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6 March means a lot for @SrideviBKapoor, every Sridevian knows why. On this ocassion, a new thread #Sridevi300 begins
It's all about sharing her work
@ProudSridevians @Sridevi_Pedia @SrideviKapoor
@HalimaliHalim @_DeepaBhatia
@YagneshwarB @Nayanshah1954
#Sridevi300 starts off with an attempt to list the titles that we could compile thru daily tweets
Sno - 1
Title - Kandhan Karunai
Role - Muruga as a child
The film has a shot where there's a glimpse, but it's very difficult to spot her.
Sno - 2
Title - Kulavilakku (Tamil) meaning light of the family
Lead actors - Saroja Devi B, Gemini Ganesan
Release date - 14 June 1969
This ccud be the first released film of baby #Sridevi
& her only association with SarojaDevi B
@ProudSridevians @SrideviKapoor
Sno - 3
Title - Naam Nadu (Tamil)
Lead actors - MGR, J Jayalalitha
Release date - 7/11/69
May be #Sridevi shared screen with MGR only in 1 film, but she acted in few More films with Jayalalitha
Remade as Apna Desh in hindi with Rajesh Khanna & Mumtaz
Sno - 4
Title - Kumarasambhavam (Malayalam)
Lead actors - Gemini Ganesan, Padmini, Baby #Sridevi
Role - Karthikeya
Release date - 26/12/69
Sridevi's debut in Malayalam films as a child artist. The film was dubbed in Tamil also
Sno - 5
Title - Penn Deivam (Tamil)
Lead actors - Padmini, Lakshmi, Jai shankar, Muthuraman
Role - Lakshmi as a child
Release date - 23/1/70
Her second association with Chinnappa Devar after Thunaivan
Sno - 6
Title - Ma Nanna Nirdoshi (Telugu)
Lead actors - Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Gummadi, baby #Sridevi
Role - Sudha
Release date - 30/1/70
Her presence in both the songs is sso endearing!
Sno - 7
Title - Vidhivilasam (Telugu)
Lead actors - Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, baby #Sridevi
Role - Jyothi
Release date - 12/3/70
Nobody may have imagined that the father-daughter her, would be one of the most famous romantic pairs in Telugu cinema
Sno - 7
Title - Thunaivan(Tamil)
Lead actors - Baby #Sridevi, AVM Rajan, Sowkar Janaki
Role - Lord Murugan
Release date - 4/7/69
Officially cited as her debut, the film is partially coloured & her first association with producer Chinnappa Devar.
Sno - 9
Title - En Annan
Lead actors - MGR (Rangan), Jayalalitha, Vijaya nirmala (Thangam)
Role - Thangam as child
Release date - 22/5/1970
Loosely based on A J Cronin's novel Beyond this place. Hindi Kala Pani (Dev Anand) is based on the same novel
Oops! It shud ve been number 8 for Thunaivan
S.no - 10
Title - Agnipareeksha
Release date - 10/7/71
Cast - Krishna, Anjali Devi, Humari, Baby Sridevi
Luckily we have found a paper cutting from a blog
Sridevi seems to have shared screen with Krishna in maximum number of films as a child star
Sno - 11
Title - Sabarimala Sree Dharmashaasta (Malayalam)
Lead actors - Thikkurissi, Kottarakka, Padmini, Ragini, Baby #Sridevi, Ambika
Release date - 11/12/70
Yet to get hold of poster, photos or clips of the film. The link in screenshots is the only avbl info
Sno - 12
Title - Swapnangal (Malayalam)
Lead actors - Geethanjali, Madhu, K V Shanti, S P Pillai, Baby Sridevi
Role - Rajamma as child
Release date - 02/10/1970
She appears in one dance song & two versions of a devotional song

Sno - 13
Title - Kathiki Kankanam (Telugu)
Lead actors - Kantha Rao, Rajanala, Ramakrishna, Rajababu
Role - Young Kumar (Ramakrishna)
Censor certificate date - 05/02/1971
(Release date not avbl)
How easily she cud pull off a girl / a boy character as a child.
