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#VaccineMandates #university #SouthAfrica ”Universities Alliance South Africa – Legal Update on University of Free State @UFSweb
“The policy’s questionable legality is another highly relevant, yet unresolved, point of contention. ImageImage
The UFS appears determined altogether to sidestep any debate regarding the lack of merit in its policy and the implementation thereof
and dismiss the irrevocable harm inflicted upon students and staff as if it never happened.
Universities Alliance South Africa maintains the stance that policies such as that of the UFS are not promulgated lawfully, run contrary to available scientific evidence, and entail severe violations of rights and material harm to stakeholders ( already occurred on a large scale)
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George Soros and Bill Gates are influencing Judges, International Human Rights and The International criminal court. They have a stranglehold on the system.
Corruption & Influence, hidden financing. Global #HumanRightsViolations being trampled on. The #ECHR is compromised. ImageImage
The aim pursued by NGOs in the Soros galaxy is fundamentally anti-democratic, in that it seeks to replace national laws, drafted by elected representatives, with rules of law, drafted by judges and experts who are unaccountable to those on whom they impose rules.
"You describe the role of NGOs within the ECHR, but you focus mainly on NGOs from the Soros galaxy. These NGOs linked to George Soros have a very specific ideological goal: the creation of an"open society",
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If they need to advertise with celebrities for encouraging people to get vaccinated… there’s something seriously wrong with those vaccines.

If they have to give freebies, burgers, $100 for each shot… they’re hiding something about those vaccines.

If Big Pharma need immunity…… Image
🔵 Pfizer dodges allegations:
- meaning they don’t agree to the allegations that the study results were incorrect or inconclusive before pushing for #vaccinemandates

🔵 Pfizer refuses to review:
- meaning they know the data is bad and they are hiding the fact from coming out…… Image
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🧵THREAD: The future of our planet is at stake. Misleading information is all over the media. I am raising my voice based on my understanding from Michael Crichton's "State of Fear." In his book, he sheds light on the hazards of politicizing science. It's more topical than ever.
2/ Picture a brand new scientific idea that alerts us to an impending crisis and offers a solution. This theory quickly gains the support of media outlets, top scientists, politicians, and prominent figures across the globe.
3/ Research is supported by well-known philanthropists and conducted at esteemed universities and research centres. The crisis is frequently covered by the media and is included in the curricula of colleges and high schools.
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1. This thread will reveal the details of how the #HealthyUserBias demonstrates that the #COVID19vaccines (at least used in the U.S.) have zero efficacy.

This will take a few days to complete...follow me on this one...make Big Data proud. Image
2. Here is the punchline up front: Using the @CDCgov's data for all 3.141 U.S. counties, the only correlation between vaccine uptake and COVID-19 mortality is fully explained by the fact that wealthier (healthier on average) people are more vaccinated. Image
3. "Oh, but how can that be...the trials said 95%...THE TRIALS!"

The trials were rushed past the obvious need to check to see if the vaccines themselves confounded PCR positivity.…
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Governments enforcing Vaccine Mandates are unconstitutional. On top of it when they say politicians are exempt from these mandates, what does it really mean…


#VaccineMandates Image
It’s never about your health
It’s always about their wealth

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CDC data show mass vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine has had no measurable impact on the COVID-19 mortality rate in the U.S. Read the #picphysicians #COVID19 #vaccinemandates 21 Scientific Facts That Challenge the Assumptions:… Image
Thank you for all your comments! Many of the questions below are answered in Fact #6 of PIC’s educational document, 21 Scientific Facts That Challenge the Assumptions, here:…
Thank you for helping us share our educational materials! We believe that educating the public is one of the best ways to safeguard informed consent in vaccination!
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Congressman Clay Higgins — The oppressors intent is for you to comply with their #VaccineMandates and commands. Be prepared to defend your position come January 2023 because free Americans would rather die on our feet rather than live on our knees 🔥🔥🔥

CDC can’t “Quietly Confirm”
We need answers, we need justice
#NoAmnesty they have to pay for their forced vaccine mandates, pay cuts, job losses, military suspensions, nurse & doc suspensions, sudden deaths

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This news from sometime back was disturbing

#VaccineMandates #agniveerrecruitment2022 #Agnipath #india Image
The Agnipath Scheme was introduced in June 2022. Those eligible for joining are between age group 17.5 to 23 yrs.

