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A quick thread on types of Machine Learning Algorithms if you are just getting started.

#100Devs #100DaysOfCode
On a broad level ML algorithms are are of 4 types

1️⃣ Supervised Learning
2️⃣ Semi supervised learning
3️⃣ Unsupervised learning
4️⃣ Reinforcement

Let's explore what they mean & see further bifurcation of them
1️⃣ Supervised Learning

• A machine is taught by example
• A known dataset which includes desired inputs & outputs are provided

• The algo needs to find patterns in the input dataset, learns from observations & makes prediction with high acchrai
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50 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Terms Every Beginner Should Know

#100Devs #100DaysOfCode 50 AI/ML Terms For Beginners
1 Weak AI
2 Variation
3 Variance
4 Validation data
5 Unsupervised learning
6 Turing test
7 Transfer learning
8 Training data
9 Test data
10 Supervised learning
11 Strong AI
12 Sentiment analysis
13 Semantic annotation
14 Reinforcement learning
15 Model
16 Predictive analytics
17 Pattern recognition
18 Parameter
19 Overfitting
20 Underfitting
21 Natural language understanding (NLU)
22 Natural language processing (NLP)
23 Natural language generation (NLG)
24 Neural network
25 Machine translation
26 Machine Learning
27 Machine intelligence
28 Intent
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"Do Not Reinvent The Wheel" if you are building a SaaS or any Product

Concentrate on solving "the" problem rather than spending time trying to build solutions which already exist to be reused

Some classic examples below(feel free to add more) 👇👇

#100DaysOfCode #100Devs
{ @Uber @Olacabs }

✅Solved transport🚗
⛔Did not waste time building Geolocation, Payments, SmS/OTP sending solutions
{ @Airbnb }

✅Solved : Temporary housing/renting🏡

⛔Did not waste time building hostels, hotels, motels, payments infra etc.
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A lot of terms in web3, right?

Flashcards can help you deal with that.


#100DaysOfCode #100Devs Image
⚡️Blockchain Basics (26 Cards):…
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A few tips on how you can improve your problem-solving skills for programming [🧵]

#100DaysOfCode #100Devs #webdev
1. Practice As Much As Possible

If you want to get better at problem-solving, you should practice regularly.

I can not recommend enough. Having years of professional experience, I still get a lot of value from solving coding challenges from time to time.
2. Double-Down On Fundamentals

The reason why you might struggle at solving the more complex problems could be because you haven't mastered the basics. If you've never heard about a method, you have no chance of knowing how to use it...
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Some GitHub repositories that can help you to learn Blockchain/Web3 development 👇.
Check it out...

#100DaysOfCode #Web3 #blockchain #100Devs #100DaysOfWeb3
1- Defi-Developer Roadmap: is a curated Web3.0 Developer handbook that includes a list of the best tools for DApps, development resources, and lifehacks.
2- Full Blockchain Solidity Course: is a Ultimate Solidity, Blockchain, and Smart Contract — Beginner to Expert Full Course | Python Edition
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Before getting overwhelmed with Javascript, Python, Web3 & so on let me help you understand the various types of job roles on offer in tech industry.

Time for a 🧵

#100Devs #100DaysOfCode #Web3 #javascript #FullStackDeveloper #backend #FrontEnd #Python #React
1. Application Developers

✅ Responsible for converting requirements into working software
💰Highly Paid
👩‍💻 Frontend, Backend, Databse, Full stack developers are specific development roles
2. Software Testing

✅ Responsible for verifying if the developed software satisfies the requirements & has required performance levels
💰 Slightly lower paid than Devs
👩‍💻 Automation & Manual testing are specific roles
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Browser APIs you might not known😱😱

Check them ⬇️

#javascript #100Devs Image
1. Battery API Image
2. IndexedDB API Image
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despite the popular narrative that people are chained to the social media giants, it has never been easier or cheaper to build and deploy your own website or blog than it is today and that absolutely rules
some resources beginners should check out if this sounds interesting
- or…
more advanced users can spin up dedicated server space in seconds and do anything they want. i've had some form of virtual server for years now and being able to throw stuff on there for my weird web projects is the absolute best.
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How I study for interviews

🧶🐈 1/7
1. List out talking points

Create a set of bullet points of each topic you want to cover.

Tailor to the company and job description. 2/7
2. Rehearse the talking points

Read word-for-word at first, aloud, until you feel comfortable.

Ideally record yourself with e.g. Quicktime or @CaptoForMac. 3/7
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Nice chat with @christines1s0s this afternoon –

We finished by discussing:

How do you find new people to have coffee chats with?

🧶🐈 1/8
➣ Practically Leading - Discord server

In my Practically Leading Discord, our most active channel is: coffee-chats

People have been sharing and collaborating about coffee chats daily. 2/8
➣ Here To Help website

People that are open to helping others (via DM or Coffee Chats) have added themselves to Here To Help.

