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FM @nsitharaman begins her press conference on the final tranche of the #EconomicPackage. #Covid_19india #COVID2019india #COVID19.
I would like to start by quoting some words of the PM's words today. My announcement today is pegged to that aspect of the speech. "As a nation today we stand at a very crucial juncture. Such a big disaster has brought a message and an opportunity.": FM
In last four days of announcements, we have had several reforms addressing the land, labour, liquidity and laws. We will be continuing that series: FM
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Finance Minister @nsitharaman begins her third press conference this week on the next set of announcement related to #COVID19 economic package. #COVID2019india #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #COVID19India
PM had spoken about supply chain reforms and how technology-driven systems should work and how demography has to benefit from it. Deriving from all this, the third tranche of economic package is focusing on agriculture and allied activities: FM
Large part of our population still dependent on agriculture. 85% holding is by small and marginal farmers. Inspite all adversities, farmers have stood up and helped India reach certain global benchmark. India is largest milk, jute and pulses producer in the world: FM
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संभाजीनगर (औरंगाबाद) येथील कोरोना या संसर्ग जन्य आजाराचे रुग्ण वाढतच असून परिस्थिती दिवसेंदिवस गंभीर होत चालली आहे. तरी जिल्ह्याचे पालकमंत्री श्री. सुभाष देसाई यांचे प्रयत्न अपुरे पडत आहेत. तरी आपण @AUThackeray स्वतः या जिल्ह्याचे पालकत्व स्वीकारून वरळी कोळीवाडा पॅटर्न
राबवून जिल्हा कोरोना मुक्त करण्यासाठी प्रयत्न करावे. ही आपणास संभाजीनगर कर या नात्याने विनंती करतो @CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT
@ShivSena @ShivsenaComms @satyajeettambe @IYCMaha @jitendradehade #Aurangabad #CoronaInMaharashtra #coronavirusinindia #COVID2019india #औरंगाबाद
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#Marathi #मराठी
#Maharashtra #UddhavThackeray
काल सहज मनात विचार आला की आत्ता आपल्या मुख्यमंत्री महोदयांच्या आंतर मनात काय विचार येत असतील??
वाचा👇🏻👇🏻 Image
कुठून पंगा घेतला या फडणवीसशी आणि भलती जबाबदारी अंगावर घेऊन बसलो मी?
का त्या मूर्ख संजय राऊतच्या नादी लागलो आणि आता अडचणीत सापडलो?
एक तर ज्या साठी हा सगळा हट्टाहास केला होता, ते आता काहीच हातात पडणार नाहीये. 2/n ImageImage
सर्व पैसा या #Covid_19 पायी जातो आहे. कुठूनच लाभ होण्याची सुतराम शक्यता नाही. साधी फीत कापायची सुद्धा आता संधी मिळणार नाहीये. आपले खजिने भरून घ्यायचे तर दूरच, पण दिवसभर सारख्या शिव्याच ऐकायला मिळत आहेत. 3/n ImageImage
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@ndtvindia पे #CDF बिपीन रावतकी इंटरव्यू में #सेना द्वारा #CoronaWarriors पे फूल बरसाना आजकी परिस्थितियों में लोगोको उचित नही लगा इसपे प्रतिक्रिया।
लोग पढ़े लिखे होके बुद्धिहीन होते है,वे देशवासियों की सायकोलॉजी नहीं समझते #कोरोना_योद्धाओं को इस वक्त किस चीज की जरूरत है नही मालूम
सही, कहा रावत जी आपने।
हम सब तो बुद्धिभ्रष्ठ है,एक आप ही हो जिन्हें सब पता है।
#CoronaWarriors के लिए न तो #PPEshortage है,क्यूंकि उसे तो अब sterlize कर वापस इस्तेमाल करने की तैयारी शुरू है।
की चीन के #testkit तो बेकार है,न होगी टेस्ट, तो बीमार भी कम दिखेंगे
#मज़दूरों_को_घर_लेके_आओ पे सब बोल रहे है वो भी बिलकुल अनपढ़ गवार है। जरूरत क्या है उन्हें अपने गांव,जानेकी,पड़े रहे जो भी उसी हाल में।
उनके रेल टिकट को लेके,चिंता भी कूँ जताए, क्यूंकि विदेश से जो भारतीय लाये गए थे उनपे खर्चा सरकार ने किया था
लेकिन बुद्धिहीन ही सही हम सोचते है
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So many requests from #Entrepreneurs for online seminars to share survival tips for #startups in a post #COVID2019india world. Thought of sharing this to reach more people. (1/14)
I survived 2 downturns earlier - first in 2000/2001 bust followed by 9/11. The next few years were bad for #ecommerce. That's when we launched Fabmall supermarkets in 2002, later acquired by @AdityaBirlaGrp (#More supermarket), now acq. by @amazonIN (2/14)
The 2008 global financial collapse was again terrible. This was so bad that I was missing 2001. I managed to survive 2008 as well. (3/14)
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#FranklinTempleton will be closing below mentioned 6 #DebtSchemes👇
Franklin India Low Duration Fund Ultra Short Bond Fund
Short Term Income Plan
Credit Risk Fund
Dynamic Accrual Fund
Income Opportunities Fund

