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Caro Presidente Volodymyr #Zelenskyy,

Devi renderti conto che l'invio dei tuoi militari nella regione russa di Belgorod fingendosi "rivoluzionari russi" non allevierà il dolore della sconfitta dei tuoi militari a #Bakhmut, ora #Artemovsk. Image
Questi attacchi terroristici contro i civili russi stanno solo rafforzando la determinazione russa.

I tuoi sponsor occidentali
stanno finendo i soldi,
la pazienza e
le scuse. Image
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Hello and welcome along again to another daily thread covering #Russia's war on #Ukraine.

Sunday is Day 452 since the full invasion began.
All the news coming up throughout the day and if you want to support me please click here:
Yesterday proved quite a busy news day and expanded to bring news of mass protests in both Serbia and Georgia.

Zelenskyy in Japan, Lavrov's family fleeing, the UN negotiating with war criminals, and bad news from Bakhmut. It's all here⬇️

This morning @ZelenskyyUa seemed to confirm that #Russia is in full control of #Bakhmut, saying "it's a pity, it's a tragedy, but for today Bakhmut is only in our hearts."

But later the #Ukraine President's Office later "clarified" they were still holding a position in the town.
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Good evening/morning - it's Day 451 of #Russia's illegal and inhumane war.

#Ukraine is under attack again tonight with attack drones currently threatening large parts of the country.

All the details, throughout the day (and night) each and every day, in one handy thread.
If you missed yesterday's news, including F-16s for #Ukraine, plenty of sabotage attacks in #Russia, plus related news from #Cyprus #Georgia and #SouthAfrica... then catch up here with a click and a scroll:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
A reminder multiple drones threaten #Kyiv tonight

Regional Gov Serhii Popko says fire atop a multi-storey building, caused by debris from a falling UAV, is around 80 sq m.
There may be victims

Bits of drones have fallen on several streets in Darnytskyi & Solomyanskyi districts
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Hello again. It's Friday 12 May + Day 443 of the #UkraineRussiaWar

I'm back again. Another daily thread for all the news that matters in one place.

Two big developments y'day - #Ukraine's counter offensive prep + long range weapons arrive! Catch up here:
First a strange tale from the far east of #Russia where a private helicopter cut through power lines during a "hard landing"

The Mi-2's landing cut off power to the Transneft station in Primorsky Krai.
It's so remote it took 2 days to find the chopper & the pilot's disappeared! ImageImageImageImage
A big increase in #Russia's manpower losses in the last 24 hours. Still a lot of equipment being hit by #Ukraine too.

#RussiansGoHome Image
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Prigozhin: Estamos comenzando a transferir posiciones, Bakhmut será tomado por las  de #Akhmat
Prigozhin dijo que el PMC "#Wagner" continúa la ofensiva en #Artemovsk hasta el 9 de mayo inclusive. El 10 de mayo se van a la retaguardia por un problema no ImageImage
resuelto con proyectiles para la empresa.
“Agradezco a Ramzan Akhmatovich por aceptar, tener, muy probablemente, la oportunidad de obtener todo lo necesario y todos los recursos necesarios para tomar nuestras posiciones en #Bakhmut. Ya me estoy poniendo en contacto
con sus representantes para comenzar a transferir posiciones de inmediato, para que el 10 de mayo, a las 00.00, exactamente en el momento en que, según nuestros cálculos, agotemos por completo nuestro potencial de combate, nuestros compañeros tomen
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This is the start of daily thread number 430 of the illegal war in #Ukraine, with all the news in one place.

A very good Saturday morning to you; it's been a lively start to the day for #Russia's occupiers.

If you want to support independent journalism, see my bio to buy me a☕️
First though the usual link to the start of yesterday's thread. Take a scroll if you missed anything or need a catch-up:

#StandWithUkraine #StopRussia

#Crimea has been illegally occupied by #Russia since 2014. It was the very start of this war, far predating the full invasion 14 months ago.

But the Occupiers are getting worried. Overnight an oil depot was set on fire when a drone hit Kozachi Bay. No injuries reported: ImageImageImage
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And so begins Day 416 of the wretched war.
Bloodthirsty #Russia continues its illegal assault and attempt to destroy #Ukraine.

You've found the start of another daily thread with all the news.

As I'm search/shadowbanned please reply to this (write anything) and retweet to help!
Friday was quite a busy one, unfortunately the news led by another Terrorist Attack by #Russia.

But there was also the surprise of seeing Prigozhin call for an end to the war, and lots more interesting stuff.

Catch up here:

The #UK thinks #Russia's new laws on being able to deliver call-ups via email or text, indicate the Kremlin is preparing for a long war in #Ukraine.

This concurs with most experts' views as the invaders continue to build defences in the Occupied Territories. Image
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Welcome to Monday's daily thread documenting #Ukraine's defence against #Russia's full invasion.

It's Day 404 of the war.
What a crazy day Sunday was with a high profile assassination, church shenanigans, and then #Wagner "taking" #Bakhmut.
Review it here
So what's the situation in #Bakhmut?
#Ukraine vehemently denies this claim made by Prigozhin late last night.

