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#DelhiHighCourt says that the #Agnipath is a well thought out policy decision and the laudable objective of maintaining national security is at its heart.

The court says that the scheme is not arbitrary, capricious or devoid of reason and therefore cannot be interfered with. Image
In a detailed judgement, the bench of CJ Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramonium Prasad uphold the constitutional validity of the Agnipath scheme and dismiss the petitions challenging it.
#DelhiHighCourt #Agnipath #Agniveer
The court says that four years training period would instil a sense of nationalism in the personnel and this would, more or less, prompt them to use their skills and focus on the development of the country.
#DelhiHighCourt #Agnipath #Agniveer
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How I would have amplified BJY

Firstly I would convert Kerala INC’s Jaihind TV to national news channel and live telecast BJY on it and share feed with others

Satellite feed means no issues like buffering etc.

Then I would ask godi bosses to live telecast BJY both legs for at
least 15 min each, mention its progress in news bulletins in exchange for continued access to reporters

They’ll obviously say no

Then I would rope in top 1000 secular YouTubers from all regions of India

I would ask them to live stream BJY live feed on their channels, upload
all BJY videos, promote them and share feedback.

I would assess their financial situation and offer support for amplifying BJY.

Then meet digital news site owners with the same offer that was offered to YouTubers.

Then I’ll meet social media influencers who are
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.#Thread: Annual press conference by Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande. Touches upon fallout of Russia-Ukraine war, impact of COVID still being felt, challenges in the immediate neighbourhood…
Northern borders: Situation is stable and under control yet unpredictable,
Five of 7 flashpoints resolved: Gen Pande #LAC #LadakhStandoff
Strategic reorientation undertaken sometime back is complete in every respect: Army Chief #LAC #China #LadakhStandoff
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"Experts have formed the Agnipath scheme and we are not the experts," the Delhi HC remarks while hearing arguments in a batch of petitions challenging the Agnipath scheme for entry into the defence forces.
#DelhiHighCourt #Agnipath #Agniveer
In response to petitioner's arguments highlighting various entry schemes around the world, a bench of CJ Satish Chandra Sharma and J Subramonium Prasad remarked that the court is not here to say which scheme is better or comment on military strategy.
The petitioners argued that the scheme is detrimental to national security and the Agniveers joining the defence forces will lack the bonding that is necessary in an unit.
#DelhiHighCourt #Agnipath #Agniveer
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This news from sometime back was disturbing

#VaccineMandates #agniveerrecruitment2022 #Agnipath #india Image
The Agnipath Scheme was introduced in June 2022. Those eligible for joining are between age group 17.5 to 23 yrs.

Do they need to be vaccinated for covid19?

This is the official link. Click on the point highlighted in red for more.

Download PDF

Link - Image
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#DelhiHighCourt to hear a batch of petitions challenging the ‘Agnipath Recruitment Scheme’.
Centre through its affidavit has informed the Court, there is no legal flaw in the scheme for the armed forces and it falls within realm of 'sovereign policy-making functions' of the Central Government, is directly related to the maintenance of national security.
#Agnipath Scheme’ is a “merit-based, transparent and robust assessment process" evolved with aim of ensuring, organization gets best to serve. It gives all willing personnel enrolled in scheme a “fair chance” to compete for regular cadre, Centre added.…
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@the_indian_expr #Nepal stalls recruitment of Gorkhas in Indian @adgpi Army under #Agnipath scheme >> #agniveers NA from Nepal…

via @GoogleNews
"Kathmandu has for now stalled the recruitment of Gorkhas in the Indian Army under the ‘Agnipath scheme’, putting a question mark on the future of a practice that began 75 years ago"

What a shame 😳 @adgpi @HQ_IDS_India just bcz of corporate crony & a section of political class
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#Breaking Delhi High Court asks Centre to file a consolidated reply to all the matters challenging the Agnipath scheme for recruitment in armed forces.

#DelhiHighCourt #Agnipath
The court asked the government to file a separate reply to petitions that have challened recruitment processes before the introduction of Agnipath scheme.
#DelhiHighCourt #Agnipath
A bench of Chief Justice Satish Chandra Sharma and Justice Subramonium Prasad, however, refused to stay the Agnipath scheme.
#DelhiHighCourt #Agnipath
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#SupremeCourt is hearing petition challenging the Agnipath scheme of the Central government

Justice DY Chandrachud: There is a petition in the Delhi HC, We can have a benefit of the reasoning of the High Court in this case. We will have benefit of HC View
Justice DY Chandrachud: Why should we buck the process laid down under Article 226 of Indian Constitution

Adv ML Sharma: There are 20 HCs, all petitioners will reach every HC. I had filed the first plea here and after this they went to HC. May be at behest of respondent
Justice DY Chandrachud: Prashant Bhushan filed a plea in HC. He cannot file at behest of the Solicitor General.

ML Sharma: in Hindustan Zinc MY plea was dismissed but similar plea by Mr Bhushan was accepted. this is happening with me.
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Last and Concluding Part - 4 on #AGNIPATH and #AGNIVEER


is about analysing every affected party and watching their (changing) stances each day and my take on the scheme.

