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We know antibiotics in the #environment are a driver for #AMR

One intervention to reduce risk in this sector could be formal regulation to control #antibiotic levels in #manufacturing discharge But how viable are these measures? 🧵/1
Antibiotic supply chains are complex & opaque🕵️ This makes it hard for #policymakers to design and implement effective supply chain regulation that reduces #AMR risk but avoids unintended consequences on medicine affordability and availability /2
A new @Wellcome_AMR report attempts to address these ongoing questions through:
- mapping of antibiotic supply chains 🗺️
- analysing likely supply chain & economic impact of regulatory options 💹
- recommending next steps for supply chain sensitive regulatory approaches 🤝
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1/ Strict new rules on the use of #antibiotics and other #antimicrobials in pigs, chickens and other #farm animals come into force today across the #EU. What do the changes mean - and are they good for animals and consumers? A thread//
2/ In 2019 alone 5m deaths were connected to #AntimicrobialResistance (#AMR), according to a recent @TheLancet report. The deadly, drug-resistant infections behind these deaths come about because of the over- and misuse of antimicrobials, which makes bacteria resistant to them
3/ When drug-resistant bugs develop in animals because of antibiotic overuse they can easily spread to humans - often through #food. For example, rates of drug-resistant #salmonella have risen - & infections mainly come from #chicken & other #poultry.…
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#AntimicrobialResistance 💊 is something we all need to be aware of & understand its impact on health. Overuse of #Antibiotics for illnesses that don't need it means they can become less effective over time.
Read more in our thread below 🧵
Dr Julie Robotham, Head of #AMR Modelling and Evaluation says on #AntimicrobialResistance 👇
Read more about #AMR and its impact on world health:…
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🌟Ready for another #TakeoverThursday? 🌟

Today we have @LilyKenchEvans who is a student in @LIMSLTU @latrobe who will be walking us through a day in the life of a Chemistry Honours student 🧪 @ltu_researchers

This post is in celebration of @nationalmoleday (23/10) 🥳
As most of my day is spent in the lab, I start with desk work such as checking data, especially if an analysis has run overnight.

While you prepare your food for the day (🥣), I am creating a to-do list & preparing my chemicals for the day's reactions 🧑‍🔬🔬 4 glass tubes used in chemistry Image of two glass vessels behind a glass window in a fumeho
As a reaction usually runs overnight, I then purify one from the previous day, as there may be a by-product I need to remove.

I can visualize what is in the reaction mixture through dots on a TLC plate, as seen below 🤠.
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Not a submarine expert, but as a recently arrived Aussie in #Europe I’d like to offer some insights as someone who’s researched/taught Aus foreign & security policy re the #AUKUS deal, so here we go… 1/
There’s really no justification the French were caught unawares re the cancellation of the @navalgroup_AU contract. The writing had been on wall for some time that the deal was on rapidly melting thin ice. Anyone claiming otherwise just wasn’t paying attention. 2/
But it’s also true the Morrison Govt mishandled the r’ship in rushing to announce #AUKUS. At the very least, the trilateral presser should have been delayed until Morrison had spoken directly w @EmmanuelMacron, or conveyed the same through @FranceAustralia Ambassador. 3/
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Repost of a thread highlighting some of the achievements of our international collaboration focussing on genomic surveillance of AMR. Here we detail a series of preprints, coming out soon as a special edition in a peer reviewed journal.
(original posted late Friday)
The @NIHRglobal @GHRUamr
focuses on sustainable Genomics for national #AMR surveillance in Colombia, India, Nigeria, and the Philippines and local / global genomic context for ongoing surveillance of major #AMR pathogens. Here we detail our work with a series of preprints (1/10)
Laboratory Implementation : An interactive approach to implement genomic sequencing across sites via lab assessment, assembly, optimisation, and re-assessment to deliver surveillance capacity.
@cake_ray @Geetha66538200 @anderson_ose @ghruamrcol… (2/10)
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The @NIHRglobal @GHRUamr focuses on sustainable Genomics for national #AMR surveillance in Colombia, India, Nigeria, and the Philippines and local / global genomic context for ongoing surveillance of major #AMR pathogens. Here we detail our work with a series of preprints (1/10)
Laboratory Implementation : An interactive approach to implement genomic sequencing across sites via lab assessment, assembly, optimisation, and re-assessment to deliver surveillance capacity.
@cake_ray @Geetha66538200 @anderson_ose @ghruamrcol… (2/10)
Bioinformatics and data flow: Here we detail bottlenecks in bioinformatics deployment and routes to overcoming these by including standardised workflows across all laboratories. @Ayorinde_Afo @melissaana @varunshamanna @turrisita @MonicaAbrudan… (3/10)
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#Phage are often only seen as bacterial predators, but they’re also major drivers of bacterial evolution through generalised transduction.

