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Bij #NPO dramaserie over NL commando's. Dat is natuurlijk veel spannender dan wat echt aan de hand is in Nigeria, Burkina Faso en Ivoorkust. #journaal heeft al maanden niets meer gerapporteerd over ontwikkelingen mbt de mondiale jihad.…
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Opting for a drip irrigation system definitely has its benefits over other irrigation methods. Consider this:

• With drip irrigation, up to 95% of the feed water is uptaken by irrigated crops,
• plants are provided with moisture in the right amount & at the right time,
• in comparison with surface watering, water consumption is 40-50% less,
• fertilizer consumption is reduced by 50% compared to surface watering,
• the risk of plant diseases is significantly reduced since the leaves always remain dry,

• and thanks to the automation of the watering and plant nutrition, labor costs are drastically reduced.

So what do you think? Feel free to get in touch with our water engineers for more info and bookings.

#MakaIrrigation #irrigation #Zimbabwe #Zambia #Mozambique
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#Mozambique: Pretty astounding to me that a whole city (With an important port with considerable implications for gas production, and a former population of ~30,0000 people) appears to have been taken by 100s of IS insurgents after days long fight and basically no one cares
Update: IS CA appear to still hold Mocimboa Da Praia, with much of the area completely depopulated & showing signs of heavy fighting.

@SimTack's graphic showing IS/Govt actions prior to the fall. 8 days later & troops have been moved up but not much else. IS has probed further. Image
These sat images remind you of anything? (IS still hold the area, but a comms blackout has meant very little information has left the area)

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#Liban #Beyrouth #explosion
On en sait davantage sur les origines de la cargaison ayant déflagré au port de #Beirut. Cette histoire impliquant plusieurs États de la région, a tout d’une négligence humaine grotesque et monumentale. Documentation #Lesechos #Reuters #NewYorkTimes Image
Tout commence par un bateau appartenant à un homme d'affaires originaire de la #Russie, du nom de Igor Gretchouchkine. Mais le bateau navigue pour le compte de la #Moldavie. Il quitte le port de Batumi en #Géorgie en 2013. Direction: Biera, au #Mozambique! Image
Ce cargo du nom de #Rhosus n'est jamais arrivé à bon port, car ayant coulé depuis longtemps dans les eaux du port de #Beyrouth, et c’est sa cargaison qui a explosé faisant au moins 150 morts et 5.000 blessés, détruisant une partie de la capitale libanaise.
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1-I've now learned from the #Beirut explosion how one can reach distorted conclusions by only absorbing disinformation on this site. The 24 hours that followed after this atrocious event, I have seen people accuse #Israel and #Hezbollah, #IRGC and the #Lebanese govt... (con't)
2-... and while they have all contributed their own share to the pre-explosion state #Lebanon was in, I find it astounding that only a fraction of analysts have looked into *where* and *how* a #Russian ship's cargo of dangerous ammonium nitrate was stranded in Beirut's port.
3-Undoubtedly #Beirut municipality has a lot to answer for-e.g. why was this massive shipment of fertiliser stored in the port w/o safety precautions for 6 years. But I also want to know how Russian-owned vessel got away with deserting 2,750mt of nitrate at sea w no consequences.
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(1/8) Did @realDonaldTrump 'set the table' for our #ClintonFoundation #Whistleblower case in White House Statement last Thursday highlighting his Signing of Executive Orders on Lowering Drug Prices? Stick w/me here. #HUGE Let's watch this 2-minute clip…
(2/8) We remarked re: CFdn "acting as agent" on behalf of foreign countries such as Mozambique and so many others and then doing the same on behalf of drug companies. "There are so many examples."

Now, let's review key portions of POTUS' statement (…):
(3/8) “The third revolutionary order I’m signing today will prevent middlemen — and women, I guess — but you’ve heard about the middleman, right? The middleman that makes so much money. Nobody knows who they are. Nobody has any idea who they are. They make more money,
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1/9 Why are trade and transport costs high in #Malawi despite efforts to reduce them?
Just out: our #PEA study mapping (f)actors that shape the use of #Nacala and #Beira corridors connecting Malawi 🇲🇼 to ports in #Mozambique 🇲🇿 @BruceByiers @Lustarnde 👉
2/9 International partners are keen to invest in trade and transportation, with a view to promoting socio-economic development in the region, but it is important to understand the context in which this development takes place.
3/9 There is an assumption that the problem is lack of trade facilitation hardware and software - but structural issues and their interaction with cross-border and local politics is also important. Thus transport is not just technical, but also a political issue.
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In #Lebanon, two people committed suicide to highlight their hunger & the economic pitfall.
Another man stormed a pharmacy waving a gun for a box of diapers.
As of Sunday, #Lebanon is expected to descend into a nationwide blackout, as fuel shortages all but halt electricity.
.2/ With no electricity or extensive power cuts, fridges will cease to function & food will spoil.
With no power, internet will halt; fuel, pharmaceuticals, clean water & even the airport will all be impacted.
No power means no ACs or fans.
Private generators will not cope.
.3/ #Lebanon is not at the point of collapse, it has already disintegrated.
Many families are on the brink of starvation, the situation is beyond grim.
Help us secure relief to families in dire need.
If you can, please donate today. Even a £5 will help.
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#Mozambique l’#EI Afrique centrale revendique une attaque contre les forces africaines à #Mocimboa #CaboDelgado Image
#RDC #Congo une autre revendication de la même province Afrique centrale d’une attaque contre un poste de l’armée congolaise à #Béni Image
#Mozambique photo de l’attaque de l’#EI contre deux postes des forces africaines à #Mocimboa #CaboDelgado Image
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#ISIS released a new issue of Al-Naba (#237) ImageImage
Seized Weapons by #ISIS in #Anbar, #Iraq including 2 AKM/S-pattern rifles and an Iraqi Tariq pistol. Image
#ISIS seized a PM md. 65 in #Diyala, #Iraq. Image
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Manticorp Holdings LLC has just popped up in the mercenary space in #Mozambique and #Cabo Delgado. It lists Simon Mann and Erik Prince as advisors and Francisco Serra-Martins just finished a tour running drones. IMHO There is something very creepy about their logo and services.
When I talked to Francisco Serra-Martins on the phone he insisted he had never been to Africa. What company uses code names like Echo Pappa and Foxtrot Sierra to mask lethal drone services? Aka Loitering munitions? Serra Martins is Sonder and a member of the Australian military.
Check out their client list and make sure you call to confirm that they are not just conflating their advisor and secret masthead connections. They have dumped “Pax Africans” as their slogan.
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