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In October 2021, @BNBCHAIN introduced a new mechanism called the #Binance Evolution Protocol—BEP-95.

The BEP-95 mechanism burns $BNB token, aiming to add more value and make its tokenomics more dynamic. The question is, how does it work? (1/9)
@BNBCHAIN BEP-95 burns transaction fees on #BNBChain. The system collects the gas fees and directs them to two different smart contracts: The “System Reward Contract” and the “ValidatorSet Contract.” (2/9)
@BNBCHAIN The System Reward Contract holds a maximum of 100 BNB. 1/16 of gas fees are transferred to this contract until the #BNB holding reaches the maximum amount. System Reward Contract funds are used for “cross-chain package subsidies.” (3/9)
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I wanted to make a post about the @CryptoHipposNFT and everything they are doing right now but honestly, it couldn't fit in one tweet. Lets just make this a thread on recent and upcoming milestones we are crushing as a project, and a community.
Id like to start by checking off all the things we have completed since our mint started Feb. 22nd. An all inclusive Safari trip for a holder and his family, a $10k donation to @AWF_Official for hippo conservation, and a $45k giveaway in place of a Telsa.
While we were minting, the team added incentives not limited to a $20k raffle won by @undetectedNFTz! We have also voted to start a merch print business ( where, this week, we took our first order from a hippo holder @stevo_lacy! Speaking of voting...
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Stupidity I get it . I help, I answer questions, is human.
But ignorance. "What WallSt, WallSt wouldn't touch this with a 200ft pole" it annoys me at maximum peak. Ignorance is bad. Fallacy is bad.

Peak CT ignorance just so they can feel better they trade some no-good. ImageImage
Reality is each with their perceive to make their ego feel better. Yet white-collars, ex-Wallstreeters made #crypto their sandbox.
We shall not talk the obvious because it hurts people being ignorant is not my job.

Their investors in their 'fund' is not your next door joe. Is exactly the banks and trading desks they worked for.

Fully funded by WallSt. Worked for WallSt. Saying different is just ignorance.
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I think we should stop call it a contagion.
And call it pure cancer?

Those who promote the "bottom" right now are making it worst for day to day investors.
Sure, they might be right and by the power of algo's we might pump.

Yes, you might make a few bucks, others 1-2 million's extra.

But does it fix the problem?
No it doesn't fix the problem that millions of users where screwed right now. Broke, their plans, their kids, their families screwed over by UP ONLY, HFSP mentality.

Screwed by white-collars that took over crypto dressed up in geeks like @SBF_FTX.
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So #Voyager invested money in #3AC and #Celsius. Celsius as well invested money in #3AC, only #BlockFi was more contained, yet still a huge liability of 14 billion $. ImageImageImageImage
SBF paying 240M for a company that held 14B$ as of March 2021 is a steal in bright daylight.

Offering Voyager a 'credit-line' that didn't materialized was just a PR stunt so he can fill his shorts-selling.
Because #Voyager was already deep inside since #Celsius went HODL mode.

Everything is like 2008 mortgage crisis filled with junk assets.
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5 Mindsets For Success 🧠

Thinking Better Makes You Better 🧵
1/ #Crypto has gotten people down recently. The bearish conditions have resulted in a lot of volatility, steep price declines & some being margin-called.

For those experiencing their first bear market - you might be the joke at family dinner "so how's your crypto stuff going?''
2/ If You've Done Your Research, You Understand This Is Temporary & That #Crypto Is Here To Stay - It's Coming Back Even BIGGER Once We Break Out Of This Bear Market 🔥🔥

Even so, the wait is long, and sitting on losses hits different... You've got to reset your perspective ✨
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Now can we all agree even bull or bear that the #Bitcoin / #Crypto market is fully manipulated by persons with dominant position in #Bitcoin ?

And that @CraigSalm from @Grayscale is tripping for nothing and is just a PR Stunt and a lawsuit that is guaranteed that they will lose Image
And that few hours ago a 800 billion marketcap market has been induced into a 'Momentum Ignition' by @FTX_Official .…
Now this looks complete mission by @AlamedaResearch ImageImage
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How #Monero is Eating #Bitcoin's Lunch – And Ten Other Things You Didn’t Know About Monero.

A Tweet Thread for the Monero curious 🧵👇 Image
#Monero transactions are higher than ever. In particular, Monero’s total number of transactions compared to Bitcoin (ratio) are rising. This means more people are choosing to transact with #XMR instead of #BTC.

(src: Image
Are other privacy coins being used today? No, unfortunately not. #Monero vastly makes up for the total number of private crypto transactions, with over 98% of volume.