Sno - 14
Title - Poompatta (Malayalam)
Lead actors - Sridevi, Roja Ramani, Prema, Sankaradi, Prabhakar, T R Omana, Ragini
Role - Sarada
Release date - 12/03/1971
#Sridevi won the Kerala state award for her brilliant acting performance in the film
Sno - 15
Title - Sabatham (Tamil)
Cast - K. R. Vijaya, Ravichandran, Nagesh,TK Bhagavathi, VK Ramasami, Anjali Devi
Release date - 12/03/1971
Seems #Sridevi was already a childstar. She does a guest appearance as Lord Krishna in a dance sequence for the film
Sno - 16
Title - Srimanthudu (Telugu)
Cast - ANR, Jamuna
Role - Radha as a child
Release dt - 18/05/1971
There's a beautiful children's song in the film
Interestingly #Sridevi is named Radha in multiple films
The earlier tweet was erroneously shared out of thread
Sno - 17
Title - Aana Valarthiya Vanampadiyude Makan (Malayalam)
Cast - Gemini Ganesan, Rajasree
Release date - 22/07/1971
First sequel in Malayalam cinema & also the first film for baby #Sridevi that was made in multiple languages. Titles to follow in thread.
Sno - 18
Title - Yaanai Valartha Vaanampadi Magan
Cast - Gemini Ganesan, Rajasree
Role - Kamini as child
The Tamil make of the Aana Valarthiya Vanamapdiyude Makan
The film was made simultaneously with Malayalam, was a huge hit & saw more remakes, not dubbed versions.
Sno - 19
Title - Adavi Veerulu
Release year - 1971
Cast - Kantha Rao, Rajasree, Vijaya nirmala, K Sathyanarayana
Role - Padmini as child
The Telugu version of the Aana Valarthiya Vanamapdiyude Makan.
Sno - 20
Title - Bheema Mera Hathi
Release year - 1973
Cast - Gemini Ganesan, Rajasree, Vijayalalitha
The Hindi version of the Aana Valarthiya Vanamapdiyude Makan. Yet to find a clip for the Malayalam & Hindi films. The Tamil & Telugu are available on YouTube.
Sno - 21
Title - Naa Thammudu
Release date - 19 sep 71
Cast - K Jagaiyyah, Shobhan Babu, Varalakshmi, Bharti #Sridevi
Role - Shanthi, Geetha
Yes, she plays a double role
Earlier we have seen her playing 6 forms of Lord Karthikeya in a song for Kumarasambhavam
Sno - 22
Title - Nenu Manishine
Release date - 16 Oct 71
Cast - Krishna, Gummadi, Kanchana #Sridevi
Role - Latha
The film is a remake of 1969 hindi film Do Bhai starring Jeetendra, Ashok kumar, Mala Sinha
Sno - 23
Title - Aathi Parasakthi
Release date - 18 Oct 71
Cast - Gemini Ganesan, Jayalalitha, Padmini #Sridevi
Role - Lord Murugan
It was dubbed in hindi as Jai Jagat Janani
Sridevi had shared a still from this film with Jayalalitha as a remembrance on her first DA
Sno - 24
Title - Babu (Tamil)
Release date - 18 Oct 71
Cast - Sivaji Ganesan, #Sridevi
Role - Ammu as a child
The film which was any way a remake of a malayalam film, saw more remakes in Telugu & Hindi. Rajesh Khanna reprised the role of Babu in the Hindi remake.
Sno - 25
Title - Rowdy Rani (Telugu)
Release date - 1970
Cast - Vijaya Nirmala
Role - Rani as a child
There's hardly anything we could trace about this movie. All we could get is this still.
Sno - 26
Title - Bala Bharatam (Telugu)
Release year -1972
Cast - Anjali, Harnath, Kantharao , Master Prabhakar, Baby #Sridevi
Role - Dusshala
The film depicts incidents from Mahabharat during childhood of Kauravas & Pandavas.
