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A Paper Published 12 Years Ago

TITLE : q-Anon

Subject: Describes HOW you Aren't Anonymous

Today is a perfect time to share it again - I highly recommend scanning…

Published 2010 q-Anon Image
________________ Q

Quasi-Identifiers Image
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OK, let's take look at @RoyalMail #Health (no @Twitter handle as yet):

It's apparently "a new #business division working across the #healthcare industry, including local #pharmacies"... Image
...though its main partners at this point appear to be @Pharmacy2U - of which more later - and "exciting new service" #Charac, an app & #SaaS platform which advertises on @facebook, @instagram and @LinkedIn but again doesn't (yet) have a @Twitter handle: Image
...that's 👆 #Charac's front page, BTW; the pitch it makes to #pharmacies themselves 👇 is somewhat different:

I dunno about you, but "Creating new ways to make more money that isn’t dependent on NHS finance" sounds a lot like #marketing to patients... Image
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The probability that you make money (carried interest) on a search fund?

2 out of 3 search funders close on a deal, and of those that close, 73% realize a gain. Which means that less than half (~48%) make it to this stage. #privateequity #searchfund Image
Lower ROI outcomes are associated with shorter hold periods (per the chart), but if you assume an 8% pref and average hold of 5 years, then carried interest is earned above a 1.5x MOIC.
If you look only at outcomes in excess of 2x ROI in the chart provided (Stanford Search Fund Study 2022), then ~35% of search funds achieve a return above 2x. #searchfund #independentsponsor #SMB
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Take Medicine Back has sent a coalition letter to @NCAGO @JoshStein_, pres-elect of the @NatlAssnAttysGn requesting investigation into widespread violations of the prohibitions on the corporate practice of medicine in North Carolina and across states.…
#PrivateEquity firms are rapidly consolidating physician staffing groups resulting in both monopolies and labor monopsonies harming both patients and physicians - placing profits above patients.

@RealBankReform @econliberties
The Corporate Practice of Medicine "occurs whenever a non-physician individual or corporation exerts control over the medical decision-making or collects reimbursement for the medical services of physicians." The majority of states prohibit it @aaeminfo @AAEMRSA @AmerMedicalAssn
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0/ Those interested in SaaS investing and need a quick reference point on public market valuations, @MeritechCapital has just released v2 of their benchmarking (free) tool. Check it out!


#software #SaaS #valuation #VentureCapital #privateequity…
1/ The tool provides a perspective on what scaled listed SaaS companies look like in the US, in terms of growth, retention, sales efficiency and how these metrics correlate with valuation. US is the most relevant market as it sets the world price for such assets, viz. enterprises
2/ It’s based on non-GAAP financials and allows users to filter by SaaS type (infra, application, freemium / bottoms-up). The types of analysis (incl. charts, tables) the tool allows you to quickly undertake is organized as follows…
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Spätestens mit #Corona wurde klar, wie wichtig der #Pflege-Sektor ist. Aber auch, wie groß die Probleme sind. Ein Grund dafür ist die zunehmende Finanzialisierung des Sektors. Wie das zusammenhängt, hier im Thread. 🧵👇
Die Studie von @fw_recherche:… \1 Image
Die Finanzialisierung bedeutet hier, dass Pflegeheime immer mehr als Spekulationsobjekte angesehen werden. Genauer: #PrivateEquity Firmen kaufen und verkaufen Pflegeheime, um Profit zu machen.
.@fw_recherche hat sich 3 #Pflegeheime in 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 und 🇩🇪angeschaut, um zu verstehen, was passiert, wenn Investoren Pflegeheime als Kapitalanlagen benutzen. \3
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1/6 Four perils for #PrivateEquity today-or are they?

1. Recessions are bad, right?

Nope. Funds raised in recession years have done very well. Capital is deployed over several years so get to pick up assets at beaten up prices, and sell later in recovery phase

2. Stagflation is worse though?

For some sectors yes but not all (based on analysis of public market sectors). Some could do well

- healthcare
- consumer durables
- anything that can save companies money (e.g. some business services)
3. Closure of exit windows (IPOs, corporate M&A) is a challenge

But could lead to a rise in secondaries. Both GP-led (where sell to another vehicle run by the same GP), and traditional LP-led (where an LP sells their stake to another LP) likely to rise
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Thread: During my interview with @linqtoinc COO, Joe Endoso, he compared #Ripple to Coinbase, before it’s IPO. Coinbase was valued at $8B before it’s phenomenal IPO, which is lower than Ripple’s last venture capital funding round (at a valuation of $10B). 1/8

#xrp #PrivateEquity
“Coinbase went from $8B to $32B & got as high as $85B, before the stock market correction. That gives you a sense of what the possibility might be for price appreciation under strong, as well as adverse market conditions, for Ripple.” 2/8
“Not only are you investing based on your belief that the fundamental value of this company is going to increase significantly in the future bc of the use case they have for XRP & the international payments processing space, but also bc it is a special situation.” 3/8
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DueDilio Case Study Tuesday

Highlighting some of the projects we facilitate.

