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Today is a day of remembrance in our community, the day we set aside specifically to honor the ones who have passed.

It is our honor as a community to hold their memories gently, to carry them with us throughout the rest of our days. We invite you to join us as we remember.
We remember Milla.

“Forever in our hearts and always loved. She will be the first thing I think of when someone says ‘make a wish.’”
We remember Tara.

“Tara passed away 15 days post heart/lungs transplant.”
We remember Justin.

“You turn 17 this year if you were with us still. I love you to the moon and back.”
We remember Clover.

“Fly on, angel. One day we will fly together.”
We remember Fynn.

“November 2016”
We remember Keegan.

“Of all of Keegan’s many nicknames, Smiley was one that personified him. Regardless of what was happening, he always had a smile on his face.”
We remember Cameron.

“Even though his life was very short, he was always smiling. You would NEVER know that anything was wrong. That picture was taken at the hospital. The nurses were gracious enough to remove any visible tubing and make him laugh. This is my favorite picture.”
We remember Ariana.

“It’s been 3 years since my beautiful daughter left this earth and I do tear up when I talk about her. But it’s all part of healing as my heart joyfully connects with the sweet memories of Ariana.”
We remember Zachary.

“We miss him every day and can't believe he is gone but we are so thankful that we had those precious days with him in hospital.”
We remember Tristan.

“He was a real Picasso of creation. This didn't get in the way of Tristan having an adventurous life. Life to the full.”
We remember Stanley.

“People say that the eyes are the window to the soul and Stanley’s big beautiful eyes were the window to a truly beautiful, soft and gentle soul. There is no doubt that this amazing boy would have grown up to be an amazing man.“
We remember Ismael.

“Gone but never forgotten.”
We remember Lionel.

“He is a smiley baby.”
We remember Dylan.

“He was the most beautiful child that taught me another word that I did not know.”
We remember Addi.

“Forever loved, Forever missed, Never forgotten.”
We remember Joshua.

“We have spent the last 5 years picking up the pieces and learning to live in a new normal. Although Joshua is not physically here with us, all of his pieces are whole and live in our hearts every day.”
We remember Rachel.

May 21, 2010 - August 5, 2011
We remember Ryker.

“There is no footprint too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world.

This beautiful blue eyed boy has done so much for hospitalized kids all across the nation & we are so grateful for his imprint on the world & on us!”
We remember Samuel.

“Samuel Garrett was born on June 22, 2008 and we gave him back to Heaven on June 14, 2009. Sam was the happiest baby of our 4 children. I miss him every day”
We remember Coleson.

“He was the happiest little guy with a deep soul when you look into his eyes. He was a joy that we were blessed with for seven wonderful months.”
We remember Noah.

“He was loved unconditionally by his momma and big sister, and he fought tirelessly to stay with them. He continues to leave signs for his momma, and will always be the bravest boy she’s ever met.”
We remember Aiden.

“And something about this place, this stone, our love for Aiden, is alive at the round and round tree, and people feel that love for a special, special little boy.”
We remember Jake.

“He lived such a full life in his five and a half years. Always smiling. He was an amazing boy and he will always be my hero.”
We remember Nicholas.

“Our Nicholas, Nicky, was such a beautiful baby. It was sad that we only had him on earth for eight months, but we were grateful for that time with him.”
We remember Lucas.

“Lucas was so sweet and calm despite the chaos he endured for the first month of his life. He got to come home and spend two more months with his family that loves him so much. He spent most of his time in his mom's arms.”
We remember Philip.

“A tiny guy who changed our worlds forever.”
We remember Alisandra

“Born- April 15, 2013
Passed- December 18, 2013”
We remember Samaria.

“An angel whispered your name; you may have been too precious for Earth but will forever live in our hearts.”
We remember Jonathan.

“He was a beautiful little fighter.”
We remember Rylee.

“Not a day goes by that my heart doesn't ache to just have you back here again. To see the child you could have been. The achievements you would have surpassed. To have a rambunctious toddler to chase around.”
We remember Ariah.

“As much as this sweet angel is missed, tomorrow we will celebrate her 3rd birthday being grateful for every moment we were blessed to spend with her.”
We remember Faith.

“She is missed every day and is still very much a part of our lives. She did touch other people's lives and we believe she will live on in people's hearts forever.”
We remember Charlotte.

“We were only given a few days with Charlotte but she has continued to show us lifelong love.”
We remember Chase.

“Been a bit of a rough year - Just a daily struggle trying to keep everything together.”
We remember Lyra.

“My sunshine always.”
We remember Christian.

“We thought we would spend our entire time with him watching him slowly die. Instead, he showed us how to live life to the fullest.”
We remember Bethie.

“Remaining broken in this life after losing our Bethie is a privilege and something I would never give up. Broken means loving her, and I’m proud to have our pieces scattered until we’re reunited with her again.”
We remember Skylar.

“I lost myself when I lost Skylar in 2014. I’m so proud to say I am finally picking up the pieces to my life.”
We remember Valentine Jr.

“He was a vibrant and happy boy who loved to go swimming, even though it was in the house given his condition.”
We remember Alexandria.

