A new variation of the twitter poll. This #genre specimen makes the staggering ignorance prevalent in the #Brexit debate painfully obvious.

The "screengrab of something inanely stupid" is becoming a crucial #Brexit debate #genre. Possibly (see above) because "inanely stupid" has become a prevalent Brexit position.

The "debunking". A consistently necessary #genre given all the disinformation in the #Brexit debate.

"Letter from the speaker of the house". Lovely #genre when performed by Berrrrrkow.

The "mega thread". Oh, this is the GOOD stuff. Lovely #genre use.

Next #genre: "sci-fi tale of interdimensional travel to parallel worlds". It had to come at some point.

Next #genre: "The campaign slogan they didn´t use".

Genres multiply and work together to build new, complex genre structures. Here is the "twitter thread of twitter lists":

Code of Conduct for MPs. I so wish this #genre didn´t have to go here. But it bears testament to the catastrophuck that is Brexit that it does.

Next #genre: the "even after all this time to adjust, I still cannot fully believe that I am actually reading this s... with my own eyes; so please tell me I am somehow seeing this wrong and that the world hasn´t gone completely bonkers-question"

Ah yes. The "business relocation". Not as such a debate #genre. However, a genre quite likely to elicit debate.

Part of the fun of being a second language writer is all the #genres you don´t know the name of. @BellerophonC suggested "redelivery card" as the name for this #genre. Wie dem auch sei, it's a thingy of beauty.

Next #genre: "WTO-trade video annotation video".

Please, if I am ever on a path that will get me run over by @DmitryOpines, pull me off it and slap me unconsious, so I don´t self-mutilate.

Next #genre: Calendar change. I am particularly fond of this one.

It's debatable whether the "anxiety dream" is a #genre - it's lacking in the social aspect (do you agree @AmyDevitt1?). However, the "anxiety dream reenactment" is definitely a genre.

#GammonHaiku. I didn´t even realize I could write one. A beautiful #genre.

Next #genre: "Get Behind Brexit Guide"

"Much as Midge Ure and Bob Geldof set up Band Aid, get Brexiter musicians to record a single. Unfortunately there’s only Roger Daltrey and Morrissey, so fuck knows what that will sound like."

"The short-lived but still quite effective Wikipedia-update" is a frequent #parody #genre. This specimen is a beauty..

I am not usually a great fan of the #insult as debate #genre. Sometimes, however ...

Ref. the above tweet. Here is a "theory of swearing":

Nothing is complete without a lightbulb-joke. I love the #genre.

When the #genre is "protest song", I should feature the iconic @MadeleinaKay. I had her in these threads before, and she will surely reappear. For now, the stage belongs to Mitch Benn. Alternate genre name: "frustration song".

Next #genre: The compromise. Interestingly, I think this one - satiric as it is - just might work:

Is "interview in which British interviewer shouts down Irish politician" recurrent enough to qualify for #genre status?

Next #genre. List of insults. You know that this one had to come at some point, right?

I've had the spec commercial earlier, but this is one fine specimen of the #genre.

Next #genre. Very context dependent. Sketch of a plan.

The next #genre is what you might call an inadvertent #Brexit debate genre. Everything, apparently, is in the #uptake (#AnneFreadman)

In other words: Cheese photo? Seriously???

At this late stage of the #Brexit debate we were bound to get the #genre "sales promotion", I guess. I may be from a country that could profit from this sale, but it still breaks my heart, truth to tell. The genre specimen, however, is very good.

Next #genre: "catalogue of failure". A very fitting genre label if I may be so bold as to say so.

A whole collection of cartoons. What a lovely gift to a #genre researcher/content accumulator.

Ooops, I did one myself.

Next #genre: prophetic Munchkin card.

The one-tweet-thread. It just had to come. I could spout a long #genre #rhetorical analysis of this. Well played as so often before @davidallengreen.

This one I did not see coming. But it's a beauty. The "how to lose"-training manual.

A snow globe is not often thought of as a #genre. But this Brexit commercial demonstrates that it is.

Anything with a long #genre name belongs here, amirite? Very fine piece of satiric-parodic genre criticism by @DmitryOpines..

#Eliot, of course, has taught us that cat names are a highly flexible and endearing #genre. Obviously, like all things feline, obnoxious, yet endearing, it should make an appearance in this thread. Not because it was asked; because it wanted to.

This week's no 1 #Brexit debate #genre is, and has to be, the petition. Here. @EmporersNewC does great work in genre interpretation without having the faintest notion that he is doing genre interpretation. It's still great though. Read, cry, laugh, enjoy.

The next #genre is a quite special one, the "bot geography lesson". It is everything you hoped for and more; it has everything including a misread comma.

Next #genre (the specimen is my own): illustrated parodic-satiric Bible quote; KJV, obviously.

In #genre, context is everything (see my collection of #TweetsThatMakePerfectSenseInContext). Here, for instance, we have "advertisment for second hand footwear"

Next #genre: "iconic fantasy motto poem manipulation". Quite an impressive genre label wouldn´t you say?
The #genres are out in force this morning. No wonder given the absolute clustershambles that took place in Westminister yesterday. Here's a "#Brexit pledgecard".

Next #Brexit debate #genre: memoir title. Note how this one explicitly invites #uptakes.

Dictionary entry. They are in the #Brexit debate in large numbers, of course, but this is one particularly fine #genre specimen.

Could we agree, please, that a security check should NOT be a #Brexit debate #genre? And that harmless stickers stay on?
Sorry for the fanboy outburst, but I sometimes think the @IsolatedBrit writes just to please me. What more can a #genre researcher ask for than a full thread of "Brexit faces"?

Next #genre: The "#Brexit-flowchart". This one sweary enough to make even @dontbrexitfixit proud.

And as a reply to the above flowchart here is a #Venn-diagram. It is slanderous of course; Farage is probably not a billionaire.

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