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Here come the Motorcycles ..

…And just like that 1010 wins
Starting to see why everything in life was created as it is?
Starting to see WHY it’s all been created/built up where it is?
Starting to understand/TRUST the #HOW?

The truth was left in front of everyone.
It’s like someone from the past was from or had knowledge of the
Future & whispered into MANY EARS telling MANY individuals HOW everything had to be built up/designed …
Maybe the WH-Y wasn’t addressed at the time but IN THE END it was always known it would all make sense.

[EVIL] infiltrated everything, so EVERYTHING of light had to be
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Good Question, WHY DO most people in this world choose to make fun/bully others who are different? …

Just look at the way people talk about 1 individual within this movement, an individual who has absolutely NOTHING negative to say about anyone else.
Crazy how that works,huh?
All of it just PROVES #WHY this world is the way it is & #HOW it got to be as bad as it has ..

Think of all those individuals who have been SCREAMING/Crying out for help but their words were just ignored because ones were asleep or to afraid to talk about TRUTH because
Of the bullies/Haters judgements continuously being placed upon ones who see/hear beyond what other can/choose too.

How many Warning Signs of what has happening in the world this whole time & how to stop the monsters doing it were shot down by those bullies/haters?

How many
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Everyone has something, someone here has EVERYTHING ..

“I Bleed for this & I Bleed for you-
Still you look at my face like I’m somebody new -
#TOY !!!
Nobody wants anything I’ve got -
Which is fine because you’re made of all that I’m not”

If the way people are
Acting now, Treating one another/their fellow man as they are based on lies/A reality that is A figment of everyones Imagination the ways that they have been is 555(GOOD), I’ll choose to be nothing like any of you.
Loving unconditionally/selflessly SHOWING truth NO ONE else can show along with what it all represents is apparently (666), raising 2 kids that weren’t mine & now raising their kids because none of the parents are mentally stable is apparently (666) ..
When I Was riding for
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Schoolteachers across America received their quarterly industry periodical. It’s race race race and the big classroom action is to combat white nationalist sources and talking points. We start with a personal essay by an activist about his journey. Entire career is race hustling
It goes back to the ‘90s when a dozen neo-nazis marched to an event he held. He got them to chill. Note that he would not debate them and that antifa beat them after. Only when the lead baddie’s daughter cried about Sesame Street did the bad guy change his ways. #MadeForTV
We get more personal history where everything whites do is evil. Not just actions he reports but phrases like the white flight created suburbs that blacks then moved to seeking affordable safe neighborhoods. Why were these safe? Why did white flight happen?
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While #science thought us that we can even cut and paste #genes with #CRISPR technology…even with that we only influence 3% to 5% of #chronicillness. The rest depends on #how you #live your #life!!! So how do we #SelfRegulate our #body?
1. Good #sleep is more important than most think! What happens during sleep? The fluctuation of consciousness…that we call the waking state. But in many wisdom traditions of the world, the waking state is merely a lucid dream that consciousness is having…
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Water Or Wine?
Water/Wine = Unity ? …
2 As 1?
The Hybrid Changes #EVERYTHING, #SweetTooth ? …

Once the Fake Pope finishes acting out his scenes going to where he’s set to go(CGi)—I’m thinking that will be the opportunity sought after by someone’s on #HOW
They’re going to explain/confess everything & #WHY so much was kept A secret or Altered/replaced … 1 Word swapped out in A sentence can alter it’s true hidden meaning.

What’s been kept A “Secret”/Hidden, it allows humanity to go back to it’s #G ROOTS understanding who they
Are, answering Questions of where everyone comes from & SHOWS EVERYONE/Humanity truly how POWERFUL the human race is/always has been…All the answers everyone seeks have either been kept hidden/secret or WITHIN #YOU this whole time, one’s just required A PUSH & the eyes to see.
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🇪🇺🇺🇦👇important contribution. Start of debate forcing itself onto #EU agenda when Leaders meet for 'Growth summit' in Versailles next week.
Personally I have no doubt a "doubling-down" on EU #borrowing capacity in time will be necessary -- but not necessarily as proposed.
As a quick take, I think @benjaminhaddad @maxbergmann's proposal:
- lacks ambition in the most adverse scenario (1⃣) (obvious)
- faces question about EU borrowing priority in world we are waking up to tomorrow (2⃣);
- requires discussion of European defence fundamentals (3⃣).
1⃣ Worst-case: rest of Europe gets pulled into war w/ Russia. What nobody wishes, is not inconceivable.
We are then talking about something entirely different in scale in terms of mobilising resources across society, including issuance of war debt, to finance the effort.
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This timeline was chosen to FIX #EVERYTHING !!

