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Boris Johnson is talking OUT OF HIS ASS.

BoJo's Deal is NOT #Brexit.

The "transition period" will mean further INTERMINABLE DELAY, while we are held as SLAVES of the EU, with no say.

The EU will NEVER agree a deal that takes us out of the EU.

CLEAN #Brexit NOW.

Why the hell would the EU ever agree to a Trade Deal that means we stop paying them the current £1bn a MONTH, when they can hold us as PERMANENT SLAVES and pass new EU laws that benefit France and Germany & screw us over?

EU want to milk us DRY.

Clean #Brexit NOW

UK has a massive Trade Deficit with the EU.
We buy much more from the EU than we sell to them.

They need us, more than we need them.

Why the hell is nobody using this leverage in negotiations with the EU?

EU & Germany are currently on the brink of RECESSION.

EU is going to get much WORSE in 2020 & next 5 years, with:

New EU Army to crack down on internal dissent.
Mass Internet Censorship with Article 17.
Further loss of veto powers.
More Budget Control.

Why is NOBODY mentioning this on TV?

Angela Merkel's chilling speech at the EU "Parliament" where she lays out plans for the 4th Reich & the new European Empire using the new EU Army.
Cheered on by megalomaniac MEPs.

Theresa May signed UK up in 2018.
BoJo's "Deal" INCLUDES it.
Total control by the EU & the subjugation of Europeans has ALWAYS been the aim of the European Project

The EU and the warning signs of Fascism.
The new "European Army" aka "EU Defence Union" to crack down on internal dissent in the EU
Must watch!

The European Union takeover of UK Military & Intelligence Services by Stealth.
Briefing by Lt. General Jonathon Riley

This means the TOTAL surrender of UK Sovereignty to Brussels (and applies to every other country in the EU too)
Megalomaniac Psychopath Guy Verhofstadt lays out his plans for the new 4th Reich & new "European Empire" at the recent LibDem Party Conference

Cheered on by pro Fascist, anti democracy, Libdem Delegates!

Why isn't this scaring people rigid?
Anti Democracy, Megalomaniac Psychopath Guy Verhofstadt is very similar to another guy in modern European History, who also caused devastation throughout Europe.

Spot the difference!

EU is ruled & controlled by an unelected & unaccountable Politburo of 3 EU Presidents & 28 Commissioners, who decide ALL of the EU's laws & policies.

EU's lame duck "Parliament" CANNOT make or amend any new laws

EU Pres & Commissioners are ALWAYS extremely corrupt

Can you imagine the danger of putting ALL of EU's member states militaries under the control of unaccountable Psychopaths in Brussels?

Guy Verhofstadt already stated he wants to bomb Syria to create more refugees & recruit more terrorists

The EU was deliberately set up to be completely anti democracy, totally corrupt, and unreformable.

The EU is NOT a Democracy.
It is a KAKISTOCRACY where the most CORRUPT rise to the top.
See the new set of Presidents &Commissioners

Censored by MSM.

EU passed Article 17 in April (previously Article 13), which allows them to Censor anything they don't like on the net.
Criticism of EU & small honest content providers, will be banned from April 2020 (applies worldwide).

The EU is modelled on the USSR.

It has a Politburo of 3 EU Presidents & 28 Commissioners who make all the laws.
It has a powerless rubber stamp "Parliament" for show.

The military will be used to suppress any internal dissent.
See Hungary 1956 or #GiletsJaunes now

EU & UN passed the #GlobalCompactforMigration in Dec 2018, which is designed to encourage unlimited (tens of millions) of illegal immigrants into the EU which will impoverish existing EU citizens with lower wages & higher welfare, housing, health & education costs.

Censored by MSM.

EU plans to criminalize any criticism or debate of its disastrous policy of encouraging mass illegal & uncontrolled migration by calling it "hate speech".

EU is a Totalitarian Bolshevik State.

The Twin Pillars of causing mass poverty among the lower 95% and mass migration is designed to cause mass social unrest, and economic and social collapse, so the Globalist Bankers can take TOTAL CONTROL in their "NWO" of anti democracy totalitarianism.


French Mass #GiletsJaunes protests
Netherlands Farmers #boerenprotest
Visegrad countries refusing EU migrant quotas
Italy Rebelling against EU policies of mass migration & budget control
Extreme poverty in Greece
Bombs in Sweden

EU is disintegrating

Next to nothing is reported in the MSM of all the various protests, riots and Police Brutality going on.

Neoliberal media are DELIBERATELY censoring it.

The Neoliberal media don't want the ignorant masses to wake up to what's actually going on in the EU.

Neoliberal Globalists support the Neocon Wars because they:

Create a massive refugee crisis to destabilize the ME & EU

Recruit more Terrorists

Impoverish ordinary people

Massively increase Nat Debts by wasting massive amounts on Militarism ($7tn in U.S.)
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