Feel free to grab time on their Calendly or DM them to request some time: 3/8
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Anxious about what to do with your first freelance #100Devs lead?😱😱

I went through this recently and am happy to share more on the big steps and exact things I said that worked for me…
1. Start with what you know.
- What do they sell/do?
- Do they have a current site?
- Any idea of what they are looking for from you?
2. Research those things.
- Google some possible competition.
- Google “web design/dev/marketing for XYZ industry.”
- Write lots of notes to bring! You will feel more prepared even if you don’t use them.
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A Thread

Who is a Pen-tester!

A Pen-tester is someone who helps a business test their security posture through a structured attack simulation with a predefined and agreed scope, this is referred to as a Pen test.

#BlackTechTwitter #100Devs #tech
Required Skills.

- Solid understanding of all IT fundamentals (Networking Included).
- In depth Knowledge of administering Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems.
- Basic understanding of Web servers and their technologies.

#BlackTechTwitter #100Devs #tech
- Basic understanding of Database servers and their technologies
- Basic understanding of Application development
- Basic understanding of Mobile Application development.
- Expert in Report writing

#BlackTechTwitter #100Devs #tech
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A few days ago I posted a gif showcasing my build of one of the websites we had for homework. But lately there's been a lot of the #100Devs fam saying that seeing people post near pixel-perfect builds was making them anxious about falling behind. So let's #KeepItReal: +
This is an inclusive program. There are people from all walks of life. Some of us are studying while holding 2 full-time jobs, some of have kids to take care of and can't dedicate much time to it even though they want it. Some are able to study for 12 hours straight! +
Feeling like you just can't keep up is totally normal if this is new to you or you have a bunch of other things going on in your life. And you shouldn't feel like you're falling behind because your layouts aren't perfectly matching the wireframe when you're 5 weeks into coding. +
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CSS box model is fucking hard

here's a brief explanation for dummies like me:

A thread🧵

#100Devs 💪
WTF is CSS box model?

basically, just a term to talk about design and layout.

everything on a webpage is a fucking box.

the CSS box model is a box around every HTML element. it consists of the actual content, padding, border, and margin.
from the inside out, the order of the box property is content, padding, border, and margin.

on the image below:
- the actual content is highlighted in blue
- padding is light green
- border is highlighted the darkest color
- margin is orange
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8 Ways to Increase PRODUCTIVITY in 2022

Thread 🧵
In simple terms, productivity describes how efficiently you can get much work done.

After struggling a lot last year to be productive, here are 8 tips that have worked for me since my discovery.

I’m using these tips this year and it’s helping me get work done efficiently.
1. Plan your day a night before.

Everyone has a limited amount of willpower given per day.

The more you use it, the more it gets exhausted.

Planning your day a night before reduces decision fatigue the next morning.

This saves you willpower for the next day.
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How to write a solidity code like a Professional?

This simplified style guide is intended to help Solidity programmers adhere to basic coding conventions. 🔥

Mega Thread 🧵

#100DaysOfCode #Solidity #web3 #blockchain #100Devs #techtwitter
Properly styled computer code is more easily read and understood by humans.

You may revisit the code you write later, or you may work on code with other people in the future. It’s important that your code is easily understood by yourself and others.

Code is read much more often than it is written. The guidelines provided here are intended to improve the readability of code and make it consistent across the wide spectrum of Solidity code.
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you don't suck at programming/coding, maybe you just don't know how to learn

bro learn how to learn!!!
info is best retained by active recall & spaced repetition, not by taking notes/highlighting shit

active recall: retrieving info from memory after you learn something, like a mini test

spaced repetition: opposite of cramming, you re-learn shit at increasing intervals
leon from #100Devs made me realize that i don’t know how to fucking learn...i've been doing all this shit wrong😂💀

i used to cram over a programming concept, and then move on and never go back to it wonder i forgot fucking everything

learn how to learn ...
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5 best resources to learn kubernetes for free
#Kubernetes #devops #100Devs

A thread 👇
2. Basics of Kubernetes…
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I was gonna make a blog post for this but I'd rather just tweet it out.

My tech hot take is that if your number 1 concern is financial stability and getting out of your current situation and you're curious about tech, web development is the best road to take. Lemme explain...
HTML, CSS and JavaScript are fundamentally all you need for building a website. It's easier to focus on just those 3 for a couple of weeks and see results immediately. You don't need to set up a dev environment and you don't need a powerful machine. With these skills alone . . .
After a few months of practice, you can start freelancing. No, you're not going to be building full stack web experiences for start ups, you can focus on your community around you. Walk into your fave hole in the wall restaurant and offer them your service, hit up your . . .
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#100Devs cohort is drilling array methods this week. Hope this list of some of my favorite 8kyu array katas helps!
🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏 Filter the sleep from your eyes and stay awake for this one!…
I promise I'm not trying to be mean, this one shouldn't reduce you to tears 🥺…
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