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Also, fangen wir mal hinten an, Ich werde jetzt nach und nach #Literatur zu den #Luftreinigern twittern, um die Diskussion zu substantivieren.

I'll do that mainly in English, at times in German.

Let's start. (AC-1) Nature News, October 2021.
1 Image
Of course, this is only a #News article in @Nature. The paper, at that time only a preprint, now appeared here:

AC-2 =
2 Image
In this work, authos state "Here we present
the first data providing evidence for the removal of SARS-CoV-2 and microbial bioaerosols from the air using portable air filters with UV sterilization on a COVID-19 ward."

I think this is true, in the paper actually particles...
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From January 10, #Maharashtra government announces new restrictions in order to contain the #Omicron variant. According to the restrictions, no movement in groups of 5 or more people will be allowed from 5 am to 11 pm. No movement from 11 pm to 5 am except for essential purposes.
Private offices advised to not have more than 50 per cent of regular attendance. Only fully vaccinated employees to attend office physically. #Omicron #maharashtralockdown
Management to consider flexible working hours and keeping offices open for 24 hours and working in shifts. Swimming pools, gyms, spas, wellness centres and beauty salons to remain closed. #Omicron #maharashtralockdown
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H τεχνική #PCR που έγινε γνωστή στο σύνολο του κόσμου λόγω της χρήσης της για την ανίχνευση του #SARSCoV2 , στηρίζεται στο γεγονός ότι το γενετικό υλικό μπορεί με κατάλληλα ένζυμα να αντιγραφεί και σε δοκιμαστικό σωλήνα όπως και στον οργανισμό μας.
H PCR μπορεί να ενισχύσει(πολλαπλασιάσει) και να ανιχνεύσει συγκεκριμένη αλληλουχία γενετικού υλικού. Αποτελεί μια εξαιρετικά ευαίσθητη τεχνική .Η #realtime #RTPCR είναι τεχνική που επιτρέπει τον ποσοτικό προσδιορισμό #mRNA… Image
Στην τεχνική αυτή ακολουθούνται τρία βήματα: (i) της αντίστροφης μεταγραφής (RT) - μετατροπής του RNA σε cDNA, (ii) της ενίσχυσης του cDNA χρησιμοποιώντας την PCR και (iii) της ανίχνευσης και ποσοτικοποίησης των προϊόντων ενίσχυσης σε πραγματικό χρόνο…
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#Thread: Since many people in #Odisha & outside have the impression that the state govt has done incredibly well at #covidmanagement, here's something I feel people need to know too before painting a rosy picture on SM. I live in a place that is 34 km away from #Nabarangpur DH
Anxious about my father's health, I tried figuring the nearest RT-PCR test centre, and I was told there's only one centre, i.e., #Nabarangpur DHH and it takes about 5-6 days to get the test results. Why? Because they send the sample to SLN Hospital at #Koraput
Now here's what you need to know- #Odisha govt after one year of slumber, sanctioned ₹20 cr yesterday for #Covid testing labs in 16 districts and #Nabarangpur is one among them. After 1 year of a goddamn #pandemic, my district will finally have a #RTPCRTest lab.
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Kerala High Court hears plea challenging Kerala Govt’s recent direction to capping price of RTPCR tests conducted by private labs at Rs 500. Plea moved by private testing labs. Matter before Justice N Nagaresh.

Sr Adv Sreekumar takes Court through earlier orders of govt regarding pricing of RTPCR tests etc.

Court: Mr Sreekumar we don't have the time to hear this in detail

Sreekumar points out that the stakeholders should have been consulted before capping price

This is nothing but a violation of principles of natural justice.. This is totally in violation of the guidelines.. We could have produced much more data... on the value of the materials: Sreekumar

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Thread on COVID Resources : #Gujrat
Plasma Donation: Vadodara

