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Maharashtra crisis live updates | Dissident #ShivSena leader #EknathShinde on Wednesday stepped out of Radisson Blu hotel here, where he and other rebel Maharashtra MLAs are camping since June 22, and visited Kamakhya temple to seek blessings.
Just in | #MaharashtraPoliticalCrisis: Rebel Sena MLAs to be moved to Goa from Guwahati | @alokdesh reports
#ShivSena approached Supreme Court against Governor's direction asking the State government to prove majority on June 30. The matter will be heard at 5 p.m. | @alokdesh reports
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गोव्यातील विविध मंदिरांवरील thread
तुम्हाला त्यांच्या दैवी आणि स्थापत्य सौंदर्याने मंत्रमुग्ध करून टाकेल याची खात्री आहे,

चला सुरुवात करूया !!
#गोवा #Goa #TemplesOfGoa
फातर्पा येथील श्री शांतादुर्गा मंदिर
आल्टिन्हो टेकडी, पणजी येथील मारुती मंदिर
श्री मंगेशी मंदिर, पोंडा
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🧵Let Wex spell out the math for u on why it’s worth picking up several @_ThorFinancial Odin Nodes RN @ the current PA.🧵

1 Odin Node = 78.1 Thor tokens.

78.1 $Thor tokens x 10 Odin Nodes = 781 $Thor tokens.

781 Thor tokens x $8 per Thor token = $6,248 for 10 Odin Nodes.

So $6,248 invested for 10 Odin

@current prices of $8 a Thor: after 10% claims tax & $40 monthly maintenance fees u net around $22K annually from your 10 Odin Nodes

$22,000 annual/$6,248 basis = 3.52 risk/reward ratio

For Wex Anything r/r ratio above 3 is worth betting on

What if Thor drops to $4?

Well then u make around $8,500 annually

$8,500 annual/$6,248 basis = 1.36 risk/reward ratio. Not great but you are still making money

What’s break even? $Thor must go to around $3.32 for your 10 Odin Node cost basis to be at parity w/your profit

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మూడు సంవత్సరాల క్రితం ఒక గొప్ప వ్యక్తిని కోల్పోయిన భారత దేశం...... నేడు శ్రీ మనోహర్ పారికర్ గారి వర్ధంతి (పుణ్యతిథి) సందర్భంగా ఘన నివాళి 🙏💐🇮🇳
ఓం శాంతి శాంతి శాంతిః శ్రధ్ధాంజలి.....
కీర్తిశేషులు #మనోహర్ #పారికర్# #గోవా
#ManoharParrikar #Goa #Parrikar
మనొహర్ పారికర్ గారు భారత రక్షణ శాఖా మంత్రి కాక ముందు వరకు మన భారత రక్షణ దళాలకు ప్రత్యేక పరిస్తితులలొ వాడే ప్రత్యేక మైన shoes ను ఒక్కొక్క జత షూ 25,000 రూపాయల చొప్పున ఇజ్రాయిల్ నుండి దిగుమతి చేసుకునేవారు ...మనొహర్ పారికర్ గారు రక్షణశాక భాద్యతలు స్వీకరించిన తరువాత
ప్రతి అంశాన్ని క్షుణంగా పరిశీలిస్తున్న పారికర్ గారు shoes ను 25,000 రూపాయలకు కొనుగొలు చేయడం చూసి, వాటిని దిగుమతి చేసుకొవడానికి బదులు భారత్ లొనే తయారుచేయించాలని భావించారు

అయన ఈ shoes గురించి వాకబు చేయడంతొ బిత్తరపొయే అంశాలు వెలుగులొకి వచ్చాయి ...అ shoes ను తయారు చేస్తుంది
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Many from the community have asked:

How can you develop this game so quick when other games take years to develop?

What’s the difference between web2 and web3 games?

Here’s a thread on our thoughts!

$THOR #GoA @ThorNodes @GodsofAsgardP2E

To start, most AAA web 2 game generate revenue from the initial purchase of the game. They spend years to develop to ensure the customer gets maximum value for their purchase right off the bat. These customers pay to essentially have the rights to play the game, but do not

own any other aspect of the game. The value customers get is mainly for entertainment. AAA studios spend much time to ensure entertainment is at the highest capacity and players can stay engaged for long periods of time.

