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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s assertion that “the Iranian regime’s use of #terrorism as a tool of statecraft makes it fundamentally different from any other government” is fundamentally incorrect.
The public record alone shows that other governments use clandestine violence overseas, including in ways that fully qualify as international terrorism under the terms of the same U.S. law that created the FTO list.
Pakistan does it.

Russia does it.

Israel has a long record of doing it, including nasty operations such as car bombs in urban streets that kill innocent passers-by as well as the intended target.
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United States decided to label #IRGC terrorists. But who are the real terrorists? Who created, trained, armed & financed the worst terrorist groups in the world?

#Hypocrites #DoubleStandards #Liars #Warlords #USRealTerrorists
🇺🇸with the help of its allies🇬🇧🇮🇱🇫🇷& its puppets🇸🇦🇦🇪created,trained, armed,financed the worst terrorist groups in the🌍(ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al Nusra,"White Helmets,"moderate rebels"- in🇦🇫🇮🇶🇱🇾🇸🇾🇾🇪🇸🇴🇸🇩..Now accusing Iran?🇺🇸MF.🇺🇸>creator of terrorists in the🌍🤬
.@realDonaldTrump @SecPompeo @VP @AmbJohnBolton @LindseyGrahamSC @marcorubio the Real Terrorist in the🌍
🗣️‼️🌍Leaders‼️It's time to choose. Do you stand with the greatest terrorist patron or stand on the side of those who have eliminated these terrorists?
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No matter which ideology fuels an act of #terrorism, it's important to keep things in perspective. In fact, that's an essential part of refusing to allow terrorism achieve its goal, which is — of course — to terrorize. /1
In the U.S., the number of fatal attacks by far-right extremists has increased from around a few per year to highs of seven or eight in a couple of recent years. Homegrown jihadist terrorists have been responsible for an average of around six deaths per year since 9/11. /2
Of course, one casualty is one too many. And yet these numbers represent only a tiny fraction of violence in America, where the number of homicides averages around 15,000 per year. /3
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The corrupt #FBI accused me of being an Al Qaeda contact in a 3rd world country & had me taken down on the street and thrown into proxy detention.

I am an Orthodox Christian and have never been in a mosque in my life, nor engaged in any conversations with anyone ....
who could even been mistaken for a terrorist. Before that I had spent the majority of my life in Miami

Typical #FBI BS fairytale. The judge stated the charges were ridiculous & demanded my immediate release

#FBI was already working w/ my attorney who fled with the Habeus Corpus
FBI had me returned to a maximum security facility where I was placed back in solitary confinement. I spent 35 days there & lost a pound per day.

As per DoD definition, the #FBI engages in #terrorism against Americans, at home & abroad.

This is my story

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🚨Terrorism of #Iran
NO : 1
#Iran mullahs regime #Terrorism in #EU soil Asdollah Assadi, Iran’s diplomat in #Austria who ordered the terror attack, was arrested in #Germany. He is a high-rank intelligent person of the Iranian embassy with a bomb in Austria.
#BlackListMOIS #NCRI
🚨Terrorism of #Iran
NO : 2
Iran’s Embassies Operate #Terrorism Abroad Not Diplomacy
Recently bomb plot against #Iranian gathering in Paris was planned in Iran's embassy in #Austria .
#BlacklistMOIS #NCRI
🚨Terrorism of #Iran
NO : 3
Asdollah Assadi was the head of the office of the Ministry of News and Security (MOIS) in Vienna and has been living in Austria since August 2014. He must be tried.
#BlackListMOIS #NCRI
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(1) This is what we are dealing with: A #MinorityReport-styled AI Pre-crime program (minus the "precogs" floating in water), run thru #DHS-funded #ThreatFusionCenters.

#FBI #DHS #JTTF use #StreetTheater & #SurveillanceRolePlayers (#GangStalking in street parlance) ....
(2) to provoke, terrorize and traumatize those who have been targeted by the protocol referred to as #TheProgram.

Those who have been targeted are subject to #RNM AKA #RemoteNeuralMonitoring. While this tech appears to be "science fiction" to the public, it has been ....
(3) deployed (and employed) by the US Government since the 1960s.