Decision by #FT,has been taken,in the interests of its unit holders
Trustees of #FranklinTempleton will continue to realise or dispose-off assets of above 6 schemes

Sale proceeds after discharge of all liabilities&expenses,will be paid to unit holders,in proportion to their respective interests in assets of 6 schemes!

#COVID2019india #Covid_19
#FranklinTempleton started India operations in 1996

It acquired #PioneerAMC in 2002

It manages over $725 bn in assets globally&runs 21+ schemes in India

Closure of #DebtSchemes is a business decision by FT;Its Equity, SIPs,Hybrid&Balanced funds,will continue running

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Our rich tributes to #BharatRatna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on #AmbedkarJayanti today. We are sharing a series of articles from this month's #Yojana journal focused on the #Constitution of #India.
Read the article on 'Drafting of the #Constitution of #India' by @Chandigarh_uni VC Dr RS Bawa, published in the April issue of #Yojana, a #development monthly. #ambedkarjayanti
The #Constitution of #India is built on certain fundamental values to ensure fairness and justice for all. 'Balancing Fundamental Rights and Duties' is a detailed piece in #Yojana written by Dr Ranbir Singh, Founder VC, National Law University, #Delhi. #ambedkarjayanti
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I am writing this thread to let everyone know what is happening in Mumbai for dialysis patients.
We go for a dialysis in Mumba, Andheri. Centre is very good and Doctor's are brilliant. They even do the dialysis at subsidized cost to some marginalised people who cannot afford the charges. All staff is very good all g with the Nephrologists
Centre found a positive COVID-19 case so they asked every patient to do a test and then only they can get a dialysis. Even they asked the staff to do it. This is very fair because any patient may spread the disease.o
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Pranams Sri Modiji,
Myself, Ayurveda Doctor requested Karnataka Govt. to take up possible Curative Broad Spectrum Antiviral drug developed by me for COVID19. I am ready to give them to 5000 patients in India & all Rights to Govt Free of cost to protect Mankind @PMOIndia @BSYBJP
As per Ayurveda, the medicine differs from one person to another. Bhoumya and Saathmya Tablets are the two outstanding ayurvedic medicines which I have formulated on my own and using to cure majority of the Viral Diseases. #COVID2019india #beatingcorona #COVID #Corona
In short, they are proven to be:
Anti Viral, Anti Pyretic, Anti Allergic, Anti Oxidant, Hepatoprotective, Immunomodulator & very effective in Respiratory tract Infections.

I have attached 32 research abstracts of 239 pages to substantiate actions of ingredients in these Tablets.
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I just made a comparison of confirmed cases, tests done, % of confirmed cases wrt tests done & tests done per million of population between 4 major South States and Maharashtra.

The data is quite revealing!

PS: Telangana is shy of giving the number of tests done, even after repeated requests from the media and civil society.
Maharashtra done more tests than others, 25753 should be compared with 4 South States together 29149.

Their testing per million population is at 165 ppm, a moderately good number in comparison with all India figure of 95 ppm.

