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1/Such a dreadful report about Bengal from America which has created panic all over the world.
Once considered a symbol of Indian culture, what has happened in Bengal today is not hidden from anyone.
2/The communal riots against the #Hindus have started happening for quite some time and now the situation has been that the banning of celebrating the festival has started.
But the famous American journalist #JanetLevy has now written the article on #WBengal
3/ Janet Levy claims Bengal will soon become a separate #Islamic country & her latest article that civil war is going to start soon in #Bengal after #Kashmir.
In which mass Hindus will be massacred and demanded a separate country called #Mughalistan i.e. another partition.
4/Janet Levy in her article has presented several facts in favor of this claim, she wrote that "At the time of Partition, the population of #Muslims in #WestBengal, which was part of India, was slightly more than 12% whereas #Hindus in East Bengal who went to Pakistan.
5/ Today the population of Muslims in West Bengal has increased to 27 percent, in some districts it has gone up to 63 percent while on the other hand, Hindus in #Bangladesh have reduced from 30 percent to only 8 percent.…
6/This article has been written as a warning to countries that are opening their doors to Muslim refugees.
Janet Levy has written a very sensational claim that 27 percent of the Muslim population in any society is enough to start demanding a separate Islamic country.
7/She has claimed that Muslims live together and as soon as 27 per cent of the population, Islamic law starts demanding Sharia to create a separate country.
Giving the example of West Bengal, she states #MamataBanerjee can win every election with Muslim votes till seperation.
8/ #Jihadi game going on with money coming from #Saudi?
Soon the demand for creating a separate Islamic country in Bengal shall come & no doubt that the power-hungry Mamata should accept it.
Mamta has recognized more than 10,000 madrassas who will be eligible for Govt jobs.
9/Mamta started an Islamic city project where hatred of non-religious people is taught.
Mamta has also declared various types of stipends for #Imams of #mosques but no such stipends were declared for #Hindus.
Mamta has also started a project to establish an Islamic city.
10/Apart from this, many such hospitals are being built only for Muslims.
There are schemes to distribute Muslim youth from free bicycle to laptop
It is being taken care that only Muslim boys get laptops and not Muslim girls.
Janet blames Muslim men for #terrorism.
11/Janet writes that Mamta has now even started sending terrorism supporters to #Parliament.
In June 2014, Mamta Banerjee sent a notorious jihadist named #AhmedHasanImran as #RajyaSabha #MP on her party ticket. He is the co-founder of banned terrorist organization #SIMI
12/ Hasan Imran is accused of transferring the money of the #SaradhaChitFund #scam to the #Jamaat-e-Islami of Bangladesh to provoke riots in Bangladesh.
#NIA and #CBI are also under investigation against #HasanImran
13According to the report of Local Intelligence Unit LIU, Hassan has been involved in many riots& giving shelter to terrorists.
He has been accused of having links with Pakistani intelligence agency #ISI
Janet says the demand for partition of Bengal from India will soon begin.
14/Through this article Janet has warned those #Western countries who are resettling Muslim refugees that soon they will have to face the same things like #Germany and #England.
#Islam & #Islamophobia
@BJP4India @PMOIndia…
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Jun 17
1/Out of the six systems of philosophy of #Hinduism, the #Vedanta system is the most popular one & its canonical works are #Upanishads, #Brahmasutras, & #BhagavadGita, considered as SRUTIS by #Hindus (Primary Scriptures revealed by GOD & passed on to generations by vsrious sages.
2/The Smritis are secondary scriptures recorded through memory by human origin ).
The four great #Vedas have two portions, Karma-Kanda(sacrificial/ ritual portion) & Gnana-Kanda(Wisdom portion, known as Vedanta that prepares for Higher Spiritual Vision/ attainment)
3/The Upanishads are known as Vedanta( which means Final Goal of wisdom. Veda is wisdom & Anta means end)
The ONENESS of Soul and GOD lies at the very root of all Vedic thought. It is the IDEAL OF UNITY OF ALL LIFE & ONENESS OF TRUTH, makes UPANISHADS appealing to modern minds.