This one comes from a searcher...👇

"I am acquiring an engineering shop and need a Quality of Earnings Report done as well as financial modeling of the future for this company. Need this as part of the SBA process and for my internal use.

The company will be purchased as an asset sale with an SBA 7(a) loan program. The current entity is an s-corp and does its accounting on a cash basis. The business owner uses Quickbooks but doesn't fully utilize its capabilities.

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DueDilio Case Study Tuesday

Sharing some of the projects we facilitate.

This one comes from a search fund...👇

"We're acquiring a commercial landscaping business in the Southeast that does about $6M in revenue. We're looking to have a valuation of hard assets performed. It's a combination of trucks/vehicles, trailers, heavy equipment and mowers.

We'd really just like to confirm the asset value is generally in line with what the seller is saying."


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Digging into Rosemont Seneca & its ties to US #biolabs in Ukraine I now see why the "Biden crime family" & "Where's #HunterBiden" memes exists

This 2018 article covers the #PrivateEquity firm created by Joe Biden son & Kerry's step-son & its 🇨🇳CCP links… Image
e.g. Biden & John Kerry's sons' PE fund partnered w/ a subsidiary of #AVIC, a CCP Aviation Defense Conglomerate & bought a US 'defense tech' co, while Biden was VP ‼️ All while AVIC was building #J31✈️w/ hacked #F35 IP, per Snowden's revelations🤯
#NatSec… Image
Hunter Biden's PE firm Rosemont Seneca led the $30M Series A round for #metabiota, a firm that also raised $ in '17 from In-Q-Tel aka the #CIA's VC arm.

Metabiota has ties to the '16 #Ebola crisis, #EcoHealth (cv19) & they're a subcontractor for Black & Veatch (#biolabs ops) Image
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1/ Check out our latest @Grayscale research report: The Postmodern Portfolio Crypto Allocation Thesis. A thread on key report insights:
2/ Crypto assets are becoming a key component of The Postmodern Portfolio by offering allocators a new category that extends the risk and return spectrum beyond traditional alternatives like #realestate or #privateequity.
3/ Crypto assets blend the dynamics of investing in emerging markets, the technology sector, and venture capital to provide exposure to the next wave of the internet– Web 3.0 Cloud Economies– which enable investors and users to have direct ownership and control over the internet.
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I'm sorry to hear about your raised rent. 15% is substantial.

I'm all too familiar that it costs more to be poor, and the squeeze is real, especially in housing.


Response to question 🧵
When it comes to price-fixing and collusion, we know this wreaks havoc on our economy, often to the benefit of private equity firms and the detriment of renters and first-time home buyers. This issue occurs in urban and rural America, and Western North Carolina is hit hard.

So, no. I don't think poor people should continue to be subjected to manufactured inflation of housing costs by collusion.

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@ItaSIF @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit #SriAgenda just started ⚡ #Nov17

about 700 people are attending this webinar, that proves today's topic is crucial, says @fbicciato1 Secretary General @ItaSIF in his opening remarks…

#sustainablefinance #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #greenfinance Image
@ItaSIF @SRI_Natives @SriEvent_It @andytuit @fbicciato1 congratulations for sharing the knowledge and raising awareness of #sustainablefinance, the 20th anniversary @ItaSIF is celebrating this year is impressive, says Ulla Hudina-Kmetic, Deputy Head of Unit, DG GROW

#SettimanaSRI #sri #esg #responsibleinvestment #greenfinance Image
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Reminiscence thread #1. Almost 20 years ago, I led the legal team that advised @generalatlantic on this deal – USD 100 million investment into Patni Computers.…
$100 million may not sound like much today, but it was a HUGE amount in those days. In fact, this was then the largest #PrivateEquity deal in #India, in ANY sector!
I was ALL of 26 years old when I led this deal, and justifiably, VERY EXCITED to see the deal make the front page headline story in several top business newspapers!
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Private Equity compensation, a thread

1/ PE compensation is, in my opinion, one of the most misunderstood concepts in PE most especially by young investment professionals that are joining firms who provide little insights into the long-term compensation schemes, which by the way vary greatly by PE firm. Let's start
2/ with the basics and for now I am only going to focus on mid-level investment professionals.. Partner-level schemes that include other comp like mgmt. fees, etc. will not be relevant for the majority of PE folks. At a high-level, PE comp will be comprised of 3 things: cash,
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What key 8 difference between permissioned #blockchain #setcoin & public blockchain #bitcoin?
Check the thread 🧵 👇

#investing #Finance #finanstwitter #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #cryptocurrency #cryptoart #defi #altcoin #CryptoNews #ethereum #Dodgers Image
1. #ESG Compatible with limited energy usage to deploy and run ledgers and nodes.
2. #Scalability: much faster validation, and transaction execution;
3. Generating income from real sector #assets;
Next 👇

