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1/Such a dreadful report about Bengal from America which has created panic all over the world.
Once considered a symbol of Indian culture, what has happened in Bengal today is not hidden from anyone.
2/The communal riots against the #Hindus have started happening for quite some time and now the situation has been that the banning of celebrating the festival has started.
But the famous American journalist #JanetLevy has now written the article on #WBengal
3/ Janet Levy claims Bengal will soon become a separate #Islamic country & her latest article that civil war is going to start soon in #Bengal after #Kashmir.
In which mass Hindus will be massacred and demanded a separate country called #Mughalistan i.e. another partition.
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2- Le « professeur », #imam #NoureddineAoussat au discours #islamiste : « #SamuelPaty ne défendait pas la liberté d’expression mais insultait TOUS les #musulmans » #islamistes avec #Mélenchon #presidentielles2022 👇 Image
3- #JeVoteMelenchonAu1erTour L’appel des #imams et #prédicateurs anonymes en discussion depuis 3 mois avec l’#imam #NoureddineAoussat 👇 Image
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#GrandeMosquéeParis Le Recteur #HafizChemsEddine : « J’ai demandé au #Président de la République #Algérie de nous aider et d’envoyer des enseignants qui vont encadrer les étudiants qui cherchent à devenir #imams en France » #CharteIslamFrance 1/9 ⤵️
2- « Nos apprentis #imams viendront faire des stages pratiques de l’#imamat, des #prêches du vendredi et entretenir un lien entre la #GrandeMosquéeParis et le Ministère des Affaires religieuses en #Algérie » 👌 #IslamdeFrance
3- « Les #imams en #Algérie ont une formation de très haut niveau » 👇
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The inspirational story of Shopian post Aug 5 2019.
A #thread.

#Shopian is the smallest & the newest district in #Kashmir, located 20 km eastwards of #Pulwama, its bountiful apple crop 3.5 lakh MT/year ensures that there is minimal poverty in the area.
(1/14) ImageImage
There is a strong sense of regional identity & #aspiration in #Shopian, however, repeated bouts of unrest over the last few years have disrupted its developmental trajectory, especially in 2016 after the #BurhanWani incident.
(2/14) Image
The post #Article370 transition in #Shopian was carefully directed & sublimely executed. The people showed great maturity & cooperated immensely, even as rumours of “outsider influx” & “demographic change” abounded.
(3/14) Image
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#manuscripts #ijazat are extremely significant sources for #intellectual_history MS Mar’ashi Qum 6446 1/ ImageImageImageImage
This is a license to transmit #hadith of Sayyid Husayn Kashani dated Sha’ban 1288/1871 2/
The test begins with #hadith on the importance of transmitting #knowledge of the #Imams 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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One of the genres of writing that emerged in #Safavid Iran was triumphalist #Shii history and biographies that imagined a past connected to the sacred time of the Prophet and the Imams as continuous chains of notables figures who made contributions to #Islamic culture 1/
Perhaps the best example was the large work Majālis al-muʾminīn of Sayyid Nūrullāh Shūshtarī known as Qāżī Nūrullāh (d. 1610), scion of the Marʿashī sayyids, who settled in India, becoming judge in #Lahore and eventually dying, following the wrath of #Jahangir in #Agra 2/ ImageImageImage
The Majālis was written late in his life, a large #Shii history divided into (not surprisingly #12erShii) 12 sections: 1) places associated with the #Imams and #Shii communities such as #Kūfa #Kāshān and so forth 2) #Shii tribes and sayyids such as his own #Marʿashī lineages 3/
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1. Ilham Tohti
2. Rahile Dawut
3. Halmurat Ghopur
4. Tashpolat Teyip
5. Chimengul Awut
6. Arslan Abdulla
7. Dilmurat Ghopur
8. Jemile Saqi
9. Abdukerim Rahman
10. Abduqadir Jalalidin
11. Zulpiqar Barat
12. Alim Ehet
13. Nurbiye Yadikar
14. Mutellip Sidiq Qahiri
15. Gheyretjan Osman
16. Abdurehim Rahman
17. Ababekri Ablet
18. Perhat Behti
19. Abdusebir Shukri
20. Tursunjan Behti
21. Dilmurat Tursun
22. Erkin Omer
23. Qurban Osman
24. Kamil Metrehim
25. Nijat Sopi
26. Sattar Sawut
27. Abdurahman Ebey
28. Abdurazaq Sayim
29. Abduletip Abdurehim
30. Hebibulla Tohti
31. Muhemmed Salih Damolla
32. Gheyret Abdurahman
33. Qurban Mamut
34. Tahir Nasir
35. Ehmetjan Momin
36. Alimjan Memtimin
37. Ablimit Bilge
38. Ilham Weli
39. Kuresh Tahir
40. Tursunjan Hezim
41. Omerjan Nuri
42. Muhtar Rozi
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Grateful to a friend for picking up these volumes from #Iran of #Mahbubalqulub of Qutb al-Din Ashkivari (d. c. 1692) a student of #MirDamad on history of philosophy #IslamicPhilosophy 1/ ImageImageImageImage
The work comprises three volumes the first two of which appeared as critical editions with #MiraseMaktub in #Tehran around 20 years ago - there is still no edition of volume 3 #IslamicPhilosophy #HistoryofPhilosophy 2/ Image
Volume 1 is on pre-Islamic thinkers and has an extensive discussion on #Zoroaster as well as the Quranic sage #Luqman and a prophetic conception of the beginnings of philosophy with #Seth and then #Hermes_Idris following #Shahrazuri (d. 1288) 3/
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