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Today is #Halfearthday2021, a plan to protect 50% of the earth, to stop #biodiversity loss & prevent #climate change. Wow, a plan to #restore the planet: that's hopeful!? Unfortunately, not. There is good science showing this is the wrong direction... 🧵 (1/5) #COP26 #COP15
2/5. Every funder should know that if a Half Earth proposal lands on their desk, there will be social risks. Despite the cosy rhetoric, Fortress Conservation leads to #humanrights abuses. Protecting 50% of the globe could affect >1 billion ppl, per Schleicher et al., 2019
3/5. Ecologists, none the wiser, might consider this a price worth paying if species are protected from #extinction. It's a mistake made by Kim Stanley Robinson. The great myth is that people are bad for biodiversity, as shown by Ellis et al., 2021 👇…
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1. Suppose an alien spaceship will land on earth next week.

After many light-years of travel through space, some friendly little green creatures decide to get out and stretch their legs on our planet.

What would they report home?

🧵Thread Image

2. I guess their first description would be ecstatic.

Hidden in the fast, cold, and dark universe, they discovered a blue planet that brims with an incredible diversity of life, aided by ideal living conditions.

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#nature #life…

3. But:

Since the dawn of civilization, humanity has lost 83% of all wild mammals and half of all plants.

Of all the mammals on earth, 96% are livestock and humans, while only 4% are wild mammals.

🧵 Thread

#wildlife #biodiversity #climatecrisis…
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Was mich gerade richtig wütend macht!
Seit Montag findet die #Weltnaturkonferenz #COP15 zu #Biodiversität statt.
Zum 15. (!) Mal treffen sich ca. 200 Nationen und beschließen??? NICHTS!
Und keins redet drüber, dazu ein kleiner Thread!
Wir befinden uns - neben all den anderen Krisen - gerade vorallem in einer #Zwillingskrise:Beide sind eng miteinander verknüpft, verstärken sich gegenseitig + viel zu viele Kipppunkte sind schon überschritten!
1) #Biodiversitätskrise
2) #Klimakrise (2/x)…
Gründe der #Biodiversitätskrise
-Zerstörung der natürlichen Lebensräume(Versiegelung, Abholzung)
-Landnutzungsänderungen(z.B. intens.Monokulturen, Urbanisierung, Skipisten)
-direkte Ausbeutung der Ressourcen wie Jagd & Überfischung
-Klimawandel (3/x) Image
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#NYSE: "natural asset companies" (#NACs) will be listed & traded on its exchange, "creating a new market whose assets generate trillions of dollars in #ecosystemservices annually."

Sept 17 2021: "NACs enable natural asset owners to convert #nature’s value into financial capital... The asset class was developed to enable exposure to the opportunities created by the estimated $125 trillion annual global #ecosystemservices market."…
Natural Asset Companies (#NACs) "HOLD RIGHTS [emphasis mine] to ecosystem services produced by natural or human-controlled lands & profit from trading the #ecosystemservices they provide."

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Addressing the leaders' summit of #CBD #COP15 via video link, President Xi Jinping called on countries around the world to join hands and start a new journey of high-quality development of humanity.

Read the full text of the keynote speech:…. ImageImageImage
President Xi stressed that the development of ecological civilization should be taken as a guide to achieving harmony between humanity and Nature, and countries should speed up efforts to foster green developmentand secure a win-win of economic growth & environmental protection.
President Xi announced China's initiative to establish the Kunming Biodiversity Fund and take the lead by investing 1.5 bn yuan (about USD 233mn) to the fund. It will be used to support biodiversity protection in developing countries. All parties are welcome to make contributions
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🌏 President @JoeBiden issued the first-ever presidential proclamation of #IndigenousPeoplesDay2021 for today.

🔴 Around the world, Indigenous communities are still fighting for their rights and their land to be respected.

Here are some of the challenges they face. 🧵👇
🇺🇸 United States

🗳️ Native Americans living in rural areas feared they couldn't cast their votes during the 2020 Presidential elections.

🔴 "It seems like they look at us as though we're not important enough to help," said Navajo voter Colleen Benally.…
🇿🇦 South Africa

🏗️ Amazon's new HQ in Africa is set to be a $300m development.

🔴 But it will also be built on historical South African Indigenous land.

✍️ Thousands have signed a petition opposing the plans, saying “it has archeological value”.…
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This video speaks volumes about the oversupply in China's housing market. 15 tower blocks in Kunming 昆明, the capital of Yunnan province, were demolished last month after sitting unfinished for eight years.
Meanwhile China’s largest property developer Evergrande is warning it could default on its $300 billion of liabilities as it struggles to cut costs or sell assets. The company’s Shenzen headquarters was besieged by investors and bondholders last weekend 🇨🇳…
also h/t @evolusibina for the video above. A Malaysia-based platform, it shares great content on the construction sector.
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Special @UN #BiodiversityDay 🕷️

Ahead of the crucial #CoP15 this October,
🇪🇺 Commissioner @VSinkevicius launched
the 🌏 Coalition #UnitedforBiodiversity, calling on:
museums 🦋
zoos 🦘
aquariums 🐠
botanic gardens 🌼
national parks 🌲
to join forces #ForNature

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Since its launch on 3 March 2020, the 🌏 Coalition #UnitedforBiodiversity welcomed
41 organisations
253 institutions from 49 countries
🇫🇷 38
🇩🇪 34
🇪🇸 27
🇬🇧 17
🇧🇪 15
🇩🇰🇵🇹 10

All raise their voice #ForNature ahead of #CoP15…
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Thanks to the support of the International Council of Museums @IcomOfficiel, all world museums are also invited to join the 🌍 Coalition #UnitedforBiodiversity, to show the importance of nature for humanity ahead of #CoP15…