#fintech #banking #cbdc #CryptoTownEU #DigitalCurrency #NFTgaming
4. Advanced #identity system for #digital #assets owners #validation;
5. Facilitating #green & #cycling economy transition
6. Diversification between income of green buildings, #renewables, #smartcities, #agtech, vertical farming, technology sector private equity assets
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"In a 2011 Times Op-Ed, Warren #Buffett decried the treatment of #carriedinterest, which allowed him to report a lower tax rate than his secretary. A minimum tax on millionaires was proposed shortly thereafter & dubbed the '#BuffettRule.'”… #PrivateEquity
1. "The #carriedinterestloophole might finally disappear. Profits earned from funds owned by real estate investors & mgrs of #privateequity & #venturecapital firms are taxed as #capitalgains at about 20%, instead of as regular income, which is taxed at more than double that rate"
2. "#Privateequity executives are also worried that the Biden administration may limit the tax deductibility of corporate interest payments, which would be another hit to their business model."
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Think it’s bad that U.S. companies supply repressive regimes with physical weapons?

There’s also technology, thanks to #PrivateEquity-owned government surveillance and censorship technology firms.…
After #PirateEquity🏴‍☠️ firm Francisco Partners bought technology company Sandvine, they fired staff, replaced leadership and started dealing with surveillance states & dictatorships

Between 2018-20, Sandvine raked in $100M from countries with horrible human rights track records
Last year, Belarus used technology provided by Sandvine to shut down the news websites, block social media platforms, and ban messaging apps while torturing protestors nationwide.

Sandvine asked for the product back too late — the damage had been done.…
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CTFN's #ICYMI weekend edition: #Merger and deal activity are expected to be robust in 2021, and regulator scrutiny is expected to be rigorous.

(thread) #antitrust #investming #stocks
In the meantime, key changes will occur under the new #Biden administration at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that is anticipated to weigh heavily on big pharma deals, @dalter28 wrote

#FTC #antitrust #MnA
Further for one big pharma deal, Surani Fernando wrote that while @AstraZeneca's $39 billion bid for @AlexionPharma has drawn a number of critics, a strategic build-out of immunology may prove an important rationale for the deal

#mergers #healthcare $ALXN $AZN
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/19/2020…
Albert Edwards: The 10-Year Yield is Heading to Zero - Articles - Advisor Perspectives…

#investing #deflation #forecast
Optimization is as hard as approximation – Machine Learning Research Blog…

#optimization #MachineLearning
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As @narendramodi ji completes 20 remarkable yrs of being at the helm,it is time to re-plug my book #TruthandDare,which captures everything--from the #Gujarat model of development,which saw 15% growth in 2005-06,to new age #Modinomics,which has lifted over 75mn people from poverty
Price of #NaturalGas will be determined by market forces,to increase affordability👇

It will debottleneck E&P sector& make e-bidding,competitive &transparent

Will reduce demand-supply anomalies&imports

Bridge Trade deficit in Oil&gas

#CabinetDecisions by @narendramodi govt💪
Another decision by @narendramodi gov is the approval for 16.6km Kolkata East West rail corridor,that will connect Howrah on West Bank of Hoogly river,with Salt Lake City on East bank

Total project cost,8575Cr;will boost mass transit system&be ready by Dec2021
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#TweetStorm - Example of how punting happened due to #SmallcapRules and how illiquid and #lowfloat some #smallcaps are. #SheelaFoams. This company came at the 251st number on the categorization of #Stocks by SEBI - Link Btw new list would come in January
Yesterday - #NSE #Volumes up to 1.29 lakhs against 20-30k average with 45% delivery volumes. Deliverable qty also 2x-4x the average. Today it has traded only 23703 shares and 37% delivery volumes. Apart from recent volumes it has even traded only a few 1000 shares often. Image
Company is like a #PrivateEquity investment for #MFs. It is like "Iski Topi Uske Sar" ( Will keep shifting Hands.). Promoters =75%. #MutualFunds= 19.68% #FIIs=2.81% #Insurance+AIF=.45 Sum Total = 97.96%. Wow 2% available Float !! 10 lakh shares or 150 cr value on 7000 cr mkt cap
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In the early days of the coronavirus’ arrival in the U.S., nursing homes quickly became epicenters for the pandemic. By mid-July, 51,000 residents of long-term care facilities had died, representing approx. one-quarter of the total deaths in the U.S. (1/4)…
Pre-pandemic, private equity-owned long-term care facilities were short-staffed & provided a lower quality of care. According to a Gupta study, the total nursing & staff hours fell by 1.4 & 2.4 %, mostly driven by cuts to those providing “front line” care like CNAs and LPNs (2/4)
The way #Medicare and #Medicaid pay for nursing home coverage gets exploited by bad actors, creating a game of hot potato between the nursing homes and hospitals for people that are eligible for both programs. (3/4)
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