(src: @JEhrenhofer) Image
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Governance is a crucial component of #Decentralization

This is something that #Bitcoin & #Ethreum conveniently ignore

But, #Cardano is built based on 1st principles & governance is a key focus of development

Here is a thread on Governance, Voltair era & Project Catalyst🧵👇 Image
Like the way, democracy unshackled regular citizens to grab power from the feudal lords

#Bitcoin was the 1st movement

Enabling regular citizens to grab power from the flawed financial institutions

To create a fair, transparent & inclusive financial system

To bank the unbanked
But #Bitcoin has a fundamental flaw, which #Ethereum inherited

"Lack of Governance"

This lack of governance resulted in major community splits

Ethereum & Ethereum Classic as a result of a hack in 2016

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash over the debate of the network's scalability in 2017 Image
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1/ A US take on this very informative thread from @paddi_hansen.

#MiCA unquestionably is the most important and comprehensive regulatory effort to date on #crypto and digital assets. However, this may not be a case of giving Europe a “first mover advantage”.
2/ You will likely see concerns raised about what MiCA does to Europe’s “competitiveness” in the emerging web3 space (whatever you think that term means).

Any time new regulations are put in place, the push-poll cries of market participants and regulators begin …
3/ Regulators:
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There are no complicated themes and your full attention will be on what you could win as you spin the reels for potential prizes. But will you be on a fast track to bankruptcy? Here’s a review of Fast Money. #Crypto #DevendraFadnavis…
by EGT with all the facts you need. Opulent Design: Developer EGT has created a game that focuses unabashedly on winning the goodies, with no attempt to disguise what it’s really about. And that’s to be applauded because for some.…
complicated themes are an unwanted distraction. This doesn’t mean that EGT haven’t spent time designing the game because the graphics are absolutely immaculate. This slot just lacks any of the distractions. @a_kane47…
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1/ Brief overview of the EU's #MiCA reg that passed Thurs evening. Applaud the effort to provide #clarity in the #crypto space - something we have been requesting for years. But more work to be done. Luckily, there is time to implement the technical text.…
2/ But first, note that both the Council & Parliament press releases contain quotes that call crypto the "Wild West" (🤦‍♀️). Puts you on notice about whether these standards actually allow for continued innovation. (Parliament ☝️ & Council 👇)…
3/ Before I dive in, note that the EU's drive to create crypto regulation was borne out of the #Libra idea, which caused consternation (panic??) across the globe. Much of #MiCA seems somewhat set in that time period-e.g., 2017 called & it wants its "whitepapers" back.
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1/ Today, the EU finalized #MiCA, a sweeping #crypto regulation that will profoundly impact Europe’s future competitiveness and the viability of its #Web3 industry. This was Europe’s chance to regain market share lost in Web2, but did the EU seize the opportunity?

🧵A thread…
2/ TLDR, no. MiCA doubles down on the failed notion of “leading in regulation” rather than prioritizing innovation. But, it could have been worse.
3/ In recent months, we at @Ledger spoke out about these proposals, even calling on you to get engaged against the worst ideas. We opposed the #Bitcoin ban that came just 4 votes from passing the EU Parliament.…
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On June 13, the #crypto market suffered over $1 Billion in liquidations over 24 hours.

In the month of June so far, #Bitcoin suffered a drawdown of over 43% 🔻

<1/6> Image
According to data from Coinglass, a staggering $343 million in $BTC longs were liquidated across the top 8 derivatives exchanges on June 13 — sending $BTC tumbling from $27k to under $23k in a day.

#Bitcoin has a large number of liquidation points clustered between $7,500 and $12,500.

<3/6> Image
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Aujourd'hui, @EUCouncil et le @Europarl_EN adoptent deux régulations :

MiCA (Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation)
TFR (Transfer of Fund Regulation)

TFR a été accepté hier et les dernières discussions sur MiCA ont lieu plus tard ojd.

Suis-moi et lit ce 🧵 pour un brief...
L'UE est la principale juridiction à implémenter des réglementations sur les cryptos et, joue un rôle de standard global.

Ce thread n'est pas complet ; je présente ici ce que je juge être le plus important. N'hésitez pas à rajouter des motions que vous considérez essentiels !).
TFR (Transfer of Fund Regulation)

Le TFR sera implémenté une fois que MiCA est appliqué.

Le Conseil Européen reconnaît que les méthodes d'analyse de conformités des transactions blockchains sont suffisantes pour s'aligner aux règles d'AML.
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Los 10 mandamientos modernos:

1- Sabrás que todo está manipulado.

2- Siempre harás lo contrario de lo que digan los medios de comunicación, los políticos, los presuntos expertos y JP Morgan.

3- Las #Crypto y los #NFTs eran y son una estafa, no serás un ignorante supino más.
4- El calentamiento global es una falacia, no dejarás que te engañen con su agenda globalista #Agenda2030

5- No caerás en la tentación de la vacuna de refuerzo #COVID19 en otoño con la cantinela de que está adaptada a la variante #Ómicron o para poder viajar.
6- Rezarás por todos aquellos que te desoyeron y han sido alcanzados por la enfermedad de moda, la #Repentinitis

7- No sentirás compasión por todos aquellos que te insultaron y discriminaron.

8- Comprarás/acumularás el máximo de acciones de #Pharol u #OIBR3 y te forrarás.
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The Bank for International Settlement #BIS's annual economic report (june22 of 138 pages) proves every single word in the #Bitcoin white paper ⚡️…

If you think the fiat world is ugly now.
It's only getting uglier.


