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Last night 🎶🎸
We are leaving but it's hard to go
To my land where #Murdoch rules the waves, the waves, the waves
Political hypocrisy & banality have their way
The homeless & the poor are told that ' resilience' is the way
The middle class shrinks everyday
Gigged away,away🎶/2 Image
The Bankers have it all their way
The Uber Rich want you on two dollars an hour
Everyday it's bullshit showers
When you ask, ask ask away
Some troll jumps in your way
Selling the lies that it's good to die for 🇦🇺🇬🇧and the US of A.
Because that is the Gallipoli way
We buy subs/3
That are 30 years away
To protect trade routes from our major trading partner🎶
We are leaving but it's hard to go
& save utility costs whilst the monies flow, to tax havens galore
And the kids haven't got a chance
To buy a home for their families coz Austrack is loopholed/3
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: KPMG audits the nursing homes it advises on how to beat audits; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ Two business-suited male fi...
Tomorrow (May 10), I'm in #Vancouver for a keynote at the #OSSummit:…

And a book event at #HeritageHall:…

On Thu (May 11), I'm in #Calgary for @WordfestTweets:…

2/ Image
KPMG audits the nursing homes it advises on how to beat audits: Too big to fail, too big to jail, and an existential risk to civilization.

3/  Image: (m...
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Fox News a soudainement annoncé qu’elle se séparerait du présentateur d’opinion et commentateur Tucker Carlson, qui a animé le très coté Tucker Carlson Tonight.
"FOX News Media et Tucker Carlson ont convenu de se séparer", peut-on lire dans le communiqué de presse.…
"Nous le remercions pour son service au réseau en tant qu’hôte et avant cela en tant que contributeur."
"Le dernier programme de M. Carlson était le vendredi 21 avril", a déclaré la société. "Fox News Tonight sera diffusé en direct à 8 heures/HE à partir
de ce soir en tant qu’émission intérimaire dirigée par des personnalités tournantes de FOX News jusqu’à ce qu’un nouvel animateur soit nommé."…
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True story QLD sh00ting.

The Trains property was being taken from them. #Fracking-#Murdoch
A significant number of ex-military popped up in gas industry activity in Australia.………

QGC financied by Rothschilds.…

has never treated landowners with the proper amount of respect and, in fact, with the police gone from the area, they are using their security as paramilitaries.… Image
QGC had 58 coal seam gas wells near Tara in 2012. "One day a guy drove down my driveway and said I'm Queensland Gas Company and we're going to sink a well down the back of your place," he says.…

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#Insurrection #January6thHearings #Trump portrait of mental instability unprecedntd!Evidence of panickd ppl around #Trump SHOCKING. Military action feared!Trump lost composure,grabbd steering wheel leaping from back seat &assaultg Security.#Jan6Cmtee: #Trump’s political obituary.
#Trump wild activities incl assault & mental instability,known to ALL #GOPCowards Consider #GOP continue to take orders & kiss ring,making his comeback more likely.Greed so immense,#USA/global welfare disappeard from their dashboard.THAT is all that matters.#TRUMPMurdochMonster
#USA Rioters chanting: Hang Mike Pence. #Trump says he ‘deserves it!’Sentiment expressd other times, defendg rioters.Instead of sendg them away, #Trump further inflamed w/ incendiary tweet (2.24pm jan 6) accusing VP of failing to protect country.WH staffers alarmed,disgustd.
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I have created a special news thread on the soft - side and big heart of Peter #Dutton that you can share with relatives who start believing it after being inundated with months of this via #Murdoch press. Let's go! #auspoll #auspol
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Before journalists give time to #Murdoch #LNP #transmission hikes, ask who is driver of price hikes? @AngusTaylorMP has gazetted ‘if Industry Research and Development (Supporting Critical Transmission Infrastructure Program) Instrument 2021.’ It’s billions$$ cash splash #auspol
This scare campaign is #murdoch #LNP own goal. If they are serious then commit to #Disallow such expenditure now @renew_economy #auspol
This instrument can still be disallowed post election. So acid now on #Murdoch and #LNP #Lab to commit to disallow if they are serious about not driving up power bills by driving unnecessary transmission and forcing community to pay for their stupidity #auspol #Disallow
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1/12 Australia hasnt ratifd Interntnl Covnt on Civil & Political Rights OHCHR.Neither have #AUKUS partners.Article 20: Prohibits by law,any advocacy of national,racial,religious hatred that constitutes incitmnt to..hostility,violence(IE prohibitd to use propgnda to incite war)
2/12 Cld there be a more perfect Article? Isnt that a wonderful prohibition? Well,3 #AUKUS Nations haven’t ratified. #Murdoch & assoctd oligarchs want it that way. We’re owned by him & defence industries who profit enormously from WAR. That’s why we we’re partners! We’re ownd!
3/12 Together we were mobilisd into #Iraq & #Afghanistan. Now conservative think tanks,funded by #Murdoch & defence industry companies are banging the ‘drums of war’ vs #China! If it sounds like we’re spoiling for a fight, it’s because our Govt wants that!
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EXCLUSIF : VICE News a réuni des centaines de pages de documents montrant la stratégie climatique du propriétaire de @FoxNews, Rupert #Murdoch : se préparer au #ChangementClimatique en interne tout en niant publiquement son existence.

