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Welcome to another week of daily threads on Europe's war. Updated throughout the day (and night) every single day.

It's Day 481 of #Russia's illegal full invasion of #Ukraine.

To review Sunday's thread, click here.
I tempted fate by saying I was hoping for sleep. Soon enough alarms were sounding in the south of #Ukraine.

Suspected cruise missiles launched from #Russia's Black Sea Fleet, and #Odesa has reported explosions. Hopefully it's just air defence.

Good news is just coming in from #Odesa (RU: #Odessa) where it seems to be quiet now.

There were reported to be three targets - all three may have been shot down. I'm not hearing of damage yet.
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Day 480 of the war. #Russia defending stubbornly with reinforced lines in the areas of #Ukraine they stole.

But I think the real push, with most forces, is yet to come. Here's another daily thread. There's been one every day, but I do need support pls!
Yesterday's thread can be found on the link below, click and scroll if you missed anything.

Loads of nice photos and videos in Saturday's thread and how there seems to have been a #Russia-#Africa plot to deny missile strikes, but Russia's MoD messed up!

Who doesn't like a bit of alliteration? And here are some sweet Sunday sounds to start your day.

Less than 20km north of #Henichesk in #Kherson region there was a big explosion, then many, many more in the village of #Rykove as #Russia's weapon/ammo store there went up in smoke!
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+476 (14/06) PdS2 - Secteurs #Louhansk, #Siversk, #Avdiivka & Arrière-scène

🇷🇺 ne renonce pas à son objectif de conquérir le reste du #Donbass et envoie des renforts de la rive gauche du Dniepr

cela ne devait pas finir ainsi...

Mise en abîme,
Machine à remonter le temps,
Si vous avez perdu le fil, reprenez-le avec le N°CDLXXV-II de #GuerreEnUkraine


1/Front du #Louhansk, aucun gain tactique 🇷🇺

(i) Dans les directions #Kupyansk & #Svatove, R.A.S.

La ligne de front est inchangée👇

R.A.S. = pas d’offensive, mais des échanges d’artillerie, reco, opés spéciales (bref, une guerre de positions) Image
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+470 (08/06) PdS1 -Théâtre du #donbass

L'offensive ukrainienne pour la libération de son territoire, commencée par l'ouverture surprise d'un front 🇷🇺, se poursuit et s'amplifie du Dniepr à #Donetsk

-éclairs d'#HIMARS-

Mise en abîme,
Machine à remonter le temps,
Si vous avez perdu le fil, reprenez la chronique N°CDLXIX de #GuerreEnUkraine 👇


1/segment sud, #Avdiivka-#VelykaNovosilka-#Vuhledar

(i) Dans la direction #VelykaNovosilka,

L’offensive sur 3 axes et une largeur de front de 30 km, avec un barycentre autour de la T-0518 et la rivière Mokri Yali, est toujours en cours👇 Image
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+465 (03/06) PdS2 - Tous Théâtres hors #Donbass & Arrière-scène

Nous assistons à un événement historique.

La fiction est devenue réalité : le front russe est ouvert, pour la première fois depuis 1945 !👇 Image

Mise en abîme,
Machine à remonter le temps,
Si vous avez perdu le fil, reprenez-le avec le N°CDLXIV-II de #GuerreEnUkraine👇


1/Front X, Hyp. Z,

(i) ouverture du front 🇷🇺 !

Il n’est plus possible d’évoquer des raids transfrontaliers car leur fréquence et les arrivées de tirs d'artillerie (👇#MaslovaPristan) ont créé une zone grise, non contrôlée par les belligérants

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#GuerreEnUkraine D+461 (30/05) PdS2 - Tous Théâtres hors #Donbass & Arrière-scène

@ZelenskyyUa affirme que la date de l'offensive est fixée...
Certes, mais ce n'est pas pour demain

Visage de l'héroïsme,
Vétéran de #Bakhmut, lieutenant Witch Image

Cette chronique est dédiée à @CartesDuMonde qui revient bientôt dans la petite communauté francophone de #GuerreEnUkraine

Et... au lieutenant Witch

Tout d'abord, je vous propose de faire connaissance avec cet officier👇qui devient célèbre…

Nous allons, sous ses ordres, dès demain, nous former (en bandes dessinées) aux tâches principales des servants de mortier du peloton d'artillerie légère "Witch" du 204e bataillon de la 241e brigade territoriale des Forces Armées d'Ukraine

N'oubliez pas vos treillis !

