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"Att: Cabo Delgado, Let's abandon.

Cordial greetings Your Excellency the Minister of Finance, Minister of the Interior, General Commander, greetings extended to our colleagues

Once again we are here to ask for clarification about our salaries for the month of January, which
were delayed by approximately *2* weeks without exaggeration, and we are also asking for the 50% we were promised within 15 days from 27 January

This is our cry for help, we have a family to support, we also want to build and give a dignified life to our children and family.
Until 22/02/2023, we ask for the payment of 50% of the back payments, otherwise we here in Cabo Delgado will abandon the trenches. We feel worn out, with a meagre salary. Without what is rightfully ours makes it difficult for us to give.
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🇲🇿 Last UN Security report summary
The deployment of regional forces in #CaboDelgado has significantly impacted the Ahlu Sunna wal-Jama'a (ASWJ) insurgency,reducing their forces from 2500 to 280 fighters through operations resulting in the deaths of 70-120 fighters and commanders
However, surviving ASWJ fighters are hardened combatants,relying on independent and well-established local networks for support,skills,& foreign fighters.They have shown enhanced strategic and tactical coordination,launching attacks against civilians and strategic mining concerns
🇲🇿 ASWJ is composed of semi-autonomous cells that don't adhere to a strict hierarchical command structure,making them agile & adept to change.They've longstanding relations with foreign fighters East & Central Africa networks,enhancing assimilation of battle-hardened insurgents
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1. In his latest statement, #IS spokesman Abu ‘Umar al-Muhajir spoke at length about #IS’s targeting of Christian communities in #Africa.

This continent-wide campaign is likely to intensify across #Mozambique, #DRC, and #Nigeria in the next few months, peaking in December.
2. As part of this, Muhajir spoke about recent developments in #Mozambique.

September has seen #IS’s cells penetrating further south there than ever before, razing "Christian villages" to the ground as they go.

L: #IS-related violence in 2021
R: #IS-related violence in 2022
3. At the beginning of this month, about 20 #IS fighters from #CaboDelgado crossed the #Lurio river and entered #Nampula province.

Up until that point, #Nampula state had seen just one attack claimed by #IS. As of today, that number is at eight and counting.
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FADM attack, assault & occupy "CATUPA", one of the main bases of the terrorists located inside the forests of #Macomia district, in #CaboDelgado
Indications show that the Leader of the Military Wing, Bin Omar, lived in that base after being expelled from #Mbau in 2021
In the Operation, the FDS, #Rwanda and #SAMIM inflicted several loses to the insurgents, various were captured with weapons, military uniforms or other war materials
The Catupa Operational Base was led by Sheik Assan & operated by Abu Surat better known as Bonomade Machude Omar or Ibn Omar
During the attack, the terrorist leader "Sheik Assane" & one of his bodyguards were shot down while Abu Surat managed to escape
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1/EU-Security Committee:
Update on #EUTM in #Mozambique with Vice-Admiral Hervé BLÉJEAN,
He confirmed request by #Rwanda to finance military mission and that EU will positively respond (although it is not him to decide on this)/2…
2/-He mentioned "Wagner" in a very strange way, including their propaganda films (13:59) without clearly distancing himself from them;
-He complained that the EUTM was restricted from operating in #CaboDelgado - - He highly praised the reputation of the Rwandan forces within the
3/within the population vis-à-vis the Mozambican forces.
- He could say little about effective coordination between Rwanda, SAMIM and EUTM
- he failed to answer MEPs' questions on how the EUTM would evaluate the success of its training./4
@EUTMMozambique @TomBowk @Jasminechic00
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#Mosambik: Tausende Menschen sind auf dem Weg in die nördliche Küstenstadt #Palma - nach Hause: Sie sind seit langer Zeit vertrieben und schöpfen nun neue Hoffnung auf eine Rückkehr. Wir haben 8.000 Liter Trinkwasser an die Wartenden auf der Durchreise verteilt. (1/4) Ein LKW mit zwei Wassertanks auf der Ladefläche. Unser Team
Mehr als 60 LKW voller Menschen sind in den letzten Wochen in #Mueda angekommen, einer Zwischenstation auf dem Weg nach Hause in die #CaboDelgado Provinz.
Der Konflikt in Cabo Delgado hatte die Menschen Anfang dieses Jahres gezwungen, sich in Sicherheit zu bringen. (2/4) Menschen warten am Strassenrand neben Minibussen.
Frauen, Kinder & Männer warten seit Tagen am Straßenrand auf eine Möglichkeit zur Weiterreise. Viele von ihnen suchen Schutz unter Bäumen oder geparkten LKW.

Wir sind mit unseren medizinischen Teams in Bereitschaft. (3/4) Unsere Kollegin untersucht eine Mutter mit ihrem Baby in der
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1. #IS has started reporting attacks from #CaboDelgado again.

This follows a three-month pause in its comms from #Mozambique.

