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‘Case Closed’: McConnell urges Congress 2 move on from Mueller Report

Mueller report: Democrats slam Republicans 4 'stunning act of cynicism'

‘There is a dark connection in Washington between McConnell, Barr + tRUmp’

Contempt Hearing – “All systems go!”

Durbin: McConnell ignored election security because GOP benefited from Russians

FBI Director Wray distances himself from Barr's use of 'spying' on Trump campaign

C.I.A. Had Evidence of Russian Effort to Help Trump Earlier Than Believed

WH invokes executive privilege to bar former counsel from turning over documents to Congress

🔥Robert Mueller is leaving the Justice Department 'within coming days.’

W Mueller on Justice staff, Barr has sway over testimony👆

House's Barr Contempt Docs

“Barr has set himself up + Trump, 4 embarrassment“

🔥Cohen says he helped Falwell handle racy photos

Chelsea Manning “Nothing will convince me 2 testify” [Good. Rot.]

The Illusions of Putin’s Russia

RU Activities Across Europe (A Contrarian Assessment)

Trump’s Taxes: N.Y. Lawmakers Move Closer to Allowing Release of His State Returns

Wolkoff, who left her role as an adviser 2 1st Lady under disputed circumstances. “Thrown under the bus.”

Trump Furious With Ally David Bossie Over His Reported Self-Dealing

CREW digs deep into Rettig + his tRUmp banded investments

Why Is Trump Hiding His Tax Returns?

Trump Pardons Michael Behenna, Former Soldier Convicted Of Killing Iraqi Prisoner

6 tRUmp Interior appointees R being investigated 4 possible ethical misconduct

Economists flee Agriculture Dept. after feeling punished under Trump

Farm Fallout

Soldier w sense of humor retires. Pence’s feelings got hurt.

State Department Continues Fight 2 Strip Gay Couple’s Two-Year-Old Son of Birthright Citizenship

Pulitzer Prize-winning Reuters reporters freed from prison in Myanmar

Pro-democracy campaigner İyad el-Baghdadi who has been vocal critic of Saudi’s MbS, gets warning from CIA of potential threat by KSA.

Kushner briefs senators on immigration plan

How Chinese Spies Got the N.S.A.’s Hacking Tools, + Used Them 4 Attacks

Worsening US-China trade tensions rattle financial markets

China *denies having 'concentration camps,' tells US 2 'stop interfering'

The Chinese Surveillance State: Part I
"Due 2 pressing issues," Pompeo abruptly cancels trip 2 Germany

Morgan Stanley 2 shut down its Russian banking business in 1st quarter 2020

ReVote: Opposition Candidate's Victory Tossed Out In Istanbul Mayor's Race

Erdogan pushes EU further away from Turkey

US Ambassador 2 Ukraine leaving early

Pompeo + Lavrov will meet in Sochi May 14

US – Russia - Venezuela – Florida – 2020 Election

Venezuela’s top court targets opposition lawmakers

tRUmp Org sold ocean-view property in Dom Rep in 2015: A Maduro friend

¡Mira! José Elías Melo - #FCPA

French telecom company and former CEO face trial over wave of suicides

Pompeo falsely says Canadian claim to Northwest Passage is 'illegitimate'

W.H.O. issues warning as measles infects 34,000 in Europe this year

GA governor signs ‘heartbeat bill,’ giving state 1 of the most restrictive abortion laws in nation

National Election Experts Call on GA Supreme Court 2 Revive Contest of Lt. Governor Race

TX Man Found Guilty of Conspiring to Support ISIS
Former U.S. Rep. Scott Taylor campaign staffer indicted in petition forgery scandal

House Dems demand WH docs on federal response 2 Puerto Rico disaster

Secret deals & careful calculations: GOP's effort 2 gerrymander Ohio's congress'l district map


What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right

Grandma, be careful who U friend accept: Russian fake accounts targeted Facebook Groups

Trump Could Cost Future Retirees Billions - OPINION

11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting
“With an exhaustive invest. complete, would the country finally unify 2 confront real challenges B4 us?

Or remain consumed by unhinged partisanship + keep dividing ourselves 2 pt Putin + his agents need only stand on sidelines + watch?”
~Sen Ldr McConnell
Case Closed? Don't Think So!

Nancy Pelosi + Chuck Schumer called
Mitch McConnell’s ‘case closed’ speech
‘a brazen violation of the oath we all take’
in a joint letter.