Here is a link to a 1974 patent. When something is publicly patented, and has Military value, they have been playing with the tech for a few decades, before public unveiling thru a patent.…
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(1) One aspect of the deviant #SoftKill protocol, deployed by the #FBI #JTTF #DHS is to try to make the innocent target's life so miserable, that he or she engages in self-harm.

That was their goal with Martin Luther King - and they still attempt to exploit that approach.
(2) I speak numerous languages and can employ at least 6 different dialects in English. On several occasions I have had people say, "you are better than Robin Williams, too bad he committed suicide."

Now I have had two people within the past two weeks say that ....
(3) I "remind them of David Carridine" (and I do not even look remotely like him).

#FBI #JTTF & Private-contractor Azz-Boyz; are so pathetic & sophomoric - as r your "#PSYOPS".

I am here to stay & am really enjoying watching the #FBI AKA "Federal Bureau of Imams" disintegrate
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The #Iran ian regime has left people vulnerable against natural disasters such as flood and earthquake, by destroying significant parts of forests & by wasting the national wealth to export #terrorism & to carry on missile projects.
@USAdarFarsi #IranFlood…
#IranFlood- The flood has plunged all of #Lorestan province - in the city of #Khorramabad, the provincial capital, the river of the city has exploded due to the intensity of rain and water has entered the homes.
@eu_eeas @Foxnews #Iran
Solidarity With Flood Victims in Iran.
Anglo-Iranian Communities Express Solidarity With Flood Victims in #Iran.
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They are trying to paint Q as violent. Between the Christchurch shooter's manifesto and now this, they are trying to create a false narrative that it's Q and @realDonaldTrump supporters doing these terrorist attacks when it's THEM staging it that way.…
Define OPTICS. Define projection. Define alinsky tactic #1. Define #EnemyCombatant. Define narrative. Define subversion. Define propaganda. Define false flag. Define "death blossom". Q triggered the enemy into a sting op with the [-21] countdown. Define BAIT. #ByePhoenicia #QAnon
Q said [-21]

In that [21] there were [2] shootings attributed to Q & several train accidents/transportation terrorist acts. I'd venture to guess there were [4]. Last resort = #DeathBlossom. All to hijack the news cycle & /or take out @infinitechan/#QAnon 💥💥💥🎯🎆🎆🎆 #WWG1WGA
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No, The New Zealand Shooter Was Not A Nationalist: It is implausible to claim that the murders of these innocent Muslim victims were caused by nationalism. Rather, it appears to be the work of a kind of globalist. #Terrorism #Globalism…
Abraham Lincoln and his supporters in the Republican Party, insisted that membership in the American nation state should not be based on tribal or ethnic identity but, essentially, on acceptance of the American “creed.” In the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln described America as...
“dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Dedicated to a proposition. Lincoln’s view prevailed. We are a propositional nation, not an ethnic one.
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MASON hall?! No coincidences.
This is one of the most populated lecture halls on umich campus. High volume traffic area, largest computer lab on campus, connected to two other large buildings. This is a central location on campus.
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#NewZealand: Look, I said this yesterday, and have to emphasize it strongly again today: The Timing Of #AEI Running This Piece by Michael Rubin Warning Of Attacks on “Jews” in #Turkey With #NewZealand Terrorists’ #Manifesto on #Turkey!!- - -
#NewZealand : I generally hate all the drama-based politically motivated “heightened alert” business by governments (Everywhere!)-However, if I were #Turkey government authority I’d watch out for possible #GladioOps targeting synagogues/Jewish centers here. Something may be up...
#NewZealand: This Guy has come to #Turkey several times for extended stays. He includes #Turkey & Turkish Pres. In his warnings (Manifesto). #Israel lobby’s #AEI issues this insane warning ... I’d say “Heightened Alert” In this Case: would be warranted.
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Oh Dear Father God, Please Help 🙏🏻 😭 TODAY THE WORLD GOT
a 3.14.19 #911 EVENT...
@StormIsUponUs Didn’t you have that 911 in your latest Remastered Q Video???
👉🏻Mass shooting at mosques in Christchurch, NZ 👈🏻
@realDonaldTrump @FBI @SecretService
2/ IT WAS EVEN POSTED ON 8 CHAN BEFORE THE SHOOTING!!!! They are trying to destroy The Q Movement!!!
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By @telesurenglish
Venezuela has emerged from the US attacks on its electrical system.
By @MaxBlumenthal
Terrible news for Little @marcorubio @AmbJohnBolton & Guadio’s gang, but great news for the people of Caracas:

