I am trained in #developmental #psychology and #neuroscince. I have been screaming the #teenagebrain is #underreconstruction from the rooftops! Am totally ashamed of my peers who wilfully ignore this. #neuroplasticity #frontallobes #psychologists #gender #rogd #trans #detrans
The teenage brain is under reconstruction. The prefrontal cortex is not fully developed until minimum aged 25. A bit longer for males. The prefrontal cortex is largely responsible for: decision making, planning, organisation, focusing, impulsivity, aka executive functions
Managing emotions, predicting consequences of one’s choices and moderating social behaviour. This is #science #facts Anyone who says otherwise is brainwashed by #ideology Shame on any professional who ignores this #gender #trans #detrans #shame
I will continue screaming from the rooftops until #neuroscience shows me otherwise about the #teenagebrain No #child should be making big decisions when their brain is #underreconstruction
Most parents who have #children #teenagers hopefully clearly see in their behaviours that their brains are under #reconstruction and yes, they are very poor decision makers for this reason #teenagebrain
Screaming more about the #teenagebrain How can a #child #teen informed consent with a brain under reconstruction? #informedconsent #gillick
Screaming from rooftops: the #prefrontal cortex is like the CEO of the company. It is the brain’s rational part responding to situations and events (hopefully) with good judgment and an awareness of long-term consequences! #gender #child #trans #detrans #genderidentity
#children #teens process information with their amygdala, the feelings portion of their brain. The amygdala is not well connected (yet) to their decision-making center, which is why they can be moody and broody. They are ‘feeling’, not ‘thinking’! Feelings are NOT facts!
Still screaming from the rooftops: 👉🏻 this is your brain on #adolescence berkeley.edu/news/media/rel…
#peerinfluence cannot be overstated. The vast majority of #teens only care about what their peers think. Parents know this. This is a rite of #puberty. ‘Social contagion’ is part and parcel reinforcing the desire to fit in #gender #trans #detrans #media #socialmedia
I wonder why #psychologists lose their licenses are #censored #cancelled #forcedout by boards if they don’t use the ONE only recommended treatment 4 #children with #genderdysphoria? No discussion of #teenagebrain #trans #detrans #children #affirmorelse
The Australian #Psychological Society’s stance on ‘affirmation therapy’ is outlined in 4 simple steps psychology.org.au/About-Us/news-…‘Social-Contagion’-Arguments @AbigailShrier @Transgendertrd @widerlenspod @genspect @widerlenspod @Neverfallingfo1 #trans #detrans #gender #children
How many of the 25,000 #psychologists in #australia have been #sanctioned #censored #cancelled #harassed #bullied #forcedout because they believe that there may be more than ONE treatment for a #child? @gendersysphoria #gender #trans #detrans @jordanbpeterson @AbigailShrier
More importantly, it’s unlikely that you will hear from any of the 25,000 #psychologists because they will lose their careers, jobs, livelihoods, reputations, be cancelled, censored, banned, harassed, slandered and/or mobbed. This is why you don’t hear a peep from #professionals
Ask yourselves #questions why is one therapy ‘treatment’ being pushed so hard onto #children? Why aren’t other therapies allowed to be discussed? Who is doing all the #censoring? Why do you think this is? Are children little #adults? Should we let children do what they want?
Why? Why not? Is the sexualisation of children healthy? Why? Why not? Have you witnessed a #child be able to make an informed decision? How do they know what ‘informed’ means? How do their #child brains make informed decisions?
Do you understand what #gillick means? Can a child understand what Gillick means? Do you know the background of Gillick? Does the child? Why is Gillick important? Can a #child appreciate the importance of Gillick? Ask your #therapists these questions.
We are at the #intersection of the #teenagebrain and #gillick #competence WHO decides a child is Gillick competent? Your therapist? Your GP? The judge? Your Psychiatrist? A brand new clinician (no offence)? Should #science lead the way? Law? Parents? Activists?
Have you considered each individuals/groups agenda and/or bias? Do you listen more to people yelling at you about their stance? Why are they yelling? Are they even parents? How old are they? Have they lived long enough to talk about the topic? What do they tell you about consent?
Ask to see the professionals ‘informed consent’ forms? Is the professional placing the responsibility back onto you as the parent? What responsibility does a therapist have who is forced to provide affirmation therapy when they don’t want to? Ask questions…
Above and beyond the overwhelming reasons for not acquiescing to the establishment, does a #therapist have an ethical and moral obligation when forced by their licensing #boards into one #treatment over another? Who writes these board statements & makes these decisions?
Did you know the #government does? Did you know your government are censoring controlling and coercing #professionals who you take your #child to? Who you go to for #mentalhealth help? Did you know professionals actively seek out to destroy other professionals careers?
