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"Since launching our campaign in January 2020, we have done as much as possible to ensure that no social licence exists for WWF’s trillion dollar land grab targeting Africa that is the New Deal for Nature (also marketed as Nature Positive)...
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🧵 Les Aires de Protection et de Conservation Autochtones (APCA)

Avancée réelle ou nouvelle menace pour les peuples autochtones, le climat et la biodiversité ?
Un consortium d’ONG représentant les intérêts des peuples autochtones du Sud global a récemment dénoncé le plan #30x30 (convertir 30% de la planète en Aires protégées d’ici 2030), adopté à la #COP15, et qualifié de ‘plus grand plan d’accaparement de terres de l’Histoire’.
Le plan #30x30 se fonde sur le développement des Aires protégées qui excluent les peuples autochtones de leur gestion et les exproprient et les expulsent pour privatiser leurs terres au profit du capitalisme vert (chasse, safaris, compensation carbone…).
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🧵1/@UNBiodiversity #COP15 is being lauded as Paris Agreement for biodiversity with a deal to protect 30% of all land and water on Earth by 2030 but we should not get our hopes up - by @brambuscher & I @ConversationUK…
2/It took 60 years to get to 17% under protection, so how realistic is a near-doubling in 8 years? Its left to individual governments to work out where and how - given the history of conservation & growing militarisation this risks dispossession & abuses…
3/ Even if 30% of Earth was protected, its not likely to be effective - protected area expansion has happened at the same time as the extinction crisis has intensified. Such area-based conservation has not tackled the underlying causes of declines….
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The Kunming-Montreal #GlobalBiodiversityFramework (GBF) contains some strong elements, but without adequate financial resources it will stay on paper. As is the case for climate finance, we need to reform Bretton Woods to unlock financial flows. #COP15 (long thread, as usual!😉)
We analyzed the GBF package and asked ourselves: how will it be delivered and implemented? The challenges to get funding will be massive. Here we suggest a three-step approach, from now until the #COP16 to build trust and political will at @UNBiodiversity Convention and beyond:
To recap: there is a funding need of between US$ 700 to nearly 1 trillion/year to implement the GBF. The final text used a smaller number, but still estimated the funding gap to fill at US$ 700 billion per year by 2030.The GBF package contains four points on finance:
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🧵 #COP15 : Une défaite pour les défenseurs de la biodiversité et des droits humains
Le Cadre mondial pour la biodiversité / CMB (Global Biodiversity Framework / GBF), un texte détaillant le plan d'action de la communauté internationale pour « protéger la nature » jusqu’en 2030, a été adopté à la #COP15 sur la biodiversité, à Montréal.
Les capitalistes verts, la Macronie en tête, et les ONG conservationnistes comme le @WWF se sont félicitées de cet accord qui va alimenter leurs business.
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Oct. 2010 : accord HISTORIQUE sur la biodiversité à Nagoya - les objectifs pour 2020 ne sont pas respectés

Déc. 2022 : accord HISTORIQUE sur la biodiversité à Montréal - les objectifs pour 2030 seront-ils atteints ?

Les promesses engagent-elles les Etats qui les prennent ? ImageImage
La #COP15 sur la biodiversité montre à nouveau que là où les règles et institutions qui organisent la mondialisation sont contraignantes et doivent être respectées, celles portant sur le climat ou la biodiversité peuvent être violées sans que les Etats ne soient inquiétés.
Mon propos ne vise pas à dire que les COP sont inutiles : elles permettent de fixer des objectifs plus ambitieux que ceux que les Etats n'auraient accepté sans elles. Mais elles sont rendues inoffensives par ces mêmes Etats qui ne mettent pas en oeuvre les objectifs fixés.
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Reduce to near zero the loss of areas of high biodiversity importance, including ecosystems of high ecological integrity


#COP15 #COP15Announcement #GBF #Post2020 #ForNature Image
Reduce by half both excess nutrients and the overall risk posed by pesticides and highly hazardous chemicals


#COP15 #COP15Announcement #GBF #Post2020 #ForNature Image
Progressively phase out or reform by 2030 subsidies that harm biodiversity by at least $500 billion per year, while scaling up positive incentives for biodiversity’s conservation and sustainable use


#COP15 #COP15Announcement #GBF #Post2020 #ForNature Image
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As 2022 comes to a close and the world confronts the “polycrisis,” researchers across the GDP Center highlight where progress has been made, where policy movement has stagnated + what to keep an eye on for 2023.

🧵for expert insights ⤵️
1️⃣ In October 2022, @SecYellen asked for an evolution roadmap from @WorldBank to make the institution more fit-for-purpose.

@rishirbhandary says a 🔑 component of this is multilateral development banks substantially increasing their firepower.
2️⃣ @han_cecilia considers if 🇨🇳China is hitting pause on the green energy revolution as coal remains the largest share of overseas power generating capacity financed by 🇨🇳China.

