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Thread by @gurriersread: "Oh the geezers are hard at it grafting media, it's always great to have easy scapegoats "North Korean cyber gangs.." […]" #CyberSecurity #Reminder #Mercer #MicroTargeting

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Oh the geezers are hard at it grafting media, it's always great to have easy scapegoats "North Korean cyber gangs.."…
2/"Mr Murphy’s firm was the first in the world to liaise with computer giant IBM over the use of the super-computer ‘Watson’ for real-time--
3/artificial intelligence-based defence against cyber criminals." Bear with me, I'm about to post a few more links in #THREAD #CyberSecurity
4/… "One of the most successful examples of algorithmic stock-picking in the history of Wall Street is hedge fund--
5/titan Robert Mercer, co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, one of the most profitable hedge funds in the world. Mercer came to Renaissance
6/in 1993 from IBM, where the computer engineer did pioneering work on using computers to review massive amounts of text and then use---
7/ predictive analytics to translate between languages, an algorithm that laid the groundwork for Google Translate and Apple's Siri." 🤔
8/ KeepReading… See how much control in terms of wht can also need human understanding is ceded totally to said tools
10/… #Reminder #Mercer 's data trawl re those in thrall to smart technology £$E #Microtargeting #dataprivacy #Control
13/ More… "Clinton said Kenya’s annulled election was “a project”of Cambridge Analytica, a data company at the center
17/Also in prior #Hillary #Clinton #article "Steve #Bannon, the ex-White House chief strategist and the editor of the right-wing website --
24/another donation–£50,000 frm Vote Leave donor Anthony Clarke–was actually paid directly to Aggregate IQ,too.Specifically, on June 13 2016
29/… "Jamie Bartlett uncovers the dark reality behind Silicon Valley's glittering promise to build a better world."
30 #Fox #Bell #Firtash #Hintze #Johnson #May #Hammond Yrs of Neo-Con #Libertarian 'envy' criss-cross agents&means of #Influence #Collusion ?
31/ #readers… "SCL appears to have been little more than ambling along in the background until 2012, after which --
33/for this expansion, were the future general election in the UK,an inevitable Brexit vote and the Presidential Election campaign of 2016"
34/"Evidence of this expansion are evident in both the SCL & Cambridge Analytica operations. In October 2012, SCL registered SCL Elections.
35/ Mark Turnbull, who had for 18 years worked at Bell Pottinger was installed as Managing Director. By Jan 2014, SCL had identified an --
36/opportunity of exploiting #Kosinski ’s work at Cambridge University on translating data into a personality profile which is the used to
37/ predict your behaviour. Kosinski’s groundbreaking study produced a model, combining the OCEAN scores & information based on FB likes, -
38/which identified an individual’s gender, sexuality, political beliefs & personality traits." #scammers "A fellow professor at Cambridge
40/declined the offer due to “the firms intentions & the downstream effects it could have”Undeterred, #CambridgeAnalytica joined with #Kogan
41/ and developed their own model through Kogan paying #Amazon Turk workers $1 to take the OCEAN test which gave #SCL access to not only
42/their FB pages but the pages of their followers""In 2013 SCL registered #CambridgeAnalytica in Delaware &, later,#SCL USA Ltd in the UK."