In this new preprint, we combine lab work & mathematical modelling to reveal the dynamics of this dual nature.

Generalised transduction happens when a replicating phage mistakenly packages non-phage DNA. The resulting transducing phage can inject this DNA in another bacteria, as shown in the Figure.

This is notably a powerful way to transfer plasmids, major vectors of #AMR genes.

We co-cultured two single resistant strains of S. aureus (B_E and B_T) with 80alpha phage (P_L).

Here, horizontal gene transfer can only happen by generalised transduction, so if we detect double resistant bacteria (B_ET), we know that transduction happened.

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Our paper on co-infections, secondary infections & antimicrobial use in patients hospitalised with #COVID19 in UK during the 1st wave is out in @LancetMicrobe!

@ISARIC1 @CCPUKstudy @CVRinfo @UofGlasgow @EdinburghUni @LivUni @imperialcollege…

2/ Of 48,902 hospitalised Covid19 patients enrolled in CCP-UK study (6 Feb - 8 June 20):
- 8,649 (17.7%) had >=1 microbiological investigation
- 1,107 had Covid19-related bacterial infection (blood or respiratory); 70.6% (n=762) were secondary infection (>48 hrs from admission)
3/ Most frequently identified organisms:
- Respiratory co-infection: Staph aureus & Haemophilus influenzae (differ from flu)
- Respiratory 2ry infection: Gram negative organisms & Staph aureus (similar to non-Covid HAI)
- Bloodstream co-/2ry infections: E Coli & Staph aureus
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Therapeutic phages can be used as treatments to kill diagnosed #AMR infections. The most valuable ones have good shelf-life properties. We found some… @TrevorLithgow @phagedirectory @MonashUni @GregHuntMP @AusGov_Superbug @IndustryGovAu
We have tapped natural reservoirs with project partners, the Wurrundjeri and Woi Wurrung people (, the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work… @phagedirectory @RhysADunstan87 @JiaweiNohup @TrevorLithgow @mSystemsJ 2/5
We needed a reliable way to characterize the structural parts of the phage particle. Our response? We built an artificial intelligence #AI to understand and characterize the new phages… @mSystemsJ @TrevorLithgow @RhysADunstan87 @JiaweiNohup 3/5
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Delve into the world of bacteria with the latest paper from Manjula Reddy's lab. They show a novel enzyme that modulates the molecular linkages in bacterial cell-walls.…
@CSIR_IND @PNASNews @Raj_with_sci @pavan_kumarch
Details follow
Bacteria have a protective cell-wall around them. It contains an exoskeleton of peptidoglycan. In a big family of bacteria, called the gram-negative bacteria, this is covered by another layer - the outer membrane.
In some bacteria, an abundantly found lipoprotein Lpp staples the peptidoglycan with the outer membrane. This study finds a novel hydrolytic enzyme that cleaves Lpp from the peptidoglycan.
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Great that attention is remaining focused on #AMR a big problem.… . But the relentless claims that this is primarily or largely a problem of agriculture are not evidence-based.
Some years ago @BillHanage and I and @G_RegevY and our students pointed out the absence of strong evidence (while acknowledging challenges of generating it)…
Recent excellent genomic work from Prof Sharon Peacock's group, @MarcBonten's group among others has failed to find evidence of strong links between resistance in animals and resistance in clinical isolates. @BillHanage wrote about this…
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A chilling headline but realistic and honest assessment from @WHO. The only way to change this is to combine all the tools - Public Health, Diagnostics, Treatment, O2, PPE & Vaccines. But will only work if these tools are equitably available everywhere.…
Very small group countries can make this happen globally. Pandemic will continue if those countries who can do not share all tools. New variants will arise-it is enlightened self-interest,needs political leadership, an economic imperative as well as scientific, public health wise
History will not be kind on those who chose not to share, who created a world of have & have nots, of growing inequality - and a protracted pandemic in which new variants arise and spread. We face a choice. What sort of world do we want?