Please refer to the link below for plasma donors:…
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Given the full community spread of #SARS_CoV_2, it is time to stop incessant #RTPCR testing in asymptomatic people, so called "healthy sick" , and save resources. Start early Rx with ivermectin+budesonide+Zn+ chicken soup+kadha or whatever in mild to moderate #Covid_19 cases. 1/n
And, reserve #ICUs for serious #Covid patients only. Start triage and stop the use of #Remdesivir and #convalescentplasma therapy ASAP, as it doesn't help save lives. Don't hospitalize maniacs hyperventilating due to fear in the Covid ward and shift them to counseling ... 2/n
.. for managing hyper active state of mind & deactivate their social media accounts + WhatsApp. Public health intervention with #VitaminD 60k once week for 4 weeks starting now and not while patient is sick with #Covid By then it will not help to build adequate VitD reserve..3/n
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The #COVIDSecondWave is real .
Being prepared helps a little.

As someone who is recovering from Covid, sharing some basic points on #COVID19 .

Pls share if useful . 😇🙏

(P.S - I have cross verified with doctors prior to posting this in public domain )

If any symptoms, get tested (RT- PCR) IMMEDIATELY along with ENTIRE family.

DON'T WAIT for 2-3 days.
Labs are already backed up !

Begin wearing masks & Social Distancing EVEN INSIDE Homes.


The SOONER the treatment begins, the BETTER it shall be.

Rapid Antigen Test ( RAT) is a poor substitute for RTPCR.
Preferably, get #RTPCR Test done .

RAT has a high false negative rate.

Patients can be negative initially yet HAVE COVID. Accordingly more tests are advised.

NOTE :EARLY & CORRECT diagnosis is the key .
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कोविड-19 प्रतीबंधासाठीची कृती, तयारी आणि नवीनतम माहितीसाठीची पत्रकार परिषद लवकरच सुरु होत आहे

लाइव पाहा
सर्वाधिक सक्रीय #COVID19 रुग्ण असलेल्या 10 जिल्ह्यांपैकी 7 जिल्हे #Maharashtra मधील आहेत तर प्रत्येकी एक जिल्हा #Karnataka, #Chhattisgarh आणि #Delhi मधील आहे.
बेंगळुरू (शहरी)
#Maharashtra, #Punjab & #Chhattisgarh ही राज्ये अजूनही #COVID19 ची अधिक चिंताजनक स्थिती असलेली राज्ये आहेत.

राष्ट्रीय पातळीवर, एकूण कोविड बाधितांच्या संख्येतील सहभाग आणि बाधितांच्या मृत्यूंसाठी #Maharashtra या स्थितीत आहे

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Press briefing on the actions taken, preparedness and updates on #COVID19 to start shortly


@airnews_mumbai @airnews_arngbad @airnews_nagpur @airnews_pune
7 out of top 10 districts with Active #COVID19 cases are from #Maharashtra, while one each are from #Karnataka, #Chhattisgarh and #Delhi

Bengaluru Urban

: Secretary, @MoHFW_INDIA
India still among the lowest in terms cases or deaths per million population globally. Among the larger population countries, we still remain among the lowest in terms of cases per million population: Secretary, @MoHFW_INDIA
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Le preprint de notre analyse des #Ct des tests #RTPCR de #SARSCoV2, en partenariat avec la Société Française de Microbiologie et plus de 20 laboratoires de virologie français est maintenant en ligne. **NON RELU PAR LES PAIRS**…
Nous y analysons des valeurs quantitatives de millions de tests #RTPCR effectués en France en 2020 : les Ct, ou cycles de doublement.… (doc très clair en anglais)… (doc en français)

Il y a eu un débat sur ces Ct et l'opportunité de les communiquer aux patients.

Primo, cela dépend de l'échantillon. Secundo, pour les #coronavirus, il est risqué de voir dans le nombre de copies d'ARN une charge virale.

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Es gibt sie noch, die guten aufrichtigen Richter:

Die 3. Strafkammer des Berufungsgerichts von Lissabon urteilt, daß es rechtswidrig ist, Menschen wegen eines #PCRtest Ergebnisses in #Quarantäne zu nehmen, da der Test ungeeignet sei, eine Infektion zu belegen. Image
1. Der #PCRtest sei lediglich eine Methode einer Hilfsdiagnose, aber nur Ärzte können wirkliche Diagnosen stellen. Schon daran fehlt es.

