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🧡BREAKING: September 29 2022. Ontario hospitalizations have grown from 1,141 to 1,265. Combined with other evidence, this confirms that the province has entered #Wave8. Resend - broken 🧡. #covid19 #onhealth #onpoli #BringBackMasks Image
2. Widespread growth in regional PCR positives (red) for those eligible, second week in a row. Image
3. Hospital speed signal is heading above 1 now, a sign of a new wave. Image
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🧡New πŸ“Š. Current stats in red (on Sept 15) vs same day a year ago in blue.
1. Canada
- Estimated infections 108,043 on Sept 15 vs 19,105 on same date in 2021.
- 30 days deaths 1,075 vs 571.
- Hospitalizations 4,389 vs 2,071.
- ICU 235 vs 690
#Covid19 #CovidIsntOver
2. Ontario - infections, deaths, and hospitalizations up over same time last year.
#onhealth #covid19 #onpoli
3. Quebec. Infections, deaths, and hospitalizations up over same day last year.
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Things Ontario is doing well to maximize covid damage:
πŸ”₯ Not talking about covid πŸ¦—
πŸ”₯ Discouraging 😷
πŸ”₯ Dropping isolation req'ts 🏑
πŸ”₯ Disbanding Science Table πŸš«πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬
πŸ”₯ No mention of ☠️
πŸ”₯ Discouraging child πŸ’‰ and boosters
πŸ”₯ Removing/distorting key data 🚫
#Covid19 #onhealth
πŸ”₯ pretending covid is not airborne
πŸ”₯ still pushing hygiene vs air
πŸ”₯ limiting paid sick days
πŸ”₯ stopping most testing
πŸ”₯ no indoor air quality directives
πŸ”₯ pretending infections are low
πŸ”₯ putting flu and covid on same PHO page
πŸ”₯ not spending $ billions earmarked for covid
πŸ”₯ not acting on nurse burnout/quitting crisis
πŸ”₯ not reporting hospital infections
πŸ”₯ not reporting ER/hospital closures
πŸ”₯ ignoring long covid
πŸ”₯ purchasing cloth masks over N95s for schools
πŸ”₯ no messaging from Premier or Min of Health
πŸ”₯ saying schools are safe
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1/ As if the #opioid crisis and the pending #ONhealth ED collapse weren’t enough, @OntariosDoctors section on Addiction Medicine warning OAT clinics across Ontario could see service disruptions as of Dec 1, 2022 (ironically #internationalaids day)
2/ At issue is the implementation of the new virtual care codes which will slash fees for video consultations with new patientsβ€” patients in rural or remote areas without access to specialists are likely to be most impacted. #onpoli #onhealth
3/The irony is that #mentalhealth in #ontario was pioneering in establishing the virtual care capacity that got us through #covid. Many community-based #buprenorphine programs in rural and remote areas operated virtually prior to the pandemic, increasing #accessibility to OAT.
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🧡Update: Ontario covid hospitalizations dropped -26 this week to 1,141, now at 75% of the BA.5 peak. 401 are in hospital for covid, 740 other patients with covid. ICU down -1 to 129. The "for covid" stat remains above total hospitalizations 1 year ago (299).
#onhealth #covid19 Image
2. Patients in hospital with and for covid are continuing on similar trends. Image
3. Ontario reported 65 deaths in the past week, a drop of -20 from last week but still much higher than the same week last year when 38 deaths were reported. The 21 day trend is relatively flat over recent weeks.
#onhealth #covid19 Image
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🧡I look at a person's risk as a series of risk choices. One of those is deciding to be in a room when infection rates are at a certain level. Here's an Ontario example of that risk, assuming random mixing of infections in popn and other assumptions. 1/3
#onhealth #covid19
2/3 The table changes if the infection rate goes up and fewer choose to isolate. Suppose we have 100,000 infections per day and isolation only limits infectious contacts by 25%. Now you have a 1 in three chance someone is infectious in a group of 10 compared to one in 10 before.
3/3 Now you see why I recommend more precautions when infection rates are high. Also, note that this shows the risk each time you join a room. Risks accumulate. This is why even N95 masks cannot limit infection risk over time if you are constantly exposed to higher group risks.
