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With Robert Mercer announcing that he is shifting some assets to his daughters and selling others, it's time to talk about a fun subject...

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The federal gov't likes catching crooks... and they like seizing their stuff even more.
Asset forfeiture can be used to seize any assets which were the result of a crime OR were used as part of a criminal enterprise.
Soooo, let's say, for example, a wealthy hedge fund dude was involved in a complex conspiracy to launder money and rig an election...
That's the kind of thing that could lead to asset forfeitures of both the proceeds from the crimes and the vehicles used to commit them.
Third parties with a vested interest in the assets can protest the seizures...

So, people like a criminals daughters who now "own" a biz.
This is a bit out there but Robert Mercer's departure sure has the whiff of a guy running from something he sees coming.
Shunting his assets off onto his daughters doesn't shield him from any criminal liability for past acts...
However, it does make me wonder if maybe Robbie is worried about those assets being in jeopardy if he remains the possessor, so to speak.
Mark my words, we are a very short distance away from Mueller announcing that he is seizing EVERYTHING Manafort owns right down to his suits
When the government starts seizing white collar criminals' assets, that makes other white collar criminals get really squirrely..
You can read more about the FBI's asset forfeiture program here.…
Pay particular attention to the first example they offered... Seizing a $500-million dollar building for violations of foreign biz rules.
Ya know who owns a really expensive building and appears to have been a bad boy? Jared Kushner.

Hmm... that might get rather interesting.
Stay tuned, folks. I would bet large sums that we have not heard the last of asset forfeitures resulting from Mueller's investigations...
...and I wouldn't be surprised at all if that asset grab someday knocks on Robert Mercer's door. The guy is dirty and knows it.
Phrase of the day: Federal Asset Forfeiture.

Bobby Mueller is gonna pick some thieves' pockets. Watch.
p.s. "money laundering" is illegally hiding or shuttling money around for the purposes of committing another crime (e.g. tax evasion)
Mercer is widely known to have been the guy funding many of the Trump Campaign's activities.
If any of that funding was done in a way designed to keep it on the down-low and evade detection or federal law, that's money laundering.
Soooo, let's just say money that started with Mercer ultimately paid Russian bots... That's a whole pile of crimes...
...and those crimes make both his financial assets and the businesses he used to commit those crimes potentially forfeitable. Ouch.
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