Everyone is feeding into A Machine that ALREADY knows all of this & is using YOUR lack of knowledge about any of it against YOU.
All Connected.
Mostly Staged/Movie
There is A reason WHY I Know about EVERYTHING that happens before it happens & Warn EVERYONE about events before they happen as well ..

Others have traveled, they traveled MANY Millenia to HELP Humanity finally get it right ..
Going back & forth, collecting data, Storing that data & giving it to humanity in A way that helps Humanity bring down A THOUSAND year old reign of terror upon this world ..
So many evil things have been done upon children/Humanity because they thought SHE WOULD HAVE WON & the
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You see?
This is A problem.
Watch how much TRUTH will be presented to the world during this next upcomming season just as the NBA just showed EVERYONE #WHY they did all they did "ALL FOR A BUCK" . .
Not everyone is A bad apple in the NFL or knew what was happening all these
Years in the dark. .
So, they will do things A certain way to basically show how SORRY, REALLY SORRY, EXTREMELY Sorry they are for either being BLIND & not saying anything or knowing about it & being threatened into silence.

This is just like ones who say, "Im not watching
Movies anymore that has actors/actresses that may be pedophiles" ...

There is much hidden truth within EVERYTHING that has been created in life today & ones who refuse to see past or rise above it all are usually the ones who are the most lost & have no clue WHY they are even
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Does this newspaper have an editor?
ِReducing the significance of the government's role in destroying water resources by mentioning drought/climate change first is absurd. This regime created this man-made drought. No talk of #IRGC's projects that destroyed Khuzestan's resources.
Does #NYT investigate the #Why, #What, #When, #Who and #How of the problem & #Rafsanjani, #Reformists and #IRGC imposed destructive dams & water diversion projects from 1989 to 2005 that were continued under #Ahmadinejad and #Rouhani? Dams that are killing marshes and rivers?
Does #NYT dig deeper to see how those reformists who occupied the US Embassy in Tehran later led the #Iran_Water_and_Power_Resources_Development_Company and were behind the #Karkheh & #Gotvand and #Karun3 dams that are part of the problem? Ali Zahmatkesh, Mohammad Na...Karkheh dam is one of the m...Gotvand dam. 3 dam forced over 10 ...
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Let's demystify @graphprotocol and understand #what does this do? #Why developers use it? What problems it solves, #how it works and how to get started!

A #thread 🧵 👇 Image
1/ The #web 🌐 of today has a client-server architecture that grants tremendous power to whoever runs the server. This favors #centralization! But we may have reached the peak of centralization & the power is now slowly getting distributed!
2/ Web3 is the new layer that will enable #decentralization on a mass scale! Blockchains like #ethereum will be the north star of this new movement. 🚀
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#Primer on #Ethiopian Politics

#Unitarist Vs #Federlaist

- Has little to do with level of #decentralisation of power ordinarily associated with these notions

A critical mass of Ethiopians support #federalism-incl most, if not all, forces within ruling party - incl Abiy - 1
For #ethnonationalists, I believe, any politics based on individual #equality (citizenship or republican politics) is #Unitarist - so #Nigeria, #Kenya (which ban ethnic parties), #Germany and #UnitedStates are Unitary, regardless of their robust federal/devolved structures - 2
What ethnonatioanlists consider #federalist is actually politics based on #ethnicity - (which goes beyond ethnic federalism) - much like Arend Lijphart's prototypical #consociational system - so soemthing like #Belgium and #BosniaHerzegovina, but for 80+ ethnic groups – 3
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Something's brewing.

Something's happening again on the 1st of March.

It's the 2nd Edition of our Bi-monthly Prayer & Intercession live broadcast on Facebook & Instagram.

Theme -(is taken from)
Isaiah 45v13b CEV
...and I will make the roads easy for him to follow.

Isaiah 45:2 MSG
"I'll go ahead of you, clearing and paving the road. I'll break down bronze city gates, smash padlocks, kick down barred entrances.
Isaiah 45:3 MSG
I'll lead you to buried treasures, secret caches of valuables...

save as measaou will be led to BURIED TREASURES

Find out more, how God is going to make the road easy for you to follow.

Date is 1st March
Time -8pm

God bless.
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Today on "ADHD or Fae": All of my crochet hooks are in the bathroom except one, which is in the pantry. #why #adhdtwitter #fae #WHYNOT #adhdorfae #boyfriend #mentalhealth #crochet #craft #witchcraft
Next on "ADHD or Fae": I used my car keys to move our boxes over here, but somehow my keys are in the bottom of this packed box. #how #adhdtwitter #adhd #adhdproblems #fae #moving #boyfriend #fairies
Next on "ADHD or Fae": We own 10 nail clippers. I certainly didn't buy them. No one knows how they got here. #adhdtwitter #adhd #fae #boyfriend #adhdorfae
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#How king Hezekiah turned back the hands of the clock.