"There is a dark connection in Washington between McConnell, Barr + tRUmp: each preventing progress 4 the people, acting as handmaidens 2 a special interest agenda that is anti-government, anti-science + against meeting the needs of hard-working families.”
Sen. Dick Durbin suggested Tuesday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wasn’t putting election security legislation up 4 a vote because Republicans benefited from Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Two Judiciary Dems, after meeting with Nadler, say contempt hearing and vote on Barr is *still on* for tomorrow. “All systems go,” says Rep. RASKIN

"I believe FBI is engaged in investigative activity+part of investigative activity incls surveillance activity of different shapes+sizes. 2 me key question is making sure it's done by the book consistent w our lawful authorities."
~FBI Director Chris Wray.
Case Has Been Open!


C.I.A. told senior lawmakers in classified briefings last summer it had info indicating Russia was working 2 help elect DJT pres, a finding that did not emerge publicly until after Mr. Trump’s victory mos later.

In letter 2 House Judiciary, WH counsel Cipollone said McGahn does not have legal right 2 comply w its subpoena for 36 types of documents; most relating 2 Mueller’s nearly 2-yr probe of Russian interference in 2016 election.

📌Mueller Leaving DOJ?

As long as Mueller works at DOJ, he needs sign-off from Attorney General William Barr 2 testify.

Barr has "no objection 2 Bob Mueller personally testifying."

tRUmp's McGahn Fear!

Trump feared a repeat — but bigger — of the February testimony of his former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, which dominated news coverage and even overshadowed a nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam.
Get Prepared.
Wednesday, 5/8/19 10am EST

Resolution recommending House of Representatives find William P. Barr, Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice In Contempt of Congress 4 refusal 2 comply w subpoena duly issued by Committee on the Judiciary.
Barr refused 2 play it straight w MR.

Instead of presenting rprt objectively, he substituted his own view of facts.
Instead of adhering 2 OLC memo, he made up new rule:
A prosecutor can opine on indictment of a president
even if he cannot indict him.


Falwells wanted 2 keep “bunch of photos, personal phots” from becoming public, Michael Cohen telling Tom Arnold during a 3/25 interview. “I actually have 1 of the photos,” he said, w/out going N2 specifics.
“It’s terrible.”

Nothing? Not even a Russian?

Chelsea Manning says “Nothing will convince me to testify”

[Good. Rot in prison.]

Bet a few Russians could make u talk.
Make ya keep those lips shut.


🌬️💨The Illusions of Putin’s Russia 🌬️💨

By Anders Åslund @AtlanticCouncil

Russia’s economic situation is much worse than they let on.
Quick read. Do it!

Understand how economically vulnerable Russia really is.👈

ht @MsMariaT
Russian Activities Across Europe (A Contrarian Assessment)

“I was asked by Pentagon 2 write up my thoughts on Putin’s Russia + its strategic intentions towards US, NATO + West 4 a DoD Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) White Paper.

🔥Trump’s Taxes: N.Y. lawmakers move closer 2 allowing release of his state returns.

As a standoff builds in Washington over the president’s federal tax returns, New York’s Legislature is moving quickly to allow the release of Mr. Trump’s state returns.

📌Inaugural official, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff disputes White House account of her departure. Rejects claims she was “dismissed”.

[ When the in-fighting begins, the claws come out. Meow. ]

ht @kelly2277

Orange Mob Blob doesn’t like messy deals.

Bossie not good at hiding grift. Pisses of Blob.

President even instructed top officials on his campaign 2 retaliate against his former deputy campaign manager. On Tues., they finally did!

IRS commissioner Charles Rettig is man standing btw Congress + Trump's tax returns.

CREW shows Rettig earned as much as $1M in rental income from his Trump-related branded properties.

As tRUmp fights 2 postpone inevitable, he risks convincing voters they do not need a subpoena 2 read his guilt. He’s defied congressional subpoena + refused 2 deliver his tax returns as law requires. Congressional subpoenas must be complied.

Grant of Executive Clemency

tRUmp pardons Michael Behenna

Fmr 1st lieutenant in US Army, 2 receive pardon by White House after sentenced in 2009 for killing a then-Iraqi operative Ali Mansur who possibly helped organize the explosion of fellow soldiers.

6 tRUmp Interior appointees being investigated 4 possible ethical misconduct.

