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🚨 Türkiye'nin Afrika'daki başarısı, tıpkı domino taşları gibi başlangıç noktası olan Somali'nin güvenliğine bağlı. Batı, şimdi tam da bu ilk dominoyu dinamitliyor.

👇 Aşağıdaki dizide yaşananları özetledim
#SONDAKIKA #Somali #Somalia #Afrika #Turkiye #Analiz #Turkey

#1) Önce hatırlayalım, 2011 yılında üst üste kurak geçen yağmur sezonları Somali'de son dönemin en kötü açlık krizini yaratmış ve 250.000 kişinin açlıktan ölmesine sebep olmuştu.
#SONDAKIKA #Somali #Turkiye

#2) 2011'deki kıtlığın ardından, Somali tam tüm dünya tarafından kaderine terk edilmiş durumdayken CB. Erdoğan Somali'ye gitti.

Düşünün, Somali'yi 20 yıl (yirmi yıl!) sonra ziyaret eden İLK yabancı devlet başkanı oldu. O kadar unutulmuştu ülke.
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En Égypte :
- #Inflation des denrées alimentaires est autour de 20%
- la devise nationale a dégringolé en un jour de 17% par rapport au dollar

La question n'est plus de savoir si des troubles sociaux vont déstabiliser les pays périphériques, mais plutôt qui sera le premier...
Un article du @Le_Figaro sur l'#inflation en Égypte.
Selon le Ministre des finances égyptien :
« Avant la crise en Ukraine, on achetait une tonne de blé à 226 euros, elle coûte maintenant 363 euros ».…
Comme en Tunisie, l'austérité imposée par le #FMI sur les denrées essentielles a empiré la situation.

Les pays périphériques qui s'endettent auprès du FMI ne sont plus souverains puisque l'institution de Washington impose sa propre feuille de route économique aux États endettés.
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#ICJ Prelim Measures hearing #Ukraine v #Russia #Genocide Convention begins. Camera lingers on the Russia table, which is notably empty... #intlaw
#ICJ Pres makes clear RF was immediately notifed of the filings, & RF ambassador to NL has indicated RF will not participate in the proceedings.
#Ukraine has chosen ad hoc judge Prof Yves Daudet.
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"most Ukrainians will want to stay in Ukraine, but if they leave they’ll want to be as close to their home country as possible in order to be able to come back in the future."
what a pile of cynical nonsense from @DominicRaab…
1 - the EU is 4,422,773 km2, the distance between Kyiv and London is 2400 km, Kyiv to Madrid is 3700km
2- has @DominicRaab heard about Easyjet, Wizz, Ryanair? It is faster and cheaper to travel to London than many cities in neighbouring countries by train/car
3- if I was working in the UK and my elderly parents were in Ukraine now, all I would want is for them to join me in the safety of my home, NOT for them to stay in a refugee camp alone somewhere near the border of Ukraine
#RefugeesWelcome #UkraineUnderAttack #PritiPatel
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I’d love to be just glad about all the help for refugees from #Ukraine all over Europe right now but I just can’t. Being involved in the movement against border violence since 2015, I am watching this and I want to scream. A thread. 1/6
In 2015 I witnessed how teargas was shot on people fleeing the war in Syria in #Idomeni. I saw fascist groups “protecting” the borders in Poland and other countries of the Balkans. 2/6
Alan Kurdi has been only one of thousands who drowned and for a second it seems like civil society cared. But instead of opening the borders and create a safe passage to Europe, #Frontex got their budget increased and the EU Turkey Deal got implemented. 3/6
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🏳❗🇦🇫 9 #foreigners including former #BBC journo #AndrewNorth & owner of #Gandamack Lodge in #Kabul and cameraman of #Osama Bin Laden's interview #PeterJouvenal kidnapped by the #Taliban, claims former VP @AmrullahSaleh2. ImageImage
🇺🇳❗️🏳️ #UNHCR confirms that it's journalists have been detained in #Kabul.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (@Refugees) said two #journalists who worked for it were detained in #Afghanistan.
“In #Kabul, two journalists were detained who were on assignment from the #UNHCR, and #Afghan citizens who worked with them. We are doing everything we can to resolve the situation,” the statement said.
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Was beinhaltet der neue Koalitionsvertrag im Themenkomplex "Integration, Migration und Flucht" und wie lassen sich die Veränderungen bewerten? Ein Thread (1/x) #Migration #Flucht #Koalitionsvertrag
Im Aufenthaltsgesetz soll es minimale zeitliche Verkürzungen um ein Jahr auf dem Weg zu einer Aufenthaltserlaubnis geben. Nach §25a und §25b können gut integrierte Jugendliche und Erwachsene eine Aufenthaltserlaubnis nach der Erfüllung bestimmter Bedingungen erhalten. (2/x)
Das ist jetzt jeweils ein Jahr früher möglich. Weitergehend soll ein "Aufenthaltstitel auf Probe" eingeführt und mehr Sicherheit für Menschen mit Aufenthaltserlaubnis in Ausbildungen erreicht werden. Identitätsklärungen sollen mittels Eidesstaatlicher Erklärung ermöglicht (3/x)
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Urgent: Two Eritrean refugees, in administrative detention in #Egypt since 2012/2013, are in imminent danger of being deported to Eritrea. Yesterday, they were forcibly tested on Covid-19, forced to sign documents & told that they will be deported to #Eritrea today or tomorrow 1/
On 8 August, Kibrom Adhanom and Alem Tesfay Abraham have been brought to the Passport and Immigration Department to meet #Eritrea-n embassy officials. The same day, they were informed by #Egypt-ian authorities that they will be deported to Eritrea soon 2/
Adhanom and Tesfay Abraham have been arrested 8 and 9 years ago respectively for immigration related reasons and are being held for years in the men's department of the notorious Al-Qanater prison in the outskirts of #Cairo under harsh conditions and without due legal process 3/
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[VIDEO THREAD] Harrowing first hand video testimony from #UNHCR Camp in Hitsats. Part 1/6 #EritreaPrevails
Part 2/6 [Video THREAD] Harrowing first hand testimony from #UNHCR #Eritrean refugee camp in Hitsats. #EritreaPrevails
Part 3/6 [Video THREAD] Harrowing first hand testimony from #UNHCR #Eritrean refugee camp in Hitsats. #EritreaPrevails
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Abbiamo appurato che ci vuole mooolta fantasia per essere garantisti sul caso del #respingimentosegreto del 2 luglio 2018.

