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The #FTC and #Microsoft & #Activision submitted their witness lists. Highlights include Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella @satyanadella, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, Xbox chief Phil Spencer @XboxP3, Sony PlayStation chief Jim Ryan (that one by video). and more.

Details in order of……
had to edit the tweet because the 1st version (written in a hurry at an altitude of well over 30K ft.) missed Phil Spencer and the part about witnesses named by both sides didn't list all the ones mentioned further above
Topics for Jim Ryan to testify on (plaintiff = FTC, defendants = Microsoft & ABK):

James “Jim” Ryan (CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment). Plaintiff is calling Mr. Ryan by video deposition designation to testify about competition in the relevant antitrust markets, the video……
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Microsoft just got slapped with a $20m fine for spying on kids.

Here’s what you need to know: (Thread)

#Microsoft #Xbox #Privacy 1/6
Microsoft violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act by collecting data on children who had started Xbox accounts without parental consent. They also shared the data with third parties. #COPPA #FTC 2/6
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reached a settlement with Microsoft on Monday, which also includes increased protections for child gamers. Microsoft admitted that it did not meet customer expectations and said it was committed to improving its safety measures. #Safety 3/6
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The question came up what the #FTC would have to do to prevent the consummation #Microsoft's acquisition of #ActivisionBlizzard in a scenario where UK & EU cleared.

Due to a Twitter issue I have to post this thread tweet-by-tweet (publishing whole thread failed before).

The FTC's in-house court can't prevent the consummation of the merger. The FTC needs to ask a United States District Court to enjoin (= bar) Microsoft.

It hasn't gone to such a federal court yet because prerequisite foreign approvals (especially UK & EU) are outstanding.

Assuming UK approves in April, EU on May 22., the first question is whether the FTC will wait until the EC has formally decided (huge hurry then) or run to a federal court on the basis of an MLex or similar report that the EC is inclined to clear the deal.

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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Obama's turncoat antitrust enforcer is angry about the Google breakup; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/ 'What a Funny Little Government,' Horace Taylor's 1899 edito
This week (Feb 14-17), I'm in #Australia, touring my book #ChokepointCapitalism* with my co-author, @rgibli. We're in #Melbourne tonight (Feb 14), #Sydney tomorrow (Feb 15) and then #Canberra (Feb 16/17). More tickets just released for Sydney! 2/
Obama's turncoat antitrust enforcer is angry about the Google breakup: You know you're doing something right when...

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In the #enshittification cycle, a #platform lures users with a good deal at first, then it lures business customers (advertisers, sellers, creators) by handing them the #surplus; finally, it takes all the surplus for itself, creating a pile of shit:… 1/ A scary abandoned room. The back wall is stained with the Sp
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
When a company is neither disciplined by #competition nor by #regulation, enshittification inevitably ensues. 3/
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What's going on with this class action lawsuit against both Google & YouTube as well as several creators and toy brands?

More importantly, why should you care?

I got you covered... 🧵

#google #youtube #creatoreconomy #creators #privacy #COPPA #FTC Image
A class action was filed in 2019 by a class of children against both Google and YouTube, as well as numerous kids and family media channels, including
Ryan's World,
Cartoon Network,
Mattel, Inc.,
DreamWorks Animation, and more.
The use of "targeted advertising, powered by persistent identifiers, that allowed Google and YouTube to collect data and track the online behavior of children without proper parental consent."
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1/ Today, the #FTC will vote to issue a staff report about last year's workshop on Dark Patterns—at which Prof. @harrybr, who helped coined the term, warned that it was "vague." Let's hope the report gets a lot more specific about what kind of cases the FTC will bring Image
2/ The concept of “darkness” implies that consumers are necessarily unaware of what is happening. This kind of opacity may be problematic, but by itself, insufficient under Section 5(n) of the FTC Act. Image
3/ An unfair practice must involve harm that is not “reasonably avoidable by consumers themselves.” In other words, it is the harm, not the practice that must be obscure to consumers.
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📞En comunicación con el senador Martín Arévalo. #730AM #AnchoPerfil

CDE: 107.1 FM.
#FTC "Con todo el presupuesto que se les da no pueden llegar a ellos, realmente nos dejan dudas", senador Martín Arévalo. #730AM #AnchoPerfil

CDE: 107.1 FM.
#FTC "Quedan muchas dudas ante la mayoría de resultados negativos", senador Martín Arévalo. #730AM #AnchoPerfil

CDE: 107.1 FM.
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Wow, just wow. The way to keep top staff, build credibility and signal “transparency” is not by gagging staff.…
I seem to remember some righteous indignation against previous administrations that pulled stuff like this. Bad then, bad now.
This shows so little trust in a staff that has always had the Commission’s back. I was one of the ones most often in disagreement with Commission actions (still not a lot, but more than most), but I always colored between the lines, as did all my colleagues, when in public.
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"Ms. Khan, a law professor & a former staffer at the #FTC who President Biden nominated to the agency in March, warned of the cascading power of tech companies that has allowed them to easily expand their reach across markets."… #BigTech
1/ "In a 2017 Yale Law Journal article titled 'Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox,' she questioned the bias of #antitrust experts toward #consumerprices as the key metric for antitrust violation."
2/ "Even though Amazon offers consumers lower prices in many cases, she argued the company could harm competition by squeezing out #smallbusiness rivals who rely on its marketplace."
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So I was waiting for @nberpubs to tweet this out last week (which happened Friday pm). Anyway, here is my paper with @msinkinson and Matt Backus. This is the #commonwnership thread for RTE Cereal. 1/11…
The reason we chose cereal (besides the obvious: that's what IO economists do) is that there is a lot of variation in the degree of common ownership across firms and over time. 2/11
For example Kellogg's is 20% owned by a family foundation and is basically indifferent to competitor's profits (weight < 0.2), and should be a strong competitor (turns out it is a high price, high margin firm). Common ownership can be highly asymmetric. (GIS weights KEL ~0.5) 3/
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CTFN's #ICYMI weekend edition: #Merger and deal activity are expected to be robust in 2021, and regulator scrutiny is expected to be rigorous.

(thread) #antitrust #investming #stocks
In the meantime, key changes will occur under the new #Biden administration at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that is anticipated to weigh heavily on big pharma deals, @dalter28 wrote

#FTC #antitrust #MnA
Further for one big pharma deal, Surani Fernando wrote that while @AstraZeneca's $39 billion bid for @AlexionPharma has drawn a number of critics, a strategic build-out of immunology may prove an important rationale for the deal

#mergers #healthcare $ALXN $AZN
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BREAKING: Trump’s new Executive Order purports to protect free speech online…

That’s not how the Constitution works. The First Amendment protects Twitter from Trump—not Trump from Twitter

And #Section230 doesn’t change that

Here’s why...
WEBSITES AREN’T PUBLIC FORA: Supreme Court jurisprudence and case law DOES NOT support the EO’s claims that they are. The EO cites two cases that don’t apply to social media platforms:
1) Pruneyard (1980) was limited to shopping malls (very different from websites) and definitely wouldn’t be upheld by the Court today anyway, as made clear in Johnson v Twitter (2018)
2) Packingham (2017) is about restrictions on Internet imposed by STATE LAW, not private actors
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