Specifically, in the last three days alone, it’s claimed 16 operations. Image
2. After the recapture of Mocimboa da Praia three months ago by #Mozambique, #Rwanda & #SouthAfrica (among others), #IS’s comms went dark.

However, its network there was far from inactive, as these latest data, combined with what @ACLEDINFO has been reporting, indicate. Image
3. From a geographic perspective, #IS’s self-reported activities in recent months have been confined to the Mocimboa da Praia district of #CaboDelgado.

No attacks were reported from Palma, even though @ACLEDINFO data (displayed in yellow) suggests otherwise. Image
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Oil and natural gas reserves is are increasingly becoming a target by #terrorists/ #insurgencies because it accounts for 6.5% of the global GDP. A good example is #Alshabaab attacks in Northern #Mozambique on the @TotalEnergies $20B offshore LNG facility that is the largest
Foreign investment project in #Africa. Cabo Delgado is also home to vast swaths of natural resource wealth.It also harbours the largest known graphite deposits & nearly half of the world's rubies lie under its soil.
That thus makes #CaboDelgado a hotspot for real and perceived grievances, that are often exploited by #terrorists & proxy war mongers to sow unrest to explore these resources in a manner that won't benefit the locals.
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Thrilled to be invited among journalists to visit #Rwanda-n troops deployed in Cabo Delgado to support #Mozambique army in fighting the Islamic state-linked terrorist group.

Results on the ground are successful, relationships with civilians, exciting and the country, beautiful! ImageImageImageImage
Upon arrival in Nacala, we were received in the boardroom by commanders of @Rwandapolice and @RwandaMoD for a briefing..

#Mozambique #Rwanda #CaboDelgado ImageImageImage
Here is a close-up into #Rwanda-n troops arriving in Nacala, waiting to be deployed to the frontline on two axes:

- Axe 1. Palma - Afungi - Musimbua de Praia and
- Axe 2. Mueda - Awasi - Musombua de Praia
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🧵Fui revisitar um #factcheck antigo e tropecei noutro #disparate do #LesteOeste da @SICNoticias a propósito deste “vídeo do exército do Azerbaijão com militares bem maquilhadas da ala feminina das operações especiais”, como descreveu @nrogeiro:… (12:43) 1/ Image
#Factcheck: a única mulher no videoclip é a cantora #NarminKarimbayova, claramente identificada na ficha técnica do vídeo, tal como o cantor #CeyhunZeynalov e a banda Nur: 2/
A cantora azeri já tinha participado (com a mesma banda) num videoclipe anterior do Serviço Nacional de Fronteiras do Azerbaijão: .
Entretanto fui espreitar outros #LesteOeste no site da @SICNoticias e facilmente encontrei mais casos de #gatoporlebre 3/
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1/ A thread with links to reports and other media relating to a panel hosted today by @CrisisGroup and the @mailandguardian, where we will be discussing how to prevent a new jihadist front in #Mozambique.
When: today at 15.00 CEST/SAST
2/ Fears are mounting that Mozambique's northern province of #CaboDelgado could become the next frontier for prolonged jihadist rebellion on the continent. @CrisisGroup has just published a report on this, available here:
3/ Violence involving militants calling themselves "al-Shabab" (not #Somalia's Al-Shabaab) and government forces has spiked since a small group of attackers fired first shots in 2017. When they attacked the town of Palma in March 2021, militants came in their hundreds. See maps:
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Foreign fighters and the trajectory of violence in northern Mozambique.

Happy to see our latest with @EColumbo2019 (@CSISAfrica) in @WarOnTheRocks!…
Foreign fighters aren’t new to this conflict. But the attack at #Palma--the latest in a streak of operational successes for ASWJ--& the group’s affiliation with the #IslamicState have elevated the profile of the insurgency, raising concerns of greater FF involvement in the future
What do foreign fighters mean for #ASWJ & the conflict in #CaboDelgado?

BLUF (part 1): Foreign fighters’ influence is likely to be mixed. In the immediate term, foreign recruits offer #ASWJ a reliable means of boosting their battlefield effectiveness & regional prestige.
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The tragic events in #Palma, #CaboDelgado #Mozambique, over the last few days have major implications for peace and security on the Swahili coast of East #Africa. Herewith some thoughts in a mega thread -->
This is an insurgency that has been snowballing since October 2017. It started attacking in the form of small groups of young men, brandishing mainly blunt weapons, and attacking remote security posts. It has evidently now grown into something much more serious.
Recently the U.S. sanctioned the group and called it an affiliate of #IslamicState. By doing so, the group has now been elevated into a box where policy solutions designed to deal with this problem will now be partially framed or qualified by that designation.
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As promised from Amnesty International, their brutal report on "War Crimes in #Mozambique" the title says all you need to know about the players on all sides in #CaboDelgado.…
photos from Cabo Delgado. Showing machine gun rigging and homemade bombs used in operations by the Dyck group against ISCAP.
more photos of homemade bombs and rigging from the Dyck Advisory Group. Note the "Get Some" which is a quote from Full Metal Jacket
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I've started combining locations highlighted in my #connectivity research with in-situ listening via #radiogarden. Right now, the port of Constanta, Romania on the #BlackSea, while scanning a modernisation programme with "civilian-military dual-use of transport infrastructure" 1/ Image
This morning, the port of #Alexandroupoli, Greece on the #ThracianSea with strategically important position for regional #energyflows. Scanning #flowsecurity development & mooted sale of majority stake of port to US commercial interests... / #connectivity & #radiogarden 2/ Image
Nothing listed for the port of #Sabetta, Russia so Novy Urengoy closest station (375 miles away): Scanning the voyage of Christophe de Margerie, expanding navigation window in the eastern sector of Russian #Arctic, confirming year-round safe navigation... #psychoconnectivity 3/ Image
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#Mozambique #ISIS #CaboDelgado #TerrorAttack