Sno - 27
Title - Agathiyar (Tamil)
Release year - 14 Jan 1972
Cast - Sirkazhi Govindarajan, T. R. Mahalingam, A. V. M. Rajan, Kumari Padmini, R. S. Manohar, Suruli Rajan, Manorama, #Sridevi
Role - Lord Murugan
The film is believed to have run for 100 days
Sno - 28
Title - Kanimuthu Paappa (Tamil)
Release date - 26 May 1972
Cast - Jaishankar, R. Muthuraman, Lakshmi,Jaya
The film is a Tamil adaptation of Shammi Kapoor starrer Andaz. Sridevi plays Uma who is niece to Lakshmi. Soon she wud star as her younger sister
Sno - 29
Title - Vasantha Maligai (Tamil)
Release date - 29 Sept 1972
Cast - Sivaji Ganesan, Vanisri
One of the biggest Blockbusters of #Nadigarthilagam Sivaji Ganesan, Sridevi has a couple of scenes as his niece. It's a remake of ANR starrer Telugu film Prema Nagar
Sno - 30
Title - Amma Mata (Telugu)
Release year - 1972
Cast - Shobhan Babu, Vanisri, Savithri, Baby #Sridevi
Role - Raghu as a child.
Down south, ppl say that #Athilokasundari Sridevi is the only actress to have matched the stardom of #Mahanati Savithri over years.
Sno - 31
Title - Badi Panthulu (Telugu)
Release dt - 23 Nov 1972
Cast - NTR, Anjali Devi
Role - Bhaagaa
The film marks her 1st asso with NTR. She plays his grand daughter. Interesringly, in 7yrs later she became his heroine & worked with him for a dozen plus films
Sno - 32
Title - Rani mera naam
Release year - 1972
Cast - Vijaya Nirmala, Vinod Mehra, Premnath
Role - Rani as a child
This is officially cited as Baby #Sridevi's debut in Hindi film as of now since there are 2 more titles that need a citation on release dates
Sno - 33
Title - Bharatha Vilas (Tamil)
Release date - 24 March 73
Cast - Sivaji Ganesan, K R Vijaya
An ensemble cast film that features brief appearances of 4 kids. Sridevi plays the only girl child. We also see Sanjiv kumar as himself.
Sno - 34
Title - Malamma Katha (Telugu)
Release date - 27 March 1973
Cast - Krishna, Sharada, Gummadi
#Sridevi plays Malamma as a child.
Kid always makes us laugh and cry irrespective of whether we understand the language or no.We manage to cry in Telugu as well.
Sno - 35
Title - Sant Tukaran (Telugu)
Release date - 5 July 1973
Cast - ANR, Anjali Devi, Sivaji Ganesan
#Sridevi plays Kaasi (काशी) the daughter of Sant Tukaram.
Soon she would be seen playing one more character that hailed from Maharashtra in a Kannada film
Sno - 36
Title - Mamatha (Telugu)
Release date - 6 Sept 1973
Cast - Krishna, Jamuna.
#Sridevi plays Shanthi - niece to Jamuna & also had a good bonding with the yesteryear actress
There's a beautiful song where we see her finesse as a child actor.
Sno - 37
Title - Deiva Kuzandaigal (Tamil)
Release date - 11 Sept 1973
Cast - Jaishankar, Padmini, Baby #Sridevi
Role - Devi
We wud see her character name 'Devi' more often...
Sno - 38
Title - Marapurani Manishi (Telugu)
Release date - 23 Nov 1973
Cast - ANR, Manjula.
The film was a Telugu remake of Babu & Sridevi plays Ammanu as a child. The film later also saw a hindi remake as Babu where Rajesh Khanna had reprised the main role.
Sno - 39
Title - Sange Muzangu (Tamil)
Release date - 4 Feb 1972
Cast - MGR, Lakshmi
Role - Sivagami as a child
The film also has a song picturised on Helen.
Sno - 40
Title - Nanban (Tamil)
Release year - 1973
The title & the release year is all we have found as of now. The pic is from a different film
Sno - 41
Title - Prarthanai (Tamil)
Release year - 1973
Cast - AVM Rajan, Sowcar Janaki, Lakshmi, Baby Sridevi.