2. #Quarantaene oder #Isolation ohne ärztliche Bewertung und Diagnose stellt eine rechtswidrige 'Inhaftierung dar.
3. a
Zwangseinweisung im Falle ansteckender Krankheiten und die Bedingungen, unter denen sie erfolgen, bedürfen klarer gesetzlicher Grundlage, denn

"Im Moment konzentrieren sich die Energien des Landes auf den Notfall. Aber die Notwendigkeit, die Grundrechte zu schützen,
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Communiqué de presse du @CNGE_France "Les nouvelles recommandations @HAS_sante pour la prise en charge des patients suspectés de #Covid en premier recours : une réelle avancée"…
@EmmanuelMacron @JeanCASTEX @olivierveran @MinSoliSante @LeCollegeMG @SPILF_ 1/
La @HAS_sante vient de publier les nouvelles #recommandations avec des réponses rapides en 10 points essentiels et des fiches pratiques de conduites à tenir.…
Ces recommandations ont été établies grâce au travail des experts du @CNGE_France 2/
en collaboration avec le @LeCollegeMG , la @SPILF_ et les services de la @HAS_sante .
Elles constituent une continuité logique des trois avis du conseil scientifique du @CNGE_France déjà publiés relatifs à l’épidémie de #Covid_19 . 3/
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If someone gets a positive #COVID report, he/she should report to nearest Govt. health facility or #UttarPradesh #COVID Helpline 18001805145 or National #COVID_19 Helpline 1075.
On the basis of severity of symptoms, treating doctor will assign #HomeIsolation with...
... conditions (mild/ #asymptomatic cases) or hospitalization in #COVID__19 health facility (moderate or severe cases). Family members & other high-risk contacts of a #COVIDー19 case, will have to undergo for 14 days home #quarantine.
Patient under home #isolation will stand discharged after 10 days of symptom onset & no fever for 3 days. Thereafter, the #COVID_19 case will be advised to isolate at home & self-monitor their health for further 7 days. There is no need for testing after the home...
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Kindly refer to the @MoHFW_INDIA guidelines for international arrival in India:
On your arrival in #Delhi, you will be assigned 7 days of #InstitutionalQuarantine at a Govt facility at no charge or paid #quarantine at designated hotels,...
...followed by 7 days of #HomeQuarantine:
You may seek exemption from institutional quarantine by submitting a negative #RTPCR test report on arrival. This test should have been conducted within 96 hrs prior to undertaking the journey. The test...
(2/3) should be uploaded on the portal for consideration. Before finalizing your itinerary, kindly reach out to your airline for any updates/changes in the existing guidelines.

#COVID19 #COVID_19 #COVID__19 #COVID #COVIDー19 #COVID19India #coronavirus #CoronavirusIndia
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Separating the #men from the #boys
Here is a #PubMed #indexed, #Elsevier published #journal reporting '#exclusive' #treatment of #covid19 through #Ayurveda leading to full recovery in a #patient. Great #news right?! No. The #proof of the #pudding is in the eating! Spoons out
The #journal. Its legit, 'becoz' its publishd by #Elsevier. Journal ownd by World Ayurveda Foundation & Trans-Disciplinary Univ, #Bengaluru. 4mer, a 4-men 'world foundation'[], latter @TDUFRLHT founded @sampitroda, vettedby likes of @kiranshaw
The study - 43yr old #newyork #banker develops fever,cough durng peak #COVID season, 'PRESUMED' to be #coronavirus. Self #Quarantine at #home, phone calls #ayurvedic #Doctors at #Chennai, #india, offer☎️ treatmnt until fever break, therby reporting #covid19 cure via Ayurveda
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Pt1..Dr Joseph Yi sheds some light on the covid testing. He states its not testing for the virus.
@moderndetox #COVID19 #TikTok #streetmd
Pt2...the test was never tested against the gold standard #COVID19 my theory staying home is the placebo we are test #WWG1WGA
Pt3 #rtpcr #karymullis #1984 this test wasn't even supposed to be used for diagnostic purposes
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