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The arguments for dropping mask mandates in hospitals are insane. The lack of logical reasoning & critical thinking is both astonishing & frightening. This is madness that will literally lead to continued mass disabling from #CovidIsNotOver & other airborne diseases. #AHS #Ableg
Covid causes brain damage. Repeat infections worsen the risk of long term harm.
#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
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Excellent work privatizing retail food services at The Stollery, #AHS. I mean it’s perfectly okay that we can’t get actual meals here anymore when we attend for Kikki Jr’s monthly treatments.

WITAF?! #ableg

It’s not only staff who rely on food services. It’s families who have no other options when we are here all day for treatment. Can’t leave hospital, can’t find decent food options to eat here, can’t bring our own food in.

This is what privatization looks like. #ableg

2/ Image
Added bonus: the “snack bar” doesn’t open until 10:30 am, no longer serves breakfast. The healthier options have disappeared. In a HOSPITAL.

This isn’t “good fiscal management”. This is screwing over frontline HC workers, patients & families all for the almighty $.

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i’m going to put the information from those images in the form of a thread. let’s get into the ethymology of balenciaga shall we? i will add more information to the thread so if you stumble upon it read the images and whats below them. ImageImage
from baal (bale)

From Late Latin Baal (as in the Vulgate) and Ancient Greek Βάαλ (Báal), from Hebrew בעל (bá`al, “lord, husband”), from Proto-Semitic *baʿl- (“owner, lord, husband”).

bale etymology:
From Middle English bale (“evil”), from Old English bealu, from Proto-West
Germanic *balu, from Proto-Germanic *balwą.
Cognate with Low German bal- (“bad, ill”), Gothic 𐌱𐌰𐌻𐍅𐌴𐌹𐌽𐍃 (balweins, “torture”), Old High German balo (“destruction”), Old Norse bǫl (“disaster”). Image
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Thinking on what is AHS… it dawned on me I AM AHS. 

Myself and all the amazing HCW colleagues that make up this massive health org

Sure it’s not perfect. Sure “it” frustrates me at times. 
But when you boil it down it is an org of amazing people working hard in hard times
AHS and it’s team has done some really amazing work over the last couple of years while faced with unprecedented (cringe word, but it really is apt) challenges…

“AHS” has admitted it is struggling.
The Access Block and human resource challenges are real.
Albertans can prioritize supporting and improving the team we have… or they can take a scorch and burn approach and then cross their fingers to see what grows after the conflagration.
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Getting a booster shot in Alberta for my partner and I … a rant. I booked our #COVID19 booster shot online using the #ahs website as per #abgov for this morning at 10am at a local pharmacy. Awesome, process seemed simple. Arrived this am at 10:02 bc it wasn’t well marked
.. there is a sign on the door saying they are out of Covid-19 shots. We go in anyway because surely they mean walk ins right? NOPE. No call, no text .. the pharmacy assistant is just “starting” to call people. We are annoyed but ok, go to the car and rebook.
After searching a 100km radius, we find two appts today for 5pm and 5:10pm in High River (we are in Calgary).. 40 minute drive but worth it to get it done before Christmas right? Ok, good to go. We do rapid tests (negative) and head to a family Christmas gathering.
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A 🧵 1) This morning a long time friend and paramedic went into cardiac arrest while at Airdrie UCC. UCC calls 911 for EMS support for these events. #ableg #abhealth #ahs #ems #ahsems
2) There were no available ambulances in Airdrie to respond to our brother. The responding units came from Calgary. UCC calls us for these events because we are more familiar with running cardiac arrests. That’s why they have paramedics like him working there during the nights
3) It has finally happened. A colleague, a mentor, and a brother has fallen and there wasn’t one of his own close enough to help. We have been sounding the alarm about the EMS system for years, and now its inadequacies may have prevented us from saving our own
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On Tuesday I found out that my baby was dead. I’ve never done a thread before, but I’m doing one because I think it’s important to spread this message. I’ll use some local hashtags #yeg #ableg #abhealth #AHS #yegcc #oilers #covid19 to show that I'm a real person in Edmonton, AB.
Who knows, maybe this will be therapeutic for me. I could sure use some therapy right now.
I need to start somewhere so I’ll start with March 27. That was the day we started to show symptoms. They weren’t severe but we knew something wasn’t right. My head felt cloudy, I was tired, it wasn’t a typical Saturday for me.
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We stand with frontline healthcare workers.
#ableg #abpoli #abhealth #ahs #healthcare
This is a Premier who refuses over and over to fine people who openly defy public health orders.
Yet, he doesn’t hesitate to come down on frontline healthcare workers reacting to word they would be fired after months of putting their lives on the line in an unprecedented pandemic.
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There may be many with a rightful question in their minds - Why Lord #Rama needed to chant Aditya Hrydayam Stotram (#AHS) since he was Sri Maha Vishnu himself? Well, it’s important to think through a scientific perspective to seek a near satisfactory answer (1)
Lord Vishnu was in human form on earth and not in Vaikunta. It is commonplace science that Sun is directly connected to our soul (literally every living body on earth has the same feature) and strengthening it makes us confident and full of energy, resulting in the obvious (2)
There certainly ought to have been a difference of how a life-form could live in Vaikunta (whenever that may be) without need for invoking sun and on earth or the 8 other planets with life forms primarily controlled by sun’s energy (3)
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Twitter, do your thing. (Thread)

46 years ago while filming Jaws on May 25, 1974 there was a scene involving a lot of extras arriving at Amity Island. One of those extras is the woman in the photo on the right. Two months after this scene was shot, there was a murder of a woman
about 100 miles away which has become known as The Lady Of The Dunes. A 2010 composite of that murdered woman is the photo on the left. At her murder scene were a pair of folded blue jeans and a blue bandanna.
While watching Jaws several years ago, author Joe Hill noticed this woman and her remarkable resemblance to the woman murdered. The Jaws production team didn't record the names of any extras used throughout the film, and the casting director passed in 2009.
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Pas de trêve des confiseurs pour la désinformation sur le #glyphosate ! @GeWoessner ne fait pas de pause.

Elle profite d'un accusation visant un avocat américain pour critiquer une loi californienne et blanchir le glyphosate de tout danger !

La loi californienne : elle fait croire qu'il s'agit d'informer des substances chimiques présentes dans un produit. Non, il suffit d'ouvrir le PDF qu'elle met en lien (mais peu le feront) : cela ne concerne que les produits causant le cancer ou toxiques pour la reproduction. ImageImage
Par exemple les industriels se sont adaptés en retirant de leurs produits des substances problématiques pour éviter d'avoir à les signaler par un avertissement.
Les émissions dans l'air de ces substances a plus diminué en Californie.…
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