We are yet to find a clip or photo featuring Baby Sridevi
Sno - 42
Title - Avalukku Nihar Avale (Tamil)
Release year - 1974
Role - Roja
In a very brief appearance, she does show different moods
Sno - 43
Title - Thirumangalyam
Release date - 4 jan 1974
Cast - Jayalalitha, S Muthuraman, Lakshmi, Baby #Sridevi
Role - Shanthi
She plays a mute girl & younger sister to Lakshmi
Picture collage by @ProudSridevians
Sno - 44
Title - Devi Sri Karumariamman
Release date - 4 Mar 1974
Cast - K R Vijaya, Manorama, Gemini Ganesan
@SrideviBKapoor plays Goddess Karumariamman. There's a scene where the Goddess graces by making an appearance the form of a young girl
Sno - 45
Title - Bhakta Kumbara (Kannada)
Release date - 24 Aug 1974
@SrideviBKapoor plays Sant Mukta bai - the sister of Sant Dnyaneshwar. She may not have shared screen with him, but this is the only ocassion she's starred with Dr Rajkumar in Kannada films.
Sno - 46
Title - Engal Kula Deivam (Tamil)
Release date - 24 Sept 1974
Cast - Muthuraman, K R Vijaya, Jayachitra
Role - Valli /Malli as a child. Not quite sure with the pronunciation
She's seen playing with a cobra. Who knew she wud play the role of one as an adult!
Sno - 47
Title - Thirudi (Tamil)
Release year - 1974
Cast - Jaishankar, K R Vijaya, Baby Sridevi
There are a couple of song clips available. However, we are yet to find a clip of photo that features her. Within a year, the word Baby wud be removed from her name.
Sno - 48
Title - Yashoda Krishna (Tamil)
Release date - 25 July 1975
Cast - Jamuna, S V Ranga Rao, S Varalakshmi, Krishna kumari, Gummadi, Sridevi
Sridevi plays young Lord Krishna
The film was dubbed in Kannada. We feel lucky but await a confirmation on remakes
Sno - 49
Title - Julie
Release date - 18 April 1975
Cast - Laxmi, Vikram, Rita Bhaduri, Sridevi, Om Prakash, Nadira, Utpal Dutt, Achala Sachdev
Role - Eileen
Probably her only association with Om Prakash & Nadira, this film has ample screen time for Sridevi
Sno - 50
Once prod, dir alongwith cinematographer Balu Mahendra visited Baby Sridevi's home. They asked her mother to get kid ready in a saree, saw her dressed in a saree & left. Next day they came to know that the 10 & half yr old Baby Sridevi had become Sridevi
Sno - 51
Title - Devudulanti Manishi (Telugu)
Lead actors - Krishna, Manjula
Role - Parvathy. Not sure it's niece or younger sister to Krishna
It is said that superstar Krishna had got angry with Sridevi's mother for accepting a side role for Sridevi.
Sno - 52
Title - Hennu Samsarada Kannu (Kannada)
Release date - 28 Nov 1975
Lead actors - BalaKrishna, Leelavathi, Rajesh, Sridevi
Role - Sushee
This is her first adult role in Kannada films. She looks so beautiful in the bridal avatar.
Sno - 53
Title - Thulavarsham (Malayalam)
Release date - 19 Mar 1976
Lead actors - Prem Nazir, Sridevi, Sudheer, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Prema
Role - Ammini
By available release dates, this seems to be her first adult role in Malayalam.
Sno - 54
Title - Kuttavum Siksyayum (Malayalam)
Release date - 9 July 1976
Lead actors - @ikamalhaasan @SrideviBKapoor
While we r confused with the number of films theyve done together, Sridevi & Kamal Hasan are listed in @NFAIOfficial's iconic pairs of Indian cinema
Sno - 55
Title - Aalinganam (Malayalam)
Release date - 26 Nov 1976
Lead actors - Raghavan, Rani Chandra, Sridevi, Vincent
Role - Bindu
The film was superhit, saw a remake in Tamil, was dubbed in Telugu & Hindi. Sridevi did quite some more films with director I V Sasi
Sno - 56
Title - Abhinandanam (Malayalam)
Release date - 2 Dec 1976
Lead actors - Vincent, Jayabharathi, Sreedevi, Prakash, Prema
Role - Lalitha
Director - I V Sasi
By the overall looks, seems this film is a social one.