(Thread semi-comico)
Siamo i soliti complottisti: scopriamo un respingimento segreto e subito pensiamo che dietro ci siano i militari italiani. E subito pensiamo che il Governo e le organizzazioni dell'ONU vogliano occultarlo.
Va bene che abbiamo le prove, ma magari c'è un'altra spiegazione...
La nave italiana #CaioDuilio magari passava di là per caso, senza sapere nulla, e si è fermata per una gomma a terra.
"Guarda, dei #migranti!"
"Noo, saranno libici"
"Ok, già che ci siamo, diamo ordini alla #AssoVentinove per riportarli subito a casa, che si perdono la partita".
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Quando mai #IOM ha denunciato il respingimento segreto? E a chi?
Vorrei tanto saperlo.
È vorrei anche sapere:
- Se è vero che conosce i nomi delle vittime di Asso Ventotto e Ventinove
- Perché non ha MAI risposto alle pec dei loro avvocati
TUTTE le vittime del #respingimentosegreto hanno testimoniato che al momento dello sbarco, #IOM ha preso i loro nomi.
Ma quando i loro avvocati hanno fatto regolare accesso legale ai documenti di IOM... non hanno ricevuto risposta.
"#IOM e #UNHCR hanno tracciato e conosciuto la storia di queste persone” denuncia Giulia Crescini di ASGI “ma poi hanno coperto e affiancato l'attività delle autorità italiane. Sul molo,durante lo sbarco a Tripoli, IOM non solo era presente, ma addirittura identificò i respinti".
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A 16-year-old Somali boy #died yesterday of TB and starvation in the desperate area of Gergarish in #Tripoli & his 14-year-old friend in this video is still there in the derelict building,unable to stand or walk from how #sick,starving & weak he is.Other refugees who found them..
..called @UNHCRLibya, @IOM_Libya,MSF & IRC but say that they were told by most agencies that ‘it’s not their responsibility’ to help the sick boy still alive,that it would be #UNHCR responsibility as they were both registered as asylum seekers,but nothing has happened so far..
..hours later IRC came with some officers to remove the dead body,but refused to take care of the sick boy and take him to hospital.The 14-year-old sick Somali boy doesnt have money for food,taxi fares to the hospital,medication or hospital treatment fees.He needs urgent help..
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According to this official document of #UNHCR, 45% of the refugees in #Sudan are children (0 - 17 years). But PM

