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Coronavirus epidemy in Iran has past the crisis level. The country is imploding - law and order to disappear in the next days. A number of officials already died and mass infection among hospital staff and police forces reported.
#irancorona all of this, why?

The regime hid the initial cases since:
1) it was just before election and needed high turnout
2) due to political need, did not stop flights to china
3) source seems to becleric students from china arrived in Qom
4) did not close religious shrines
5) instead of providing information on the gravity of the risks to the public, played down and resorted to the same tactic of rhetoric “we will fight and beat it”

Now it has spread everywhere. The world now has an example on what failure to contain the virus can do.
My parents, brother, uncles and in-laws there and I am so worried about them. #irancorona #irancoronavirus
In the below, I will bring some examples of what is going on, and alleged reports. In the lack of official reports, there is really no way to confirm or deny any of below:
An MP who was elected during the election two weeks ago has died. He was from the province of Gilan

There is a video of him spreading when he was just infected.
A hardline film maker tweeted just before election the he has flu and he wished he had Corona to show off.

He has passed away now.
A number of graves being dug seems to be related to high casualty of Coronoa in the province of Gilan (second after Qom)

An airline staff collapsing in the airport. It is reported that he passed away.
This morgue ambulance was reported to have been abandoned after carrying a victim of Coronavirus in Mazandaran province with no official reported infections #irancoronavirus
A clinic in the south of Iran has been torched by angry locals after allegedly 10 Corona patients were transferred to this centre


#irancorona #irancoronavirus

I will carry on tweeting as the situation develops. I am not reporting many other pieces of information since not confirmed by multiple sources but I fear they are true.
Out of 100 MPs tested, 5 were positive (5% obviously)

One of President's deputies Masoumeh Ebtekar been infected
Meanwhile, there is a denial going on by the religious base of the regime. This person is licking the shrine to prove that the shrine has a healing power

The casualty among the medical staff been very high. A number of them already died. Meanwhile, the parliament is considering recognising the medical victims as martyr.
Ex-Intelligence Minister Mostafa Poormohammadi been hospitalised with Corona virus #irancorona #irancoronavirus
Among the medical staff, there was a number of reports of casualty among doctors in the province of Gilan

Information Police has arrested a number of people spreading what was claimed as fake news. This person - from the hardline base of the regime - is threatening any of the medical staff in reporting what he alleges Fake News

An ex-Coach of a local football team in the province of Gilan has passed away due to Coronavirus #irancorona #irancoronavirus
There are reports of mass death in one of the hospitals in the Gilan province, with mayhem and bodies left lying around. Meeting a couple of friends whose relatives live there this afternoon hoping to ascertain whether this is true.
Sorry there are two links one belonging to Mazandaran.
RT reporting Superme Leader's grandchild has been infected with the virus. Supreme leader was seen two days ago sending a message of encouragement to medical staff while in a room with only his trusted doctor by his side.…
After the government resisted quarantine of the Qom, religious centre and epicentre of the #COVID2019, authorities have finally said they will quarantine the city

#coronavirus #COVID2019
Government has just reduced the opening hours of the banks to 4 hours (8:30-12:30) due to #COVID2019
#irancoronavirus #irancorona

There has been a number of cases seen that victims collapse on the streets - similar to what was reported in China
Currently, there are no signs of widespread chaos or mayhem on the streets. The schools in several provinces are closed for 40 days but most shops remain open - although there are some reports of shops closing voluntarily. Many sport events and concerts have been cancelled.
One of Iran's holy shrines in Shiraz has been closed down due to #COVID19 #irancorona #irancoronavirus

One of our relatives got infected and has been recovering. She reported that the fever was not high but shortness of breath (in addition to body ache) was terrible. She went to hospital but due to not having fever she was not tested. #COVID19 #irancorona

Result of the #COVID19 test of many suspected cases in Qom hospitals not reported even after a week. It seems authorities do not want the numbers to increase. It is reported that all hospitals in Qom are now full.