Sno - 57
Title - Moondru Mudichu (Tamil)
Release date - 22 Oct 1976
Lead actors - @SrideviBKapoor @rajinikanth, @ikamalhaasan
Role - Selvi
Prasath(Rajjini sir) kills Balaji (kamal sir) so that he can persuade Selvi to marry him. But she marries his father instead.
Sno - 58
Title - Ee Kalali Pillalu (Telugu)
Release year - 1976
All we could find was a couple of posters and credits that we have shared. Seems the film is based on a novel Bhinna Dhruvalu written by Madireddy Sulochana.
Typo Error : The title is Ee Kalapu Pillalu
Sno - 59
Title - Dasavatharam (Tamil)
Release year - 1976
The film is about 10 incarnations of Lord Shri Vishnu. During the story of incarnation as Lord Shri Ram, #Sridevi is seen in a brief appearance as the young princess Seeta during the Seeta Swayamvar
Sno - 60
Title - Padavoyi Bharatheeyuda (Telugu)
Release year - 1976
Seems this film is a forgettable one. Attached screenshot is the only detail we could find out.
Sno - 61
Title - Aaseervadham (Malayalam)
Release date - 10 Feb 1977
Cast - Sheela, @ikamalhaasan, #Sridevi, Bahadoor
Sno - 62
Title - Akaale Aakaasam (Malayalam)
Release date - 25 Feb 1977
Cast - Madhu, Vidhubala, Adhoor Bhasi, Sridevi, Bahadoor, M G Soman, Meena
Sno - 63
Title - Unnai Sutrum Ulagam (Tamil)
Release date - 29 April 1977
Cast - Jayalalitha, Vidhubala, Prameela, @ikamalhaasan, Vincent, Vijaykumar
Role - Seetha as a Child (Vidhubala)
Sno - 64
Title - Angeekaaram (Malayalam)
Release date - 25 Feb 1977
Cast - Prameela, Bahadoor, Sridevi, K P Ummer, Vincent
Role - Sathi , Viji
We can cite this as her first double role as an adult. She plays mother and daughter.
Sno - 65
Title - Amme Anupame (Malayalam)
Release date - 28 May 1977
Cast - Sharada, Sankaradi, K P Ummer, Sridevi, Vidhubala, Sreelatha N
Another film whose visuals aren't available yet.
Sno - 66
Title - Kavikkuyil (Tamil)
Release date - 29 July 1977
Cast - Siva kumar, Sridevi, @rajinikanth, fataafat Jayalakshmi
Role - Radha
After Mundroo Mudichu where she was opposite Rajnikanth, here she plays his sister
Sno - 68
Title - Nirakudam (Malayalam)
Release date - 29 July 1977
Cast - @ikamalhaasan, Sridevi, K Poonamma, Adhoor Bhasi
Role - Shantha
A remake of Tamil classic Bhaga Pirivinai starring #SivajiGanesan
which was also remade as Khandaan in hindi(1965)
Sno - 69
Title - Aa Nimisham (Malayalam)
Release date - 9 Sept 1977
Cast - Madhoo, Sheela, K Ponnamma
A couple of songs on YouTube is all that's available this film directed by I V Sasi.
Sno - 70
Title - Pathinaru Vayinithile
Release date - 15 Sept 1977
Cast - @SrideviBKapoor, @ikamalhaasan, @rajinikanth
Role - Mayil
The experimental film is regarded as a landmark in Tamil Cinema & saw 3 remakes, Telugu, Hindi & Malay(wikipedia)
Sno - 71
Title - Gayathri (Tamil)
Release date - 07 Oct 1977
Cast - @SrideviBKapoor, @rajinikanth , Jai shankar
Role - Gayathri
The film has some brilliant symbolism & the lead actor is an anti hero.
Pls note, we may not be able to share pics due to network issues.
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