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#Hinduism #Islam #christianity
1/The lower forms of Devotion to one's Personal GOD or Monotheistic ideas, often degenerates into hideous fanaticism, hatred, violence, hating other religions...
2/#Vedanta declares this body of matter is only an inert instrument & only the INFINITE SELF(COSMIC-SPIRIT) within is our REAL nature. The adjunct of mind is HIS first subtle covering, this body is the gross outer covering & the SELF lies hidden under these delusive veils.
3/#Hinduism states the INFINITE COSMIC SELF is TRANSCENDENTAL and only through renunciation, non-attachment & meditative practices, the finite mind is brought under control & transcended. Then and then alone, all the knots of the heart are cut asunder.
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Jun 11
Thus spake #SriKrishna
1/ Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect & false ego constitute MY seperate eightfold material energies.
These inferior gross & subtle energies( matter & mind), exploited by animate beings for different purposes,
2/function only by MY SUPERIOR ENERGY(SPIRIT). These manifestations have no independent existence.
All manifested beings have their source OF MY MATERIAL & SPIRITUAL ENERGY.
All manifestations rest on ME, like pearls strung on a thread.
3/All embodied souls are under the control of three modes or qualities of material nature-Goodness, passion & ignorance (Sattva, Rajas & Tamas)
These modes act upon us, and how one transcends them is explained by #SriKrishna.
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Jun 9
#Pakistan wants #BJP to lose
#China wants BJP to lose
● Arms-lobby wants BJP to lose
● Pharma-lobby wants BJP to lose
● Radical-#Islamists wants BJP to lose
● Anti-Nationals want BJP to lose
● ##Missionaries want BJP to lose
#Muslims want BJP to lose
#BJP fulfilled its promise of...
● Ram Mandir
● New Education Policy
● Article-370 abrogaton
● Strengthened-Defense
● Tightened NGOs
● Tightened Naxals
● Tightened Missionaries
● 5th Largest Economy
● CORONA vaccination
● Kashi-Corridor
● Conquered SPACE
● Erasing signs-of-slavery
● Infrastructure
● IITs
● Zero Corruption at the ministry level
● DeMonetisation
● Zero Bomb-Blast
● Peace in Kashmir
● 2nd in mobile-manufacturing
● 100% Railway-Electrification
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Jun 9
1/ Why #RahulGandhi, #CONgress ecosystem, Lutiyens & Libtards are against Indian Brands but endorse all foreign brands & their #toolkits to build opinion, from #ShaheenBagh to #FarmersAgitation to #BBC to #Adani?
2/Do you know #CocaCola entered India in the 1980s, taking over 11 other Indian soft drink brands, while #Pepsi took over others.
#Amazon hasn't left out any city nor BlueDart, DHL & FedEx.
3/ #Chinese & #Korean mobiles dominate India.
#Nestlé, #Maggi, #ITC, #HUL, #Pepsi etc entered the #FarmSector!
In 4-wheeler industry, #Suzuki, #MG, #Hyundai etc. #Honda dominates the two-wheeler industry,
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Jun 9
Verses of #AdiSankara on LIBERATION:
1/Iam neither the mind, intelligence, ego, intellect noor the ears, tongue, senses of smell & sight; neither ether nor air, nor fire, nor water nor earth.
Iam eternal bliss and awareness.
Iam Siva.Iam Siva.
2/ Iam neither the prana nor the five vital breaths, neither the seven elements of the body, nor its five sheaths, nor hands, nor feet, nor tongue nor other organs of action.
Iam eternal bliss and consciousness.
Iam Siva. Iam Siva.
3/ Neither greed nor delusion nor loathing nor liking have I; nothing of pride or ego, neither of dharma or object nor of desire or liberation.
Iam eternal bliss and awareness. Iam Siva. Iam Siva!
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