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Ontario estimated infection levels compared to the same day last year. (source: IHME)
#onhealth #covid19
The 95% confidence interval for today, September 18th, is 26,867 - 64,451. With 80% mask compliance assumed, the IHME estimates 13,933 infections with a 95% confidence interval of 7,448 - 20,410 infections. estimates 48,170 new daily first infections on September 16th.
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Is waiting 21 hours in ER acceptable? I thought the E stood for Emergency, not Eventually. #onhealth #onpoli
Great way to spread covid among sick people though. Crowded room, people coughing, 21 hours. I wonder how many stay at home and get sicker because they know ER is a disaster zone.
21 hrs? I broke my big toe 12 years ago and waited 5 hours then gave up and hobbled back to car. My big toe is bent to this day lol. I know someone who waited 7 hrs in extreme pain and only had a portable CAT scan because US doc was visiting with machine. Kidney cancer. 21 hrs?
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🧡⭐️⭐️⭐️ A list of my main #covid19 information threads with supporting evidence, practical advice, and resources.
1. Masks and Indoor Airborne Risks 😷

#Masks #CovidisAirborne #Omicron #onhealth #onted #N95
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Reminder that as the bivalent boosters open up, Ontario's uptake of first boosters (third doses) is very low in younger age groups. While some may have had recent infections, this is a shockingly low uptake for a very important first booster entering the fall.
#onhealth #covid19
I would prefer that Ontario does not end up like certain US states or Alberta and younger ages are smart enough to understand the critical benefits of boosting second doses that have waned. Vaccinations are safe, getting infected is a wild card and includes risk of long covid.
I will need to restrict replies to those I follow, there are many anti-vaccine accounts that love to jump into replies with lies.
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Ontario regional ranking of PCR-positive growth rates for those eligible for PCR testing. Six health regions (red) are reporting growth over the previous week.
Data source: Ontario open data files.
#onhealth #covid19
Test positivity for those eligible for PCR tests. May not be representative of total regional populations.
#onhealth #covid19
Remember, I did post that the PCR test positivity is useful as a leading indicator at the provincial level. Despite it's caveats, we should pay attention.
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Some confusion on this announcement on bivalent vaccines for Ontario. @mustafahirji , MOH Niagara, reports that the recommendation is 6 months but minimum allowed is 84 days. [previous tweet deleted]
#onhealth #covid19
I have no problem at all with this 84 day minimum eligibility period, given what we know about the need to have a reasonable interval between mRNA boosters to ensure a good immune system response.
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🧡Ontario covid hospitalizations are up +3 from one week ago and now stand at 1,245. ICU is up 1 to 136. 36.1% of total hospitalizations are classified as "for covid". More ‡️
#onhealth #covid19 Image
2. The majority of covid hospitalizations are classified as incidental to the main reason for hospitalization (797). 451 are classified as in hospital due to covid.
#onhealth Image
3. Most covid ICU patients are in ICU for covid.
#onhealth Image
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Science Table brief on adult long covid. One thing I want to add. It may be less frequent *per infection* now but infections are *much higher* this year with Omicron. We are learning that "mild Omicron per infection" does not mean fewer deaths in the popn this year. #onhealth
Key messaging from Science Table.
My message: don't get infected. Image
I look forward to reading this brief in more depth later. There aren't enough good summaries of long covid research around.
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🧡It's important that we don't re-write history as far as interventions in the time prior to widely available vaccines. These limited interventions were not cruel and coercive "lockdowns", they were necessary and likely saved thousands of lives.
#covid19 #onhealth #onpoli Image
2.@strauss_matt says that "restrictive measures have proven ineffective". The evidence strongly disagrees. The people whose lives were saved by those measures disagree. Even though the government waited much too long to act, the measures stopped the exponential growth of Alpha.
3. With widespread vaccination, the need for interventions is lessened but let's not fool ourselves. In mid-December I recommended a circuit breaker that could have saved many lives in the January Omicron wave. The government of course waited far too long again and let 'er rip.
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If you are eligible for a booster, had your 2nd dose more than 6 months ago, see yourself as being at higher risk now, and do not have a booster yet, I have some simple advice:
get your booster shot.
Sometimes people overthink things, like picking over 5 TV brands. The current boosters are effective against hospitalization. If you are moving into a much higher risk, eg back to work, school, etc, then realize that the bivalent boosters *which are not here yet* may provide a
*minor* but useful improvement over the classic boosters but while you are waiting, your added booster effectiveness is ZERO and you are missing out on a 50-60% boost to your immunity vs hospitalization now. So factor all that into your risk decision.
