This is stunningly wrong, Ian. The Nazis hated the Jews for reasons with roots stretching back millennia, before a 'Free Market'.
For anyone not aware - the Jewish people spread across Europe following two revolts against the Romans in the first & second centuries.
By the year 1000, most of Europe's kingdoms had significant Jewish communities - some brilliant centres of scholarship.
However, many of the communities are viewed with suspicion and fear - this is a different time with different understandings.
Much of this suspicion & mistrust comes from preaching at church that the Jews were responsible for the condemnation & execution of Christ.
This is a slur that has been refuted and excoriated by theologians over the last century, but we can get to that some other time.
In response to this fear & mistrust, Jews are placed under several restrictions by Church and secular authorities.
Jews are restricted to certain professions - money-lending, collecting taxes (because that won't grow resentment, nooo!).
Jews are required to wear a Yellow cloth badge on their clothes to mark them out (Shit, that sounds familiar!).
Jews are also made to live in their own quarters of cities - the origin of the ghetto.
However, you know what? The Jewish people are survivors. They make shit work for them. Most grow wealthy - the origin of *that* trope.
This, of course, just feeds into the resentment and anger felt by the Christian population. They require a scapegoat for failure.
Accusations such as the 'Blood Libel' - the murder of Christian infants for Jewish rituals - start to emerge.…
When the First Crusade is called, some of the first casualties are Jewish populations murdered by Crusader armies in modern-day Germany.
Worms & Mainz are hit, their Jewish populations slaughtered & their possessions taken.
When the Black Death hits in 1348, stories circulate across the Holy Roman Empire that the Jews have conspired to poison wells.
Never mind that the Jews are dying in equal or greater numbers - the pestilence is a Jewish plot to get rid of Christians!
Pogroms erupt through the Holy Roman Empire & beyond - Jews are rounded up, burned, frowned or torn apart by angry mobs.
In 1349, the Jews of Esslingen, near where I used to live, allow themselves to be burned in their Synagogue than be butchered.
For the new few centuries, the Jews are the go-to scapegoat for bad famines, disease and unexplained events. Pogroms keep breaking out.
Jews were not welcomed & accepted in the late med period of Germany & neighbours - they were *always* the 'other' & stories repeated.
When the 'Free market' arose, yes, they were seen as somehow controlling it - through antisemitic propaganda.
A false document released in 1903, 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion', listed economic control as part of a plan for world domination.
When Germany loses the First World War, the Nazis simply tap into centuries of anti-Jewish sentiment. There's no new discovery!
The Nazis claims of Jews dominating markets & their racial 'science' are just rebranding of old slurs, lies & defamation.
When Nazis seize power, Jews are not permitted to do business and industry is placed in the hands of corporate cartels - hardly socialist.
Jews are also made the scapegoat for the rise of communism - a claim I've had repeated to me on here many times.
So, as it turns out, the Nazis hated the Jews as they both dominated international banking AND sought to destroy it via communism.
Ian, @stillgray, sport, there's no logic here, no justifiable reason for the Nazi's hatred of Jews. Just good old xenophobia and fear.
The fact that you're somehow trying to justify the Nazi hatred of Jews days a lot about your understanding & motivations.
I don't know whether you're fucking dumb, or a fucking Nazi or both, but you just can't talk this shit without being challenged.
Justifying, in any way, the hate of the Nazis is criminal, erasing the murder of millions of men, women & children. Why do you do it?
If it's for pay, @stillgray, I hope they're paying you enough.
If you're doing it because you honestly believe that Jews control economic systems, then go fuck off back to 4chan.
* -says
At any rate, you have a problem, and it goes beyond 🐜🐜🐜
PS. Get fucked.
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