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FY23 for #KrsnaaDiagnostics 🎯

Yes YoY will not look exciting , but we all know the reason.

Some observations on this #Diagnostics SMALL Co. which is growing at 35% CAGR 😅( Not just REVENUE but also EBITDA 😀)

No Recommendation. 🙏 Image
You get a sense of the SCALE UP , with just one glance of this data .

31 Mn. in 5 Years Vs. 10Mn. In just FY23 .

Looks like India’s RURAL is getting more DIAGNOSIS done ( Funded by Govt. ) .

#Growth #KrsnaaDiagnostics #FY23 Image
March 2023 will be special for #KrsnaaDiagnostics .

It was a 1200 Cr. Co. then and had bagged a 450 Cr. Deal . That much awaited RAJASTHAN deal ⚡️⚡️

The RAJAasthan deal did turn the Stock Price trajectory too 🍀

Today it’s almost a 1600 Cr. Co. ImageImageImage
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GM! Here are the top trending repos in web3, curated by top devs in the last 24 hours ✨.

Check the 6 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
Repo openai-cookbook by openai (4565 ⭐️)
+11 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API…
Repo starknet_in_rust by lambdaclass (32 ⭐️)
+6 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

A Rust implementation of Starknet…
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Is #LiquidBiopsy the Future of #Cancer #Diagnostics? 💉🧬🤔

Standard cancer detection tests are done with #tissuebiopsies.🧫

These are invasive, risky, and expensive as they require an endoscope and open surgery.

An alternative approach to this is Liquid Biopsy which is performed by drawing blood.🩸

Liquid biopsy is an innovative solution to #cancerdetection.

▪️They use a much smaller sample and have a quicker turnaround for results compared to tissue biopsies.

▪️They are more advantageous in detecting a metastasized tumor - when cancer has spread to multiple sites.

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India #Diagnostics Industry - Overview
(incl Dr.Lal, Metropolis, Vijaya) (Thread)

1) Market Size
- Diagnostics forms ~10% of healthcare spend
- Industry size is ~Rs 90k crore (60% pathology, 40% radiology)
- 37% hospital labs, 46% standalone labs (unorg), 17% diagnostic chains
2) Classification of business

- Basis type of test - Routine (Urine test, Lipid profile), Semi-Specialized test (Vitamin tests, Thyroid test), Specialized test (Cancer test, genomics)

-Basis customer profile - B2C (Patients at center, home colln), B2B (govt, small hospital)
3) Operational Model for National chains -

- Global Reference Labs (GRL), 1-3 in nos.
- Regional Reference Labs (RRL) in major cities, express labs in T2/3 (routine, semi-sp test)
- Collection Centers (CC) - Customer touch-points for sample collection, largely franchised
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26 Finalist cohort of startups & innovators pitch to Grand Jury at CCAMP @BIRAC_2012 National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition #NBEC2022 Grand Finale!

#Agri #Diagnostics #AMR #Maternal #ChildNutrition #AnimalHealth #Digitalhealth #Medtech #Therapeutics #Cleantech #WATSAN
Meet the Finalist startup & innovator cohort who pitched today at the Grand Finale of CCAMP @BIRAC_2012 #BREC National Bio Entrepreneurship Competition #NBEC2022!

NBEC, a place where #InnovationsMakeImpact

@DBTIndia @DrManishDiwan @Taslimarif @vijaychandru
Meet our remarkable jury panel comprising experts from their respective fields to review the pitches at Grand Finale of CCAMP @BIRAC_2012 #BREC #NBEC2022!

Our Jury members make NBEC what it truly is!

@DBTIndia @DrManishDiwan @Taslimarif @vijaychandru
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Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Series -

Thread 4 👇


#Linux #diagnostics #troubleshooting #security PC:
Identifying hardware -
An important step in troubleshooting potential hw issues is knowing exactly which hw is present in a system. For virtual systems, this might seem less useful than for a physical system, but it can tell an admin if the correct virtual devices have been added
Identifying CPUs -

The CPU(s) in a running system can be identified with the lscpu command from the util-linux package.

# lscpu
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Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Series -

Thread 1 👇

Understanding what Troubleshooting is!

#Linux #diagnostics #troubleshooting #security
What is troubleshooting?

Troubleshooting is the art of taking a problem, gathering information about it, analyzing it, and finally solving it.

While some problems are inherently “harder” than others, the same basic approach can be taken for every problem. PC:
Not just fixing!