Day to day changes. Soon as protests, some violent, started,.......
2/ #AGNIPATH and #AGNIVEER Part 4 to day changes happened. It starts with:
•Next day upper age limit extended
•10% CAPF vacancies announced.
•Bank loan priority notified
•UGC Skill Recognition declared
•Open schooling announcement
•10% MoD job vacancies
It now is:
•Assam Government will absorb 100% Agniveers.
•It was a well thought out project being worked from two years.
•It is a Pilot Project
•Haryana Govt will absorb all
•Corporates line up to absorb.
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This blabbermouth Chanachoor doesnt have the brains to understand that Discrimination is practiced by the govt in all govt jobs and other domains and doles... Private entities go more by merit and not discrimination.. These worthless judges have become SJ warriors? #Ghuchiyas Image
Discrimination in govt institutions has gone so far.. that the Law Minister demands SC/ST judges simply for the heck of it... Now even Army has been compromised with backdoor Reservations via #Agnipath... Foolish comments by a poor brain..
And where does Chanachoor make all these stupid comments?.. In England... I dont see how this guy is different from Pappu who goes abroad and trashes India...
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1/ CONCLUDING PART 4 of my videos on #AGNIPATH and #AGNIVEER coming today. Before that, important that:
-You know me & know about me being a veteran
-You have seen the first three videos

This thread helps you understand all of the above.

I will upload PART 4 before 4pm today.
2/ PART 4 is the most important video and my analysis is likely to draw criticism. Do that but before that do find out my credibility and understand how do I analyse:

-Must know “Who is Col Sanjay Pande?’I will recommend you watch my introductory video on my YouTube Channel the
3/ #AGNIPATH #AGNIVEER of which is in description box of video or it is here or read it on

-Must know about “Veterans Declaration of Col Sanjay Pande”. ’I will recommend you to watch my ‘Veterans Declaration’ on
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#अग्निवीर के फायदों पर एक थ्रेड
1.जातिवाद खत्म होगा: क्योंकि अब युवा गाड़ियों के पीछे ग्रेट गुर्जर,मर्द मराठा, रईस राजपूत औऱ बहादुर ब्राह्मण जैसे जातिसूचक नारो की जगह केवल "मैं भी अग्निवीर" लिखेंगे 🤣 #घोरकलजुग
@ranvijaylive @PMishra_Journo
@TenguriyaDeepak #AgnipathScheme 1/n
2.जनसंख्या नियंत्रण: सरकार को अब जनसंख्या नियंत्रण कानून लाने की कोई आवश्यकता नही है क्योंकि सामान्यतः23 की उम्र में विवाह करने वाला ग्रामीण युवा 28 तक ट्रेनिंग और रोजगार तलाश में ही बिजी रहेगा,बाद में विवाहित होकर वो फेमिली प्लानिंग ही करेगा #घोरकलजुग #घोरकलजुग 2/n
3. दहेज प्रथा कम होगी: परमानेंट नौकरी और पेंशन न होने की स्थिति मे गाँव मे दहेज की डिमांड कम या बिलकुल खत्म हो सकती है उल्टा 25 -26 की उम्र तक रुकने पर वधु पक्ष को पैसा देना पड़ सकता है 🤣🤣 #घोरकलजुग #Agneepath 3/n
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First two videos gave out the MACRO PICTURE in PART-1, THE SCHEME in PART-2

Here in Part 3 I will talk about that IMAGINARY MAN who is being painted as a SUPER MAN. The AGNIVEER.
He is a youth on street with (probably) better education, higher IQ and better health.
Who is Agniveer?
A SEPAHI in Army(Called Sepahi in Infantry, Gunner in Artillery, Sapper in Engineers and Signalman in Signals) etc., an AIRCRAFTSMAN (AC).....
... in Airforce and a SAILOR in Navy, the entry level rank stands abolished and will be called AGNIVEER in all the three services.
Will it make a difference?
-Same person, same job, same service and same trade.
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#WATCH Congress leaders march towards Rashtrapati Bhawan from Vijay Chowk against the Centre's #Agnipath recruitment scheme