The President's Office says not to believe fakes.
From info I have, Prigozhin made the video at night because the centre is still contested:

Fighting in #Bakhmut has been ongoing in the centre of the town for a while, so it's likely #Russia made some more ground and #Ukraine was at least temporarily pushed back.

But there's still fighting; ZSU is heavily active in the west of the town and has control of one road.
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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦Ukrainian soldiers from the 228th troop battalion refuse to go to positions in Artemovsk (Bakhmut): "Good afternoon, we are fighters of the 228th battalion, we were tricked into the city of Bakhmut, in the center of hostilities.
We were not given a combat order, we were not shown a combat order "People did not receive proper training in order to perform a combat mission in such difficult conditions.
We were not provided with any sights or night vision devices, no logistics, evacuation of the wounded ... We were repeatedly threatened by the leadership about the fact that we will be locked up in prison, about the fact that there will be consequences for our loved ones.
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1/ In the battles near #Artemovsk (Bakhmut) on March 7, one of the leaders of the "Right Sector" Dmitry Kotsyubailo was eliminated.

This was reported by Ukrainian human rights activist Masi Nayem. ImageImage
2/ Kotsyubailo joined the "Right Sector" in 2014, when he was 18. In the special operation zone, he was the commander of the Da Vinci Wolves unit.

According to Ukrainian media, Kotsyubailo's grandfather fought in the #UPA (#bandera's army) during the Second World War
3/ On December 1, 2021 the Nazi was awarded the title "Hero of Ukraine". Image
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You've found the start of Tuesday's 🧵covering all he developments and everything you need to know about #Russia's illegal war in #Ukraine

It's day 377. We are in danger of suffering public fatigue. Please don't let this happen.
Ukraine's soldiers cannot quit, morally or legally
If you missed anything yesterday, fear not!
Here's the link to Monday's thread, click and scroll at your leisure.

This is how I ended yesterday's thread.

There is a lot of speculation as to who the man is, it seems he may originally be from #Donetsk.
However his sister has identified him and asks not to name him yet - the least we can do is respect that.

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🇺🇦💬❗ El bloguero ucraniano Madyar escapó de #Artemovsk (#Bakhmut) - Las Fuerzas Armadas ucranianas se preparan probablemente para rendir la ciudad.

Mientras la PMC #WagnerGroup ya está filmando vídeos alegres desde el centro de Artemovsk, el "bloguero militar" ucraniano Madyar
se retiró apresuradamente de allí. Según él, la unidad será redesplegada en el momento más "crítico" para la ciudad. No hizo comentarios sobre la decisión del mando.
Anteriormente, Madyar pidió al mando que retirara a los soldados de las Fuerzas Armadas globalistas de Ucrania de
la ciudad y la entregara debido a las grandes pérdidas sufridas. Por cierto, los propios militantes ucranianos están tratando de escapar de Artemovsk lo antes posible debido a su deplorable situación. Lo más probable es que Kiev anuncie pronto entre dientes la decisión de
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#US Moves Flying #Nuclear Command Post to #Iceland (Home of TID) | March 1, 2023
- The #E6B #Mercury air command post has landed in Iceland to conduct operations in Washington’s #European Command zone…
The #US is preparing a trap for us in #Ukraine for an inevitable “#postponed war” | Feb 28
- #Nuland: seriously discussing with allies.. sending to #Kyiv fifth-generation multipurpose fighter-bombers #F35.… Image
#TikTok-#Nazis. Proxy Of #Ukrainian #Intelligence Directorate Claimed Responsibility For #Bloody PR Operation In #Russia | Mar 2
- all these crimes were committed so that Ukrainian TikTok warriors could film a seconds-long video on the Russian territory. Image
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We're into day 370 of #Russia's war on its peaceful neighbour.

#Ukraine continues its existential battle for existence, but it's tough right now in #Donetsk where Russia's army keeps missing deadlines, but hopes by tomorrow's start of spring to have results.

Here's the daily🧵
The day started well for #Ukraine with #Japan announcing more sanctions on #Russia.

39 individuals, 73 organisations and a bank are targeted as well as 9 collaborators from east and southern Ukraine are listed. Asset freezes may follow

The Governor of #Russia's #Belgorod region claims 3 Ukraine drones were destroyed overnight.

Vyacheslav Gladkov says "wreckage of three unmanned aerial vehicles was found. There are no casualties, but there is damage: windows are broken, cars are slightly damaged."

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Good morning and welcome to the daily thread for Day 367 of #Russia's full invasion of #Ukraine, although we're now into the tenth year of #Putin's troops being illegally on Ukrainian territory.

As always, all the news you need in one handy place, updated throughout the day...
To catch up on yesterday's developments on Europe's eastern border, click and scroll on the link below.

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Another large number of tanks destroyed by #Ukraine's army in the last 24 hours*

Also, another helicopter downed and 650 further invaders killed. Although this is down a little on some recent days the total figure will reach 150,000 on Tues or Weds.

*Ukr official figures
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Hello and welcome to another thread on the illegal war being waged on #Ukraine.