The city’s free Metro system is coming back on line as Venezuela recovers from its curiously timed electricity outages.
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Wieso islamistische Anschläge mehr Opfer fordern als jede andere Form von Terror

➡️Unsere grosse Analyse zum islamistischen Terror @nzzvisuals… #terrorism
Eine Analyse von über 26.000 Anschlägen seit 1970 zeigt, dass islamistischer Terror tödlicher, brutaler und skrupelloser ist als jede andere Form von Terror.
Auf der Suche nach Erklärungen für diesen tödlichen «Erfolg» hat die NZZ den Datensatz nach weiteren Auffälligkeiten durchsucht und mit einem halben Dutzend Experten gesprochen. Herausgekommen ist dabei ein Steckbrief, der zeigt, wie militanter Islamismus funktioniert.
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Anyone that knows a lot about the middle east want to help me out with some bots/trolls?
They don't like #Iran or #Qatar
I found them while looking at the #Russia hashtag, they are either bots or a coordinated trolls. Haven't figured it out yet.
I highlighted them here in the tweets I pulled for #russia
They all use the same naming convention, have similar creation dates, and similar "stats', they also have very similar descriptions.
Regular twitter data never looks like that.
After pulling a timeline for about 20 of them you can see they are tweeting close to the same thing at the same time.
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Mega Thread of Opinion (1 of 52)

My take on #Election2019, is one that will surprise all #Canadians who will take the #time to read past this #headline. It will be a #long #series of #tweets that will be #purely #honest & straight to the #point.
This #series of tweets will contain #jabs at #voters, the #media & our #political #parties & they are #jabs, that in my own #opinion are #merited. Agree or don’t agree, I won’t care, but it needs to be said to ease my conscience in the lead up to our election!
In 2015, Canada’s #media, declared that #Trudeau & .@liberal_party outflanked the @NDP on leftist policies & for the 1st time in recent history the media supported large deficits & destruction of our country’s finances over a more balanced approach. Let’s stop here for a sec.
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(1) #DHS #FBI #JTTF force an individual to fight for their life once they have been watch-listed. Death-threat e-mails, vandalism, break-ins, slander, hacked accounts, stolen mail, stalking, harassment, assaults & battery

They unleash a panoply of criminal acts on the "target."
(2) They approach all family members, friends, neighbors and fellow church-goers, flash their "License-to-Kill" National Security Letters and then begin to take down the target who is usually oblivious to the onset of this federally-funded, criminal tsunami.
(3) Recently-arrived immigrants are assisted with vehicle leases, immigration/naturalization issues and compensated via home/vehicle repairs and gift cards (not traceable) if they agree to "assist" #DHS #FBI #JTTF #InfraGard with "maintaining public safety."
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In February 2015, Amira Abase (15*), #ShamimaBegum (16*) & Kadiza Sultana (15*), travelled to #Syria from UK via Turkey. They went to become "#ISIS brides". Till this day, I still don't know how they were not stopped or questioned at any port of exit/entry.

*At the time
The reason I say this, is that few weeks later after the girls left the UK, I was travelling back to the UK from Jordan, via Turkey. When I got to the UK, I was detained under #Schedule7 of the #Terrorism Act 2000.

Police said because I was alone & had come from Turkey & Jordan, & taking into account foreigners (#Muslims) using those countries to enter Syria, they wanted to have a chat. During the questioning, I was asked about my opinion of the 3 girls (I heard in the news about them).
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#Whitaker, who served as chief of staff to then-Attorney General Jeff #Sessions until President Trump tapped him for acting role in Nov, is now a senior counselor in associate attorney general’s office…
#WHITAKER remain DOJ senior staff?
Senior counselor in the associate attorney general’s office?
[Nov 2018] Senator Chuck Grassley said he will relinquish his job as US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman next yr, creating a coveted vacancy atop a panel that reviews judicial nominations & was among those examining Russia’s role in US…ggGR
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