#NewsCorp une société de #Murdoch, travaille secrètement à "jouer un rôle de leader sur la question du #ChangementClimatique", selon des documents obtenus par @VICEnews, alors même qu'elle accorde un temps d'antenne considérable aux #climatosceptiques/négationnistes du climat.
Alors que les présentateurs de @FoxNews attaquent frontalement les scientifiques qui lient les phénomènes météorologiques extrêmes au changement climatique, NewsCorp/Murdoch suit de près les dommages causés par les incendies de forêt, les ouragans et autres impacts climatiques
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@australian 23 March #BrittanyHiggins is raped in the office of the Minister of Defence, Linda Reynolds by Bruce Lehrmann. Lehrmann had worked for Reynolds at one time. The office is quite near Morrison’s.

As soon as word travels, the office is cleaned.

@australian At some time Ms Higgins is called for a meeting IN THE ROOM WHERE THE RAPE OCCURRED

4 April a meeting between Reynolds’ office & 2 others to nut out what was to be done.

5 April Lehrmann’s PH employment is terminated. Now, keep that date in mind. It’s important.

@australian #ScottyTheGaslighter invites media to watch him pray. Sure thing. 21 April it rolls on up. Through the campaign, it’s been gleefully going along with the 🧢🍺 bad-Labor shtick. Meanwhile #CarparkRorts is occurring (#SportsRorts on steroids) @JoshFrydenberg knew all about it.

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Warum in #Deutschland ein überfordert und fehlinformiert wirkender Armin #Laschet - dem zudem immer wieder seine #Lügen aufgezeigt werden - zum #Bundeskanzler werden kann?
Mit nur noch 17% Zutrauen durch die Wahlberechtigten?
Ein Thread (mit Hilfe von @GeorgeMonbiot) Image
Kurz nach der Wahl in #Grossbritannien 2020, die Labour verloren hat und die den "Politclown" Boris #Johnson an die Macht spülte, analysierte der Journalist @GeorgeMonbiot in knappen 10min. Video die Gründe. Brilliant und wichtig, vor allem für die #Btw21
Weil er schmerzhaft die Ursachen auf den #Punkt bringt, versuche ich im #Thread, seine Aussagen über Grossbritannien sinngemäss für #Deutschland zu übersetzen und die Beispiele zu adaptieren. Hat mich erstaunt, wie einfach das oft ist.
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Note to #MSM hacks; when FINALLY calling out this #corrupt #MorrisonRegime please refrain from feeling the need to have ago at Labor ‘for balance’😐 Specifically any suggestion,or implication the the high functioning, ethical Gillard Government is in any way comparative; it’s not
All issues were either contrived or confected lies that the #MSM pushed; via a pied piper #Murdoch which you all dutifully followed like sheep; including the @abcnews Didn’t see any calls like this for Abbott; which should have happened after 2014 budget…
TheAge ... once a serious news broadsheet, that was respected by Victorians, should have called for #Morrison to resign for the sake of the nation 18 months ago; and take #Frydenberg and #GHunt with him. #auspol
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#Dominion: will one Canadian company bring down Trump's disinformation?