Entertainment is the MAIN value of web 2 games.

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#BombayHighCourt is hearing suo motu plea pertaining to pending cases against the MPs and MLAs in the States of #Maharashtra and #Goa.

@CMOMaharashtra @goacm
The Bench of Chief Justice and Justice SK Shinde initiated the proceedings in light of #SupremeCourt directions seeking expeditious disposal of such cases.

Court: Can you give us a list of matters where stay has been granted?
We will consider those matters, and then we will accordingly hear the matters and either extend interim matters or go on with the matters.
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Water Sports Activities in Goa (2022) with Price List.
Goa is known for its chilling, relaxing, sunbathing, and adventure activities right outside your door. following are latest Water Rides in Goa with Pricing and Location. #Goa #GoawaterSports Latest Water Sports in Goa and Price List
1. Jet Skiing #JetSki #JetSkiing
Price Start from ₹350 Per Head.
Duration Max 3 to 5 Minutes. with Instructor
Solo not allowed,
Water Sports with Scuba Diving Combo Price Start from 2499 Per Head.…
2. Banana Ride in Goa
A yellow Banana Shaped Tube Boat pulled by a Speed Boat.
Price Start from ₹349 Per Head.
Duration: Max 3 to 5 Minutes
3 to 4 People per Boat.
Solo not allowed,
#BananaBoatRide #BananaBoat #WaterSports
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2. Goa’s regional rival parties United Goans (UG) and Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) were formed around Goa’s first polls in 1963. Are the political faultlines of that time mirrored in the way the electorate votes for Congress or BJP today?
3. Despite being India’s smallest state by size, Goa hosts multiple ideologies. A colonial legacy, faith and identity politics often intersect to form complex geographical subdivisions.
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#Incharts: Employment rate has fallen in UP, Uttarakhand, Goa and Punjab since the last polls

Among the states going to elections next month, Manipur is the only one that is not reeling under unemployment, shows data.…

(Via @FactCheckIndia)
#Incharts: Many people in the state lost jobs & the number of those employed dropped to 5.49 crore in May 2020-Aug 2020.

While the employment rate fell in the state, the rate of unemployment also dipped from 16.82% in mid-2016 to 4.83% by the end of 2021.… Image
#Incharts: In Aug 2016, over 1 crore people were employed & the working-age population was more than 2.31 crore.

Dec 2021, the working-age population increased by 11.7% but the employment rate decreased from 43.4% to 36.86%.

Read:… Image
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#Karnataka govt decides to withdraw #NightCurfew with effect from Jan 31 (Monday), Revenue Minister R Ashoka announces.
Beginning Monday (Jan 31, 2022):

*Schools in #Bengaluru to reopen

*Pubs, restaurants to function at full capacity

*Cinema halls, public transport to operate at 50% capacity
*Gatherings at marriages to be limited at 300 in open spaces, 200 for closed spaces

*The 50% limit on attendance in government offices canceled, to function with 100% staff.

*Darshan and other services at religious places allowed with entry capped at 50% capacity.

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#AssemblyElections2022 | Election dates for Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa being announced. #ElectionsWithNDTV

Watch LIVE:
#AssemblyElections2022 | "With this reduction of voters at a station, we have to increase our polling stations to 30,330. Total number of polling stations is now 2,15,368": Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra #ElectionsWithNDTV

Watch LIVE:
#AssemblyElections2022 | "At least one polling booth in each assembly constituency will be exclusively managed by women personnel to encourage women voters": Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra #ElectionsWithNDTV

Watch LIVE:
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Today is 60th year of celebration of Operation Vijay