While fixing a problem is one of the major parts of troubleshooting, there are other parts that cannot be neglected: documenting the problem (and fix), and performing a root cause analysis (RCA). PC:
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1/ Happy Friday!
Today I am celebrating #scicomm! As of this week, I have contributed 21 articles to the @ASMicrobiology Bugs & Drugs blog! Here's a recap of some of these articles for those who love clinical #microbiology
#IDTwitter @ASCLS @CUAnschutz #MedEd @JClinMicro
2/ First, just a quick note on writing for @ASMicrobiology. Volunteering my time to write has been one of the highlights of the last 2 yrs for me! So grateful for the amazing Bugs & Drugs team, especially @JulieMarieWolf @JClinMicro @ScienceInTheDMV who took a chance on me.
#Publichealth piece discussing the yellow fever outbreak of 2015/16 in Africa & highlighting the amazing work of researchers working on fractional #vaccine dosing. It's an amazing story, full of impressive characters.…
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1/ I loved writing this new @ASMicrobiology article. I talked to Dr. Derick Kimathi (@Toinoti, medical researcher in Kenya), about using fractional doses of yellow fever #vaccine. I hope you find this as interesting as I did #IDtwitter #epitwitter…
2 / This is a follow up article to the one I wrote back in May that briefly detailed the history of #YellowFever in the United States, and how the development of #diagnostics for the disease as well as modern research stemmed from that #history.…
3/ The #YellowFever #outbreak that started in Angola in 2015 ravaged major cities like Luanda & Kinshasa, and resulted in 11 imported cases in China - a country that harbors the mosquito that spreads the yellow fever virus and has a population immunologically naïve to YF.
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The recent outbreaks of #Zika Virus in #Kerala has renewed interest in this virus. This tweetorial explains some key aspects about the virus and why we should be actively using #genomics for #GeneticEpidemiology Image
The disease in most people is mild. Majority of people infected with Zika virus DO NOT develop symptoms. Symptoms are generally mild including fever, rash, conjunctivitis, muscle and joint pain, malaise, and headache, and usually last for 2–7 days.
Source: @CDCgov Image
Death is RARE
Infection during pregnancy can cause microcephaly & congential malformations.
Neurological complications like Guillain-Barré syndrome, neuropathy and myelitis are seen in some.
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1/16 THREAD🧵3 years ago I proposed that #Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP) is a #ParadigmShift in psychiatry. The paper has been viewed almost 80k times around the globe and sits at the top 1% views/downloads and top 8% citations of the whole @FrontiersIn journal series.
2/16 Published in the special issue “Psychedelic Drug Research in the 21st Century” it has 82 citations at Google Scholar and was included in one slide by Javier Muñiz, from the FDA’s division of psychiatry, at his ISRP lecture in Oct/2019…
3/16 My perspective on the psychedelic impact on psychiatric research and development was based on Prof. @rose_nikolas useful critique of the current situation in psychiatry as a triple crisis…
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(Thread 1/n) The Future of Health & #Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us?

@daniel_kraft eloquently summarizes the early innings of #healthcare #technology, and its #future. #mustwatch

My favorite takeaways below:

(Thread 2/n) The Future of Health & Medicine:
Where Can Technology Take Us?

Some companies discussed: $TDOC $DRIO $GDRX $AMZN $UBER $AAPL $FIT $AMWL $GOOGL

@TeladocHealth (I think) would be wise to purchase
@DetectTest @VitalConnectInc @TytoCare @HeartFlow ImageImageImageImage
(Thread 3/n) The Future of Health & Medicine
Glucose Monitoring paving the path forward.

Diabetes care started the path forward. Wearable monitoring, is still in it's infancy. What other applications will come?

@TeladocHealth @Livongo ImageImageImageImage
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@ThinkingAboutV @nanopore The applied omics market based on #NGS technology is still an incipient market if we compare it to more established #diagnostics markets. But we are not far away from a point in time where every newborn's genome is ...
@ThinkingAboutV @nanopore ... sequenced at high quality (long reads, maybe with PCR-free including epigenome marks), and kept as an #EHR in the health system for future use. From then onwards, there will be recurrent #LiquidBiopsy assays, maybe once a year, to screen for a multitude of conditions.
@ThinkingAboutV @nanopore From 40-45 yo onwards, mainly cancer screening of healthy individuals, based on a #MachineLearning cancer classifier such as shown already by @GrailBio / $GH and others, but also other classifiers will come soon, such as #epigenomic profiling of #Neurodegenerative conditions, ...
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While COVID19 is grabbing world attention, another global public health threat is still rising in the wings - #AMR. By 2050 AMR could cause 10 million deaths if left unchecked. AMR is not new and its history stretches back long before penicillin.… /1 Image
The first case of drug resistance was noted in 1907 by #PaulEhrlich, when he observed mice infected with Trypanosoma brucei developed resistance with repeated doses of #Salvarsan, the first compound found to have antimicrobial activity.… /2 Image
Another drug spotted to cause resistance was Optochin, an antimicrobial agent used to treat pneumonia. The first instance of resistance was noted in mice, infected with pneumococcal bacteria, in 1910, and then in humans in 1913. /3 Image
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#JPM2021 #LiquidBiopsy notable by their absence, which is more than excusable in these pandemic times: @freenome, Biocartis, Biodesix, Epic Sciences, ArcherDx (not by this name anyway). Worth following developments for them. In my book, worth following #Freenome of the ones here.
Smaller #LiquidBiopsy #Oncology #Diagnostics players also not at #JPM2021 but important in the field: Personalis, Inivata, Exosome Diagnostics, Epigenomics Ag, Personal Genome Diagnostics, Foundation Medicine, Singlera, Cambridge Epigenetix, and Bluestar Genomics.
Now added #BiologicalDynamics to my #LiquidBiopsy list… which displace #Biocept in the #Top30 (thanks Kevin Han for the follow).
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Happy 2021! @MBVanElzakker and I are excited to share our new article published in #Immunometabolism: “Pathogens Hijack Host Cell Metabolism: Intracellular Infection as a Driver of the Warburg Effect in Cancer and Other Chronic Inflammatory Conditions”:…
2/ In the paper, we detail molecular mechanisms by which #viral, #bacterial, and #parasite intracellular pathogens can induce, or contribute to, a Warburg-like #metabolism in infected host cells in order to meet their own replication and nutritional needs.
3/ We also discuss how host defense towards #infection may impact cellular metabolic changes (including how #mitochondria can participate in the innate immune response towards infection)
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Dr @HouptEric started the session on Hot Topics in #TB with an overview of #diagnostics and where we are headed #IDWeek2020 @UVA_ID @Tacats99
Our second speaker is DrCaitlin Reed starts us with a case of MDR TB with definitions and how to build a regimen #IDWeek2020
Discussing the recommendations from current @IDSAInfo guidelines… #IDWeek2020 and more clinical trials to shorten the duration 😱😱#TB
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Indian Diagnostic industry is ~USD 9bn; expected to grow at 10% CAGR over next 5years…
@EdelweissWM @MetroHealthLab @drlalpathlabs #indiandiagnostic #Indianhealthcare #diagnostics #healthcare
Refferrals still constitute major part in diagnostic sector
National Diagnostics chains outperform the sector: 21% sales CAGR over last ten years #diagnostics #metropolishealthcare #drlalpathlabs
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Starting in a couple of minutes:
#COVID19: Updates from #Singapore, a weekly seminar on the #coronavirus situation in Singapore