She says it must scale up support for renewable energy to meet commitments.
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Finally, the international community adopted the #GlobalBiodiversityFramework here in Montreal at the #COP15. In these last hours in Montreal, I want to pay tribute to two indigenous leaders, Estebancio Castro and Robinson Lopez (this photo is in Rome, in a CBD meeting 2020). Image
Estebancio and Robinson were present in my heart during the whole #COP15: Covid-19 took them away from us, but their legacy was critical to get all the progress to advance on indigenous rights in the #GBF. I'm teary with gratitude, I wish I could hug them. I miss them dearly.
Make no mistake: this framework could have been much worse, but thanks to people's power and the organizing of civil society, indigenous peoples and women organizations, this agreement is more inclusive and opens the window to change the game in conservation policy. Lets be proud
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❗️❗️❗️Global Biodiversity framework just approved @UNBiodiversity #COP15. Extraordinary achievement of the global policy and scientific community. Years in the making. Now the hard work starts: implementing those targets and goals.
Some last minute reservations from Democratic Republic of Congo hopefully will not come back to haunt this agreement.
There’s a lot of work for the scientific community ahead. How to support decision-makes in translating targets to national level, how to create enabling conditions for implementation and of course monitoring, monitoring!
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#COP15: DRC questioned the framework. But presidency adopts the Global Biodiversity Framework. A strong “so it’s decided” was followed by a huge applause and acclamation. For Cameroon, it was “a force of hand”. Uganda questioned that decision on procedural basis. Image
Several things were surprising:
- no time for Parties to read documents
- first announced going through docs 1 by 1 but then adopted all at once
- completely ignored DRC who was clear, getting out of it with a legality (DRC didn't say "I object the adoption")
This is a messy process, shadowed by the Mercosur-EU tensions, Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and so on… and yet there’s consensus on what the framework should look like and a spirit of compromise. No one will be totally happy with compromise, but at least is a collective one.
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#BREAKING Countries adopt historic UN nature deal
#UPDATE Countries adopted a historic deal to reverse decades of environmental destruction threatening the world's species and ecosystems at a marathon UN biodiversity summit early Monday
#UPDATE Countries approved a historic deal to reverse decades of environmental destruction threatening the world's species and ecosystems at a marathon UN biodiversity summit in Montreal early on Monday ▶️ #COP15 #COP15montreal
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❗️❗️❗️ Proposal from Chinese presidency @UNBiodiversity #COP15 is very good. I would approved it without further changes.…
It retains much of the original ambition, and particularly the parts that I felt were more solid and important. Such as the "all areas" in Target 1 under integrated spatial planning.
Ambitious restoration (Target 2), protected area (Target 3) and endangered species (Target 4) targets. And ambitious Target 10 on agriculture that still recognises the need for sustainable intensification in some areas.
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With the #COP15 biodiversity summit ongoing in Montreal, I visited the wonderful @RSPBEngland reserve at Minsmere. A pleasure as ever to visit and thanks to Site Manager Nick Forster for showing me round and telling me about the RSPB's great work for nature. Adrian Ramsay at RSPB Minsm...RSPB Senior Site Manager Ni...
During the visit - in Thérèse Coffey's constituency - I called on the Environment Secretary to reverse the government's attacks on nature which the RSPB, Wildlife Trusts and others have rightly criticised.
I made 3 demands:
1. Publish a clear pathway to meet its commitment to restore 30% of land for nature by 2030
2. Scrap plans to weaken protections for nature in the Retained EU Law Bill
3. Stop dragging its feet on introducing the promised nature-friendly farming payments scheme
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Dear Ministers, on behalf of 1.1 million Europeans that have signed our ECI's demand for legally binding
pesticide reduction targets, we urge you to defend the SUR in the Energy Council on Monday! @lgewessler
@KhattabiZakia @davorfilipovic2 @ClaudeTurmes…
"The heavy use of pesticides in agriculture is strongly linked to declines in #biodiversity and detrimental impacts on global public #health", more than 700 scientists say. @CostasKadis @MinisterKenE @Teresaribera @LeaWermelin @EamonRyan @MariaOhisalo…
Despite these facts, Climate-, Envi-and Energy Ministers, of all people, might softly kill the key part of the #Farm2Fork and Biodiversity Strategy aimed to reduce harm from #pesticides on Monday in the @EUCouncil
@AgnesRunacher @KostasSkrekas
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Michael Sheren, #UNDP Senior Advisor, G20 Chair:

"... because the #Southern part of the world has value far greater than large elements of the Northern []. And we start thinking about & putting prices on water, on trees, on #biodiversity, we find, where does that sit?"

/2: "I'm doing a lot of work out of #Asia and I say that my next door neighbor Indonesia is the left lung of the world, and obviously #Brazil is the right. And #Africa - absolutely critical."

