👋Hello! 👋This is Olivia (@livmqhenry) with @LPostCollective. We are excited to share what we heard during our information needs assessment in South Fresno and nearby rural areas.

Read the full report here: bit.ly/2mfWDdj /1
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno The assessment included:
➡️ 600 resident surveys
➡️ 8 listening sessions
➡️ 40 interviews with media makers and community leaders
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno In our surveys and listening sessions, we asked:
☝️Who are your trusted sources of local news and info?
☝️What's your preferred way of getting news and info?
☝️What topics do you most care about?
☝️What’s one story that needs more attention?

@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno Big 🖼️: South Fresno is home to generations of residents building healthy, equitable, connected neighborhoods. Access to local, high-value, trusted news + info can assist their efforts. With support from @IrvineFdn, we spent 6 months listening for info gaps and opportunities. /4
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn Fresno and surrounding rural communities are also home to incredible organizations who have been doing this work for a long time. We are especially thankful to @radiobilingue, #KBIF, @CBDIOFRESNO, @ENPFresno, @HIPcalifornia, @El5Soldeamerica, @CSET and more for their help. /5
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET The team working on this included:
📌@livmqhenry, Assessment Lead
📌@JesseAHardman, @LPostCollective founder
📌Juan Carlos Mosqueda Rosales, Community Liaison
📌Aaron Frisby, Community Liaison
📌Chali Lee, Community Liaison
📌Rocky Vang, Community Liaison
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman 1. 📰 Local news has a part to play in serving residents’ basic information needs. People asked for news and information about help with rising utility rates; immigration resources and how to vet them; the status of street repairs; low-cost activities for families; and more. /8
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman People told us community and advocacy organizations did a better job furnishing this type of information. They challenged newsrooms to do more. (Community and ethnic media we visited placed a greater emphasis on sharing resources.) /9
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan 2. 🗣️ Fresno is a city of many languages. Its news should be, too. A language other than English is spoken in 44% of Fresno Co. households, with Spanish, Hmong and Punjabi among the most common. Options are limited for local + hyperlocal news in a language other than English…/12
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan ...and the sources that exist often have a regional focus.

“We need a lot more of that grassroots, really place-based information to be in the frontlines more often.” —@ENPFresno’s Germán Quiñonez

@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan Ex: Community advocate Lilia Becerril moderates of two popular Facebook groups for South Fresno families. She told us she can't find enough Spanish-language news to share with her members, so she often runs English articles through Google Translate and posts summaries. /14
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan 3. Community info-sharers fill critical gaps. Residents told us people like Lilia Becerril, @GShergill13, @CherPeeklee, @LCJA staff members, local faith leaders, school officials and more are key information bearers and sharers. /15
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan @GShergill13 @CherPeeklee @lcja Many of them use media (Facebook videos, 📻 shows, flyers) to share info in language that fits and activates their communities. “Gurdeep [talking] on one issue can result in a dozen people calling me. Lilia can result in two dozen people calling me,” @MiguelArias_D3 told us. /16
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan @GShergill13 @CherPeeklee @lcja @MiguelArias_D3 ❗How are trusted community information-sharers supported, consulted and included by public officials, agencies, nonprofits and newsrooms?

⬆️This was a key question of @LPostCollective’s info needs assessment in Sonoma, too: bit.ly/2RdbvGY

@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan @GShergill13 @CherPeeklee @lcja @MiguelArias_D3 4. Based on our surveys, free over-the-air TV channels were a leading source of local news and information in every community we visited. In particular, @noticias21’s #ArribaValleCentral is a staple among many Spanish-speaking residents. /18
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan @GShergill13 @CherPeeklee @lcja @MiguelArias_D3 Many people took issue with the tone of television news reports. In #Fresno, one parent said the regular coverage of shootings and robberies was “psychologically traumatic” for children and she refused to watch it around them. /19
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan @GShergill13 @CherPeeklee @lcja @MiguelArias_D3 Other parents said of TV news:
📺“It’s not focused on service.”
📺“It confuses us.”
📺“They cause alarm to frighten people.”

A Tulare Co. school official said of TV: “I have to talk down my own parents, relieve their worry and anxiety about what they’re seeing in the news." /20
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan @GShergill13 @CherPeeklee @lcja @MiguelArias_D3 But residents didn’t say they wanted less crime + public safety reporting—in many cases they wanted more. How might local stations (👋@ABC30, @KMPHFOX26, @CBS47, @KSEE24, @UnivisionFresno, @TelemundoFresno & more) cover these topics in a way that equips and connects viewers? /21
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan @GShergill13 @CherPeeklee @lcja @MiguelArias_D3 @ABC30 @CBS47 @KSEE24 @UnivisionFresno @TelemundoFresno 5. 🌱The health and success of young people are an information priority. Fresno is a young city — the average age is around 32. Youth development and/or schools were among the top five priorities in every community we surveyed. /22
@livmqhenry @VidaenelValle1 @noticias21 @KMPHFOX26 @KimberAndAssoc @KVPR @FresnoBee @CMACTV @radiobilingue @FresnoBHC @ENPFresno @IrvineFdn @CBDIOFRESNO @HIPcalifornia @El5Soldeamerica @CSET @JesseAHardman @CityBureau @outliermedia @mediaghosts @fionamorgan @GShergill13 @CherPeeklee @lcja @MiguelArias_D3 @ABC30 @CBS47 @KSEE24 @UnivisionFresno @TelemundoFresno @fresnounified @ylinstitute @bmocfresno @99_Rootz @FresnoBarrios @VisaliaUSD @theknowfresno There's so more in our full report (bit.ly/2mfWDdj), including:
📖 Requests from Fresno’s black community re: development news
📖 Thoughts on trust and representation from Hmong community members
📖 Differences in rural and urban info ecosystems
📖 Recommendations

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