Hiya Douglas Domenech!👋

Father of Federalist, plagiarist, Ben Domenech, who's married 2 Meghan McCain is 1 of Inter. appointees being investigated possible ethical misconduct.
Reports showing farmers hurt by the president’s policies have drawn ire of top officials.

🔥Economists in Agriculture Dept's research branch say tRUmp admin is retaliating against them 4 publishing reports shedding negative light on White House policies.
Farmers Not Happy!

Indiana Republican Sen. Mike Braun said farm state senators raised “deep concerns” about tariffs with Pence at lunch because tariffs “pile on” financially challenged farmers.

Command Master Chief Jonas Carter, of Harry S. Truman out of Norfolk, VA, stepped down from his position as ship's Sr enlisted leader + will retire.

Carter told sailors listening 2 VP Pence speech 2 "clap like we're at a strip club" when Pence arrived.
St Dept demanded 1 of couple’s twin sons have DNA test 2 prove he’s biological son of U.S. citizen.

Ever since twins Aiden + Ethan Dvash-Banks were born, they have shared everything; same button nose, same swoopy haircut, same pug/terrier mix ‘London’.

Pulitzer prize-winning Reuters reporters freed from prison in Myanmar.

After his surprise release from prison,

Reuters reporter Wa Lone said

"I can't wait to go back to newsroom." 👈

He spent more than 500 days behind bars.

CIA has warned Norway a prominent Arab activist, İyad el-Baghdadi, who is living in country under asylum protection, is facing a potential threat from Saudi Arabia.

Jared Kushner briefed senators on an immigration proposal meant 2 boost border security + set up new merit-based system that would keep number of legal immigrants coming N2 U.S. at current levels. Plan focuses on attracting high-skilled workers N2 U.S.
🔥Symantec provides 1st evidence Chinese state-sponsored hackers had acquired some of NSA’s cybertools B4 other hackers.

Chinese intelligence agents acquired NSA hacking tools+repurposed them in 2016 2 attack American allies + private co.s in Europe+Asia
Mnuchin the deal-maker, not-so-much.

U.S. stocks tumbled broadly Tuesday, with the major indexes falling about 2%, as the United States and China inched closer to a potential escalation in their trade war.

Pro-free-trade senators have tried private meetings w Trump, op-eds in prominent newspapers + other tactics 2 warn tRUmp away from new round of tariffs on foreign cars + auto parts, as well as lifting existing levies on steel+aluminum products made abroad.
China shoots back after US accusations of operating ‘concentration camps’ in Xinjiang region.

US Asst Sec of Defense, Randall Schriver says as many as 3 million Muslim-majority Uyghur people may be held inside massive Chinese government camps.
The Chinese Surveillance State: Part I

Using facial recognition software 4 ethnic profiling is only 1 way Beijing is harnessing technology for social control.

Sudden schedule change comes 2 days after Pentagon deployed a carrier + a bomber task force 2 the Middle East, in response 2 "specific + credible" intelligence suggested Iranian forces + proxies were planning 2 target US forces in Syria, Iraq + at sea.

Morgan Stanley 2 leave RU
US + EU sanctions imposed since 2014 made it hard 4 Russian businesses 2 access intern'l capital markets.

“Impact of changes in economy on future results of bank’s business+its financial condition may turn out 2 B significant.”
Turkey's Re-Vote!

Turkish election authorities have voided major election victory 4 country's main opposition party. A rerun of election 4 mayor of Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city, will reportedly be held on June 23.

Ambassador 2 Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch has been at forefront of US efforts 2 help stabilize Ukraine’s shaky economy + push reforms 2 root out endemic corruption.

Backing Ukraine in ongoing fight w Moscow over Russia forces in eastern regions since 2014.
📌Pompeo 2 meet Lavrov 5/14.

Lots 2 catch up on: VZ, NK, Syria, Ukraine, nuclear arms, Whelan…


US – Russia - Venezuela – Florida – 2020 Election

'The Kremlin was struck by [Fiona] Hill’s prioritization of Venezuela as the most important issue in the relationship due 2 its direct impact on U.S. politics and the 2020 presidential race in Florida.'
VZ’s top court opened criminal invest against 6 opposition lawmakers fllwng failed attempt 2 spark military uprising against Maduro. Lawmakers R suspected of “betraying homeland” + “instigating an insurrection,” among other charges.
Widely believed to be the 2nd most powerful man in Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello Rondón purchases tRUmp Org Dominican Republic condo in 2015. Asking price was $3.5M.