47/mining’ that the State of Delaware put on their search engine that reveals that Cambridge Analytica LLC was registered in December 2013,
48/ Cambridge Analytica Holdings LLC in May 2014, Cambridge Analytica Commercial in January 2015 along with Cambridge Analytica Political
49/in the same month.Rather mysteriously, Cambridge Analytica Inc was registered in 1980, 37 years ago." #37YearsAGO #Mercer #IBM #Watson 🤔
50"1980: Microsoft & IBM sign a deal to put the former's operating system on IBM computers." & "1981: The IBM Personal Computer 5150 debuts-
51/🤔a landmark in t transition of computing frm t province of t military & big govt to everyday people." #37yearsAGO…
52/ This is long, it's a cross-section, thnx 4 bearing up. Oct. 2016 #Remember that #Bot Tay?… What's going dwn w #AI
53 @carolecadwalla publ. this Dec.2016… #Google #Wormholes #AI #Influence OR / MEETS Interference? Jst another
54/Bringing u up-to-date… #Google #YouTube Far-right AD #sellout across multi #platforms by BIG CHUNK #SiliconValley
55"Silicon Valley giant has found that tens of thousands of dollars were spent on ads by Russian agents who aimed to spread disinformation
56/across Google’s many products,which include YouTube,as well as advertising associated with Google search, Gmail,and the company’s Double-
57/Click ad network, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss matters that have not been made public. Google runs the
58/world’s largest online advertising business, &YouTube is the world’s largest online video site." #dataprotection #AdTech #MicroTargeting
59/"In 1993, Patterson, at that time a Renaissance executive, recruited #Mercer from I.B.M., & they worked together for the next eight years
60/But Patterson doesn’t share Mercer’s libertarian views,ORwht he regards as his susceptibility2conspiracy theories"…
61 #Article Jan'17 Succint summary of working parts #adtech #sharemondays… meanwhile #WatchOut move is on #fintech 2
62/ Yer havin' us on Go'way outta dat… #RecliamYourData if it's out there #HouldOnToYerData whn possible if it's not
63/No it's jst so #uncool to be #duped into buying #expensive even #extortionate #gadgets which essentially #function as #surveillance tools
64/ "may have been shared 100s of 1,000,000s of times" #Russian #election disruption ads/propaganda #Facebook that's just FB, multi-platform
65 @profcarroll taking UK based (as data UK based) court case. Give him a dig out as protective layer SEE #Democracy
66/ Here he is:… Please copy these & make them move round fast on & off internet. #votingrights #privacy #DataBreach
67And on it goes, niched, profiling… Ads target US active military & veterans on national security issues #Regulation
68/@profcarroll re FB"The actual scandal is that US voter files uploaded to Facebook were enriched in UK by British military contractor,SCL"
Not a #Bot a #writer #poet #teacher #Editor How did we get to such a mesh of seemingly disparate info & sources(albeit most 2ndary/tertiary)
70 Of course use secondary & tertiary sources as until,& even when #investigation over that's what's most #public ly available➡️#BacktoFront
71 ➡️This #THREAD started with me saying "Oh the geezers are hard at it grafting media, it's always great to have easy scapegoats"& posting-
72/ this short #article publ. #today in #Ireland on accessed via msn "North Korean cyber gangs.."…
73/ A quote'ish, not verbatim: it's the links and the methods of the micro-targeting that show collusion. Remember 'links' = financial too
74/Trace to N.Korea or wherever culpable,fine, try 2 ensure it happens much less,fine. Put all data, centralised, 1 'ownership'; NO #mirror
77/ If we're going to do it, it has to be kinds of different to existing methodologies, better, & FULLY accountable:…
78/ So when you look at who shakes hands with who/what on a merely cursory glance you find that SmartTech247, that of the 1st article, uses-
79/a range of other companies,in other places, lets see, Palo Alto Networks See embed Ad target 4 Ireland on access🤔
80/ yahoo. Note the Non-'answer' to a Living Minimum Wage, or the mooted Universal Basic Income. A Gates, designed as monosodium glutamate,
81/ flavoured by-any-other name rolling ponzi. Divisive. Unequal access. High risk Unsustainable. Where's the data going? Moving along now..
82/ So Palo Alto Networks (they got lost there in the Gate-gate) Arbor networks, ProofPoint Inc., Aurora, A10 networks, Pixer; yeah, we're
83/well-placed to lead into better places,with fiscal & data transparency,accountability Will it happen? A wiki hist…
84/Listing… B2B marketing Lists designed per client need. I know,'needed' pros a +'generate''circulate', but cons -,2
85/This is a conversation all who may use/benefit from such systems cld be looking at again, conversation, information, what shapes society?
86/Premise that the so-called 'internet-of-things' is either necessary or inevitable practically/functionally/jobs-wise is a #LogicalFallacy
87/ Waves of change development in all Sciences, incl. elec engineering, yes, a need to have everything computerised, no. #Market #Gadget
88/For those concerned with sec. &/ surveillance issues to promote such an anachronism here(as seen by its abject failure in US & elsewhere)
89/is a bit worrying.If we're so good at it all,why aren't we thinking further than this in ways which will become more actually generative?
90/There're many companies, many jobs, more to develop. How we choose to do that will form a significant part of basis of our future society
91/This is a real concern for some of these people in #cyber & #IT their futures already lie in Tech, they may achieve making things better.
92/ End of #Thread Thanks to everyone who has 'listened' (quite a lot more than I might have thought beforehand) =+*]
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