This week's guest is @mpkieny.

Hosted by: @profdalefisher, Dr. David Allen

Registration webpage:
Fall in #COVID19 death rate in past few months, situations in most regions appear to be stabilising

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/18/2020-2

Interpreting Diagnostic Tests for SARS-CoV-2 | JAMA | JAMA Network…
#testing #coronavirus #diagnostics
Tools for Culture Design: Toward a Science of Social Change?…
#tools #culture #design
Why this crisis is a turning point in history…
#TurningPoint #History #crisis
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21 WAYS TO SPIN RESULTS FROM A COVID DIAGNOSTIC TEST ACCURACY (morning thoughts whilst walking the dog - please add others I've missed). I'm putting this out to help us critique the "number theatre" being thrown at us.
#diagnostics #COVID19 @deb_cohen @MHRAgovuk @drhelmac
#1 Use a small sample size (and never report how big it isn’t). Use phrases like"we detected all cases" the test is "100% accurate" without mentioning it is only from 29 samples.
#2 Talk about the total sample size when interpreting results about sensitivity (especially if you have tested 5000 blood donors to estimate specificity and only 29 to estimate sensitivity)
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Thoughts on upcoming #COVID19 #serology tests:
This is actually quite a challenge! (#Diagnostics often involve a lot of complexities). There is a lot of pressure to roll these tests out, but they need to perform well, or we do more harm than good. #MicroRounds (A thread)
WHY we need these soon:
1. Contact tracing.
2. Can be used to test if a vaccine is working during a clinical trial (70 of them ongoing right now, I believe)
3. Inform public policy makers about rate of asymptomatic cases + previous infections/exposures =informed decision making
How is developing a #PCR different than developing a #serology test?
1. #PCR tests detect viral RNA/DNA (in this case RNA) and can be pretty straight-forward in terms of development
2. #Serology relies on knowing about the #SARSCoV2 structure and how the human body responds.
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On this week's @ARKInvest newsletter, I'm going to talk about how #synthetic #biology (not reading, but writing DNA) is a crucial (but not widely talked about) part of our ability to rapidly develop tests and treatments for #COVID19. Until then, ask questions and I'll post links.
Synthetic biology (#SynBio) = creating DNA molecules artificially

In this case, it means synthesizing #COVID19 fragments to aid in the design, validation, and quality control of diagnostic tests. It also helps us research different viral strains and potential therapeutics.
First, I want to tackle 'spike-in' controls for validating RT-PCR assays for #COVID19 detection. Detailed write-ups below and then I'll post a summary (or TL;DR)...………
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1/ Reducing technical bias during genetic analysis is a major challenge for molecular #diagnostics. By involving #DNA reference sequences, researchers can compare theoretical and actual test results in hopes of improving test sensitivity.
2/ However, contemporary references have the capacity to contaminate and confound analysis, making it challenging to continue optimizing test accuracy beyond a certain limit. A recent study exploited a common chemical characteristic called ‘chirality’ to build a new class of...
3/ ...synthetic, internal references for sequencing assays. #Chiral molecular are distinct from their mirror image—similar to how one’s hands, though perfect reflections, cannot be superimposed. Implementing these chiral sequences (sequins), the researchers were able to...
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