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Starting another thread of excellent microbiology & microbiome events coming up! Feel free to add yours.
@EMBARK_JPIAMR is putting on a series of webinars on antimicrobial resistance in microbiomes & the global environment. Super important topics that deserve attention even as we deal with COVID-19.…
I'm excited about this one -- Agriculture & Health Summit: Cultivating Gut Health at the Crossroads of Food & Medicine
The scientific / regulatory conversation here is going to be white hot --> like, can we conceptualize something in between food & drug? Image
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1. A quarter of the world’s total #SARS-Cov2 virus genomes have been sequenced on @nanopore devices. First sketched out as an idea here by David Deamer in 1989 this series of tweets covers the long history of nanopore sequencing.
2. Taking 25 years to fully materialise the development of nanopore sequencing has involved close collaboration between academia and industry and many actors from different disciplines and backgrounds. Each has their own story to tell.…
3. Another early pioneer of @nanopore sequencing was #HaganBayley, a British chemist who in the 1990s began working on stochastic sensing as tool to detect metal ions to track submarines as they move through water and for other applications.
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While COVID19 is grabbing world attention, another global public health threat is still rising in the wings - #AMR. By 2050 AMR could cause 10 million deaths if left unchecked. AMR is not new and its history stretches back long before penicillin.… /1 Image
The first case of drug resistance was noted in 1907 by #PaulEhrlich, when he observed mice infected with Trypanosoma brucei developed resistance with repeated doses of #Salvarsan, the first compound found to have antimicrobial activity.… /2 Image
Another drug spotted to cause resistance was Optochin, an antimicrobial agent used to treat pneumonia. The first instance of resistance was noted in mice, infected with pneumococcal bacteria, in 1910, and then in humans in 1913. /3 Image
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Sadly, the @AOMConnect #AMR editors continue the all-too-common mistake of conflating Coase and Williamson and even cite Coase as source of TCE. But they're not the same, or even commensurable, as I show in my forthcoming SMR paper (linked in next tweet).…
Bylund (2021). "The firm vs. the market: Dehomogenizing the transaction cost theories of Coase and Williamson." Strategic Management Review Vol. 2, No. 1.…
Here's the error. The #AMR editors even note opportunism alongside the citation of Coase (1937), a concept Coase vehemently opposed. 🤦‍♂️ Image
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World Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week theme for 2020 "Antimicrobials- handle with care" #AMR #WAAW2020 #SaveAntimicrobials #StopSuperbugs 💊
@India_Alliance @SaSuperbugs
With the world grappling with covid-19, the threat of antimicrobial resistance looms large! #AMR #WAAW2020 #SaveAntimicrobials #StopSuperbugs 💊
@India_Alliance @SaSuperbugs
Inappropriate disposal of antibiotics, OTC prescriptions and misuse, as well as incomplete antibiotic courses have contributed to rampant #AMR
#WAAW2020 #SaveAntimicrobials #StopSuperbugs 💊
@India_Alliance @SaSuperbugs
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Thread; biosecurity is one of the most practical solutions to improving the health of the animals on your farm and thus reducing the need for antibiotics #EAAD2020 #EuropeanAntibioticAwarenessDay #WAAW2020 #AMR Image
Biosecurity refers to practical measures to prevent an infection entering a farm, within a farm, and within an area/region. Healthy animals have improved welfare, improved efficiency and improved productivity. Biosecurity is cost effective! #EAAD2020 #WAAW2020 Image
Biosecurity doesn’t start on your farm, but at your country’s borders. These are my shoes being disinfected by @agriculture_ie at @DublinAirport after being on an Italian pig farm. Did you know if you’re in contact with livestock abroad you must declare this at our borders? #EAAW Image
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तपाईहरुले सजिलै खाइरहेको केहि Antibiotic बारे :