🧵My views👇🏽
The number of times these words were mentioned (order per #) within 138 pages.
#Web3 1
#binance 6
#leverage 6
#Coinbase 10
#ethereum 12
#Tether 15
#luna 27
#bitcoin 28
#decentralised 30
#terra 37
#centralised 53
#DeFi 63
#stablecoin 71
#cbdc 110
#crypto 214
OK info about this report:
+ Highlighted some of the risks within the shitcoinery world (stable coins, crypto, Defi)
+ Confirmed that all shitcoins are copying #Bitcoin and following its behavior
+ Attacking lack of regulations leading to rug pulls like Terra Luna
+ USDT risk
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0/ Let's explore @AuroryProject, where you catch Nefty creatures, solve puzzles, and battle NPCs and other players through Pokemon-style 3v3 combat!

Aurory could be the next breakthrough for turn-based Japanese RPGs - Here's what we found👇 [THREAD]
1/ @AuroryProject is a free-to-play, turn-based Japanese RPG built on @solana.

Learn the virtues of decentralization while traversing the worlds of Antik & Tokané. Gameplay revolves around catching and training Nefties to fight other Trainers through 3v3 battles
2/ Aurory has a unique plan to regularly release new content and unfold the narrative over 7 seasons - each with new adventures, regions, bosses, nefties, and rewards. This is a core part of the team’s long-term strategy.
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Yo les kheys ! La situation économique est inquiétante, et les institutionnels anticipent un krach historique.

Comment protéger votre capital de la tempête ? Quelles options concrètes s'offrent au petit investisseur ?

Let's go 🧵


Pour bien comprendre la situation dans laquelle nous sommes, il faut revenir un peu en arrière. En 1971 très exactement, année où Nixon, alors président des USA, décide d'abandonner l'étalon or.

A l'époque, chaque dollar détenu par les pays pouvait être converti par son équivalent en or, conservé dans les réserves américaines. La première puissance du monde est donc passée d'un système monétaire basé sur de la valeur à un système monétaire basé sur de la dette.

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1/ Minotaur protocol can combine Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Proof of Storage... in one cryptocurrency.

For what? 👇🧵

#Cardano #ada $ada #crypto #Cryptocurrency
2/ Work, stake, storage… are resources that “proof protocols” rely on for security.

Besides security, each resource is also best suited for different use cases.
3/ For example, Proof of Stake is good about voting, decision-making, and delegation of authority.

Proof of Work is good about aggregating large amounts of computation.

And Proof of Storage is very good about creating a network of storage.
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How to avoid burnout in trading?

#forex #Crypto
1. To begin with, stop trading completely for a period of time. And this is not for a couple of days, but for a longer period a week, a month or even six months. After you feel that you have rested and are ready to start working again, sit down quietly and think about future work
2. Set a specific goal for yourself - to make money in the market. Not just the total for the month, but for the day. When you reach that goal - stop working, close everything and do other things around the house or go for a walk, etc.
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7 Tips Every Trader Should Know✊

Whether you're a🐂or a🐻, everyone should have their own set of rules to follow. You're trading plan is your guide to success. Here are 7 tips I've learned to live by, and you should too. #Bitcoin #SPY #ETH #Crypto
1. Establish a plan!💯

Plan your trades carefully before you enter a position. This means having the price you want to enter, a stop loss, and a take profit zone BEFORE you enter a position. If you aren't doing this, you're probably losing money.💸
2. Protect your capital!🪙

Cut losses quickly. Don't hold and hope, it will 9/10 create bigger losses. If you're plan says to cut at 5% loss, cut it without exceptions, EVERYTIME!

Here's a chart that shows what it would take to recover funds at certain levels of loss.
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🧵How To Use @nansen_ai 2 Make Money in #Crypto (Part 1)

If you don't know what nansen is go read this article first:…

Alright, my degens, here we go...🧐

Step 1: select a token you're interested in analyzing and input it's token address into the "Token God Mode" (TGM) tool.

We will use $WBTC in our example.

Once you're inside TGM there will be 3 pages available to you: 1. Transactions, 2. Token Distribution, and 3. Exchanges.

Ignore "Transactions" (there's not much useful information there). Instead, focus on the other two pages.
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1/n @mcuban came back to the @BanklessHQ Podcast. Since the last appearance on the podcast he researched, invested, and given the market, lost a lot of money. Nevertheless, he has lots of optimism about the future of crypto. Learn or get burned 🧵 Image
2/n He made it through the last bear market & he clearly sees the difference between the 2017 crash and the 2022 #bearmarket: Back then it was an #ICO mania but no game-changing applications. The interest was mostly getting in early & lots of hopium.
3/n "First came the innovators then the imitators then the idiots": If something worked on #Ethereum it was ported to other chains or L2. Imitators need lots of volume to survive. That is why some turned into idiots with unsustainable business models. We all know some examples…
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