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@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU .@ACLU has filed a motion asking Judge Sabraw for clarification on WHEN EXACTLY CBP is allowed to separate children from their parents, cuz right now, they're doing it for crazy stuff.

911 children separated since June 2018.

185 of them under 5yrs old.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU In this update on the Ms L vs ICE case, the govt is CONTINUING to separate children from their parents for spurious, nonsensical reasons. Decades old DUIs, traffic tickets, misdemeanor shoplifting offenses, minor drug and fraud charges.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo Of the 185 children under age 5 that were separated from their parents by CBP, 13 were UNDER ONE YEAR OLD.

Infants. Tiny babies.

They were likewise separated for ridiculous reasons that would never be tolerated in American courts, for American children.

@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo Then there are all the children CBP separated from their parents for unsubstantiated allegations of unfitness and "insufficient proof of parentage."

These are especially heartbreaking.

(You can read all about them in the 128pp supplemental to the filing, @ACLU link above.)
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo Or, if you're a particular breed of nasty, you can invoke a racist #BLOTUS' rhetoric with ZERO evidence, call a parent a gang member and take away their child!

@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo Mainly, the @ACLU filed this motion because they've tried, many times, to get a better reckoning from the "defendants" in the case--DHS, Da Gummint--on what criteria they're using EXACTLY when they decide to separate. They've gotten nowhere.

So they're takin it to the judge.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo Judge Sabraw's June 2018 decision said CBP/ICE could ONLY separate children when the parent was unfit or a clear danger, but they're arguing they can separate any parent with any sort of criminal history, no matter how banal.

Hopefully the Judge will set 'em straight. 🙏
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo I included this child's story above--in an attachment--but didn't highlight it in particular. It must be, however, because the abject cruelty this administration is purposefully and almost gleefully perpetrating on innocent children is truly despicable.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo Okay, I'm gonna pull this tweet over here for a minute, and you'll see why. Suffice to say, at the moment, that @DHSgov has not done their duty. But *someone* has!

@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov I was trawling the HHS website today, as one does, & came across this page:


Now, I've pulled out the charts, & the footnotes, both of which I find fascinating given the filing from @ACLU I reported on above. Let's take a look, shall we?

@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov First of all, the only report extant on the HHS site is one from June, giving stats from May. Neither DHS or HHS has complied, still, with the requirement for July to provide stats for June.

Imagine if a refugee family just didn't bother turning in legally required paperwork...
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov But I digress.

May numbers, in and of themselves, are stunning. The @ACLU filing references 911 children separated from parents.

115 of those happened in May.

Of those, 34 children were under 5yrs old.

Most of those VERY Tender Age separations included "immigration history."
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov If that tickles your memory bone, good. Because @ACLU mentioned in their filing--and Judge Sabraw explicitly stated a year ago--that immigration issues were NOT to be a consideration when deciding on child separation.

And yet, these wankmaggots claim ACLU actually agrees w/them!
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov We also know, from the @ACLU, that many of those "criminal history" claims are also spurious nonsense, AND that ACLU does NOT agree that these parents are an excluded class, at all.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as is stated in the July 30th filing:
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov Because of @ACLU's filing, w/the descriptive timeline of discussions they had--or tried to have--with DHS over these issues, this was no mistake on HHS's part, but deliberate misinformation.

AKA, they be lying.

But it wouldn't be the trump admin if agencies didn't lie, right?
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov Another fascinating bit about this solitary report from HHS is the breakdown on *where* the child separations happened.

HALF the children separated at the border in May came thru Harlingen sector. And nearly HALF the children Harlingen separated were 0-5yrs old.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov Where is Harlingen, you ask? (I did.) How many children come through there? What percentage of parents and children are being separated compared to the number being apprehended?

All good questions. For those answers, we have to go to CBP stats...except for the first one.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov So...Harlingen does not appear as a sector in Border Patrol. At all. Anywhere. But since it, as you can see below, includes the rather large & notorious Border Station #ConcentrationCamps of Donna, McAllen, Brownsville & Weslaco, we'll just assume they mean Rio Grande, shall we?
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov At CBP, you can get a monthly breakdown of "apprehensions" by sector, and by type. So, if you were to look at "family unit" apprehensions for May 2019, at Rio Grande sector, you'd see they comprise:

------- = ~ 40% of all border apprehensions of FMUs
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov Yet Harlingen/Rio Grande had 53/115 of the child separations for May 2019, or 46%.

On the other hand, El Paso, with the next highest numbers, had 35% of the total apprehensions, but only 30/115 or 26% of the child separations.

#SOSAmerica2019 #CloseTheCamps
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov I'm not saying the folks at McAllen, Donna, Brownsville, Weslaco, etc are separating children when they shouldn't, even more than other sectors....no, wait. Yes, I am.

Remember, Weslaco is where Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez died of medical neglect.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov That half the children BP Agents--not Social Workers, not Judges, but Agents w/out any training--at " Harlingen" yanked away from parents (on quite likely spurious "reasons") were under 5 years old should be EXTREMELY concerning.

It has the sense of targeted terrorism, to me.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov Separating children of any age from their parents or primary caregiver is bad for them, emotionally and psychologically. It's morally reprehensible when done unnecessarily, for political or "deterrent" reasons.

This is something of a theme of mine.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov If this thread made you queasy, good.

Angry? Even better.

Channel that feeling into action!

@NeverAgainActn and @UNITEDWEDREAM are protesting all over the country on the regular. Find a protest near you!

@HMAesq wrote the following guide to helping:
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov @NeverAgainActn @UNITEDWEDREAM @HMAesq Rise and Resist is having TWO EVENTS this week in NYC!

One is a civil disobedience workshop on SATURDAY, 8/3 from 11-4 at Thompkins Square Park.

The second is a protest on MONDAY, 8/5.

More details can be found here:
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov @NeverAgainActn @UNITEDWEDREAM @HMAesq Want to be part of massive, sustained protest undertakings, possibly the only way to shut down the camps for good, & get real impeachment hearings underway?

Join #SOSAmerica2019, by adding an 🆘 to your name or profile, sending me a DM.

Mobilizations to begin mid-August, NYC.
@USATODAY @jomareewade @ACLU @ifindkarma @DemocracyStorm @axidentaliberal @B52Malmet @TrinityResists @TrisResists @porpentina2017 @moved2italy @DanaScottlo @DHSgov @NeverAgainActn @UNITEDWEDREAM @HMAesq Finally, I must attach my List of Many Orgs, which includes those (like @ACLU) fighting tooth and nail to get children out of detention camps, reunited with their families, and putting an end to the very idea of detaining asylum seekers at all.
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