told parliment that "No women, no children among refugees in Sudan".
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#Abdulwahab era uno scrittore, come me. Ma nato in Darfur.
Voleva vivere in un posto privo di guerre. Come vorremmo tutti.
Ieri è morto, nel Mediterraneo. Cercando di raggiungere un luogo dove poter scrivere in pace. Dove poter vivere in pace.
Assieme ad #Abdulwahab sono morte altre 44 persone.
5 erano #bambini. Nati sotto una guerra e morti sotto una guerra.
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A group of +100 migrants unlawfully #deported back to #Libya have been taken to #Al-Khums/Souq-Al Khamis) “official” #detention centre today.They are locked in the dark hangar in the extreme heat without food & water.Some tried to escape but were caught & horribly #tortured 1/👇🏽
They were horribly #tortured by the Libyan guards of the centre with metal bars,had their arms and legs broken.They are hurt & bleeding from their heads and bodies but nobody can help.6 #women &
children among the #deportees.Main nationalities Sudan, Mali,Nigeria,Bangladesh..2/👇🏽
#IOM brings hygiene kits but every time the centre boss/manager uploads all the kits in his truck & takes them away.#UNHCR has not accessed the centre in months.#Torture,abuse & #starvation are daily occurrence.Commissioned & funded by #CriminalEurope #EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya
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C'è Cris su questa barca. Lo conoscete, ha 16 anni ed è un anno che ve ne racconto la storia. È il mio fratellino e potrebbe morire.
Con lui ci sono altri 20 minori eritrei. Una barca di bambini in fuga dall'orrore.
Diffondete i nostri appelli, vi prego.
#Malta percepisce un mucchio di soldi per gestire una SAR enorme. Ma poi lascia affogare bambini con diritto di asilo in Europa.
Vi sembra normale?
Perché il Governo italiano le ha ceduto la sua zona SAR?
Tempo fa, Cris mi scrisse questo.
Cercavo di non farlo salire su una maledetta barca. Ci riuscii.
Ieri invece ci è salito, senza avvisarmi.
Adesso la possibilità che muoia mi distrugge.
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🆘 ~65 persone in pericolo nella SAR maltese! Una barca con ~65 persone in fuga dall’inferno e torture della #Libia ha chiamato #AlarmPhone stamattina. Sono nella zona di #Malta e il motore non funziona. Dicono che una donna sia svenuta e hanno bisogno di soccorso urgente!
Abbiamo allertato le autorità ma #Malta non risponde al telefono. Le persone sono in mare da + di 24 ore. @Armed_Forces_Malta è tuo dovere soccorrerle al più presto e portarle in Europa! Una barca di legno può capovolgersi in ogni momento e i ritardi costano la vita delle persone
Le persone a bordo sono nel panico! Dicono di stare imbarcando acqua. Nella zona le onde raggiungono i 2 metri e c'è forte vento. Il soccorso non deve essere ritardato ma #Malta non sta rispondendo alle chiamate di soccorso.
#DontLetThemDrown #BlackLivesMatter
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🆘 ~65 people in distress in Malta SAR! A boat with ~65 people escaping the Libyan hell & torture camps called #AlarmPhone this morning. They are in #Malta Search & Rescue zone & their engine is not working. They said a woman has fainted & they all need urgent rescue! Image
We alerted authorities but #Malta is not answering the phone. The people have been at sea for more than 24 hours. @Armed_Forces_MT it‘s your duty to rescue them as quickly as possible & to bring them to Europe! A wooden boat can capsize at any moment & delays risk people’s lives.
The people on board are panicking! They said that water is entering the boat. In the area waves are up to 2 metres high and there are strong winds. Rescue should not be delayed, but #Malta is still not responding to the distress calls. #DontLetThemDrown #BlackLivesMatter
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Per la #giornatamondialedelrifugiato vorrei raccontarvi tante cose.
Ma mi concentro su una: la totale mancanza di #dirittiumani che annichilisce la vita degli umani.
Per farlo, vi racconto storie di casa nostra (Segue)
L'Italia, come denuncio da un pezzo, organizza e svolge deportazioni di umani nei lager della Libia.
Le parole sono importanti.
Non uso queste parole a cazzo. Le ho studiate, ho parlato con le vittime, so esattamente cosa scrivo.
Negli ultimi anni c'è stata, in Italia, una vera e propria Resistenza. Attivisti e avvocati hanno detto NO, hanno iniziato a denunciare casi di ignobili deportazioni in Libia in cui i colpevoli sono italiani.
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❓Did you know that every year #UNHCR estimates that around 25.000 female asylum seekers coming to Europe are already affected by FGM❓
Read their report ▶️…