“I was given the option to either continue my pregnancy and let her pass away while I was pregnant or to have her and be able to spend time with her. We opted to have her right away and spend time with her. She was with us for four hours.”
We remember Danielle.

“She now has one healthy younger sister, and two healthy younger brothers that love to give her picture hugs and kisses at night before bed.”
We remember Dragon.

“I find my grief changing. So although I feel like I have picked up the pieces they come tumbling back down when I experience a new loss. It’s a cruel game of Jenga.”
We remember Zane.

“He was such a sweet and loving daddy's boy.”
We remember Ben.

“Their hearts were broken when they had to kiss their precious boy one last time this side of Heaven.”
We remember Chayce.

“You were a REAL fighter and it’s not a day that goes by that we do not think of will forever be in our hearts.”
We remember Toni.

“On 6/16/16 my beautiful baby Toni was taken to heaven.....but God is a God of redemption. Exactly two years later He allowed me to have a perfectly healthy baby girl.”
We remember Elliana.

“Elliana LOVED water and peaches! And don't forget Barney! Her favorite color was orange and she would sign whenever she saw that color.”
We remember Evelyn.

“There’s a gaping wound in our lives where she should be. But if being free of this pain meant that she would never have lived, I would rather carry it forever. She made us better. She was perfect. She will shine bright forever.”
We remember Hadley Rose.

“You fought so hard and we are eternally grateful that we got to hold you in our arms. We talk to you everyday and know you are always with us. Today we celebrate how strong you were.”
We remember Hamza.

“Words cannot express the depth of how much we miss you in every moment.”
We remember Jaylah.

“Such a happy baby and full of life , nothing would keep her from smiling except when she was in pain.”
We remember Blake.

“January will be 10 years since Blake passed. Doesn’t seem possible it’s been that long. The world keeps turning and somehow we’ve managed to keep turning with it. I’m so grateful for the two years we had with him. But it still wasn’t long enough.”
We remember Haven.

“She was born with a broken heart but was loved beyond words.”
We remember Lily-Rose.

“My rainbow baby was born on August 15. This picture is the way we found to include Lily-Rose.”
We remember James.

“I think about him every day, but a few weeks ago I realized that I hadn’t thought of him the day before and the guilt of possibly forgetting my sweet son deeply upset me. I’m still not ready for closure. I accept that I may never be.”
We remember Rachel.

“And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint.”
We remember Jamie.

“I wonder every day what his smile would be like, what kind of foods he’d enjoy.”
We remember Bo.

“We feel the breaks where our pain is present. But we are closing the cracks and sealing it with love. We are allowing ourselves to be used for a bigger and better purpose. “
We remember Jaquincy.

“He left his mark on everyone he came across and left good memories and for that we are grateful!”
We remember Jax.

“Our brave Jax, you fought the bravest. We live for you my angel.”
We remember Jayson.

“He loved Dr. Seuss and Cat in the Hat; even though he was only with us for 13 months he would light up when it came on.”
We remember Chloe.

“And can it be that in a world so full and busy the loss of one creature makes a void so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of eternity can fill it up! (Charles Dickens)”
We remember KaiLeigh.

“Even after 3 years my heart yearns for KaiLeigh and I pray she never becomes a distant memory.”
We remember Joey.

“Joey's spirit is kept very much alive over the years, and his siblings Jonathan and Lacey know that they have a guardian angel watching over them.”
We remember Brittany.

“She passed away at 8 months from pulmonary hypertension. We were able to donate her retinas.”
We remember Lucas.

“Lucas fulfilled his purpose before he was even born, as he taught us what life and death was really all about.”
We remember Luke.

“I pick up the pieces of me every. single. day. Some days they're smaller and more difficult to pick up. Some days they're bigger and it's easier for me to pick up and handle the rest of my day. But I feel broken every single day.”
We remember Morgan.

“She taught me strength, bravery, compassion and to walk slowly through this life because it moves so damn fast.”
We remember Madelyn.
We remember Joseph.
We remember Willow.

“Society tells us we have to move on and pick up the pieces and I believe mostly we have. But I will forever take a second look at those who age you would be.”
We remember Zachary.

“You would never know he was born with an imperfect heart, because he had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. This little boy had such a love for life and everyone around him, but not as much as the love that there is for him.”
We remember Paige.

“She never knew anything but love. I miss her beyond words and can't even describe how often I think and remember her. She was completely perfect.”
We remember Kholtyn.

“He had the most amazing spirit, he was a fighter. He fought so hard, and he shouldn't have had to. This is my baby's story, and I have never told it until now. Always with me, I am the proud mother of an angel.”
We remember Lochlan.

“When people think of him, the first thing that comes to mind is his eyes. They were so inquiring. Our hearts will forever feel pain I think but we keep moving through our days, waiting to see him again.”
We remember Alaina.

“Alaina’s spirit is very much a part of everything we do. Her strength, her courage, and her innocence. We will never stop talking about her and living to honor her. We love and miss you more than words can say, Alaina.”
We remember Linkyn.

“We often ask ourselves how can someone who had never spoken a word have such a huge impact. We miss her every moment but know she did more good in this world than most people do in a lifetime.”
We remember Reagan.

