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Did analysis of #COVID when we crossed 1/2,1,2,3, 4,5,6,8 million cases
As we cross 10 million

Summary of findings from Johns Hopkins data
on global & #India trends
Stay home, stay safe!

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #COVID19India #Covid_19

Global #COVID2019 cases has increased to over 10 million (1 crore): 1,01,45,791 as of 28 June

We see from log chart ie. rate of increase in confirmed cases is steady
but accelerating in June

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #COVID19India #Covid_19 ImageImage
Global daily new cases seem to be range bound
around 80,000-100,000/day for the last 2 month
Spiked to 1.2-1.4 lakh/day & now almost 2 lakh/day-- 1.92L on 26 June

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #COVID19India #Covid_19 #coronavirus #COVID2019india #coronaupdatesindia Image
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Did analysis of #COVID when we crossed 1/2,1,2,3, 4,5,6 million cases
As we cross 8 million
Summary of findings from Johns Hopkins data
on global & #India trends
Stay home, stay safe!
#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #Covid_19india #COVID__19

Global #COVID2019 cases has increased to over 8 million (80 lakh): 80,34,461 as of 16 June

We see from log chart ie. rate of increase in confirmed cases is steady
but accelerating last week

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #Covid_19india #COVID__19 ImageImage
Global daily new cases seem to be range bound
around 80,000-100,000/day for the last 2 month
Spiked to 1.2-1.4 lakh/day now!
record 1.38 lakh infections 11 June!

#coronavirusindia #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #Covid_19india #COVID__19 #coronavirus #COVID2019india #coronaupdatesindia Image
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FM @nsitharaman begins her press conference on the final tranche of the #EconomicPackage. #Covid_19india #COVID2019india #COVID19.
I would like to start by quoting some words of the PM's words today. My announcement today is pegged to that aspect of the speech. "As a nation today we stand at a very crucial juncture. Such a big disaster has brought a message and an opportunity.": FM
In last four days of announcements, we have had several reforms addressing the land, labour, liquidity and laws. We will be continuing that series: FM
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Finance Minister @nsitharaman begins her third press conference this week on the next set of announcement related to #COVID19 economic package. #COVID2019india #CoronaUpdatesInIndia #COVID19India
PM had spoken about supply chain reforms and how technology-driven systems should work and how demography has to benefit from it. Deriving from all this, the third tranche of economic package is focusing on agriculture and allied activities: FM
Large part of our population still dependent on agriculture. 85% holding is by small and marginal farmers. Inspite all adversities, farmers have stood up and helped India reach certain global benchmark. India is largest milk, jute and pulses producer in the world: FM
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संभाजीनगर (औरंगाबाद) येथील कोरोना या संसर्ग जन्य आजाराचे रुग्ण वाढतच असून परिस्थिती दिवसेंदिवस गंभीर होत चालली आहे. तरी जिल्ह्याचे पालकमंत्री श्री. सुभाष देसाई यांचे प्रयत्न अपुरे पडत आहेत. तरी आपण @AUThackeray स्वतः या जिल्ह्याचे पालकत्व स्वीकारून वरळी कोळीवाडा पॅटर्न
राबवून जिल्हा कोरोना मुक्त करण्यासाठी प्रयत्न करावे. ही आपणास संभाजीनगर कर या नात्याने विनंती करतो @CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT
@ShivSena @ShivsenaComms @satyajeettambe @IYCMaha @jitendradehade #Aurangabad #CoronaInMaharashtra #coronavirusinindia #COVID2019india #औरंगाबाद
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So many requests from #Entrepreneurs for online seminars to share survival tips for #startups in a post #COVID2019india world. Thought of sharing this to reach more people. (1/14)
I survived 2 downturns earlier - first in 2000/2001 bust followed by 9/11. The next few years were bad for #ecommerce. That's when we launched Fabmall supermarkets in 2002, later acquired by @AdityaBirlaGrp (#More supermarket), now acq. by @amazonIN (2/14)
The 2008 global financial collapse was again terrible. This was so bad that I was missing 2001. I managed to survive 2008 as well. (3/14)
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#FranklinTempleton will be closing below mentioned 6 #DebtSchemes👇
Franklin India Low Duration Fund Ultra Short Bond Fund
Short Term Income Plan
Credit Risk Fund
Dynamic Accrual Fund
Income Opportunities Fund

Decision by #FT,has been taken,in the interests of its unit holders
Trustees of #FranklinTempleton will continue to realise or dispose-off assets of above 6 schemes

Sale proceeds after discharge of all liabilities&expenses,will be paid to unit holders,in proportion to their respective interests in assets of 6 schemes!

