-called “law and order” operation, which @PMAbiyAhmed declared completed one month ago, has not yet reached its basic objectives, and it is doubtful that it ever will. Hence, the war in #Tigray will continue indefinitely, or until a political settlement is reached.
#Tigrayan forces, under the command of the elected reg. gov. of #TPLF, are still waging an active resistance war. Over the last few days, Tigray forces seem to be on the offensive, challenging #ENDF military control of the main routes (Mekelle-Wukro-Adigrat; Mekelle-Alamata).
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This is a war crime against humanity being waged in a total darkness, but the international community is watching idly

Thousands of #Tigrayan children and parents have been victims of aerial bombardments and shelling perpetrated by @AbiyAhmedAli
and #IsaiasAfwerki with their ally’s the #UAE drones.

From last Saturday #Mekelle bombardment and shelling, documented reports show 27 deceased, including 4 yrs old baby and 78 yrs old grandpa, both parents and two children of a family, and 86 seriously wounded patients
checked into Ayder Hospital #Mekelle with no power, generator, water, gas, phone/internet, medication or ambulance. This is a war crime against humanity being waged in a total darkness.

On top of daily bombardment and shelling by @AbiyAhmedAli , #IsaiasAfwerki, Somalia
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