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Who's Gay Here?

Y Eastwood *stretch truth?

1 kiss btw

Hoover's relationship w Tolson
central theme.
In real life,
all D.C. knew was
pair dined daily together,
vacationed together,
did everything but move in together.

#StorkClub #MOB

"Hoover got very paranoid
about any1 finding out
he was homosexual"

As if 2 compensate,
Hoover lashed out at
+ sought 2 expose other homosexuals.

4 yrs he had his agents infiltrate
+ monitor homosexual-rights groups."

2 noted specialists
in psychiatry + psychology
believed Hoover's sexual torment
was very pertinent
2 his use + abuse of power
as America's top law-enforcement officer.

Anti-women's vote?

"Constantly needed 2 destroy
other people in order
2 maintain himself.
He managed 2 live w
his conflict
by making others pay price."


Self-loathing deniers.

Paul sorta feels bad 4 'em.

Organized crime figures
Meyer Lansky + Frank Costello
obtained photos of
Hoover’s alleged homosexual activity
w longtime aide
Clyde Tolson
+ used them 2 ensure
FBI did not target
their illegal activities.


Better-established facts
about Hoover + Jews R these:

He helped protect
several Nazi war criminals
from deportation after World War II
+ put them 2 work as informants
4 FBI;

Hoover established liaisons
w offices of
📌Anti-Defamation League
thru-out U.S.
in 1940s + again in 1960s,
at ADL’s request,
2 help FBI monitor
▪️Arab groups,
▪️anti-apartheid activists,
▪️Jewish communists;

Sought 2 destroy reputations of

Albert Einstein,
J. Robert Oppenheimer,
📌progressive Jewish scientists.

W Jews constituting up 2
📌1/3 of American Communist Prty
it is widely assumed
as fierce an anti-Communist,
Hoover was equally anti-Semitic.
"In fact,
he was far too busy
attempting 2 undermine
or destroy Civil Rights movement
+ other threats
2 white supremacist America
2 bother much w American Jews."

“Communist threat from w/out
must not blind us
2 Communist threat from w/in.
Latter reaching N2 heart of America
thru its espionage agents
+ cunning, defiant+lawless commie prty,
fanatically dedicated 2
📌Marxist cause
of world enslavement
+ destruction of foundations
of our republic.”
~ J. Edgar Hoover

"Stonewall" + MOB

Nearly 50 years ago,
on June 28, 1969,
LGBT people;
led by drag queens;
rebelled against a raid
by New York Police Department
on the Stonewall Inn gay nightclub.

For 2 nights,
gay men+women
fought back against police
until they w/drew

later became seen as perhaps
most import symbolic event
in modern LGBT rights movement.

Less well known,
turbulent nights of
June 28-29, 1969,
Gay rebellion against Mob!
The Stonewall
was secretly owned by
Matthew “Matty the Horse” Ianiello;
high-level caporegime (captain)
in the Genovese crime family
who held hidden interests
in a series of gay bars
+ porn stores in Greenwich Village
+ Times Square neighborhoods.
Gay Lambs Sacrificed

Mobbed-up bar owners
would periodically let police run
“show raids” 2 appease neighbors;
in process,
*sacrifice some of their patrons
2 humiliating arrests + detentions.

W/in days of Stonewall riots,
activists handing out leaflets
in Village
condemning “the Mafia monopoly.”

Someone wrote graffiti
on Stonewall’s boarded-up windows:

4 decades,
mainstream Mob histories
omitted Mafia’s involvement
w gay bars.

The Mob, of course,
did not like 2 talk about
any of its rackets,
but especially those
connected 2
*gay bar scene.

Mafia | MOB
should also never b mistaken
4 gay rights organization.


Mafia | MOB was in it
4 money.
(Though some mobsters
also engaged in same-sex activity).

Some gay activists later
tended 2 shy away from
this ugly past.

David Carter was 1st
2 extensively detail
Genovese family’s involvement
in the 1960s in his book

The Riots That Sparked
the Gay Revolution."

"Nobody's gonna respect us
if we have a gay homosexual boss
sitting down discussing
La Cosa Nostra business."

John "Johnny Boy" D'Amato,
head of DeCavalcante family,
biggest in New Jersey,
was shot dead in 1992.

MOB infiltrates everywhere.

The MOB is sooooooo GAY
@threadreaderapp .

Did ya know about all
the self-loathing gays?


They no like themselves,
dislike women, dislike truth.

Let's unroll
mafia gay b¡tches

La Cosa Nostra
up ur arseholios
w 2 fists!
Oh Mr. 🤖
u git me excited
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