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1. News: Schumer threatens to SUE to stop President Trump from using EO to give Americans RELIEF!

Opposes unemployment benefits & tax relief for U.S. citizens, but supports DACA -Thread 8.7.20… #Schumer #Sue #Trump #Relief
2. News: In Rare Rebuke, Top GOP Senators Write & Accuse Schiff, Pelosi, Warner & Schumer of “KNOWINGLY” Spreading Disinformation on Foreign Intel… #Democrats #Schumer #Pelosi #Schiff
3. News: REMEMBER: Chuck Schumer scrambles to get rid of $22,000 that Jeffrey Epstein donated to his election efforts in the 1990s (8.7.20 Evening thread)… #Schumer #Epstein
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1. News: TODAY Sen Ted Cruz Chairs Hearing to Investigate Groups like #ANTIFA


Speakers: Ken Cuccinelli, Andy Ngo & Jonathan Turley-Thread 8.4.20… #Riots #Hearing #BLM
2. News: Portland Antifa Cries Out For Police Assistance After Woman Stabs Her:

.… #Riots #violent #Antifa #BLM
3. News: Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best Implores Council to do What is Right After "Aggressive" Protesters visit her Home

The crowd wasn't able to trespass or engage in illegal behavior, Best said, despite their ATTEMPTS to do so… #Riots #Antifa #BLM
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1. News (Posted 7/17/20): Pentagon Reveals President Trump's "Super-Duper" Hypersonic Missile.

"What he was referring to, really, was the recent flight test that we've performed in March where we flew 17 TIMES the speed of sound." - THREAD 7.18.20…
2. News: "Ask Prince Andrew About It": President Trump Warned, Epstein's Island Was an "Absolute Cesspool" In 2015, said he himself was never there, but he knew.… #EpsteinDidntKillHimself
3. News: EXPERT EXCLUSIVE: With COVID-19 Scientific Disinformation Is, Quite Literally, KILLING US…
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Watch where this goes. This artwork has some serious #Symbolism going on. Our beautiful flag up in smoke. #DigitalSoldiers #QAnons #WWG1WGA #Keystone 2006 artwork predicting the future? Projection anyone? @Jordan_Sather_ @JuliansRum @Inevitable_ET @Spaceshot76 @intheMatrixxx
The hands in this photo seem more like a man's hands. Disproportionate in size. The Author Heidi I Hartman has been writing policy changing literature #Indoctrination since the early 1970's.
She has connections and talks to our senator's directly. Looks pretty chummy with Yellen as well.
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Slim Shady 's Profile
Muscular liberalism tooled up against religious parents rights & parental dissent

Bolster Queer Theory projects in Primary schools under guise of 'Equalities '
In Birmingham not uncommon to see girls 4/5 yrs wearing hijab with their uniform

Critics say if its purpose is to guard modesty it should only be worn after puberty
Ofsted says that it could be interpreted as the sexualisation of young girls

2:31 Anderton Park HT
"Its not an equal practice girls are expected to wear a head scarf or they can or when they hit puberty but boys are not.

You have to be able to expect to have a really clear & open debate about these kinds of things "
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1. I am thankful everytime someone on GC crowd mention No Outsiders
We still have no one who is really interested in tackling these projects head on

'Extremists' labels to smear the protesters campaign
made untouchables in our society
2. those of us who know reality of No Outsiders/Educate & Celebrate & CHIPS
know 'the untouchables ' were telling the truth about the teaching that went beyond govn guidelines
& infringes on their rights & parental rights of all
3. 'Biased Equalities ' teaching that infringes on rights of other protected characteristics presented as equality.

Stonewall Law masquerading as Equality Act
Queer Theory Trojan Horse

One way Diversity & cherry picked & biased 'Equalities '

Discriminatory Prevent
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1/ If you're still wondering what has happened with the indoctrination of our kids come with me down the rabbit hole. It all leads to the ME. Let's start with this article for context. Muslim plan to control America.

@ThyConsigliori 2/ The Qatar Foundation has been funding U.S. K-12 public schools, seeking to ramp up their Arabic language and cultural curricula with an eye toward globalization.…
@ThyConsigliori Obama appointed Vartan Gregorian, board member of the Qatari Foundation International to the prestigious and influential President’s Commission on WH Fellowships. QFI partnered w the DeptOfState and US DeptOfEd in 2011 to integrate classrooms in the US…
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This is so disturbing. Wtf is going on with WWE? Watch for the symbolism... #indoctrination #illuminati
Symbolism will be their downfall
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Pic of me 1975; pic of Greta Thunberg 2019.
Luciferian/satanic/MKultra Programming Evidence spanning 44 years, worldwide.
No, I am NOT signalling the no.44; it is simply the math at present. Consider SRA programming for me began at age 2yrs. (Illum. Family Lines age 2-3yrs)...
I'd like to point out both the subtle and overt body language. Long hair parted in the middle is demanded of teen girls if "Lilith" goddess is to be honored. Check.
Head tilt slightly downward, tight, half smile. Check. Obedience to Master.
Locked arm position. "In the presence..
of my Master". THEY demand RESPECT and OBEDIENCE. You do or you die.
This body language is taught through trauma-based operant conditioning.
Luciferian Language is based on body language, signs, symbols, colors, numbers, Gematria, etc...
Their children MUST learn this language.
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1. A thread on creeping socialism.

How does socialism relate to communism? It is a watered-down version.

Former soviet spy & communist defector Whittaker Chambers called it “communism with the claws retracted.”
2. Places like America & Britain wouldn’t accept outright communist revolution. Along with strong Christian roots, they had a large middle class that saw no need to violently overthrow wealthier people.
3. So it’s the timeworn principle: to boil a frog, put him in lukewarm water & gradually increase the heat. If countries won’t accept communism, we’ll install it step by step. This slowly warming water is called “Fabian” or “creeping” socialism:
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