Delhi | We are going to meet the President to submit a memorandum on the issues of the Agnipath recruitment scheme and police atrocities against MPs: Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge
On #Agnipath scheme, we've told the President that it was neither discussed with any committee nor was presented in Parliament, we said that this is a violation of our democratic rights. President has been asked to take this into consideration: Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge
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#Agniveer #AgnipathScheme #Agnipath What are the facts to this scheme ? Why is the opposition rattled ?
Or it is the opposition ratted or its a #toolkit from abroad under which the #Dynasts are working ?
#bipinrawat according to sources was the mastermind and the #Dream project .
Was his so called death a conspiracy to distort this Project ??
India becomes a #SuperPower with a Younger Army is unacceptable to many Countries...!!
Opposition is rattled for this Youngsters who join this dream project will come out to be An Indian and they will talk of two things #Country n #Constitution.
The #religious divide will not work for them and they will be the Backbone of our Youth Brigade.
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The reason I’m opposing #Agnipath is because you don’t want every random, unemployed Indian man to be even basically combat trained. It’s very very bad for women. I am predicting a rise in VAW after the first stint ends.
Update: looks like rw trolls have discovered this tweet. Here’s the thing, study after study shows that those who work in professions that require coercion often bring back those behaviours home and back into society.
Here’s something from the UK…
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Today I will focus only on Government documents available in public domain.
I will cover:
•The scheme
•Questions on the scheme
•The FAQs
•Brilliance in the scheme
•Holes in the scheme
My observations
•Thought was political, execution was by inexperienced.
•Juvenile document I am talking about Version 1.0, Age increase from 21 to 23 became Version 1.1, CAPF induction became Version 1.2. How many more versions.
•It displays the fact that there was no thought given, no discussion, no wargaming and each & every ‘client’ was kept out
•Language is not experienced military, it’s a give away
•My guess that veterans in ruling party were involved is doubtful too
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अग्निपथ स्कीम से देश की आर्मी में जवान लोगों की एवरेज उम्र जो की फिलहाल 32 है वो घट कर 26 तक पहुंच जाएगी ज्यादा उम्र के घातक परिणाम कारगिल युद्ध में सेना को झेलने पड़ गए थे जिसके कारण कारगिल समिति ने भी सुझाव दिया कि सेना में जवान लोगों की कमी है और इसका उपाय करना है।
–अग्निपथ से हर साल जितनी भर्तियां होंगी उनमें से 4 साल में जो मट्ठे में से मक्खन की भांति उभर कर आयेंगे उन 25% युवाओं को परमानेंट कर लिया जाएगा और 75% के पास होगा 4 साल का अनुभव यह एक मिथ्या धारणा है कि केवल हथियारों का ही कौशल होता है सेना में,...
–इसके साथ–साथ तकनीकी कौशल, प्रबंधन इत्यादि, और एक अनुशासन भरी जिंदगी भी प्राप्त होती है जो हर प्रकार की परिस्थिति से निपटने में निपुण होती है 4 साल के पश्चात आपको एक ग्रेजुएशन कोर्स जैसा व डिग्री भी होगी है जिसके बल पर आपको किसी भी इंडस्ट्री में नौकरी पाने में प्राथमिकता मिलेगी।
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#LeftRightCentre | Uttam Reddy, Lok Sabha Congress MP and former Indian Air Force pilot, on #AgnipathRecruitmentScheme
#LeftRightCentre | Khalid Anwar, JDU spokesperson, on #AgnipathRecruitmentScheme
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On India's No.1 Liar...
Shri Rahul Gandhi

In this thread I will try to cover how Rahul Gandhi is constantly lying & his lies are unopposed. No media or any of his allies has guts to question his words. Rahul Gandhi is always first person to add fuel to fire across India
Rahul Gandhi has constantly tried to instigate youth against the Gov.

In Congress ruled states like Rajasthan & Maharashtra, there is hardly any voice for youth. One wrong word against state gov & police will file multiple FIR & destroy your career

Does Congress support FOE?
When atrocities against Dalits are reported from Congress ruled Rajasthan, Rahul Gandhi will state gov to make justice but when such incidents are reported from BJP ruled states then Rahul will BJP for such hate crimes against Dalits & incite Dalits to come on streets against BJP
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Some facts on #Agnipath. A regular (permanent) lowest order soldier recruit in #IndianArmedForces earn a total of appoximately Rs 14 lakh in 4 years. #Agniveer will earn Rs 15.6 lakh plus Rs 11.5 lakh parting money, total Rs 27.1 lakh 1/4
#Agnipath is short service scheme for soldiers. For officers similar 5-year scheme exists since 1960's. Roughly 25% of #Indianarmedforces officers are on short service. This ceiling may be raised too. 2/4
Why #Bihar is most critical of #Agnipath? Bihar dies for govt service. This is linked to dowry (price) in marriage market. To capitalise social psyche, there is a parallel universe of 'coaching centres' who are blamed for running employment rackets 3/4
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Putting band-aid on a fire you started instead of using a fire extinguisher.

It's like they have never actually met someone wanting to join the military! How is offering paramilitary jobs after a concession?

If anything, it is confirmation that #Agnipath is dunzo-fication of the Indian military. A slap in the face.

Also, why is the Home Ministry jumping into what is clearly a Defense Ministry matter?
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-Dont ask me if it is good or bad
-Dont ask me to give a pro-Army fight
-Dont ask me to support political class

I dont see Agniveer as something to be commented.

My thoughts are purely my own and I will cover
-Armed Forces and Agniveer
2. -Recruitment up to Mar 2020
-Recruitment and Discharge from Mar 2020 till almost recently
-Agniveer in 2022.

Armed Forces and Agniveer

Veterans are screaming the most. I will start with destroying the ‘cacophony of arguments’ by Veterans that ‘Indian Army will be destroyed
3. #AGNIPATH #AGNIVEER by Agnipath”. Havent you already done that internally? Did you tell India?

Everyone screaming about ‘fabric’ of Indian Army being torn etc. Veterans need to look up and be honest to themselves. This regimentation is sheer nonsense.
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