#COVID2019india #Covid_19
#FranklinTempleton started India operations in 1996

It acquired #PioneerAMC in 2002

It manages over $725 bn in assets globally&runs 21+ schemes in India

Closure of #DebtSchemes is a business decision by FT;Its Equity, SIPs,Hybrid&Balanced funds,will continue running

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So far, actuals are tracking estimates.
I anticipate Total cases to hit 30,000 by around 27/28th, by which time the total Recoveries will cross 8000.
Okay,so the Delhi data is validating an earlier hypothesis: Curve on Active Cases [Green line] starts flattening at ~4% growth rate in Total Cases [Blue line]. Starts reversing if sub 4% is sustained for coupla days

Hv to check if this is the case in TN as well.
#Covid_19india Image
Checked for TN. Pattern holds.
Active cases begin to plateau out & drop when the growth in total cases falls to 4% and below.

So then,per my estimates for #India [see tweet above in the thread], we should see the plateauing out of active cases sometime around 7th May.
#Covid19 Image
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Covid-19: Surrounded by armed guards, supporters, Agra’s BJP MP conducts disinfecting drive in Tundla
The overenthusiastic @BJP4India MP S P Singh Baghel also sprayed the solution on computer systems inside a nationalised bank. However, it was immediately not known if any electrical equipment or gadget was damaged.
social distancing goes down the drain
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Additional #Covid_19 relief by IRDAI.

A recent circular will let insurers offer relief to customers by allowing payment of health insurance premiums in monthly/quarterly installments.

The relief is applicable for all policies due for renewal until Mar 2021.

Insurers will roll out the process to take benefit of these options soon on their websites.
It could be surprising for a few, but Health insurance premiums can be really high - as high as a lakh a year.
Especially if you are covering senior citizen parents.

This relief will be really helpful to many!
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These are my estimates for Total Cases, Active Cases and Recoveries for the period 20th April to 3rd May.

Nutshell, by 3rd May:
Total ~ 40,000
Active ~ 25,000
Recoveries ~ 12,500

Growth rate of Cases at exit point [3rd May]~ 4.5%
#COVID2019india ImageImage
Though it is difficult to factor in those intermittent bad days when growth rate suddenly spikes, one knows by looking at past data, that there will be such days. I have factored in those spurts as well.
#ArrestAntiIndiaArnab if he does not focus on THIS! Image
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Agra reports 199 #Covid_19 cases till date
Agra records total 241 #Covid19 patients, including 46 in Paras hospital, three from S R Hospital
Reason behind 241 corona positive...Lack of coordination between S N medical college principal and its doctors ImageImage
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Our rich tributes to #BharatRatna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on #AmbedkarJayanti today. We are sharing a series of articles from this month's #Yojana journal focused on the #Constitution of #India.
Read the article on 'Drafting of the #Constitution of #India' by @Chandigarh_uni VC Dr RS Bawa, published in the April issue of #Yojana, a #development monthly. #ambedkarjayanti
The #Constitution of #India is built on certain fundamental values to ensure fairness and justice for all. 'Balancing Fundamental Rights and Duties' is a detailed piece in #Yojana written by Dr Ranbir Singh, Founder VC, National Law University, #Delhi. #ambedkarjayanti
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Total #Covid19 -134
Live #Covid19 - 120
- Paras Hospital & Contact’s- 16
-Fatehpur Sikri & Contact’s - 14 (New)
-Dr P****d M****l & Contact’s -5
Total Samples collected till date -2264
The breakup is of two days
10th Sample - 12
11th Sample - 30
Two more corona positive in Firozabad, toll rose to 18.

The new case are related to Jamaat.