Operation Vijay (1961) was the successful operation conducted by Indian Armed Forces to end 450 years of #Portuguese’ colonial rule in #Goa
When the Portuguese refused to give up control of the state in 1947 India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, started trying different non-violent ways to resolve the issue. But all his efforts of peaceful and diplomatic negotiations were rendered useless. #GoaLiberationDay
In 1955, he imposed an economic blockade on #Goa but even that did not deter the #Portuguese power to leave the #Indian soil. So in 1961, Mr Nehru decided that there was no alternative option left for military intervention.
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Getting a booster shot in Alberta for my partner and I … a rant. I booked our #COVID19 booster shot online using the #ahs website as per #abgov for this morning at 10am at a local pharmacy. Awesome, process seemed simple. Arrived this am at 10:02 bc it wasn’t well marked
.. there is a sign on the door saying they are out of Covid-19 shots. We go in anyway because surely they mean walk ins right? NOPE. No call, no text .. the pharmacy assistant is just “starting” to call people. We are annoyed but ok, go to the car and rebook.
After searching a 100km radius, we find two appts today for 5pm and 5:10pm in High River (we are in Calgary).. 40 minute drive but worth it to get it done before Christmas right? Ok, good to go. We do rapid tests (negative) and head to a family Christmas gathering.
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#November 1961 - in a display of its #maritime supremacy in the region Portuguese contingent based at #Anjadip Island fires at #Indian merchant ship Sabarmati. Portuguese garrisons also fire indiscriminately on Indian fishing boats off #Karwar & South #Goa (1/n)
These acts of aggression by the Portuguese forced #GovernmentofIndia to evict them from Indian soil & #IndianNavy executed #OpVijay to achieve this aim.

Two warships #Rajput & #Kirpan are deployed to escort merchant ships & ensure safety of fishermen (2/n)
#01Dec 1961

Naval Headquarters #NHQ initiates #OpChutney, a precursor to #OpVijay, to capture Anjadip Island.
#INSBetwa & #INSBeas are deployed on patrol off Goa, #INSMysore & #INSTrishul prepare to carry out an amphibious landing (3/n)


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Dawn at Shiroda

the sun knocks
filtering through the trees
a few birds
start a song
like jazz musicians
warming up a groove

a leaf breaks free
floating dreamily
onto the ground
others join in
like friends taking
an impromptu trip

1/4 #Goa ImageImageImageImage
in our yard
many flowers
many sizes
colours and smells
some still holding fast
hoping that my aunt reaches them
to grace her lord’s feet
or adorn her hair
both just for a day
until they meet
others who have already given up
strewn on the ground

2/4 Image
a flower
appears to be floating
in thin air
looking closer I see
it’s stuck in a
spider’s web
like an unfinished poem
or is it just
another dangling conversation

3/4 ImageImageImageImage
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Union Minister @nitin_gadkari along with Chief Minister of Goa @DrPramodPSawant will inaugurate 4 Lane section from Loutolim Village to IDC, Verna on NH-566 in Goa today

Stay tuned for updates in @PIB_Panaji

4 Lane section from Loutolim Village to IDC, Verna on NH-566 in #Goa:

Total length of the project is 7.320 Kms. It will reduce travel distance from Ponda Town to Marmagao by 12 kms, thus reducing travel time by 30 mins

Total project cost is Rs 229.85 crores

Union Minister @nitin_gadkari has arrived in Goa

Shri Gadkari, along with Goa CM @DrPramodPSawant, will inaugurate 4 Lane section from Loutolim Village to IDC, Verna on NH-566 in the state in a short while

Union Minister @shripadynaik will remain present among the dignitaries
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Celebration of 23rd Annual day of Dalit Seva Sanghatna and 130th Birth anniversary of Dr. B R #Ambedkar

Union Minister @shripadynaik to attend the event at Ravindra Bhawan, Margao, #Goa shortly

Watch Live Image
📡Live Now📡

Celebration of 23rd Annual day of Dalit Seva Sanghatna and 130th Birth anniversary of Dr. B R #Ambedkar at Ravindra Bhawan, Margao, #Goa

Watch here Image
Celebration of 23rd Annual day of Dalit Seva Sanghatna and 130th Birth anniversary of Dr. B R #Ambedkar in #Goa

Union Minister @shripadynaik lights the traditional lamp in the presence of Rajya Sabha MP @TendulkarBJP

Watch here
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An interesting #Thread!