💙💛 Image
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#ItsDone #SunakBomba N°2.
cc: @ Circonscripti18
#Russian intelligence confirms that the #NATO-#Ukrainian #terrorist regime is preparing to seize the #Zaporizhzhia #NPP by crossing the #Dnieper. This was also announced by the PDT of the "We are with Russia" movement V. #Rogov ImageImageImage
Next #FalseFlag in the #HeavenlyJerusalem - #Zaporizhzhia.
#Satanic #Zionists do not care about the lifes of the #goyims, cuz according to the #Talmud they are comparable to #insects and must be eliminated.

- #AshkeNAZI #Zelensky at #MSC: "#AtomicBomb" Image
Chapter II.
#Christians are to be #Exterminated
- Art. 1. Christians to be Harmed #Indirectly
- Art. 2. Christians to be Harmed #Directly

#mRNA-#WEF-#UkraineWAR-#WW3 Revelation 3 9 Look at thos...The Talmud Unmasked  [The S...
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+450 (19/05) PdS2 - Théâtres

1/Front X, Hyp. Z, no-fly-zone ?
2/Dniepr, rive gauche & #Crimee, low interest zone ?
3/Arrière scène, #Russie, Stalin is back !


Mise en abîme,
Machine à remonter le temps,
Si vous avez loupé la chronique N°CDXLIX-II de #GuerreEnUkraine, la voici👇


1/Front X, Hyp. Z,


🟢Test de "no-fly-zone", succès
🟠Test & modelage de la ligne de front, généralisé
🟠Préparation dans la profondeur, débuté
•détruire PC, EW, DM, logistique
•effondrer la chaîne du carburant
🟠Opé. déception, débuté
🔴Offensive, Front X
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‘There is no evidence that the #Azovstal steel plant in #Mariupol hides a "#bio #laboratory" and a #NATO base’

#russian #disinformation #biolabs #Ukraine Image
“First, #Ukraine it is not currently a member country of #NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an international organization for defense cooperation) and on its territory they are not here therefore NATO #military #bases.
Furthermore, there are no independent sources able to confirm the existence of a base in the basement of the #Azovstal steel plant.”
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Day 439 of the war. #Russia's war on its peaceful neighbour.

That neighbour, #Ukraine, continues to be under attack as Monday 8 May begins.

Here's another daily thread with all you need to know about what's happening.
Catch up on yesterday's news here⬇️
#Kyiv - at the end of yesterday's thread, just before midnight UK time, I showed video of a car on fire after drone wreckage fell on it after being shot down.

Now Mayor of the capital, @Vitaliy_Klychko has confirmed there are injuries, four in total in two different incidents. Image
Two of the injured in #Kyiv have been hospitalised.

Another explosion is reported in the capital now too.

#StopRussia #UkraineUnderAttack
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Esta semana se cumplieron 9 años de la masacre de #Odessa, punto de inflexión en la guerra en #Donbass, al este de Ucrania, que recién empezaba. Murieron 42 personas calcinadas en un incendio intencional, provocado (muy probablemente) por grupos de extrema derecha. ImageImageImageImage
¿Cómo llegamos a eso? El presidente Yanukóvich abandonó el poder en febrero, después de meses de protestas y represión. El sector que lo apoyaba habló de golpe de estado; quienes se oponían, de revolución y de dignidad. La sociedad se partió... aunque nunca había sido muy unida. Image
A los movimientos de Maidán, contra Yanukóvich, respondieron grupos Antimaidán, contra los primeros. Se mezcló la disputa presidencial con la identidad, el nacionalismo, Rusia, la OTAN, la UE, el futuro y el pasado de Ucrania.

Y el 2/5/14 los dos sectores chocaron en Odessa. ImageImage
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The number of #nafo nazi accounts on this platform is enormous. These accounts undertake the following activities. Officially, they are Russophobic bc this is considered acceptable on msm, but in reality they are antisemitic and racist by all definitions.
Then there are the 'respectable' 'left' accounts like @hopenothate @Another_Europe @UkraineSol
@RepublicStaff @UKLabour and many individuals who consider themselves either Socialist or centrist. They all support #naziukraine and they are as guilty as #nafo. It's truly shocking.
Then there are the TUs in the UK. (This concerns the UK only, should have specified).
@ASLEFunion @GMB_union and, I think, most others. I will check further including main org @The_TUC
It would be better for TUs not to take sides rather than take sides with #naziukraine & nato💢
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Hello again and thanks for reading, this is Thursday's #RussiaUkraineWar thread.

