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If patient is conscious:
1. Sit them down calmly
2. Unbutton tight clothes
3. Ask if they're on chest pain pills e.g. Aspirin or Nitroglycerin
4. If yes, help them take the pill quickly. If no, move to No. 5 below...

RT for awareness Image
5. Rush patient to hospital especially if:

- chest pain doesn't go away within 3 minutes of taking nitroglycerin or aspirin
- patient was not previously on any heart medications
- there's no medication to give them within the 3 minutes

6. Don't give water or food!
If patient is unconscious but still breathing normally:

1. Call your local emergency line (if available) or shout for help to move patient to hospital
2. Meanwhile, lower the person to the ground and keep his head relaxed in an erect position to aid breathing
#HeartAttack Image
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@DellAnnaLuca So you didn't research #UnemploymentDeaths from #COVID #LockDown

Mr "I make organizations antifragile • Principled management consultant • Complex systems #Researcher"

Got it

There's "throwaway" line in #TheBigShort

That was fact checked then & here…
@DellAnnaLuca Note that's for US based on pre mid 70s data & population

From which I've extrapolated figure of

Over 10,000 UK #LockDownDeaths

For EVERY %age point rise in unemployment

For EVERY year effects persist

Unemployment causes higher death rates - Yale…
@DellAnnaLuca NB also that some "researchers" argue that unemployment saves lives

On basis that work related transport commuting consumer delivery leisure & travel accidents & air pollution fall & rise with economy

#Lockdown Disaster Dwarfs #Covid_19 say SA Actuaries…
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This nationwide complete analysis of all adult deaths in #England & #Wales has found that the #COVID pandemic has resulted in an abrupt inflation in acute #cardiovascular deaths above that expected for the time of year.…
That is, about 2000 additional deaths over a 4 month period.
Nearly half of the deaths occurred outside of the #hospital setting, either at #home or in #carehomes.
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β blockers & mortality after #heartattack in patients without #heartfailure: multicentre prospective cohort study @bmj_latest…
β-Blockers and Mortality After Acute Myocardial Infarction in Patients Without Heart Failure or Ventricular Dysfunction @JACCJournals @UoL_LICAMM #heartattack #betablocker @CardiacAudit…
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The rise in admissions with #COVID19 does not mean that you shouldn’t attend hospital if you have a medical emergency #heartattack Image
During the first peak, admissions with #heartatrack declined & was of grave concern : COVID-19 pandemic and admission rates for and management of acute coronary syndromes in England @TheLancet…
Yet, hospitals provided high quality care for those who did attend: Patient response, treatments and mortality for acute myocardial infarction during the COVID-19 pandemic @ESC_Journals #EHJQCCO…
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# of #ransomware deaths because hospitals triage their IT networks over that of a dying patient: 1

# of #HeartAttack deaths because hospitals restricted treatment for non-COVID patients:… Image
# of #ransomware deaths because hospitals triage their IT networks over that of a dying patient: 1

# of #cancer diagnoses delayed because hospitals restricted treatment for non-COVID patients:… Image
# of #ransomware deaths because hospitals triage their IT networks over that of a dying patient: 1