Do they need to be vaccinated for covid19?

This is the official link. Click on the point highlighted in red for more.

Download PDF

Link - Image
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#VaccineMandates Students protest at the University of Johannesburg’s Auckland Park campus against the institution’s vaccine policy. MS ImageImageImage
#VaccineMandates As part of its vaccine policy, UJ requires all staff and students to be fully vaccinated to gain access to campuses. They must produce proof in the form of a digital vaccination card. MS Image
While UJ states that there was an extensive awareness drive and consultation process regarding #VaccineMandates at the institution, students say this is not true. MS
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For the first time, #IPCC has highlighted the threat that mis-/disinfo pose to climate action - something our coalition has analysed and reported on since 2020. In a press release circulated today w/ partners like @consciousadnet @foe_us @CCDHate and @ClimateSSN, @ISDglobal said:
“We have a clear taxonomy of harm for other issue areas, including public health and electoral integrity, which have shown how such content translates into real-world impacts for both individuals and societies. While the climate sector has long argued the same...
...until now we have lacked recognition from key entities like the IPCC, UNFCCC and COP on the dangers posed by a muddied, polarising information space. Bad actors are using a tried and tested playbook to weaken public mandates and create confusion on the viable solutions...
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Testing testing testing ….security is pretty thick outside the Wuville mayoral estate @MayorWu 9 vehicles 10 police 2 #defeatthemandates moms Nine Police Cars and Wagons. Todays #WokeInWuville is brought to you by the number
Hey Mayor Wudeau . These moms have spines thicker than truckers. They’re not going away. Good for them.
#NoVaccineMandates #HONKHONKHONK
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What infuriates me is the arrogance of some #antivaxxers in the #OttawaOccupation claiming they are fighting for my freedoms too. They haven't lost freedom. They lost privileges b/c they CHOSE to be unvaccinated while THOUSANDS of vaccinated lost the right to needed surgeries.
#antivaxxers have not lost Freedom - choices have consequences.

Privileges are not Rights. They're privileges.

Polls like Angus Reid, a Conservative pollster & that are self-selecting online polls, are giving #antivaxxers a false belief that they are in the majority & that most Canadians support them. They do not. 90% are vaccinated so #MathisHard? You're noisy - full stop.

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I’m back in #Ottawa after more than a week & while I’m still giving far fewer f*cks than normal, I can’t ignore what’s going on forever

1/ I’ve never seen so much ink spilled (digital or otherwise) over a fabricated crisis that stemmed from fabricated differences among Canadians
Let’s recall that this #TruckersConvoy started because there were reports of empty shelves caused by #vaccinemandates at the border

That was clearly a deliberate fabrication, border wait times remained normal across Canada during that time

And let’s recall that our Government got a lot of grief back in late 2020 for some perceived delay of the #COVID19 vaccines arriving in Canada

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🚨 Any @HouseGOP member that votes to fund Biden's vaccine mandates is voting to kick this @USMC fighter pilot out of our military.

🚨 BREAKING: Support @RepChipRoy's Letter Opposing Funding for Biden's Vaccine Mandates

cc: @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @RepublicanStudy #ampFW
🚨 "Most Republicans say that vax mandates are tyrannical and foolish, but will they unite before government funding expires on Feb. 18 to pledge not to fund enforcement of these mandates?" @RepChipRoy #ampFW
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The case for #fraud charges in #Ontario

The following 🧵will attempt to establish that @fordnation & members of his cabinet including, but not limited to, @celliottability WILLFULLY & KNOWINGLY "by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means" defrauded the public AND...

...significantly "affecting public markets" via those INTENTIONAL fraudulent actions.

Further, as #Canada 's most populous province by a significant margin - #Ontario 's COVID-19 data also makes up a significant portion of the national data on cases, hospitalizations, etc.

#Ontario 's COVID-19 data therefore not only has a significant impact on the markets within the province, but nationally AND internationally to the degree of Canada's impact on trade & international markets.