Also the cause of death for many suspected cases have been declared other causes such as senility (!), nonspecific heart or pulmonary conditions. #COVID19 #irancorona

Reports of mass graves for the victims in Sky News - Arabic
#irancorona #COVID19…
Four days ago President Rouhani ordered that today, start of the week in Iran, everything will go back to normal. He had also said that enemies of Iran are spreading false news to curtail productivity in Iran #COVID19 #irancorona…
.@IranIntl has created an interactive map of #COVID19 fatal victims in Iran - totalling 333 cases - much higher than official reports of 42.
@IranIntl #COVID19 diagnosis kits do not exist in many provinces in Iran hence cases go unreported. Meanwhile most MPs were tested, and it is reported that a clinic (Institut Pasteur) close to were many high ranking officials live has turned into a testing centre for them. #irancorona
@IranIntl An army hospital in Tehran has been evacuated so that it could be dedicated to the #COVID19 patients. Parts of two other army hospital been isolated for the #irancorona patients.

@IranIntl Authorities now reporting exponential growth of #COVID19 cases in three provinces in Iran #irancoronavirus

@IranIntl Reports of many shops closed and streets quiet. This one shows underground in Tehran which would usually be very busy with all coaches full: it is almost deserted #COVID2019 #irancoronavirus

@IranIntl There has been lack cleaning and disinfecting items. You cannot find masks let alone filtered ones. People have resorted to improvisation - this person in bank (for many transactions you still have to go to a branch) trying to protect himself. #COVID19 #irancoronavirus
@IranIntl Almost everyone knows at least one person who has been infected or died due to #COVID19

This one happened in Mahshahr, south of Iran, province of Khuzestan

@IranIntl Only in Shahrood, a northern city with a population of 150K, 77 #COVID19 cases have been hospitalised

@IranIntl where
@IranIntl A hospital in Gorgan - in northern province of Golestan and not far from Shahrood - has been evacuated and been dedicated to #COVID19 patients
@IranIntl Nazanin Ratcliffe Zaghari, who has been prisoned in Iran for a number of years, has stated that he been infected with Coronavirus. There has been reports of out of control outbreak of #COVID2019 in Iran prisons #irancoronavirus

@IranIntl Situation in Razi hospital and other hospitals in Rasht - Gilan province - has been critical due toshortage of masks and gloves. People are resorting crowdfunding to somehow buy the missing amenities for the hospital staff. #COVID2019 #irancoronavirus

@IranIntl MP of the Shabestar town in Northwest province of Azarbaijan has been diagnosed with #COVID2019 #irancorona

@IranIntl Due to shortage of #COVID2019 kits, the protocol for requesting the test reported to be:

1) CBC and CRP
2) If low lymphocyte and CRP + => CT Scan
3) if CT shows ground glass => test

Problem is ground glass is commonly terminal status

@IranIntl A case of #COVID2019 in Tehran, capital. Eyewitnesses reporting he said "I am infected don't come close" and then collapsed after a long chain of coughs #irancoronavirus #irancorona

People queueing for masks and alcohol gel in Rasht (Gilan province) and Qazvin
Meeting some friends from Gilan province, they say Rasht, centre of the province, is like a ghost town. Shops and restaurants all closed and people have stayed in. #COVID19 #irancoronavirus
This official from Qom, epicentre of #COVID2019 in Iran, reports that only in 4 hospitals in Qom 652 Corona patients hospitalised. This is more than total official numbers reported across the country. #irancorona

Conflicting reports on the #COVID2019 infection of the Dean of the Gilan province's Medical University. Some say his test is positive, others denying and stating he just has respiratory and flu symptoms

Pickups belonging to the governorate asking the public to stay indoors in Bandar Anzali, Gilan province

A hardline cleric from Qom, passed away due to #COVID2019 infection 3 days ago and was buried today. Bodies have been reported to be buried deeply in the ground and covered in lime and alkaline minerals

That is the end of the thread for today. As I said, not a reporter and not based in Iran - although have numerous contacts.
Not affiliated with any political movement for or against the government. Trying to raise awareness so that something gets done for the people of Iran.
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