They filed a $1.6bn defamation suit against #Murdoch’s #FoxNews, accusing it of trying to boost ratings by amplifying LIES.

“The truth matters,” Dominion’s lawyers wrote

“Lies have consequences”

#Fox sold a false story of election fraud in order to serve its own commercial purposes, severely injuring Dominion in the process. If this case does not rise to the level of defamation by a broadcaster, then nothing does.

“Radioactive falsehoods” spread by #FoxNews will cost #DominionVotingSystems $600m over the next eight years, according to the lawsuit, and have resulted in Dominion employees being harassed and the company losing major contracts in Georgia and Louisiana.

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The @Conservatives know that their cynical & inflammatory culture war is not just divisive, but extremely dangerous.

The head of Historic England says employees have received many threats.

The unhinged Tories & their media backers are going full Trump.
Last year, Britain’s top lawyers wrote to Priti Patel to express their concern after a man with a large knife entered a London law firm & launched a “violent, racist attack” was said to be directly motivated by Patel's irresponsible comments.…
Since 2018, Europol, the FBI & MI5 have all said that FAR RIGHT TERROR PLOTS ARE MULTIPLYING FASTER THAN ISLAMIST ONES, yet a #PREVENT review is to be led by grotesque hard-right crank William Shawcross, who describes gay rights & climate change as "PC".…
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Since 2018, Europol, the FBI & MI5 have all said that FAR RIGHT TERROR PLOTS ARE MULTIPLYING FASTER THAN ISLAMIST ONES, yet a #PREVENT review is to be led by grotesque hard-right crank William Shawcross, who describes gay rights & climate change as "PC".…
Shawcross adores #Murdoch, & has written of a “vast fifth column” of Muslims in Europe who “wish to destroy us”.

PREVENT stats show that in 2020, 30% of people deemed to be at risk of hateful #radicalisation came from Islamic backgrounds, 43% were potential far-right extremists.
17 human rights & community groups say they will boycott the #PREVENT review in protest at the appointment of Shawcross, because "the UK government has no interest in conducting an objective & impartial review of the strategy".…
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@nytimes 1. @SenWarren @EdMarkey #Murdoch is a #NaturalizedCitizen. He doesn't give a damn about our country! He's only ever cared about increasing his #Wealth. He & @FoxNews sow #Hate & #Division! I honor the #NaturalizationOathOfAllegiance I took in 1968 when I was 14 yrs old.
@nytimes @SenWarren @EdMarkey @FoxNews If I broke my oath as a #USNaturalizedCitizen, I suspect that I would be stripped of my citizenship & deported! The #Murdochs et al are promoting #Sedition & #Insurrection! Strip the #Murdochs of their #NaturalizedCitizenship & #DeportTheMurdochs! #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw!
@nytimes @SenWarren @EdMarkey @FoxNews 3. Per @nytimes: #Murdoch is in the UK "weathering the pandemic." I was told that I would forfeit my citizenship if I lived out of the US for an extended period. Yet he doesn't live here year round & promotes #Sedition & #Insurrection but stays a US citizen. #NoOneIsAboveTheLaw
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➖La evidencia de la confabulación de los medios de prensa contra @realDonaldTrump

(Hilo 1/1)
🔴 La Sra/Srta. @KathrynAMurdoch es la nuera del Sr. Rupert Murdoch y obviamente gritó un: “Lo hicimos!!!!” el 7 de noviembre pasado.