They detect 4.41% +ve cases, fairly representative
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SC has clubbed PILs seeking common prayer(s) for access to protective gear, hazmat suits, PPEs, masks & other requisite equipment’s to all healthcare workers across India & is hearing them together via Video Conferencing.
Hearing begins.
Justice Bhushan : We are taking these PILs together. You may now address us.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta - "I am not opposing any of these petitions"
"Government is doing its best in this front. PPE kits and other things are being arranged."
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Dear Senior Doctors,

In most of the hospitals while the administration claims to run short of ideas to deal with CoVID, funds to dutifully give its employees their deserved salaries & much required PPEs.

#COVID2019india #CovidcrisisinIndia
A certain group of senior doctors who for whatever reasons want to contribute to the running of the hospital or want to be in good terms with the administrators come up with ideas like,
"Let's post the residents in the ICUs and fever clinics"
"CoVID Management is no rocket science, most of the patients are stable, one nurse and one resident to man the ward should do"
"N95 masks can be given only when confirmed positive cases are there"
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UPDATED: 05 Apr 19:30 IST
4k+ cases, 100+ deaths
- Tablighi, Dharavi super-spreaders key for rise
- TN, AP doubling every 2-3 days
- Central, South India = 70% of total cases
- MH, KL same till D20, MH rising, KL flattening

@covid19indiaorg #COVID2019india #IndiaFightsCorona
Delhi: 500+ cases
Mumbai: 400+ cases
Kasargod: ~150 cases
Indore, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur: ~100 cases
Thane: ~75 cases
Noida, Ahmadabad, Bengaluru, Kurnool, Kannur: ~50+ cases
India's death toll slope steeper than US at same stage⚠️

Things to note:
- Deaths reported only from hospitals. Many deaths occur whose cause being covid-19 is identified later.
- Watch for general trends. Focus on slopes, not specifics.

@jburnmurdoch @IndianExpress
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#DailyUpdate #Covid19India
The initial gains in #flatteningthecurve have been reversed. From the last five days, India is back to a growth rate where confirmed cases double every 3 days.
Growth rate in last 5 days is 23.3% - so cases doubling every 3 days. Everything that we do as a country (and don’t) will impact this outbreak. Without the early travel bans and closures we would have a total > 5200 today. So #StayAtHome and #savelife 🤞🏽
Compound daily growth rate is inching higher - and stands at 13.25% (need to reverse this!). Hopefully the effect of #Lockdown21 will begin to show in 3/4 days. 🤞🏽
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#BREAKING வெளிமாநிலத் தொழிலாளர்கள், மாணவர்களிடம் வீட்டு வாடகை கேட்டு கட்டாயப்படுத்தும் உரிமையாளர்கள் மீது நடவடிக்கை எடுக்கப்படும்

- தமிழக அரசு | #CoronaVirus | #COVID2019india | #TNGovt
தமிழகத்தில் வாடகை வீட்டில் குடியிருப்போர் யாரிடமும் உரிமையாளர்கள் ஒரு மாதம் வாடகை வசூலிக்கக் கூடாது

- தமிழக அரசு

| #CoronaVirus | #COVID2019india | #TNGovt
தமிழகத்தில் வாடகை வீட்டில் குடியிருப்போர் யாரிடமும் உரிமையாளர்கள் ஒரு மாதம் வாடகை வசூலிக்கக் கூடாது

- தமிழக அரசு

| #CoronaVirus | #COVID2019india | #TNGovt
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CJI led bench of SC is hearing petitions seeking the Court's intervention for accessibility of basic necessities & medical facilities for migrant workers who have been driven out of cities in view of the nationwide #lockdown in India.
Yesterday, the Centre was directed to file a reply on steps taken in this regard.
The hearing is being held via video conferencing. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta & Advocates of Petitioner(s) on the screen, set to apprise the bench.
Bench assembles on Video Conferencing.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta states the Centre has filed a detailed status report. Mehta adds that our country has been taking preemptive, proactive steps to mitigate the #COVID19 crisis since January 17.
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Did you know the centre has issued 192 notifications across 22 sectors in order to respond to #COVID2019?