१. ३ दिन-३ गोली Azithromycin खानु आजकल सामान्य भयो। तर यो औषधि खास गरि 'निमोनिया' भए मात्रै खाने हो। सामान्य ज्वरो आउँदा यत्तिकै खाइदिनाले, पछि साँच्चिकै गम्भीर संक्रमण हुँदा काम गर्दैन।
२.Doxycycline भन्ने औषधि सामान्य अवस्थामा खाने होइन। सामान्य औषधिले ठीक नहुँदा, यसले हुन्छ कि भनेर चिकित्सकहरु यो औषधि दिन्छन्। यसको साइड इफ़ेक्ट धेरै छ। बच्चालाई त दिनु नै हुँदैन। गर्भवतीले खानु हुँदैन। गर्भ बस्ने सम्भावना भएकाले पनि खानु हुँदैन।
३.Ivermectin जुकाको औषधिका रूपमा प्रयोग हुन्छ।लुतो आएमा पनि दिन सकिन्छ। कोरोनामा काम गर्ने भनेर सुरुवाती दिनमा चर्चा भए पनि,आजकल होइन भन्ने प्रमाणित भईसक्यो।

४.मलेरियामा प्रयोग हुने HCQ ले केहि फाइदा गर्छ भनिन्छ। तर मुटुको चालमा गम्भीर गडबडी आउने कारण, यो आफै किनेर खानु हुँदैन।
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Check out our new paper by @smartinezarbas et al. about #CRISPR mediated interactions within a wastewater #microbiome in @NatureMicrobiol! Exciting collaboration between @uni_lu @TGen @IUBloomington @isbsci @KU_Leuven. Funding by @FnrLux…

A 🧵👇

In parallel with recent work of @mhe345 @NatureComms…, we explored the roles of #plasmids and #phages within a wastewater treatment plant microbial community, using longitudinal integrated #omics data 2/9
We identified 31 bacterial MAGs with complete #CRISPR-Cas systems from the 14-months data set. These MAGs served as the basis for downstream population-level analyses of #CRISPR interactions 3/9
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In our @LancetMicrobe paper we report 671 Mtb genomes 🧬from 391 patients with drug #resistant #tuberculosis in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa sampled over 6 years.

We screened for resistance to #bedaquiline, a drug now central to effective #TB treatment.

We found ~4% of patients harboured #Mtb with variants in genes known to mediate #resistance to bedaquiline/clofazimine.

Phylogenetic analyses show repeated & independent acquisitions of resistance variants, including onward transmission of resistant strains across South Africa.
Bedaquiline is a reasonably new, but now cornerstone, drug in the fight against #DRTB.

The lack of routine #bedaquiline susceptibility testing may allow these #resistant strains to continue to spread, unwatched, posing further significant challenges to #TB treatment & control.
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Due to rapidly ↗️ #AntibioticResistance the 🌐 is losing its most powerful tool in healthcare: #antibiotics.

It can affect anyone, anywhere, of any age

The #AMR Action Fund launched today aims to reverse this trend by supporting the development of new antibiotics
Urgent action is needed to halt the🌐spread of #AMR.

With the AMR Action Fund launched today, the research & development of new life-saving #antibiotics will be strengthened & accelerated, focusing both on priority pathogens & innovative new treatments.
The #AMR Action Fund is a new model for public-private-partnership: it uses private sector investment in small biotechnology companies around the 🌐 to address global public health challenges, with guidance from the public sector.

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Let’s say you’re doing a quasi-experimental study of an intervention to reduce antibiotic prescribing in primary care. Then #COVID19 happens and prescribing takes a nose-dive because no one is visiting the doctor. Analysis would have been controlled interrupted time series. Image
The study is set to start in a few months. Left is what we expected, right is what we got. How would you change the analysis to accommodate for the #COVID19 effect on the baseline period? #statistics #stats #timeseries #timeseriesanalysis
Since #COVID19 destroyed any possibility of a smooth trend in antibiotic prescribing in primary care (affecting both the pre-intervention and likely post-intervention periods), my thought is to compare the "recovery" in prescribing in the intervention and control groups.
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