Not illegal, but is it ethical?🤔

ht @LincolnsBible
¡Mira! José Elías Melo - #FCPA

Let’s get to know José Elías Melo.

Former CEO of a subsidiary of Colombia’s largest banking conglomerate, Grupo Aval, was sentenced to almost 12 years in prison for bribing state officials in the Odebrecht scandal.

French telecom company Orange and its former chief executive have gone on trial in Paris, accused of pursuing a strategy to destabilize employees that resulted in a wave of suicides a decade ago.😱

ht @pleasesaveour
Sketchy Pompeo

Canada's claim over Northwest Passage is "illegitimate," U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in major speech 2 Arctic Council that Canadian experts called both provocative + frequently inaccurate.

More than 34,000 people across Europe caught measles in the first two months of 2019, with the vast majority of cases in Ukraine, the World Health Organization said on Tuesday as it urged authorities to ensure vulnerable people get vaccinated.

Y don’t they just protect sperm?🤔

🔥Kemp signed controversial “heartbeat” bill into law, outlawing most abortions once a doctor detects what some call “a fetal heartbeat in the womb,” usually about 6 weeks into pregnancy.

National Election Experts Call on Ga. Supreme Court to Revive Contest of Lt. Governor Race

Coalition experts urged the high court to remand the case for “adequate electronic records discovery,” citing statistical anomalies in the race 4 GA Lt. Governor.

Said Azzam Mohamad Rahim operated online to spread ISIS’s poisonous message of hate + violence,” said Asst Attorney General Demers.

“Then he attempted 2 trvl 2 support ISIS + he lied 2 FBI when questioned about his activities.
Grand jury indicted Lauren Creekmore Peabody on 2 cnts of election fraud. Campaign staffer 4 ex-Congressman Scott Taylor was charged w submitting forged petition signatures as part of scheme 2 siphon votes from his Democratic opponent.

🔥House Democrats demand WH documents on federal response 2 Puerto Rico disaster.

Cummings sends extensive request 4 records related to the federal response to Hurricane Maria, which killed thousands of people and caused billions of dollars in damage.
🔥In 2011, state-paid contractors, on leave from their public jobs 4 GOP lawmakers, worked secretly in a hotel room described as the "bunker" to create political maps aimed at creating safe Republican districts for most of Ohio's congressional delegation.
Texas Sen. Bryan Hughes' new bill, SB 9, will disallow driving of elderly, disabled, or poor people to the polls. It would ban efforts with vans full of elderly from nursing homes, disabled people, poor people who don’t have cars, would be illegal in TX. legiscan.com/TX/bill/SB9/20…
👓Tales from the Sketch Side👓

What Happened After My 13-Year-Old Son Joined the Alt-Right.

Grandma, be careful who U friend accept:

Russian fake accounts targeted Facebook Groups

Facebook removes network of fake Russian accounts that were using what it termed "deceptive tactics" to join Facebook groups.

tRUmp could cost future retirees billions.

Abandoning fiduciary rule was a mistake.

Known as the fiduciary rule, it would have required more brokers + insurance agents to disclose when they’re getting paid 2 steer people N2 certain invests.
11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting


Anyone is susceptible 2 gaslighting + it is common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists + cult leaders. It is done slowly, so victim doesn't realize how much they've been brainwashed.
It’s All Connected: FLASHBACK

Catch+Kill: GOPerv M.O.


"When we had embarrassing information about Arnold, we were to buy it up off the market."

Arnold Schwarzenegger
David Pecker
American Media Inc.
National Enquirer
Thomas Wells


Anyone with some dusty furnishings?

WenGe Wendi Deng-Cherry-Murdoch is ready to go!

[ Wendi Deng Met Gala ]

@chunkled is a Patriot.

Knows what’s up,
and what’s down.

Keeps it real,
funny 4 us all.


ht @karolcummins


Want 2 thank @karolcummins 4 her trust in me.

Also, sending out a huge squeeze to my fellow Guest Editors @geekgirlden @BelievnTheDream + @pleasesaveour
Smart, insightful, freakishly OCD and tons-o-fun!

Huge, huge huge thank you to #TeamNutShellReport #Squad.
U folks ROCK!
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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

#TeamNutshellReport #TeamPatriot


Rest well Patriots!
Some things just come back 2 haunt.

USC’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Problem

Recent scandals at the university have cast renewed scrutiny on an old deal with the former governor.

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