34 new Covid19 positive cases reported in Agra on Monday morning, increasing the district tally to 138. Out of these 124 are active cases. At least 60 cases related to people who attended the Tabligi Jammat event in Delhi and their contacts.
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On @bsindia front page today:

The central government has begun a massive exercise to map & create a database of millions of migrant workers scattered across the country — in relief camps, on their employers’ premises, or in clusters where they reside.…
Officials say the government wants to create a database of such workers to ascertain whether a relief package could be announced for the most affected segment of the workforce due to the national lockdown to contain the spread of #Covid19.
The database will include details on whether the migrant workers have bank accounts or Jan Dhan accounts, whether the workers get benefits of free gas cylinders for cooking under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, and their Aadhaar numbers. Image
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Pranams Sri Modiji,
Myself, Ayurveda Doctor requested Karnataka Govt. to take up possible Curative Broad Spectrum Antiviral drug developed by me for COVID19. I am ready to give them to 5000 patients in India & all Rights to Govt Free of cost to protect Mankind @PMOIndia @BSYBJP
As per Ayurveda, the medicine differs from one person to another. Bhoumya and Saathmya Tablets are the two outstanding ayurvedic medicines which I have formulated on my own and using to cure majority of the Viral Diseases. #COVID2019india #beatingcorona #COVID #Corona
In short, they are proven to be:
Anti Viral, Anti Pyretic, Anti Allergic, Anti Oxidant, Hepatoprotective, Immunomodulator & very effective in Respiratory tract Infections.

I have attached 32 research abstracts of 239 pages to substantiate actions of ingredients in these Tablets.
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I just made a comparison of confirmed cases, tests done, % of confirmed cases wrt tests done & tests done per million of population between 4 major South States and Maharashtra.

The data is quite revealing!

PS: Telangana is shy of giving the number of tests done, even after repeated requests from the media and civil society.
Maharashtra done more tests than others, 25753 should be compared with 4 South States together 29149.

Their testing per million population is at 165 ppm, a moderately good number in comparison with all India figure of 95 ppm.

They detect 4.41% +ve cases, fairly representative
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Total of 22 Hotspots/Epicentrer which were already barricaded being closed completely till 14th April 2020

Banks and like Establishmet will also be closed here
Media also restricted here
Intensive patrolling
Extensive Mopping using fire brigade vehicle
Drone will be used1/2 Image
Sector scheme to be implemented
Only basic minimum supply to be maintained
Only selective cleaning staff will be allowed,
फ़िरोज़ाबाद-अब रोजाना नही मिलेगी डेली नीडस के लिए छूट, एक दिन छोड़कर 2 घण्टे के लिए मिलेगी छूट Image
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Dear Senior Doctors,

In most of the hospitals while the administration claims to run short of ideas to deal with CoVID, funds to dutifully give its employees their deserved salaries & much required PPEs.

#COVID2019india #CovidcrisisinIndia
A certain group of senior doctors who for whatever reasons want to contribute to the running of the hospital or want to be in good terms with the administrators come up with ideas like,
"Let's post the residents in the ICUs and fever clinics"
"CoVID Management is no rocket science, most of the patients are stable, one nurse and one resident to man the ward should do"
"N95 masks can be given only when confirmed positive cases are there"
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UPDATED: 05 Apr 19:30 IST
4k+ cases, 100+ deaths
- Tablighi, Dharavi super-spreaders key for rise
- TN, AP doubling every 2-3 days
- Central, South India = 70% of total cases
- MH, KL same till D20, MH rising, KL flattening

@covid19indiaorg #COVID2019india #IndiaFightsCorona
Delhi: 500+ cases
Mumbai: 400+ cases
Kasargod: ~150 cases
Indore, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur: ~100 cases
Thane: ~75 cases
Noida, Ahmadabad, Bengaluru, Kurnool, Kannur: ~50+ cases
India's death toll slope steeper than US at same stage⚠️

Things to note:
- Deaths reported only from hospitals. Many deaths occur whose cause being covid-19 is identified later.
- Watch for general trends. Focus on slopes, not specifics.

@jburnmurdoch @IndianExpress
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Today, I called upon all Governors and Lt. Governors of States and Union Territories to contact spiritual and religious leaders in their states and motivate them to advice their followers to not hold any congregations and observe social distancing norms to combat COVID-19. Image
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#Day7 #Lockdown21 Looks like India has entered plateau. The number of tests increasing. Too early to say if #covid19 wont affect India like it did in others. Caution: Early to predict future trajectory #Covid19India #India #coronavirusinindia source: Image
To win the battle against #Covid19India, we require an effective containment strategy.… , India needs to adopt a syndromic approach with targeted testing. This is the way forward to reduce the maximum adverse impact. @tarunb20 @icmr_nie @Director_NCDC
The real threat as we move forward are the missed and silent areas, which have not reported #covid19 cases or delayed in reporting. The syndromic approach can tackle all these cases by isolating them and reducing transmission. However, #PPE is mandatory for frontline workers.
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