States have issued 600 such orders?

Do you know the daily trend in ##COVID2019india cases diagnosed and treated across different states in India? A thread ...
Please visit @PRSLegislative's newly created that collates & curates, orders/guidelines/press releases issued by both centre & states as a response to #COVID19.

Currently we have a total of 800 such orders affecting citizens, businesses & govt. services.
Use the drop-down menu to sort for sectors you are interested in and category of persons the orders impact.

Furthermore, go deeper and choose a state and see what they have been doing – there are 28 sectors you can choose from.
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Sequence of Events-Failure of Administration:
1- Entry of Foreigners: "When asked whether the foriegn preachers were not screened at the airport for any COVID symptoms, the official said, “they entered India before the red alert was sounded.”
Failure 1- Delay in Announcing Red Alert for screening of foreigners for COVID-19. And if passengers entered before start of thermal screening in Jan 18, then these foreigners who entered before 18th Jan shouldn't be blamed as symptoms of COVID19 starts appearing within 14 days.
So they might had got infected in India. Based on above reports.

(For date of thermal screening, refer ET report below & for official Statement regarding entry of preachers before start of screening, refer The Hindu news above)…
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Thanks for staying indoors. To help you continue the same we are releasing a list of shops/ supermarkets in South Chennai which does home delivery. This list is not exhaustive & we will keep updating. Also feel free to add if shops are missed out on the comment section
For Zone 12 - Alandur

For Zone 14 - Perungudi

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On March 23, Samir Kumar Mitra died in Kolkata after testing positive for coronavirus.

The death triggered a public backlash that left his son - stuck in the US - stunned.

Crowds fought police to stop the cremation.

Online, abuse poured in.…
On Facebook and WhatsApp, rumours swirled.

They accused Samir of meeting with his son Satyaki and his daughter in law - who was alleged to be Italian, but is actually American - and bringing the deadly virus to Kolkata.

It was pure misinformation.
An example of the online hate.

On Samir’s Facebook profile, a message posted below a photo of him and his family said: “It’s because of people like him that the coronavirus has come to us."

"They should be shot dead.”
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हालाँकि, मैं इस पर लिखना नहीं चाहता था लेकिन चूँकि 3 दिनों से सोशल मीडिया पर यही शेयर हो रहा है, चीजें स्पष्ट करनी ज़रूरी है। आज जो लोग मजदूरों के हितैषी बन रहे हैं, उनमें से अधिकतर ऐसे लोग हैं जो...1/15

#ArrestKejriwal #जातिवादी_सांप्रदायिक_मीडिया #COVID2019india #Delhi
...अपने घर में रह रहे किराएदारों से रेंट मिलने में एक दिन की भी देरी होने पर निकाल बाहर करने की धमकी देते हैं। आज AAP नेता राघव चड्ढा के एक बयान से सारी साज़िश की पोल खुल गई। संकट की इस घड़ी में राजनीति करने वाले अरविन्द केजरीवाल और आम आदमी पार्टी को...2/15

...जनता कभी माफ़ नहीं करेगी।

चड्ढा ने आरोप लगाया है कि योगीजी दिल्ली से यूपी जाने वाले मजदूरों को दौड़ा-दौड़ा कर पिटवा रहे हैं। योगीजी कह रहे हैं कि तुम दिल्ली क्यों गए थे, अब तुम्हें कभी भी दिल्ली नहीं जाने दिया जाएगा।


#ArrestKejriwal #Arrest_Kejriwal #Delhi
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Why are the police bestialising us? Why are humans trying to get home, with no other means to do it except on their feet, being brought to their KNEES? Crawl, duck-walk, frog-march? The symbolism is unmistakable. My column.…
"The physical evacuation of our streets has produced a strange kind of vacuum. A voiding of citizenship and its rights. And into that void flows only one thing: the State and its absolute writ. And that of the police, the advance guard of the State."

""The sight of migrant labour walking back to distant villages already produced a historic sense of pathos.... But even among such millenarian visions, there were a few that truly stood out as the harbinger of a new age of sadism."
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