Our recommendations 👇 (1/7) Image
1⃣ Harmonised Common European Asylum System

👉All asylum seekers arriving in Europe should have equal chances of protection.
👉Pay great attention to the accuracy and homogeneity of a shared European COI (Country of Origin Information). (2/7)
2⃣ Gender-sensitive Country of Origin Information

Member states must...
👉Run a gender analysis of the situation in the country.
👉Detail systematic forms of violence and GBV, including FGM.
👉Gather information in close cooperation with relevant organisations. (3/7)
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Civilians in the #Sahel are increasingly threatened not only by radical armed actors and ethnic self-defence groups but similarly by national armed forces in the name of #counterterrorism. Thread on a few recent publications on #Mali #Niger #Burkina:
1/ This piece underlines recent summary executions and enforced disappearances by Sahelian National security forces in the name of counterterrorism.…
2/ As allies of #Barkhane – and trained by #EUTM #EUCAP, Sahelian national security forces thereby contribute to a dynamic that fuels recruitment of radical actors.
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THREAD How we want to protect Europe’s external border? @EPPGroup #StandWithGreece 1/7
Speed up the operationalisation of the European Border and Coast Guard. We want 10,000 border police officers by the end of 2020. External border protection is a collective responsibility. 2/7
Send €1 billion in EU funds to help Greece protect the EU border! EU Member States want to cut the budget for border protection. This is a huge mistake. We will not accept any reduction. #MFF 3/7
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#Naufragio invisibile?
#AlarmPhone chiede risposte per le famiglie di 91 dispersi. Qui la lettera che abbiamo mandato a RCC #Malta, @guardiacostiera, autorità in #Libya, #Frontex, #UNHCR e #IOM.…
@guardiacostiera #AlarmPhone teme che ci sia stato un #naufragio di 91 persone davanti alla costa libica il 9 Febbraio 2020. Abbiamo richiesto informazioni alle autoritá coinvolte in #Libia, #Malta e #Italia e all'agenzia europea di frontiera Frontex - senza nessuna risultato.
@guardiacostiera Il 9 Feb. abbiamo ricevuto una chiamata da una un gommone nero con 91 persone a bordo in pericolo e in fuga da Garabulli. Data la gravitá della situazione abbiamo subito avvertito le autoritá, inclusa la cosiddetta GC Libica, RCC Malta e MRCC Italiana tra le 04.09 e le 04.24.
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An Invisible Shipwreck?

#AlarmPhone demands answers for the families of 91 missing people. Here the email we sent to RCC #Malta, MRCC #Italy, authorities in #Libya, #Frontex, as well as #UNHCR and #IOM.…
Have 91 people gone missing without a trace?
#AlarmPhone fears a mass shipwreck occurred off the coast of #Libya on 9 February 2020. Requests for information have been made to relevant authorities in #Libya, #Malta, #Italy, and to #EU border agency Frontex – without any reaction.
On Feb 9, we received a call from a black rubber boat with about 91 people in distress who had left from Garabulli. Due to the severity of the situation we alerted all authorities immediately, including the so-called Libyan CG, RCC Malta & MRCC Italy between 4.09-4.24h CET.
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