Do you think government officials, Who are not therapist or scientist, should be making such decisions about #children with #teenagebrains? Have you asked UR local politician what he/she knows about the #teenagebrain? What do you know about it & can you explain it to your child?
A #childs developing brain is #immature and #undeveloped This is scientific #fact and measured by #brainscans What are the effects of #pubertyblockers and #crosssexhormones on a 10 year old brain? Ask your therapist and demand a critically thought out Research based response
#Childrens inherent nature is #egocentric and #narcissistic and many never outgrow this #developmental stage. Over the course of the first years of life, the brain rapidly develops its mapping system, formed by a combination of nurture and nature, the environment and genetics
There is no other time other than early #childhood where we could say the #brain is under reconstruction. It is observable to any cognisant observant parent and it is seen in brains scans. Reconstruction means out of order, not literally. It means we have to consider this
In light of #parenting them, working with them, their involvement in the criminal justice system, the intersection of the #teenagebrain with the environment, it is critical to understand what #children are NOT able to do and what they should NOT be subjected to #brain
Many of us are mandated to call CPS if We believe a #child is at risk for #neglect #childabuse #sexualabuse #anyabuse As therapists, we are concerned about the harm done to #children who are UNABLE to consent due to the lack of brain wiring that’s required #teenagebrain #gender
The average age for onset of #puberty has fallen dramatically over the years. Currently, it sits at age 11 and anywhere between 8-14. This is chronological age. Then we have #developmental age, #emotional age and #intellectual age and we must not forget the impact of #disorders
Children with #teenage brains needs #healthy functioning parents. In terms of teaching #children how to critically think, that’s a whole other thread and a crucial issue in #2021 #teens #children #thinkingskills #factsnotfeelings
What does “under reconstruction” mean when I refer to the teenage brain? A #teen brain does not come fully online until approx. 25. There are critical windows of time in brain development where the brain undergoes significant pruning and neural wiring. This significant growth
And change affects their behaviors and thinking. Some areas are more developed than others and there are also #gender differences related to brain maturity. There are also difference in development in #neurotypes #autism #adhd #asynchronous #development
Still screaming about the #teenagebrain: has not developed the #prefrontal cortex until age 25. This is the part of the brain responsible for #rationalthinking when fully developed, It responds to situations with judgment (good) and has an awareness of long-term consequences
Before 25, we ask what is an immature and/or undeveloped brain, as characterised by the #prefrontalcortex in #children? This is the CEO of the company I refer to. The CEO is responsible for decision-making, planning, self-control, emotion regulation, impulsivity and risk-taking
It used to be thought the brain had reached its full maturation by the time a #child reached #puberty and that the brain was #plastic. Now we know maturation is generally age 25 and neuroplasticity exists. Now, that we know this and we know that an immature brain is present
The #prefrontal cortex is the last part of the brain to mature. #children have have some frontal lobe capability, however the signals cannot get to the back of the brain fast enough to regulate their strong emotions. Ok, so now we have some answers to some #childrens behaviors
Screaming on: with our knowledge of the immature prefrontal cortex, can a #child give informed consent? What do we need to consider? What needs to be present or more specifically, to exist, in order to be able to give informed consent? What is full informed consent?
Screaming from the rooftops: when I talk about ‘under reconstruction’, I don’t use this term lightly. The #child brain is undergoing some serious reconstruction, similar to building a house. It’s not growing larger, but the connectivity between regions is like ‘wifi on steroids
Parents understand this when they talk to me about impulsive, moody, poor planning, poor time management, messy disorganised risk takers who hate their parents and love their peers! This is a rite of passage and we need 2 listen to them & love them anyway. They need boundaries
Why do #children need #boundaries? Boundaries are the spaces between you and a child. It’s the space when I, you, as the adult say NO and the child, learns from you. A #childs job is to push your boundaries, so they know where your boundaries are, otherwise how would they know?
#children are vulnerable because they can’t assert their boundaries and they need healthy parents to pass down healthy boundaries from one generation to the next. This rarely happens. Combine this with the #teenage brain and #ideology (which has no boundaries and is controlling)
Still screaming: a tenuous situation of a #teenage #brain, peer influence, ideology, unhealthy boundaries, social contagion, egocentrism (it’s all about me & what do you know, you’ve never been a teen before?), mental health challenges, a challenging society & informed consent?
I will continue screaming from the rooftops about the #teenagebrain being under #reconstruction as it intersects with full informed consent in #children tomorrow. Thank you all for your support and wise comments. 🙏
👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 #unbiased and #ethical clinicians MUST follow this #4step process for #trans #children or else…Is anybody asking Where is the full informed consent? Where is the #gillick competence? What about the #teenage brain? What about the prefrontal cortex? 🧠 Listen to the answers

• • •

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