It's Day 435 since #Russia launched its full invasion.

I am still recovering from yesterday - what a day. Relive it here:
Some breaking news, we are learning about repeated explosions in #Zaporizhzhia this morning.

S-300 anti aircraft missiles again being used by #Russia to attack civilians, but monitoring groups say one exploded just after launch, before it crossed the frontline.

It's noisy.
The weather has improved in #Ukraine. But though the ground may be drying out a little on the frontline, conditions are still incredibly tough.

Here's the only viable route for #Ukraine to/from #Khromove (then beyond to #ChasivYar)

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"Ukrainian nationalists locked communist trade union members and protesters in Odesa's TUH and set the building on fire."
"...terrible tragedy, when Ukrainian nationalists burned dozens of their fellow citizens alive in the House of Trade Unions in…… ImageImageImageImage
I would like to direct your focus to two specific aspects of the Council of Europe's investigation:

1. "Other than the fire in the lobby, the fires could only have been started by the acts of those inside the building."

2. "However, there is also footage showing pro-unity…… ImageImage
Peaceful supporters of Russia fire 'peace' from windows at supporters of Ukraine.
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Day 433 is upon us.
The 433rd day of #Russia's 3-4 plan to take #Kyiv and all of #Ukraine within 10 days.
#EATP Everything According To Plan!

Tuesday's news will appear in this thread, updated in real time; yesterday's news can be found here:

First incredibly sad news that two volunteers from #Canada have been killed at the front.

Kyle Porter, 27, of Calgary, + 21yo Cole Zelenco of Ontario were both serving with Ukraine's International Legion.

They gave their lives for freedom. RIP…
Here's the British daily intel update (I attached the document today!)

Seems London is playing catch-up with last week's news I brought you at the time.
#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia Image
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02/0572014: gruppi paramilitari neonazisti UKR assaltarono la #CasaDeiSindacati di #Odessa, dandole fuoco con bottiglie molotov.. Nel rogo e sotto i colpi di bastone e di arma da fuoco, perirono decine di giovani, donne e lavoratori, militanti di organizzazioni ANTINAZISTE e in ImageImage
difesa dei diritti della popolazione russofona.. La polizia del regime golpista, che si era da poco insediato(discorso di #Poroshenko),ha lasciato fare, anzi, ha supportato le belve sanguinarie (chi ha finanziato quei militanti talmente tanto da restare impuniti?).
I pennivendoli
occidentali, compresi quelli del "#BellaCiao", parlarono di "autocombustione", uccidendo così 2 volte le vittime.. Onore ai martiri di quel massacro! Prima o poi i carnefici bandéristi la pagheranno!

A festeggiare anche #EugeniaKrayzman, #Femen bandérista vicino #PravySektor.. Image
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#Ukraine Apr 30, I just found updates from @escortert.
Sounds really good job, so I've translated it for U.
This update is in 2 parts, this is the 2nd thread

0/n #Ukraine Apr 30, First read the 1st part
1/n #Ukraine Apr 30,
#WarInUkraine D+431 (30/04)
PdS2 - Theaters
#Zaporizhzhya #Crimea #Russia

1/Front X, Hyp. Z, deep attacks
2/Dniepr, left bank & #Crimee, swarm attack
3/Backstage, Image Tower attack Image
2/n #Ukraine Apr 30,


First name : Vladimir Vladimirovitch
Date of birth: October 7, 1952

Wanted 4 the war crime of illegal deportation of child population & illegal transfer of child population from occupied areas of UKR 2 RU ImageImage
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#GuerreEnUkraine D+431 (30/04) PdS2 - Théâtres

1/Front X, Hyp. Z, attaques en profondeur
2/Dniepr, rive gauche & #Crimee, attaque en essaim
3/Arrière-scène, attaque de la Tour Image


Prénom : Vladimir Vladimirovitch
Né le : 7 octobre 1952

Recherché pour crime de guerre de déportation illégale de population d'enfants et de transfert illégal de population d'enfants des zones occupées d'🇺🇦vers🇷🇺 ImageImage

Nombre de crimes de guerre 👇commis sur des ENFANTS par cet individu👆 Image
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Per tutti quelli che non c'è nazismo in #Ucraina perché #Zelensky è ebreo.