“Our baby girl passed peacefully on the inside. It was a long, tough road carrying Reagan. We continued with the pregnancy and gave Reagan a chance. She had her good days and she had her bad days. Either way, we were going to love her no matter what.”
We remember Lydia.

“She was my only child and she fought as hard as she could. We are heartbroken.”
We remember CJ.

“His smile and laugh were infectious, and he loved love. He taught us so much in a short time: to live life to the fullest, never lose hope, and to have faith.”
We remember Harper.
We remember Roslynn.

“She would giggle randomly when we would tickle her. Sometimes it was under her chin, sometime her thigh, once she was laughing so hard when I was rubbing her ear!”
We remember Tuesday.

“For the short amount of period Tuesday was here she inspired many people and showed hope, courage, love and compassion the fight she had in her was far greater then anyone I'd ever met.”
We remember Sophie.

“Her short life was full of fun and love. Her smile could power a city block. We are so lucky that we got to be her parents. We cherish her always. We love you Soph, forever and a day”
We remember Bryce.

“Missing this sweet face and those pouty lips! We miss you Bryce and love you beyond measure!”
We remember Santiago.

“Thank you for all the beautiful memories you left us! And this is not a goodbye but a see you later! We pray that one day we can reunite with you in heaven! We love you our SUPERMAN!”
We remember Carter Lynn.

“I never knew the true meaning of a warrior until I met her. The amount of strength she had for being so weak was nothing less than a miracle.”
We remember Catherine.

“In loving memory of our Heart Warrior.”
We remember Leland.

“He was a fighter and strong. He made me so proud he fought hard. I'm glad I got memories with my son.”
We remember Myles.

“Myles was able to do everything other little boys do; he ran, played, and laughed. He loved to swing, play with his building blocks & super heroes, and be bossed around by his older sister Ella.”
We remember Mason.

“We thought we would have to teach you about the world, now we are teaching the world about YOU.”
We remember Savannah.

“I was told during every visit of pregnancy that she would die any day yet she continued to live and grow inside me kicking all the time to make sure her presence was known.”
We remember Adalynn.

“Piece by piece my life is turning into something incredibly beautiful. Keep fighting for your joy, admitting and honoring the things you are feeling, and cling to the hope of brighter tomorrows.”
We remember Pierce.
We remember Noah.

“She saw the good in everyone. She never judged. Her heart always open to love. She was a beacon showing us how to be better—a brilliant guiding light leading us on a path to peace through altruism.”
We remember Mallorie.

“Her time here was so short and has left us desperately longing to see her again- yet her life was so meaningful, full of impact and purpose that it would take the rest of us into our elderly years to achieve.”
We remember Odin.

“How to put your child's life into words when all you really want is for them to be here alive? So many questions go unanswered but one that will always have an answer is did I love him enough? The answer is yes.”
We remember Eli.

“We know you are resting peacefully in the arms of Jesus, surrounded by loved ones. We will hold you again someday in heaven, and oh how we yearn for that meeting.”
We remember Aubrey.

“Even in her short time on earth she changed so many lives for the better. She was a true blessing and a fighter.”
We remember Edison.

“We miss the way he loved to be cradled comfortably in our arms and the way he stared up at us with his big eyes like he was trying to memorize every aspect of us while making us feel so loved.”
We remember Summer Jane.
We remember Elise.

“You couldn’t help but smile when you looked at her, especially since all she did was smile at everyone.”
We remember Divina.
We remember Lev.

“Our little lion heart.”
We remember Legend.

“She was very lively, even during some of the most trying times she always laughed and smiled and cooed with her raspy intubation scarred voice! She had so much personality and fought for her JOY through it all.”
We remember Sangelys.

“I really miss her and can't sleep or think without having her in my mind. My C section is the only mark I have from her since I forgot how she looks. Everything I do, I do it thinking of her.”
We remember Austin.

“He gave us 47 minutes to say our hello and goodbyes and drifted off to sleep with the angels. It is very surreal to celebrate a birth and mourn a death at the same time.”
We remember Aylin.

“God send me one of the best angels he had so that I could care for.”
We remember Ethan.

“Ethan, you are my beloved son and I miss you every day that my heart beats and yours doesn’t. “
We remember Luciana.

“We were blessed to be able to show her our love everyday of her life; she changed our lives forever. We now live for her and carry her in our heart and mind always, everyday hoping to make her proud.”
We remember Liam.

“He underwent surgery at 14 hours old, and passed away an hour after he came out of surgery.”
We remember Ryan.

“He loved playing with his older brother Austin. He was obsessed with anything outdoors and any kind of animals, including dinosaurs. He could make you laugh just by looking at him. He loved Taylor Swift and any animal kind of documentary you could find.”
We remember Palmer.

“Palmer may have only been with us for 47-days, but those 47-days were some of the most transformational of our lives.”
We remember Layla.
We remember Sawyer.

“He’s my forever love and my only child.”
We remember Alanna.

“I am forever thankful that I had the chance to have her for even that short amount of time.”
Trusted with these precious pieces of precious lives, we carry them with us always.

We remember.

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