We made it! Ukrainians made it!
The bombs started falling one year ago today, but almost the whole world has united to defend the country against the tyranny from #Russia.

Day 366 of the war
Loads of cities and famous places "lit-up" in support of #Ukraine last night, one year on from the first troops, tanks, planes and bombs from #Russia hitting the country.

I can only attach 4 pics, so here are Brussels, New York, Paris and Berlin.
#StandWithUkraine ImageImageImageImage
At an event in #London, the remarkable Dame Helen Mirren was close to tears as she recited a poem and gave her support for #Ukraine.

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🇺🇦⚡️According to obituaries, a member of the Presidential Brigade, personally subordinate to Zelensky, was killed near Artiomovsk.
#ukrainewar #ukraine #Artemovsk #Artyomovsk #russia #nato #zelensky
The brigade is responsible for mainly ceremonial functions of bodyguards - ensuring ceremonial events with the participation of the head of state and the Minister of Defense.
During the duration of martial law, the unit is supposed to carry out guard and defense tasks of a number of particularly important facilities, including the Presidential residence.
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Welcome to the daily news thread for Day 338 of the #RussianUkrainianWar, with all the important bits, hopefully some stories you won't see elsewhere and a bit of comment too as #Ukraine continues its heroic defence of freedom and democracy.

Read on...
Awful start to yesterday, but a quiet end to the day and still calm this Friday morning so far.

If you need to catch up on Thursday's events, here's the link to the start of yesterday's thread - scroll through at your leisure.


First let's update you on the territorial situation at the front. You probably know I seldom publish or link to maps; to be frank many are guesswork and often out of date.

The British MoD has validated my previous rebuttal of #Russia's claims of gains in #Zaporizhzhia oblast
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Welcome to another weekend, but in #Ukraine just another day of uncertainty. Hoping for the best but forgiven for fearing the worst.

It's Day 332 of #Russia's illegal war on its' peaceful neighbour. Here's the daily thread with all the important news and analysis.
First thanks to Simon S, who last night tipped me for my work (see profile for link).
Cheers, drinking coffee, enjoying a cake now!

So Friday was errr... eventful? Yes, that's the word! Catch up by scrolling through here:

#Russia has now lost over 120,000 soldiers from its' regular army. Another huge daily number of sacrificial lambs on the altar of Tsar Putin: 860, one of the highest ever.

Also decent equipment numbers hit by #Ukraine according to their estimates.

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Hello and welcome to the #Ukraine daily thread for the 330th time.
Yes, Thursday is Day 330 of #Russia's illegal war and still the bickering goes on between Freedom allies about whether to give Ukraine tanks to defend itself.

All the news throughout the day in one handy thread..
Busy yesterday? need a recap?
Scroll through Wednesday's news from #Ukraine here, where there was only one big story, as yet another tragedy hit the country.

#Ukraine starts three days of mourning following the horrific helicopter crash just outside the capital #Kyiv yesterday morning.

The period of mourning comes just as grieving for the victims of #Dnipro ends.
One long punishment for the people of #Ukraine

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Day 324 of the war in #Ukraine, it's Friday the 13th so be careful if you're superstitious!

Right now Ukraine could do with some bad luck befalling #Russia; life is incredibly tough & brutal on the frontline.

This is my daily thread with all the news.
I've done this 324 times!
This thread is updated "live" throughout the day. Welcome especially to newcomers. DMs open for tip offs if you see a story I may have missed.

If you want to support what I do, please see my bio to buy me a coffee.

If you need to catch up on Thursday⬇️
#Soledar - what is going on? The most frequent question right now.

I've been studying all reports I can find and spoken to people I know.

#Ukraine claimed a fightback re-taking the railway station and a mine. Much as I want to believe it, I cannot find any evidence of that. Image
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A little bit of history
#Bakhmut was founded in 1571 by the #Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible on the southern frontier of the young Russian state. Bakhmut watchpost was called a little fortress. Then sloboda (a settlement of free peasants) grew around.
A solid fortress was built under the reign of Peter the Great.

#Bakhmut and #Izyum Cossacks actually raided against each other. It was also seen as the center of "Slavic Serbia" /Serbian and other Balkan peoples' settlements during the reign of Catherine the Great
after the revolution 1917, the Bolsheviks renamed the city in honor of Comrade Artyom, a prominent figure in the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and the founder of the #Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Republic.
There's an argument of what should be called now #Bakhmut or #Artemovsk
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Last night, #PMCWagner attacked the perimeter of #Soledar and pushed the #Ukraine down from their positions, which caused panic.
To stabilize the situation, reserves were hastily transferred to the city and managed to hold the main line of defense but could not hold the flanks
To the south, #Podgorodnee was captured.
All the roads are under the fire control of the #Russian forces. In other words, Now there are no safe roads for the Armed Forces of #Ukraine to #Soledar.
#Artemovsk (#Bakhmut)
After #Podgorodnee #PMCWagner advanced north of #Soledar towards Krasna-Gora.
If the Russian army will also capture it then a very important supply road of the #Ukraine army to #Artemovsk/#Bakhmut-(Paraskovivka junction) will be cut off.
The next hours are decisive.
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