#NewDeal4Nature = #NewDeal4Colonialism
/3: "And #Africa - absolutely critical - and we need their natural capital as a system-based world more than we need that 66 billion we've got sitting in the basement of the Bank of England."
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The UK government is now a month & a half late on a legal deadline for Environment Act targets.

The expectation was they'd be announced this week at #COP15, but I'm hearing that is now unlikely.

Recess starts next week, so will we get an early Xmas present? Or wait for 2023?

UK government has published overdue Environment Act targets on everything from pollution to nature recovery…

(Please flag any targets that have been strengthened or weakened compared to the consultations)
So a target to cut farming’s contribution to water pollution in rivers by 40% (phosphorous and nitrogen) has been pushed back a year, from 2037 and 2038. So weaker than proposed.

Interesting choice given public outcry over state of rivers and pollution.
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BREAKING. We are in a position to confirm that @EmmanuelMacron sent a letter to Ursula @vonderleyen saying that the creation of a new fund for #biodiversity was a “redline”. #COP15 - see thread 👇🏼
Over and over, in private conversations with delegates, from the Global South and the Global North (even including the EU), we hear that @Elysee was blocking compromises, and single-handedly preventing the #EuropeanUnion from building bridges with developing countries.
This morning, we published an ad in Le Figaro and Libération, because we thought that it was a shocking failure of leadership that @EmmanuelMacron would go watch football instead of being here. ImageImage
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DEVELOPING: At 00:49 on Wednesday, #COP15 delegates from developing countries walked out of the contact group on resource mobilization, ending the meeting. The other contact group, on review mechanism, also ended its meeting soon after.
Delegates left the meeting because they felt that it was impossible to make progress in the discussions because developed countries were not ready to compromise - they invited the Parties that are obstacles to reflect on their positions in order to move forward at another point.
After weeks of acting as if discussions could move forward without properly addressing the issue of financial resources, now Parties are finally done with pretending. The game is finally on.
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Sheinbaum cede a la Guardia Nacional el Pulmón de Neza.

El vivero de Nezahualcóyotl dejó de pertenecer a los capitalinos este sábado.

De manera directa la Jefa de Gobierno regaló sin justificaciones al Gobierno Federal este predio que ocupa la CDMX para producir árboles.
@Claudiashein se encontraba fuera de la CDMX, entretanto se publicó en la Gaceta Oficial el Decreto por el cual entrega al Gobierno de @lopezobrador_ específicamente el terreno que ocupa el vivero Nezahualcóyotl.

Para la construcción de instalaciones de la Guardia Nacional.
Con la pérdida de este vivero la CDMX queda con un solo vivero especializado en la producción de plantas para suelo urbano.

Además de que el vivero de Nezahualcóyotl era pilar en los cursos para capacitación para poda y atención de enfermedades del arbolado de la ciudad.
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Starting now! Press conference at COP15 on post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework with @CBD_Alliance - tune in 👀 #StopCorporateCapture #COP15
Thomas Joseph of @IENearth says Nature-Based solutions is a PR scheme that lets polluters purchase carbon credits and make dubious net zero claims--it's the legacy of colonial power
We need a systems change, NBS is commodifying our Mother Earth and accessing the land of indigenous peoples who protect and defend our biodiversity. FPIC is essential
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Why 'nature-based solutions' are so controversial at #cop15.

Congolese farmers barred from own land for tree planting project by French oil giant Total Energies…
A project of Total's Nature-based Solutions Unit...…
#naturebasedsolutions is becoming a big end-game fight at #cop15. This is why #ecologicaljustice groups coming out so strongly about #nbs.
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Biodiversity is one of our planet’s most precious resources.

In fact, without biodiversity life as we know it wouldn’t exist.

Here are 9⃣ more things you may not know about #biodiversity 👇🧵

1⃣ Mountains host most of the world’s species of amphibians, birds & mammals.

Plants, animals, insects, microbes & their environment...

Biodiversity is vital to global food production & essential for human well-being.

2⃣ Most crops depend, at least in part, on pollination.

Our world is made of an invisible web, & loss of species weakens this web as well as whole ecosystems.

Take pollinators for example. Without them, most of our food wouldn't exist.

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Tomorrow the @EUCouncil will adopt a set of conclusions on international ocean governance and #DeepSeaMining.

Their decisions will shape the future of the #DeepSea.

EU Member States must stand against #DeepSeaMining to protect the world’s last true wilderness from harm. ImageImage
We welcome @EUCouncil steps to support stronger regulations, higher environmental standards & a precautionary principle on potential future #DeepSeaMining.

But more ambitious targets & proper commitments are needed to #DefendTheDeep from those who want to destroy it for profit. Image
Surprisingly, the same @EUCouncil called for a more ambitious position on #DeepSeaMining in 2020.

Yet now #EU Member States want to cut back on ambition just as #COP15 talks on new global #biodiversity targets are underway.

This must not happen.… Image
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