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Gab: @ TommyRobinsonOfficial -15m
#UK Boris announces the #end of "#covidpassports" and #masks.
#European Legal Expert Says #VaccineMandates Are the Beginning of a '#SocialCreditSystem' - January 19
- There is a massive movement going on in Europe, right now hundreds of thousands, millions actually who are very much aware of what’s at stake here.…
#China #Rothschildism #Macron
I think that #France should quickly adopt our #socialcredit system [0:12].
'Laught' [0:17-0:20].
#YellowVests detected before they acted [0:27].
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Debate begins in Indiana House on final vote on bill limiting employer #vaccinemandates.
House Majority Leader Matt Lehman: "This bill is not about the vaccine itself; it's about the people affected" by mandates. #INLegis
Lehman points to nurses who testified they fear getting fired for being unvaxed, after working for 9 months of pandemic before #vaccine became available.

Last week's #SCOTUS ruling means those nurses aren't affected by this bill; they're still required to get vaxed or get fired.
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Welcome to #Ontario !
#YoursToDiscover - ONLY if you are quadruple vaccinated, wear 3 N-95 masks & shower 3 times daily in 100% alcohol.

#APlaceToGrow - ONLY variants that ignore our #shortcutvaccine !

#FlawedData - because "transparency" was never a license plate slogan.

We put out some pretty little graphs for you!

They give the ILLUSION of #transparency - but we're NOT going to tell you which group the has more UNvaccinated vs Vaccinated - NOR how many shots they've had. NOPE!

Rumors of testing bias? PLS don't ask!

We are quite pleased that most of #Ontario & the media actually thought that adding the numbers in these graphs gave you correct totals.

We were quite tickled that many of you calculated rates using these graphs.

973 are missing from the 1st graph!
150 from the 2nd!

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#Vaccines are clearly NOT the promised "way out".
They haven't just moved those goal posts around the field - but to different fields all together!

#Lockdowns, shutdowns, school closures & other restrictions are NOT the way out.

#Masks are clearly NOT the way out.

1/... Image
What IS our "way out" is for @fordnation , @celliottability & @JustinTrudeau to show:

1) HUMILITY - to admit that they have made mistakes...not just at the beginning, but each step of the way...from repeated #Lockdowns , #shortcutvaccines , #VaccineMandates ,...

... #VaccinePassports , #MaskMandates , capacity limits, plexiglass barriers, etc. - NONE of which has the scientific merit to meet the threshold of a "reasonable limits" on the freedoms of those in #Ontario & #Canada - as they can NOT be "demonstrably justified".

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I recognize a lot of names in the list of authors




They are wise, and know far more about #InfectiousDiseases and #epidemiology than I do

It is important to look at what this report does and does not say…

I don’t think there is anyone who would disagree with the message in these slides

Closing schools is a bad thing

Remote learning is disruptive and can lead to worse educational outcomes

As with everything in this #pandemic, poor and marginalized families far worst

In this slide the #ScienceTable argues that vaccination reduces the risks to children

Currently less than 50% of the 5-11 cohort is double vaccinated

Once again the risk is greatest for our #children with comorbidities or low socioeconomic status

They admit they don’t know…
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Breaking: #Ontario


@fordnation, @Sflecce and @celliottability are collaborating to destroy

And more…

The cracks are beginning to show

Sure, there are some partisan apologists who justify this travesty

While we suffer…

Lack of proper #VaccineMandate

Allowing large groups to congregate unsafely

Refusing #PaidSickDays

Passing #bill124

And more…

Now our hospitals are overwhelmed, HCPs at the breaking point, No ambulances for emergencies


No #VaccineMandates

Insufficient #PPE

Hiding cases of #COVID19 from #parents and #students

No access to #PCRtest and limited #RAT kits

Our #children are at risk

They will get #Covid19

Some will get VERY SICK


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Imagine if...
1) ... @fordnation or @JustinTrudeau would have NOT accepted a #shortcutvaccine that was quicker to make, but provided INFERIOR immunity compared to traditional vaccines?

2) ... @fordnation & @JustinTrudeau had heeded the warnings that mass vaccination with this #shortcutvaccine would likely (& predictably) eventually provide the selective advantage for variants like #Omicron - which would lead to a #pandemicofthevaccinated ?

3) ... @fordnation & @JustinTrudeau had actually "followed the science" and NOT dictated #vaccinemanates prior to evaluation of real-world data?

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