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Five years ago, I had barely slept for 2 weeks. Now I've recovered, and with the #Parisversaire today, I've been thinking about how we designed the #ParisAgreement – and how it is working today. A thread 1/16
We knew how big the task would be. We were all veterans of the UN negotiation process, and had lived through the trauma of #COP15 in Copenhagen. We knew we needed to take a new approach, one built on an integrated theory of human, organizational, and state behavior 2/16
The fundamental premise of the #ParisAgreement: it had to be a flexible legal framework, that could over time accommodate the changes in technologies, economies, & societies that would need to happen over the long-run for us to succeed & limit temperature rise 3/16
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#Biodiversité : l’arche de Noé à la dérive

@AleksRankovic est l'invité de @CulturesMonde_ dans @franceculture

📢C'est maintenant !…
"COP15 pour la #biodiversité : il s'agit pour la gouvernance internationale de la biodiversité de rentrer enfin dans l'âge de la maturité. On est malheureusement encore très loin du compte" rappelle @AleksRankovic
30% de zones protégées: "il faut se méfier du quantitatif. On peut avoir 30% de parcs, mais si ce sont des passoires, le statut ne change rien. Il faut plus de coopération entre les pays pour que les statuts de protection soient renforcés" @AleksRankovic #biodiversité #COP15 Image
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⚠️ Nous votons demain en commission #ITRE trois avis sur l’état des forêts dans le monde. La pandémie #COVID19 révèle plus que jamais l’importance des 🌳
pour préserver la biodiversité, limiter les contacts avec les animaux sauvages 🦇 et améliorer le stockage du carbone. THREAD Image
2. Mes propositions s’articulaient autour de 3 solutions clefs : la diversification des essences, la promotion d’une filière bois eco-responsable ainsi que la rupture avec les accords de libre-échange, acteurs coupables de déforestation #duediligence Image
3. En plein #COVID19, le Conseil ratifiait l’accord avec le #Vietnam, grand exportateur de bois, dans la foulée du vote du Parlement européen que nous avions dénoncé.…
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[EN DIRECT] Plateforme #Biodiversité 2020 !

Avec : @BasilevanHavre @UNBiodiversity et @AleksRankovic

En live sur :
YouTube👉 Image
Petit rappel sur ce qu’est la Convention sur la diversité biologique : l’une des 3 Conventions de Rio #CBD. La biodiversité, c’est la diversité au sein des espèces et entre les espaces ainsi que celle des écosystème. Image
On a échoué à atteindre nos objectifs de la décennie passée pour la #biodiversité #objectifsdAichi. Ils étaient exhaustifs mais sont restés incantatoires, sans mécanisme de suivi, sans moyens de mise en œuvre, faute d’avoir identifié les pressions sur la biodiversité. Image
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** IDDRI assesment of the first orientations of the @UNBiodiversity #ZeroDraft **

➡️What are the priorities for negotiations and mobilization before #COP15 ?

Key messages below
(1/6) Image
The #zerodraft confirms #OEWG1 orientations: it displays ambition on most goals & targets, and contains chapters on implementation and responsibility and transparency mechanisms, that are fundamental for the consistency of the framework & its intended theory of change.

States & stakeholders mobilisation is essential for:
-ensuring that the highest ambition is reached
-reaffirming the importance of the implementation & transparency elements, to make sure that sufficient attention will be paid to these crucial elements in the coming months

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📢Plateforme #Biodiversité 2020 : c'est parti !

Au programme :
- Débrief de la 1ère version du texte de négociations pour le cadre mondial post-2020 de la biodiversité
- Enjeux #océans
- Liens biodiversité & #climat

Suivez le fil !
⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
@AleksRankovic @Laurans_IDDRI @OFBiodiversite @4Post2020BD Plateforme #Biodiversité 2020

"Après 20 ans d'échecs, que faire ? Depuis presque 2 ans, il y a des éléments rassurants : on essaie de s’acheminer vers une refonte de l’architecture d’ensemble" @AleksRankovic Image
Cadre global après 2020: théorie du changement

« Le principe est de dire que d’ici à 2030 on freine, on stabilise le taux de perte de #biodiversite » explique @AleksRankovic Image
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📣Aujourd’hui : 2ème réunion de la Plateforme #biodiversité 2020, le rendez-vous pour suivre l’actualité en vue de la #COP15 en Chine !
#post2020 #biodiversity2020
Suivez le live tweet
⬇️⬇️⬇️ Image
« Cette deuxième rencontre de la Plateforme vise à operationnaliser le dialogue entre tous les acteurs et les négociations internationales »
#post2020 #biodiversity2020 #cop15
Audrey Coreau @AFBiodiversite Image
Quels sont les éléments clés du rapport du #Giec sur les terres ?
Réponses de Pierre-Marie Aubert de l’Iddri
#Post2020 #Biodiversity2020
⬇️⬇️ Image
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L’Iddri et l’@AFBiodiversite organisent aujourd’hui la 1ère réunion de la Plateforme Biodiversité 2020, pour décrypter l’actualité internationale de la #biodiversité sur la route de la #COP15 en Chine ! ImageImage
.@AleksRankovic: « 4 voies de renouvellement pour la #COP15 de la CDB en 2020 :
-les futures cibles et objectifs : comment faire mieux ?
-plus de redevabilité
-financements et capacités
-agenda de l’action » Image
« On ne résoudra pas la crise climatique sans la biodiversité.
La crise de la biodiversité doit être rehaussée au même niveau de compréhension, aussi bien au niveau du grand public qu’au niveau politique » @MTES_DAEI Image
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