How he got God to change His mind.
We can learn a few lessons from what transpired.

In those days was Hezekiah sick unto death. And the Prophet Isaiah,the son of Amoz came to him, and said unto him,Thus saith the LORD,
Set thine house in order;for thou shalt die and not live. Then he turned his face to the wall,and prayed unto the LORD..."(2 Kings 20 vs 1,2).

When Isaiah showed up to announce God's verdict, he instructed Hezekiah to set his house in order, seeing that he was about to die.
In contemporary times, setting one's house in order wld probably involve writing a will, or sharing one's properties, tidying up every matter dat is unresolved, in preparation for death. So,Isaiah was counselling Hezekiah to get ready to die.
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#How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2020

Do you know that you can make money buying a domain at $4-$9 and selling as high as $9,000?

So, if you can buy a domain name with a unique name you can resell it and make more money.
Here is what I did.
I bought a domain name at
Namecheap in January 2020.

The domain was for a blog site that I wanted to write content that covers the international scene.

Recently, I decided to focus only on Nigerians because of the gap on the topic in the country, I listed it on Namecheap to be sold.

Here is it.
I did that 4 minutes ago as of the time of writing this article.

Guess how much I asked for the domain name? See the image above. Lol.

The thing is, you are free to list your price based on the uniqueness of your domain name.

For me, I listed the above because I believe
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This is a true story that should keep every Christian on his or her toes.
#How Good Soldiers Go Down

They had the mightiest armies ever seen until that time..

And yet the seemingly invincible legions of the Roman Empire eventually fell to ransacking hordes who were once
confined to Rome's far borders.

What happened?

Actually, many things happened that led to their defeat, but one of them was clearly spelt out by one 4th-century Roman General.

Here's what he said:
"When, because of negligence & laziness, parade ground drills were abandoned, d customary armour began to feel heavy since d soldiers rarely, if ever, wore it.

Therefore, they asked d emperor to set aside d breastplates & mail & then the helmets.
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#Customer Service Officer?
d fol training threads on my timeline since March, 2020 will really help u RESET.
#Customer Care Skills
#Who is an Entrepreneur?
#How To Be An Entrepreneur
#Goal Setting Strategies

@threadreaderapp "COMPILE"
#Creating a Productivity Journal
#Entrepreneural Motivation.
#Think Business Not Jobs.
#Effective Communications for Entrepreneurs.
#Debts, Investments or Consumption.
#How to be indispensable @ work.
#A Basic Introduction To Customer Care.
#Entrepreneur Quotes
#What is Sales?
#Dynamics of Sales.
#30 Ways to become a successful Entrepreneur
#Entrepreneurs...Post COVID-19
#Niche Marketing.
#Tunnel Vision In Marketing.

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Let's talk about a subtle problem that hinders entrepreneurs from growing. It is called...
#Tunnel Vision Marketing.

@threadreaderapp UNROLL
More than 85% of all businesses suffer from a profit-threatening disease called Tunnel Vision Marketing. What are the symptoms? How can you diagnose if your business is suffering from this disease?
Well, when you think of the word "tunnel vision," what words come to mind? "Narrow focus?" "Losing sight of ...?" "Blinders?" "Missing the big picture?"

Tunnel Vision Marketing is all these symptoms and more. It 's a blindness about who your client is ...
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This journey is started in year 2008, when #Rpower IPO launched, I was not aware of share market till 2008, I just opened demat account for this IPO and applied for 2 lots and (un)luckily got both. Along with it I started Intraday trading without any knowledge of TA or FA. As
usual I lost in many trades and gain in some trades, working methodology was like it is going up then buy and going down then sell it, that was the way to trade. this run till 2009, then I went for my Masters @ IITKGP so I took a break of 2 years till 2011
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#Thread #Tips for #HomeSchool #Teachers - (Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

🤦🏽‍♀️Keep #children on the #schedule they use on a regular school day. Wake up times, school timetable and bed times.

🤦🏽‍♀️Ensure they complete activities within the time given for the session on the time table
🤦🏽‍♀️Allow the free time only during the day based on the timetable and let them do a fun activity of their choice.

🤦🏽‍♀️They will #manipulate you by saying they are hungry or want to sleep but at school there are specific times for eating and rest time.
🤦🏽‍♀️ They WILL want to go to the bathroom many times, especially when working on a subject/topic they do not like or don’t understand or if something else interests them. You will have to use your discretion with this.

🤦🏽‍♀️Create a space for to work - quiet with little distraction
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You Were #WARNED = NOW it is HERE

The National consultation on the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) framework for local government climate action in Australia
resulting arrangement between EU & ICLEI Oceania as the GCoM Oceania regional lead partner.
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