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Arrancando el programa "Leading in the Exponential Age" de @singularityu en @IAE_Austral #SingularityIAE
Disrupción en espacios inusuales. Había escuchado sobre el impacto de los autos autónomos en la donación de organos, pero las bebidas energéticas? @singularityu @IAE_Austral #SingularityIAE
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“The Pentagon is looking to build artificial intelligence into neural interfaces to let humans control machines with their thoughts.”

DARPA Thinks AI Could Help Troops Telepathically Control Machines…
DARPA calls the program “Intelligent Neural Interfaces program.” I hope they aren’t testing it out on unknowing soldiers!!!

👆@MindFuror @Cordicon @DebunkAtheists @JustinTraver3 @RealJamesWoods @TheSpeaker2018 @M2Madness @occulturalism @OuterLimits816 @TheSharpEdge1 @BardsOfWar

The C_A is looking to build artificial intelligence into neural interfaces to let machines control humans with their thoughts.

💥Ultimate #MKultra
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#Qanon Post #2980…📁
Read carefully knowing what you know now.
Moves & Countermoves.
Death Blossom.
Here is the article... Trump has been hanging on to multiple docs that could/should be declassified that would be devastating to the Democrats. He is holding these to release at a beneficial strategic time.

Anons wish he would just do full DECLAS already!
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DOD is working to build fully-autonomous AI killer robots! This is no longer science fiction folks! (LAWS)

This report is eye opening! 👁

“China’s Pursuit of Emerging and Exponential Technologies.” January 9, 2018. Unclassified.…

Lots of info in this report on lasers, mazers, satellite weapons, AI, Quantum.... an eye opening account of modern technology/military development applications.
TRUTH is stranger than fiction.
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(How do you solve the problem of creating stable Qubits in Quantum Computing? #BCI wireless “Brain social networks” connected to the Cloud...)

Brain-to-Brain Interface: The Next Gen Social Network

HIVE MIND Problem Solving...
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This interview was very enlightening to watch, and it was interesting to see the undertones about the AI/ BCI/ Neuralink intel.

Joe to Elon: “I’m glad you as a robot like humanity, so you don’t kill us and eat us.”
Does Elon Musk already have a Brain Computer Interface #BCI #AI chip?! Is that why he’s so smart and can’t sleep?

What they don’t get into much here is how this technology is the true Mark of the Beast and how it could be used to fully enslave all of humanity. Ultimate #MKultra.
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Just saw the @ReadyPlayerOne movie and want to know how it stacks up against the reality of virtual reality? This thread that breaks down what RP1 gets right, not-quite-right, and flat-out wrong about the future of #VR, immersion, & the metaverse.
We’ll also examine the tech #ReadyPlayerOne left out altogether. After all, the film is set in 2045, and given the exponential rate of technological advancement, 27 years will likely yield some dramatic changes in society.
There are a few articles that have pointed out some of the basics, but having worked in the industry for 4+ years, I want to paint a fuller picture of our impending reality, with RP1 as the jumping-off point.
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