Il suo finanziatore #Kolomojskij è nato da famiglia ebrea, è cittadino israeliano (oltre che cipriota e ucraino) ed è stato membro della comunità ebraica di Dnepropetrovsk.

Da un'inchiesta della magistratura (fatta archiviare dal ministro della giustizia ucraino) è emerso che era collegato personalmente e finanziariamente, sia al leader dei nazisti di #PravySektor, sia al leader dei nazisti di #Svoboda.

2/5 Image
Secondo un’inchiesta che io stesso condussi nel 2014 [@FrancoFracassi1], #Kolomojskij avrebbe finanziato le truppe d’assalto che si macchiarono del sangue di oltre trecento vittime, nella casa dei sindacati, a #Odessa, il 2 maggio 2014.

3/5 Image
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Hello again and welcome to the daily #RussiaUkraineWar 🧵for Wednesday 19 April.

Today marks the end of 60 weeks of fighting since the invasion. Day 420.

Feel free to reply to any post to try to beat the Twitter algorithm and buy me a coffee if you enjoy my work (see profile)
As usual, here's a link to the start of yesterday's thread as I know many like to catch up on what they missed.

Tuesday ended with a bang in #Russia as a drone hit an army registration office.
Also attacks in #Kherson + #Zaporizhzhia and much more:

Very disturbing article here showing the extent of #Russia's spying on pretty much all of us.

Seems pretty much all embassies are just used as centres of espionage.

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Hello and welcome to Wednesday's daily thread with all the news from and about #Ukraine, still fighting to maintain its freedom.

#Russia's war has reached Day 406.
This thread is updated throughout the day (and night when it's busy) using my own sources and aggregating news.
Yesterday started with attacks on #Odesa/#Odessa but was generally quiet in military terms.

But lots of other stories as Germany admits shame at not helping Ukraine earlier, Moscow's Church continues to be driven out + more 🇷🇺corruption. Review it here:

#Russia's losses in the last 24 hours are interesting. While troop deaths remain in the 500-650 range we've seen for the past 2 weeks, look at the number of artlliery systems/MLRS destroyed.

These are significant figures. New western donations having an effect?
#RussiansGoHome Image
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It's Tuesday and we've reached Day 405 of #Russia's illegal war of choice. Welcome to another daily thread.

#Ukraine refuses to bow down to the aggressor and invader and once again the country is under attack.

All the news throughout the day right here⬇️
As usual, here's the link for the start of yesterday's thread, in case you need to catch up:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine

The southern city of #Odesa (RU: #Odessa) has been hit tonight.

Details are not yet clear but a few explosions were heard and local officials confirm they've been hit by drones.

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Sunday is Day 396 of #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine. Welcome along to Daily Thread 396 with all the conflict news

The public & some politicians lose interest, just as Putin wants. Don't let them!

If you're able to support me, I'll be very grateful💙💛
A fairly quiet day in #Ukraine yesterday, all things considered. But quite a few mysterious fires in #Russia🔥😉

Catch up on anything you missed on Saturday with this link:


The number of soldiers from #Russia who've died in #Ukraine has passed 170,000 *

It was just 24 days ago that total reached 150k.
The number of tanks and artillery systems destroyed in the last 24 hours is also higher than average.

* Ukraine govt data
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@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Children of #Donbass - THE #WAR IS ON! CHILDREN vs THE #NAZIS | 5 months ago…
#SaveOurChildren deNAZIfication - Special Military QperationZ WORLDWIDE
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt cc: @ DaniMayakovski
#Ukraine. Images from the #Azov Battalion children's camp, where children from the age of 8 are #brainwashed into #Nazism and prepared militarily by indoctrinating them into a #hatred of #killing Russians. (2015)
@EU_Commission @IntlCrimCourt Ukrainian children drugged and indoctrinated by the #Nazis into shouting the #Hitler salute of "#SiegHeil" while being laughed at. (2016)
This video was captured from the flash drive of a press reporter from the #AzovBattalion at the #Mariupol base.
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