A couple of days back, I was tagged by @aparanjape to help @Vporia (whom I hadn't known earlier), whose 83-year old father had left behind his laptop bag in the Nizamuddin-Vasco express, while getting down at Pune station on 10th August. #IndianRailways
Receiving such a request more than a week after it happened makes the location of the lost item a little difficult. I decided to give it a chance and posted the travel details of her father, Mr.K.B.L.Saxena, along with a brief description of the item in the ADRMs #WhatsApp group.
Being the ADRM-I of the Chennai division in @GMSRailway, I am also a member of a WhatsApp group that connects the ADRMs in almost all the 68 divisions of #IndianRailways. I tagged ADRM/Pune who told me that the item would have gone with the train to Vasco da Gama station, #Goa.
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#BombayHighCourt at Goa grants leave to Goa government to permit fully vaccinated persons (with both certificates) in the State without a COVID negative test report till August 5 by way of ad-interim relief.

Order by Justices MS Sonak and MS Jawalkar.

#COVID19 #Goa
The following categories are permitted:

1. The workforce, ie. persons who enter the State of Goa for purposes of work in industries, labour force, construction, etc;

2. The people who enter Goa for purposes of business;

#BombayHighCourt #Goa #COVID19
3. Residents of Goa who are now stranded outside Goa for the pandemic related or other such issues;

4. Residents of Goa who are required to travel for work, medical reasons, outside the state and return back after a few days.

#BombayHighCourt #Goa #COVID19
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The Blood-Chilling History Of Francis Xavier #Goa

The Christian missionaries threatened to convert Jain King Kumud and all 22,000 Jains of Goa to convert to Christianity within 6 months, abandon Jainism and accept Christianity or face death
but King Kumud and Jains were ready to die and refused conversion.

An unknown historical fact is the heartbreaking incident that occurred 500 years ago. Jain King Kumud was ruling Goa. Portuguese captured Goa by forcibly removing him.
The Catholic clergy along with the Portuguese army attacked in large numbers to convert innocent people. The clergy captured the entire city of Goa, threatening and forcing people to convert. Those who opposed conversion and refused to convert, were brutally killed.
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Full Bench of #BombayHighCourt to hear suo motu writ petition on the extension of protection to those who are unable to access courts across the States of #Maharashtra, #Goa and UT of Dadra Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu because of limited functioning of courts due to #COVID19.
Bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta, AA Sayed, SS Shinde and PB Varale to begin hearing shortly.

The Bench had previously extended interim orders till July 9, 2021.

#BombayHighCourt #COVID19…
Bench assembled.

#BombayHighCourt #COVID19
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#BombayHighCourt at Goa to hear the appeal filed by #Goa government challenging the acquittal of former Tehelka editor #taruntejpal in the sexual assault case.

Hearing before Bench of Justices MS Sonak and MS Jawalkar.


@Tehelka Image
The Court issued notice on June 2, 2021.

SG Tushar Mehta with AG DJ Pangam appear for State of #Goa.

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#BombayHighCourt at Goa to hear the appeal filed by #Goa government challenging the acquittal of former Tehelka editor #TarunTejpal in the sexual assault case.

Hearing before Justice SC Gupte.


In the previous hearing, the Court had permitted the State to add additional grounds in the appeal memo, as the May 21 judgment of the Sessions Court was only received on May 25.

#TarunTejpalCase #BombayHighCourt…
Accordingly appeal amended.

Read the grounds here:…
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The #GoaBench of #BombayHighCourt to hear PIL for issues related to #COVID management in #Goa.

Hearing before Bench of Justices SC Gupte and MS Sonak.

Advocate General DJ Pangam appears for State.

Addl. Solicitor General P Faldessai appears for Centre

Advocates Nikhil Pai, Akash Rebello, Rui Gomes Pereira, Nigel Da Costa Frias, Vishal Sawant appear for Petitioners.
Hearing begins.

AG Pangam begins his submissions.

Reads out the details of the supplies, such as medicines and oximeters present in the GMC hospital.

States there is no shortage of oxygen anymore.

#GoaBench #goacovidcrisis
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