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We have a government that considers it too coercive to require masks when infections are high but not too coercive to move old people out of hospitals against their will. #onpoli #onhealth #covid19
We have a government that considers it too expensive to distribute $3 N95 masks for free but has no problem with eliminating $120 license renewal fees.
We have a government that is unwilling to require a $350 CO2 monitor to check ventilation in indoor public spaces but is willing to remove isolation and mask rules and burden hospitals and staff with thousands of covid patients at a cost of thousands of dollars each.
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What if, instead of doubling down on #DenialAndNostalgia, we tried mitigating transmission?

We have effective tools that can reduce COVID spread.

Using them would protect health, save lives & minimize sector-wide disruption. /1
We urgently need a #VaccinesPlus strategy. Such a strategy would include:
πŸ”˜clear communication about the likelihood of re-infection & the evolving evidence about the serious, multi-system short, medium & long-term harms of infections; /2
πŸ”˜mask mandates in essential indoor settings (including schools) until more mitigations are in place & transmission is low;
πŸ”˜distribution of high-quality masks to support their use;

Universal mask use while transmission is high is low-cost, low-burden & effective. /3
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Weekly growth rates in different Ontario public health units based on the very limited PCR testing that they do conduct.
#onhealth #covid19
Test positivity by PHU for those eligible.
Despite its shortcomings, I still pay attention to test positivity because it has appeared to help foreshadow hospitalizations, including the BA.5 peak, as seen here.
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I mentioned before that I was skeptical about using the PHO chart on new hospital admissions "because of covid", believing the down trend was partly epicurve incomplete reporting. Here is what I found.
cc @PublicHealthON
Here's the PHO chart, it shows a grey bar for underreporting in the most recent week (only) but I don't think that's enough caution. Also, I believe the heading should clearly state that these are admissions "because of covid", per the glossary. A 7 day moving avg would help too.
I believe it's important that if such data is used for public or health system or PH use, they need to be enhanced, otherwise trends will be underestimated by decision-makers.
cc @JPSoucy
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NEW - Nature: The new boosters may be better than the old ones but by how much? Modelling suggests it may not be by very much. Prior immunity matters.
#onhealth #covid19
h/t @TRyanGregory…
@TRyanGregory This should not come as a surprise for those who follow what I have been sharing. The new boosters are likely an improvement but as I said before we should not overhype or underhype them. The current boosters have done well vs severe disease, otherwise our infection levels would
@TRyanGregory ... have caused a LOT more deaths than they have. The next evidence for new boosters will come from countries like the UK and US who are ahead of us but it will be difficult to sift out exact booster VE in such a complex immunity and variant environment.
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🧡Ontario covid hospitalizations have dropped -109 to 1,245 this week. ICU now stand at 135, down -11 from last Thursday.
#onhealth #covid19
435 of those hospitalized were admitted because of covid (34.9%), the remaining 801 are in hospital with covid.
#onhealth #covid19
There were 97 covid deaths reported this week compared to 89 last week. The daily average this week is now 13.9, up 1.1 per day.
#onhealth #covid19
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Everyone is going around parroting the phrase "it's up to the individual". No it's not.
It's up to all of us to prevent spread to and from each other and it's up to the government and CMOH to set appropriate guidelines and support, including where masks are required.
You have a personal responsibility as an adult to try and not infect yourself or others. Many in this province are not even trying to slow down the 30,000 - 50,000 infections happening every day. Organizations and businesses saying it's up the individual are being irresponsible.
There have been 13,739 covid deaths so far this year in Canada and by year end we are likely to surpass the totals of previous years. When each of you gets infected, many of you will pass it on to others and some of those downstream from your infection will die. Fact. Do better.
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I wrote a 🧡 on why the 5 day iso rule was a lie. Dr. Moore has doubled down now and has even removed that rule. This is the full surrender of public health to Omicron infections and political/business concerns. ‡️
#massinfectionmandate #onpoli #onhealth
For this change to make any sense, he has to at minimum deny the science on the contagious period, upcoming hospital crisis risks, long covid risks, rapid tests, and what is happening elsewhere with significant labour force disruptions due to extensively infected populations.
TL;DR: Ontario covid infections are now boosted for the fall and winter.
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