# of #KidneyDisease deaths because dialysis centers restricted treatment during COVID lockdowns:…
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2020 @escardio Guidelines for the management of acute coronary syndromes in patients presenting without persistent ST-segment elevation #ESCCongress #heartattack #NSTEACS…
@JeanPhilippeCollet, @thiele_holger, @EkateriniL, @JBauersachsMD, @DLBHATTMD, et al
What’s new: Image
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In this national longitudinal study of 4570 patients with #heartattack, attendance at #CardiacRehab was associated with a temporal improvement in health related quality of life (#HRQoL) at up to 12 months following hospital discharge. @Heart_BMJ….
‘Health-related quality of life (#HRQoL) is an important outcome measure following #heartattack’, states @benhurdus first author.
Healthcare professionals (& researchers) have historically focused on objective measures of poor health, such as mortality & life expectancy, but often patients consider improvements to HRQoL equally important to length of life.
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~1/2 patients undergoing coronary angiography for known or suspected #angina have nonobstructed epicardial coronary arteries, & microvascular angina &/or vasospastic angina may be relevant by ⁦@ColinBerryMD…
Patients with symptoms of ischaemia with nonobstructive coronary arteries (INOCA) can have treatable coronary vasomotion disorders.
Epicardial & microvascular vasospasm may cause #heartattack with no obstructive coronary artery disease & and type 2 MI.
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Excellent article by @lauradonnlee (thank you), highlighting @JianhuaWu6’s research @UniversityLeeds using national @CardiacAudit #data to show how @Covid19UK impacted admissions to #NHS hospitals with #heartattack, & the early signal of higher rates of death. Image
You can access the @ESC_Journals manuscript here for free:…
As @CardiacAudit data become available from #NHS hospitals in England, we will provide updated time series plots here on our dedicated website…
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More evidence of the devastating impact of @COVID19 on people’s lives. Reduction in admissions with #heartattack & early signal of higher rate of deaths.…
Many have hypothesised that #COVID19 might have affected the care & outcomes of people with acute myocardial infarction (#heartattack). Therefore, we aimed to determine whether the #COVID19UK pandemic changed patient response, #hospital treatment & mortality from #heartattack .
We classified admissions as non ST-elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI) or STEMI at 99 hospitals in #England through live feeding from the Myocardial Ischaemia National Audit Project (#MINAP @CardiacAudit ) between 1st January, 2019 & 22nd May, 2020
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In reply @VijayKunadian : 1) we know there is an excess of deaths (when all-causes as a single group are studied) (@d_spiegel);
2) there will also be an excess of #cardiovascular deaths (we will release a pre-print shortly for external review @mmamas1973). I think it is very likely people did not come to #hospital - we know that failure to treat MI results in premature death.
(However, limitations in arbitration of cause, ‘default’ to #COVID19 as a cause, & latent effects of missed #heartattack will produce mis-classification bias & an underestimation of the extent of the deaths from not seeking help)
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#COVID19 pandemic & admission rates for & management of acute coronary syndromes in #England @TheLancet #heartattack #Covid19UK…
By the end of March, 2020, the average weekly number of acute coronary syndrome admissions fell by 40% compared with the average weekly number observed during 2019.
Measured against this baseline, from January, 2020, until the end of May, 2020, there had been around 8000 fewer admissions for acute coronary syndromes than would be expected.
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Intervrntions delivered by ✉️ + 📞 increase completion of cardiac rehabilitation after #heartattack. However, effective interventions needed to improve adherence to medications. Pragmatic randomised controlled trial (ISLAND) by @NoahIvers @bmj_latest…
But what were the ‘scalable interventions’? The author describe “Interventions with varying, tailored content were delivered by mail and by telephone about 4, 8, 20, 32, and 44 weeks after myocardial infarction.”
...& was there any impact on major adverse cardiovascular & cerebrovascular events, or do we accept the trial endpoint imparts improved health outcomes?
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(1/5) Good #SundayMorning! This week’s #SundaySpotlight during #HeartMonth highlights the silent signs of a heart attack. Not all heart attacks occcur the way you’ve seen in movies – are you feeling any of these symptoms? Read more from @PreventionMag:…
@PreventionMag (2/5) @PreventionMag explains how a ‘silent heart attack’ can even occur while you sleep. You may not know you’ve even had one until a 2nd, more obvious #HeartAttack lands you in the ER. Pay attention to the signs.
@PreventionMag (3/5) Let’s pay extra attention to # 6⃣! Sometimes a sign is that you just feel lousy! But what if it’s more than being rundown from stress for you or a loved one? Pay attention to what those around you are saying and feeling – you could prevent or alert them of a heart attack.
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This is utterly absurd!

The dangerously flawed unvalidated @babylonhealth Chatbot, continues to put WOMEN at risk of #DeathByChatbot #GenderBias.

A 60yr old 20/day Smoker with Sudden Onset Central Chest Pain & Nausea...

FEMALE = #PanicAttack.

MALE = #HeartAttack. ImageImage
Here is the♀️#GenderBias triage.

A 60yr old FEMALE smoker develops Sudden Onset Central Chest Pain & Nausea.

She uses the @babylonhealth Chatbot, which suggests it's a #PanicAttack or #Depression - which can be managed at home.

Here is the ♂️#GenderBias triage.

A 60yr old MALE smoker with an identical history uses the @babylonhealth Chatbot...

For him, the Chatbot suggests #UnstableAngina or #HeartAttack - which requires emergency treatment...
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🚨Not one national newscast used @BernieSanders' heart attack & stent surgery to talk about heart attack risk, warning signs, et al. Nor was Bernie's doctor on the news to explain what happened and what it means for Bernie.
This is a real failure of reporting and transparency.
Bernie sent out a great tweet on which he proclaimed he felt good and--pure Bernie, always on message--stumping for #MedicareForAll.
While we want Bernie well and back to fighting for the people, this event should be a reminder of the intensity of the stresses of campaigning.
It should also be an example of how statistically, American men are known for ignoring their health and warning signs of illness.
Most Americans don't know the signs of a #heartattack or that they are different in men and women. This should have been a teachable moment.
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Dear medical professionals,
Do you know how to perform high quality #cpr (cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

You have been invited to speak with one of the board members of a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria about your proposal.
1)During the first 10 minutes of your conversation, you noticed that the man has been coughing and holding his chest, suddenly he falls to the ground and you discover that there is no pulse or respiration

As a medical practitioner, what is your first call of action?
2)Do you know the universal sign to differentiate between Cardiac arrest and heart attack?

Are you confident about what to do at this point?

Do you know how to activate emergency response system?

#Nurse #medic #Emergency #heartattack #cardiacarrest
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