In the troubled province of Cabo Delgado in northern Mozambique, Islamic militants allegedly beheaded more than 50 people. As the police announced, the acts are said to have occurred in the past three days.
The insurgents attacked several villages, killed civilians, kidnapped women and children and burned houses. "They set the houses on fire and then chased people who fled into the woods and started their macabre actions," a senior police officer said at a press conference.
Witnesses told the local media that militants in a village drove residents to a soccer field and executed them there. Islamist rebels have been carrying out brutal attacks in Cabo Delgado for around three years.
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#Mozambique l’#EI Afrique centrale revendique une attaque contre les forces africaines à #Mocimboa #CaboDelgado Image
#RDC #Congo une autre revendication de la même province Afrique centrale d’une attaque contre un poste de l’armée congolaise à #Béni Image
#Mozambique photo de l’attaque de l’#EI contre deux postes des forces africaines à #Mocimboa #CaboDelgado Image
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1.The reported deployment of Zim troops in Mozambique represents further reproduction of illegalities&I’ll thought actions by the regime . Assuming there is an urgent military situation in #CaboDelgado surely the region collectively must act.A meeting of @SADC_News must be held
2.The #SADC Organ on Defense &Security should surely have met.This kind of unilateralism which we saw during the #DRC civil is foolish &costly &against basic tenets of international law Wars are protracted &costly.The involvement of the region was precondition to any involvement
3.Further any involvement should only have been part of a #SADC Mission&nothing else. Parliament should be notified& constitution should be followed But Zim is in #COVID war & can’t even afford basic PCR Tests .This move is total madness .Zim can’t afford unilateralism nor a war
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I am intrigued by this old story about a land grab in Mozambique. Great idea but first they to move the people off the land. Ethiopia did this. Sudan did this in the oil areas for decades. That country became South Sudan. #CaboDelgado
Oh and America too.
I have seen flat land being bulldozed from Ethiopia to Sudan to Kenya as "Big Ag" transforms Africa. This area would be perfect when linked to the ports. Who will grab it first China or Russia? America might swoop in when it's all done like the LNG.…
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#Mozambique une partie des 01:09 de l’attaque de l’#EI Afrique centrale à #MocimboaDaPraia // on remarque la quantité d’armements et de munitions saisies
PT localisation de la ville côtière investie par l’#EI le 23.03.2020 ImageImage
#Mozambique une autre partie où on identifie les véhicules de police et les baraquements // pas d’images en ville
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The #Mozambique #CaboDelgado #mercenary gig is out. The meat of this report is correct. I have known about it for a while and watched it unravel as #Concord/Wagner/Lobaye stepped in and kicked out Erik Prince's micro mercenary three month rent an army.
There is an upcoming election in Mozambique and just like in Nigeria in 2015, some rumpty tumpty mercenary jihadi killin' and dark arts election #fuckery is always good for public support. Except it didn't reelect Goodluck Johnson and may not work in Mozambique either.
The Russians bring all the right tools and are happy to take the time it needs to remove insurgent groups. It's tricky tho/ Moz jihadis come from Tanzania and can use the ADF in DRC to bolster...which creates a problem of merc mission creep. Which Putin does not mind at all.
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Good RUMINT re #Mozambique. Erik Prince's secret proxy merc helo deal for #CaboDelgado may have been bigfooted by #Putin in deals signed a month ago in Moscow by Nyusi. It looks like VTB and Wagner get the gold mine, Credit Suisse, FSG/EP and the saffers get the shaft.
Many remember when Prince bid on Goodluck Johnson's attempt to flush out Boko Haram from Nigeria and some friends of mine did it for wholesale. Since then Putin has been wiggling his Wagner in African leader's faces and offering a goodie bag that PMC's alone can't provide.
Same crap, different African election. The Russians are providing a complete electionfuckery/mercenary/guns/money package like in DRC, Sudan, Libya etc. People like Prince and even China can't match Putin's Hybrid "Pump You Up!" discount Strongman package.…
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