Pero quién es Mr. Rupert Murdoch?
🔴 Keith Rupert Murdoch, es un empresario, inversor y magnate nacionalizado estadounidense, CEO y principal accionista de las compañías @FoxNews, que comprenden medios como #TheSun y #TheTimes y cadenas de televisión como #Fox y #Sky.
➖Pero eso no es todo.
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@Heidi_Cuda @BrentAllpress @Tentoads4truth @elliemail @MalcolmNance @Nick_Carmody @TeamPelosi @YourAnonCentral @jennycohn1 @ericgarland @JYSexton @politico YVW thank you for all your posts/threads..the CA one was excellent- the psychometric profiling of people prone to extremism and weaponizing them is one of the low points of this sad Trump/Brexit saga in history. For my money Murdoch is one of beneficiaries of it.
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There it is. 500,000 signatures for the #murdoch royal commission. Equivalent to almost 2% of our population. Let’s make it happen Image
Can’t wait to see the Olympic level bullshit-gymnastics from the libs to get out of this.
Next: federal ICAC
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When you talk about freedom, you mean freedom to lie to us & exploit us, freedom to deny the truth, freedom to avoid scrutiny, freedom to bypass democracy.

We want freedom from the climate and ecological emergency #WeWantToLive #FreeTheTruth #FreePress #FreeDemocracy
😂Everyone knows the press isn’t free - we haven’t had a PM that wasn’t backed by #Murdoch for 40 yrs.💩 Do you care about the citizens of this country and how many will die as a result of the #ClimateEmergency - or are you really that out of touch? #FreeTheTruth
We haven’t limited access to the news, everyone can read @thesun & @DailyMailUK online. Have you read your own @theCCC report about how you’re failing to meet your own climate targets? That’s the news we all need to read #FreeTheTruth
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BREAKING: Extinction Rebellion blocks News Corps Printworks and demands they FREE THE TRUTH

As the printing presses crank up, #ExtinctionRebellion groups in North London and Liverpool are taking on the titans of the media industry.

#FreeTheTruth #WeWantToLive #ChangeIsNow
Nearly 80 people are currently blocking the roads leading to two printworks owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp – Broxbourne outside of London and Knowsley near Liverpool. #FreeTheTruth #WeWantToLive #TellTheTruth…
Broxbourne and Knowsley are home to News Corp titles @TheSun @thetimes @thesundaytimes @Telegraph @DailyMailUK @TheMailOnSunday @EveningStandard and others. The plan is to maintain the block and prevent these papers reaching newsstands on Saturday.
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For #Melbourne psychic reading client: Apologies for delay. I had to do another reading straight after yours. Higher realms did give enough warning to stop this getting out of control. We go back to why climate emergency needed urgent response to stop pandemic outbreaks. #fact Image
cont. for #Melbourne psychic reading client: Deceivers media is only there to create division, try to taint leadership etc. Higher realms have warned #Murdoch media is nothing more than a divisive tool to cause division around the world, to allow dark undercurrent to continue.
cont. for #Melbourne psychic reading client: The mafia has infiltrated into governments around the world. The intelligence and technology was also infiltrated. Therefore having to work out why everything went pear shaped, requires dissecting the economic system as a whole.
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Alcuni nomi su agendina di #JeffreyEpstein: Édouard de #Rothschild, Peter #Soros, Tony #Blair, Mike #Bloomberg, Duca e Duchessa di #York... ImageImage
#Trump family Image
#Kennedy Family e Gov NY Andrew #Cuomo Image
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I am.
There’s so much I don’t like going on, stuff that scares me.
To cheer myself up I thought I’d write a list of things I’d like to happen, in #auspoI and the world:
1. An emissions trading scheme.
2. Indigenous voice to Parliament
3. #changethedate
4. Federal ICAC
But wait! There’s more!
5. Transition plans for renewable energy jobs for those currently in mining
6. Publicly funded elections
7. A national job guarantee
8. Newstart set at 50% of median wage
9. Commitment to social housing
10. Some bankers in prison would be nice? #auspol
Fuck it. May as well keep going.
11. National plan for sustainable agriculture, protect our food security.
12. #auspol the manufacturing leader of renewable technologies
13. Free high quality public education from early years to university.
14. Medicare for dental and mental
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